The Girl in the Corner

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The store of Rea, a shy 16 year old girl who always feels she is in the background hiding in a corner. Fast forward 20+ years and Rea now married with children still feels she is in the background unseen by her family and friends. On the night of her 25th wedding anniversary her husband shared a secret that shatters there life and Rea is unsure of how to carry on. 
This story is one of regular everyday life. We all have experienced the good, the bad and the devastation life can bring but how we choose to continue is our choice and our choice alone and Prowse’s writing to tell Rae’s story is superb. The stories ebbs nicely through and some points are filled with with some surprises you don’t expect. A beautiful written story about normal everyday problems which Prowse manages to get to the heart easily and eloquently. 

This is my third or fourth novel by Prowse and I will continue reading her books as they have all been moving and beautifully written.
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Brilliant story, believable characters, you will not be able to stop reading, guaranteed unputdownable! Anyone who reads this will at some point identify with Rae, I was disappointed with her at one point but eventually she had the strength and confidence to do what she had to do.
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I’d like to thank Amazon Publishing UK and NetGalley for letting me have a copy of ‘The Girl In The Corner’ by Amanda Prowse in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.
Rae-Valentine and Howard are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary when Howard reveals that he’s had a two-week affair with Karina, one of the waitresses in his family business, and that he loves Rae dearly and wants her to forgive him.  Rae takes Dolly, her best friend and Howard’s sister, to Antigua on what should have been their anniversary holiday and Rae realises that although she loves her family dearly she’s always been the one to fetch and carry for them all and has never fulfilled her dreams of becoming a chef and travelling around the Greek Islands.  Can Rae forgive Howard or is there still time for her to spread her wings and put herself first for a change?
I’ve read a large number of books written by Amanda Prowse and thoroughly enjoyed them but I thought ‘The Girl In The Corner’ was a bit slow and was written in rather an old-fashioned style.  I did enjoy it but not as much as some of her others.  I thought that Rae was deliberately allowing people to treat her as their servant and at times I wanted her to tell them to do it themselves.  Nevertheless, the story was poignant and part of it had me in tears, it was well-written with likeable characters and had a fitting conclusion.  I’d like to read a follow-up of what happens to Rae in the future.
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I enjoyed reading Rae’s story, the quiet girl who everyone takes  advantage of. I really wish that there was an epilogue or more of her journey after she left Howard (spoiler alert!) I would love to read the sequel to this story if there is one!
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I have read all of Amandas books so far and they never disappoint.Rae is an ordinary housewife who seems to have it all but does she.I loved this book and always look forward to a new Amanda Prowse book.Thank you for the opportunity to read and review.
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Whenever I read an Amanda Prowse book I feel a connection with the characters, they feel like family and friends because it is the normality that shines through. 
This book is no exception.
 It is another emotional, true to life story told in a realistic and well written style.
Highly recommend it!
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Amanda Prowse knows how to tell a story and to get you really involved with the characters. This is no exception. I really enjoyed this read and had a heartfelt longing for the main character to come through life's adversity's. I would recommend this book and everything Amanda Prowse has written.
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Thanks to netgalley for an early copy in return for an honest review 
As always excellent attention to detail  this is a book that will stay with me for years to come.
Can highly recommend
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When and how do you turn into a shadow, a girl in the corner?  After 25 years of a seemingly happy marriage, Rae-Valentine is used to "doing" for everyone else - until several life changing events help her to realize that it is time to stop pleasing everyone else, and to step out of the corner.
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Amanda Prowse has never disappointed, and this book is no exception. She is the master of taking very true to life situations, adding very believable characters, and coming up with something completely compelling. 

Rae was the ‘invisible’ girl, content to watch from the sidelines, until she meets her best friend Dolly who is the antithesis of her, full of life and daring. Rae can’t believe her luck, and even more so when Dolly introduces her to her brother Howard who completely sweeps her off her feet. She can’t believe she has married in to this rich, dynamic family where her sister in law is also her best friend, and they all work together.

