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This was my treat to myself over New Years.  It’s the fourth in the First Wives series ( I believe) and it was completely enjoyable. The premise was a stretch but the author made it completely believable. Each character had a well thought out personality and made me want to be friends with them!.  The book is an escape. It’s not 100% realistic, prob not 50%, but I wanted to cheer her on and I cared what happened. Her sense of humor was refreshing and she didn’t take herself too seriously. I was able to enjoy her and root for her even though she was wealthy, had a job she could do part time, could travel on a minutes notice and had the perfect body. It’s a skill to make that character relatable and likable, but now that I’ve finished, I miss them all! #netgalley #montlakeromance
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This book. I just can’t explain how much I loved it. I was nervous going in, because after reading the other books I’d hoped for it to go another way when we got to Shannon’s book. But I can honestly say, I loved the story and am so happy I gave it a chance!
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Wow!  Not what I was expecting and I loved it!  Shannon has been the most reserved character in this whole series.  She was still in love with her first husband and was always the voice of reason in this group of women.  She never really stood out because the rest of the First Wives had such huge personality.

We got to see a side to Shannon we have never experienced before.  I love the way her and Victor met, reacted to each other and then ultimately fell in love.  It's an enemies to lovers trope that I admit I usually struggle with, but not in Shannon and Victor's book.  I actually, really loved how they got started and how he brought out her sass.  The sparks flew from the start!  

This whole series has been fantastic. I'm really sad to see it end.  I'm hoping Sasha gets a story but I don't think she is a first wife so maybe a start to a new series?  One can hope.
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I am a big fan of Catherine Bybee’s writing and novels. I find her style easy to read and entertaining, and I am always excited when she has a new release because I know that I’ll enjoy reading it. This is the case with Faking Forever (First Wives Club, Book Four), which is a fun and entertaining. The book is focused on Shannon Wentworth, the final of the four “first wives.” Working as a wedding photographer, a job that doesn’t do her talent justice, she travels to Mexico to photograph the wedding of an inattentive and seemingly uncaring groom to a younger, immature bride whose mother is overbearing—more a bridezilla than the bride herself. This couple is so mismatched that even the groom’s brother is taking bets on how long the marriage will last. Fortunately, there is no wedding and the groom takes the honeymoon alone—just where Shannon has already planned a getaway of her own. With a set-up like that, it’s easy to see where the story is going to lead, but the fun is in getting there. 

The book is more-or-less a standalone but, since it is the fourth of a series, it behooves the reader to read the previous three first. Since they are all good reads, why not? My only complaint about this one is that I felt the epilogue was a bit too neat—the entire series tied up in a tight package with a pretty bow. Personally, I’m hoping for a fifth entry, or at least a spin-off, featuring Sasha, Trina’s sister-in-law. 

I recommend this book for all who love reading romances or want a nice entertaining read with a feel good ending. 

I was given a free copy of this book courtesy of NetGalley and Montlake in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review and the opinions stated are solely my own.
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In Faking Forever, we revisit The First Wives. Shannon agreed to a marriage of convenience to a man running for governor. He won & they divorced. Now she’s trying to decide what to do with the rest of her life. She wants children but is tired of trying to find someone. She’s decided to spend six months looking for & having s one night stand for the sole purpose of getting pregnant. If that doesn’t work, she’ll look at artificial insemination or adoption. The women try to talk her out of it but at least get her to agree that someone needs to be there to look out for her. Wouldn’t you know it? The first time out she finds a man she’s interested in & he’s the groom in the wedding she’s photographer for. When the bride runs out on the wedding, Victor & Shannon start seeing each other. Has she found her happy ever after?

I love this series! The First Wives is s group of women that always have each other’s back. They’ve come together with the strangest tie connecting them & have turned into real friends. They are witty, sarcastic, bitchy, funny & always supportive. Victor & Shannon end up being good for each other. Shannon forces him to stop being serious & leave his work at the office. Victor helps Shannon realize she isn’t content photographing society weddings & helps her see her potential in other photography that would uplift her.
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Faking Forever is the fourth and last book in the First Wives series and I absolutely LOVED it!!  But then I have to confess to loving the entire series... and the Weekday Brides series... and just about every other series Ms. Bybee has written.  This also comes with a sad face as it's the end of the series, I'm guessing, since there are four ladies in the group and this was the fourth book.  Wonder what she has cooked up for the next series.  I can't wait!!  I highly recommend this book/series.