Moving on to their 25th wedding anniversary and Rae’s world is turned upside down. Can their marriage survive the storm? Does she want it to? Totally compelling reading.
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Wow! I was blown away by this book. An honest look at life and marriage where people can settle because they think it makes life easier rather than being true to themselves and shining. This book was great read and I was sad to come to reach the end of the book.
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Haven't all of us at some time felt like the girl in the corner? The one left behind, the one without the confidence to put themselves forward, the one who always puts others before herself. That's Rae-Valentine Pritchard.
Shy, reserved Rae-Valentine meets larger than life Dolly Latimer at college and from that day forward their lives are entwined through the marriage of Rae to Dolly's Brother Howard who in Dolly's  eyes is perfect and can do no wriong.
Dolly and Rae remain best friends for over twenty years until Howard makes a shocking confession on  the day of his and Rae's Silver Wedding Anniversary..  From this day forward things can never be the same in the Latimer family and Rae finds herself torn between heart and head and doesn't know which way to turn. Should she , for once, do what's the best thing for her or act in the interests of the stability of her family and her relationship with the pushy Dolly?
I loved Rae's character and I found myself rooting for her to put herself first for a change and at the same time i wanted to shout at her and shake her and bring her to her senses. 
This is a story of friendship and love and finding the balance between being who people expect you to be and loving yourself enough to be who you really want to be. 
Another fantastic read from Mrs Prowse.
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The only author who can have me blubbing when I least expect it. What happens when our picture perfect image of life is shattered and we realise that beyond the catalyst , the picture was not nearly as perfect? 
Rae-Valentine, the girl in the corner, realises life was not as rosy as it seemed and this comes with a realisation and the continued struggle to find herself - a search that has taken most of her life and has never really ended. 
Wow! Loved it! Couldn’t put it down! Amanda Prowse books almost form part of the tapestry of our own lives, in so many ways. In their entirety or in some small part, we relate, we laugh and cry along with them.
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Superbly written, another winning read from this fantastic author who brings the characters and locations to life with her brilliant descriptions. Rae-Valentine, was always at everyone's beck and call but she was happy with her life even though she secretly knew that she hadn't reached her full potential or fulfilled her dreams. Little did she know that on the evening of their silver wedding celebrations her husband would blow her world apart with a confession that couldn't be unsaid or forgiven. I read the book in two sittings and it has been one of my most memorable reads of the year.
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With thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for this ARC in exchange for an open and honest review.

Rae-Valentine Pritchard was sixteen when she became best friends with Dolly Latimer  at college.   Dolly hero worshiped her big brother Howard and decided that Rae would be his perfect girlfriend.  Dolly`s matchmaking worked and Rae married Howard when she was eighteen.

Twenty five years later Rae was happily to Howard and they had two grown-up children Hannah and George.  Howard had taken over the family run chain of restaurant's and Rae was run off her feet doing errands for the business as well as caring for her elderly parents

On the night of Rae`s twenty fifth wedding anniversary .Howard confessed to an affair with one of his waitresses.  Devastated Rae took Dolly on a holiday to Antigua that Howard booked for their anniversary.  During the holiday Rae realised that cracks  had slowly appeared in their marriage. Rae remembered that she wanted to be a chef and contemplated leaving her marriage to start a new life.  When Rae tried to discuss this with Dolly, she iadvised her not to think about the affair and hopefully she would forget.  Upset Rae realised despite being best friends Dolly would always support her brother rather than her.

When Howard decided to join Rae in Antigua she was presented with the dilemma of staying in her safe, glamorous life or following her own dreams.

The Girl in the Corner had a great cast of characters.  I liked Rae, Hannah, her parents and the exuberant Latimer clan.  I liked Dolly who was overbearing but ultimately her actions were based on love.   There were  scenes in this book which were hilarious and  me laugh out laugh.   Such as when dolly asked for a  bus ticket (you have to read the book to find out)  and when she did a wee  in the boat in the middle of the  ocean, 

I cried when Rae`s mum died after a stroke and it made me remember the moment my Mum died In hospital.   The only thing I disliked was the abrupt ending based on what could of been a split of the tongue.

However I would love to read a follow up in Rae and Hannah`s stories in the future.   I enjoyed this book but it was not as good as the coordinates of Love.
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The Girl in the Corner is a myriad of stories meshed into one single narrative. It's about a wife who Immersed herself in her husband's family, only to discover he's a serial cheater and everyone but her knew it. It's about her domineering best friend, estranged older sister, her children, and the death of one of her parents. Rae finally finds her voice at the end of the book, after her husband's endless deceit has been revealed. She walks out of her life to discover what is ahead in her new life. She progresses from being a wallflower to a willful woman.
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I've loved Amanda Prowse since first reading Poppy Day. The girl in the Corner does not disappoint. Rae-Valentine will stay with me for a long time. A must read
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Amazing heartwarming and emotional story.  The authorauthoraways delivers a fantastic story with lovable characters
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I loved it, the ending was surprising, and perfect.  The book was written well, keeping my interest throughout.  The characters believable and real.  I like the way there is room for another book to be written with these same characters. I would like to read more by Amanda Prowse.
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This was an entertaining, well-written book. Rae-Valentine is celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary when her husband reveals a shocking secret. Instead of going on his anniversary gift of a trip to Antigua with him, she takes her best friend, his sister. Now she has a chance to step back and re-evaluate the direction her life is taken, and maybe make some changes. I enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more books by this author.
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