My thanks to Montlake Romance, NetGalley and Ms. Bybee for this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.
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I received an advanced copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Shannon Wentworth is looking to get pregnant and decides a nameless father is the way to go since she is not in a relationship and her biological clock is ticking. When she is booked as a wedding photographer in Mexico, she decides that this is where she can make this happen. Luckily, Avery decides to join her and help weed out the potential baby daddy's. When Corrie the young bride decides to run her the wedding day, the groom Victor blames Shannon. The tension between Victor and Shannon is amusing which opens the doors for the entire First Wives Club to join in and ensure the two see how perfect they actually are for each other. The only one that does not like this match up is the runaway bride and she acts age appropriate in an attempt to stop the relationship. An appearance from Shannon's ex-husband is another road block that definitely comes from left field. As always, the ending is tissue worthy and will be a story I plan on reading again. Great work from Catherine Bybee.
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I enjoyed this addition to the series!  The last few Bybee books have been hit or miss but this one was good - but not great.

Shannon and Victor were very likable - each had their own faults but recognized them.  The story progressed without a lot of repetition which I find a lot of contemporaries have.

This is one of a series - I would say you can read alone but there is lots of inter action from the characters in the other books so helps to have read them.

Is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon with....

Received an ARC for a review
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This ends or circles the 4 first wives stories. I didn’ like it as much as the 2nd and the 3rd but it grew on me by the half of the book. Shannon and Victor didn’t begin well. He appeared like an asshole and it took too long to switch the other way around.
Eventually the romance turned more like Catherine Bybee and I could view him on a better day.
Having the 3 other couples kicking in the party helped a lot but there were parts that could have been shortened.
Now I’m waiting for Sasha’s story.
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Another reliable good read by Catherine Bybee.  I love this series about a set of extremely rich friends and their loves, taking each one in turn.  The latest instalment does not disappoint. It is an original  storyline, based round Shannon but we also read how the others are doing. This is not the first series ivy Catherine Bybee that I have read and I certainly hope it will not be the last.
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Omg I just love Catherine Bybee’s work. Faking Forever was an addictive read. I started reading this book and I couldn’t seem to put it down. Shannon might have fallen in love with her ex-husband and not have those feelings returned but one she sets her mind of becoming a mother nothing could stop her. Victor might have been stood up at his wedding but when he meets Shannon he realizes that not getting married was the best thing that could have happened to him. Shannon might doubt being with Victor so soon after his wedding but when it’s meant to be nothing will stop fate from intervening. I really loved this book. A must read!!

***Received this ARC by NetGalley as an exchange for an honest review.
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Shannon Wenworth seemingly has it all. Divorcee with more money than she needs, a successful career, wonderful friends, but she wants more. With her biological clock ticking, Shannon has decided it’s time for the next phase in her life and is ready to have a child. With a trip to Mexico, where she is to take the wedding photos, she is determined to find the perfect man to father her child. But when Shannon meets the jerk of a groom, she can’t seem to get him out of her mind. 
Another five star read from one of my favorite authors!
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This is the fourth book in this series and it does help to have read the previous books as a basis for the dynamics between the characters. That said, Ms. Bybee continues to be one of the best authors in contemporary romance. I would definitely recommend this series. I received an e-book (Uncorrected Proof) from NetGalley in return for an unbiased review.
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Catherine Bybee always manages to WOW me!!!  I adore the First Wives series and I was thrilled to get my hands on Shannon’s book, Faking Forever!  

Shannon had been through the wringer with her previous marriage and hasn’t been lucky in love since (not that she’s put herself out there)!  You know the saying “love finds you when you aren’t looking”—well that rings completely true in Shannon’s case!  I think Catherine Bybee does a fantastic job with Shannon’s journey.  As per usual with this series, I loved that this novel had a storyline with depth that also managed to make me laugh out loud (many times)!  Simply put, this book is a 5 star gem that’s an absolute must read!  I am keeping my fingers crossed Catherine Bybee will have many future installments in this fantastic series!
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Cathering Bybee is hands down one of the best contemporary romance authors out there. I've read every one of her books and have never been disappointed. Her latest, Faking Forever (First Wives Book #4) features wedding photographer Shannon Wentworth and workaholic recycling mogul Victor Brooks. This is a well crafted story with likeable characters, a well thought out plot and loads of steam. A definite 5 star book.
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Shannon Wentworth's story was amazing. From previous books I wondered if her story would lead her back to Paul, but oh no we get the sexy Victor Brooks as the sexy man for sweet Shannon.

Victor is jilted at the altar by his young fiancee and drowns his sorrows at the bar photographer Shannon happens to be at. She wasn't thrilled with groom Victor but soon finds that single Victor is sexy and not quiet as up tight as she first thought.

Victor is trying to learn to chill and enjoy life once it's off kilter. Shannon plays a major part in his new change and brings a new found love and zeal for life. Could that just because Shannon herself?

Once the sun drenched beaches days are done and the real world is back Shannon and Victor quickly realize they miss one another and being in each other's lives. With hurdles in their way, these two navigate their pasts and exes to find a way to be together. 

I loved this story and the new light, strength in Shannon. Thanks NetGalley.
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In this edition ByBee gives us Shannon Wentworth’s story. The former first lady of California is hired to photograph a wedding in Mexico for a petulant bride and an older groom – a groom Shannon thinks is more asshole than husband material.

When the brides pulls a Julia Roberts and bolts just at the wedding starts, Shannon finds herself  in the company of the groom more than she wants, esp. since he thinks she somehow contributed to his bride pulling a runner.

But the more the two of them are together, the more they both realize maybe it was a good thing he didn’t marry his immature bride. 

Told with the trademark ByBee wit and pacing, this book was a very fulfilling read. I’ve liked Shannon since the first book and hoped she’d find an HEA with a man who could truly give her what she deserves: total love and devotion.

Thank you to Netgalley and Montlake for a sneak peek at this story. 5 well deserved stars from me!
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Faking Forever is my very first read from this author. I absolutely loved this story! This will not be my last book from this author. I enjoyed the writing so much that I devoured this book in one sitting. The characters were entertaining and had me laughing out loud. I enjoyed the back and forth banter between them and I absolutely loved that Shannon and Victor's relationship wasn't an instant love kind of romance. This read definitely had a few surprises in it, especially with Shannon's first marriage but the ending was worth everything. This story is the perfect one for readers looking for a fantastic, light, funny, steamy and heartwarming romance read. This one does not disappoint!
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I received an advanced copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Photographer Shannon Wentworth has always wanted a child, and given she's not getting any younger, decides now is the time to finally have a baby of her own. However, Shannon is single and avidly dislikes the idea of a sperm donor, citing the process as cold and unfeeling. So, despite her best friends' objections, she plans to hook up with someone while on her upcoming assignment, a destination wedding in Mexico, in order to become pregnant. 

Much to her annoyance, Shannon's trip to Mexico is slightly ruined by her rude seatmate, and within hours of arriving in Mexico, she quickly discovers the bride-to-be has some serious second thoughts about marrying her workaholic fiance. After giving the bride advice to listen to her heart, Shannon is stunned to learn the bride has gone AWOL, leaving her fiance at the altar. To make matters worse, the fiance, Victor Brooks, is her rude seatmate from the plane ride over and, thanks to the barbed words exchanged between them, believes her to be the sole reason his fiance left him. 

Victor is certain the smart-mouthed woman is to blame for his ruined wedding, and is definitely not afraid to tell her so. However, after the two share a night of drinks and reflection, he soon finds himself unexpectedly attracted to the frustrating woman. But little does he know, the reciprocated feelings between the two has created a complication in her pregnancy plan. And is Shannon really willing to give up her dreams of a child for a man who was just left at the altar?

Catherine Bybee is one of those authors that I've often wanted to read, but have never really gotten around to. After reading Faking Forever, I'm sort of kicking myself for that. I found Bybee's cast of characters delightful, and while the plot is full of some slightly overused tropes, I really enjoyed reading this novel. I LOVED the relationship between Victor and Shannon, as well as each character individually. I also found myself appreciating the low amount of angst within the novel, as is gave the novel a lighter feel. 

Overall, Faking Forever was a fun read with a compelling cast of characters, and I would highly recommend it to any fans of contemporary romance, or even women's fiction. I genuinely look forward to checking out the rest of the author's works (they're even on kindle unlimited!). 

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