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A Nearly Normal Family

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Edvardsson completely surprised me with A NEARLY NORMAL FAMILY. The layers of the story combined with the domestic thriller elements were superb. I was completely captivated by this one.
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Thank you publisher and bookishfirst for the early copy. 3/5 Stars. I struggled to connect with this murder court mystery. The twist was interesting but the pace made it hard to read.
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I work in the judical branch so I espeically love legal thrillers. The way family drama is interlaced with legal suspense is perfect. We all know that there is no such thing as a nearly normal family but the Sandell family seems fairly normal. Stella;s mom is a lawyer and her dad is a pastor. DId Stella kill the business man? What would you do if your child or loved one was accused and charged with murdering somebody? This was a real page turner and I highly recommend.
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I LOVED this book. The way it was written was unique and fit the story so well, and I never quite knew where it was going. Highly recommended!
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So the book is written with 3 points of view:
Father - pastor
Mother - lawyer
Daughter - Stella

It was a good but bad book all at the same time.  I liked the premise of the book but it was sooo slow and half the time I could have cared less about Stella.  There was a huge disconnect between the characters and after a while, you just didn't care who killed Christopher or why.  The ending was a bit of a surprise to me but then it made sense and then it wasn't as thrilling anymore.  There was no flavor to the book, just words written on a page.  Received this book as an ARC and am giving my own opinion.
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This book is great! Would definitely recommend. Thanks so much to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC.
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Nearly Normal Family is a powerful legal thriller told in three sections: the father, the daughter and the mother's point of view.  Stella, the teenage daughter has been arrested and is up for murder.  The book details the experience and trial from the families perspective.  Making you ask the question, how far do you go for family?
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Disclaimer: I received an arc of this book in exchange of an honest review.

I have some mixed feelings about this one but overall I don't know why it took me so long to finally commit and read it. 

Let me start off by saying that this is one of those books where, in my opinion, you don't really like any of the main characters. I didn't know who I was rooting for or what outcome I wanted, but that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the ride! It is told from multiple perspectives and when I realized that it did lose me a little. I just don't know if it felt necessary and again, I didn't like hearing from the daughter and the wife. To be fair I also didn't like the husband ! Lol

This was a good case and a good message though it felt a little forced and messy and I'd recommend. It's a good time filler overall.
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Absolutely brilliant thriller.  Told from 3 different perspectives, it really gives a different look on how families feel and communicate with each other.   I thought it was wonderful and I highly recommend.  4.5 stars
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How far would you go to protect your child? Would you lie under oath?

I really enjoyed this fast-paced legal thriller. It definitely kept my attention throughout, and I couldn't wait to find out the truth about what happened. I liked that there were sections dedicated to the different points of view: the father (a pastor), the daughter (the suspect), and the mother ( a legal attorney). Definitely a book you should read!!

**Comes out in paperback on June 30th!! Pre-order it now!!**

*Thank you to @celadonbooks and @netgalley for the copy in exchange for an honest review.*
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I liked this, but didn't LOVE it. I probably gave it too high expectations since my favorite author, Karin Slaughter, recommended it. I can see why Slaughter is a fan, but I felt somewhat unsatisfied upon completion.  The book being broken into parts by narrator worked brilliantly, but I found the father's story to be a lot more intriguing than from the point of view of the daughter or mother. 

Thank you Netgalley for the opportunity to review this intriguing story!
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2019; Celadon Books

A Nearly Normal Family has an interesting premise, but at times it was so slow moving. It did not help that the all of the characters were unlikeable, and also annoying. Each of the characters were very selfish, and at times I just didn't care what happens. Even if Stella was innocent, her attitude and personality kind of made me want her to stay there. The ending is predictable to figure out, but the writing does keep you reading. I would try another book by the author.

***I received a complimentary copy of this ebook from the publisher through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.***
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This book is not for me. I do not like courtroom thrillers, and the language barrier really was hard for me.
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First, let me thank netgalley and the publishers for approving my request for an early release of this book.  All reviews of my netgalley books can be found on goodreads and youtube.  Please be sure to check out the links attached.
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I really enjoyed this book, the characters were well developed.  It had an interesting plot. I would be interested in reading more
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Everything about this book was intriguing to me. From the cover, the synopsis, the setting, all of it.
I expected a book that was going to keep me guessing until the very last page. I expected a book that would keep me engaged the whole time.

I guess I got that? It was definitely an easy book to read and I did find myself captured by the story. But nothing really stood out to me to make this an unforgettable read. The ending of this book was very well done and I do think that was quite memorable.

Would I recommend this book to people? Sure. I do think there are people out there that would enjoy this, especially if they are fans of domestic thrillers or books set in interesting places.

I'll definitely read other books by this author, though. I do think the writing and characters were very well done.
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Welcome to Scandinavia – again (and again).  Sweden, in this case, but not just another Scandinavian mystery novel.  Yes, there’s a murder, and no, we’re not sure who the murderer is, but the mystery is not the story.  The murder may be the reason we have a story, but it is not the story.  The Sandells, the nearly normal family, now there’s the story.  Adam Sandell is a minister in the Church of Sweden, and his wife Ulrika is an attorney.  Daughter Stella is turning eighteen, finishing school and dreaming of traveling on her own in Asia.  Always a headstrong girl, she’s highly intelligent, but likes control and is quick to anger.  Stella loves her parents but is a challenging daughter, and as a friend, she is loyal to a fault.  She stands firm in her individuality, refusing to be anyone other than her unique self.  And she stands accused of murder.

Adam and Ulrika Sandell love each other deeply.  They love Stella as only parents can, but each relates to her quite differently, and their reactions in the face of the charges against her are markedly different as well.  A pastor and an attorney and all that is presumed to entail:  morality, ethics, beliefs, legal and religious standards, personal integrity.  Firm convictions and principles.  Holding fast on higher ground.  Really?  Is it humanly possible?  In these circumstances?  I’d guess so; I’d certainly hope so.  Is it possible for this particular pair, though?

As robust a cast of characters as you’ll find, and as flawed as human beings come.  None will elicit your complete sympathy throughout.  The murder victim himself is pretty despicable, and, in fact, I’m not sure Mr. Edvardsson could have pulled his concept off if the victim had been worthy of our concern.   So then . . . are some less-worthy people more worthy of murder?  Interesting question.  Here’s another:  Did Stella kill him?  You know, I almost felt like I became a character in this book because there are decisions to be made, big, crucial ones; and so many people are in over their heads.  And that’s where you come in.  Calmer, unbiased heads must take a look.  Readers, in all your infinite wisdom, I guess it’s up to you.  Enjoy Sweden.
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I loved this book. It was a little slow for me in the beginning, but it definitely picked up and was an amazing thriller. I would love to read more from this author.
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Thank you NetGalley & Celadon Books for allowing me to read this book in exchange for my honest review. 

“You may think there are things you’re incapable of doing, but they suddenly seem natural when it comes to protecting your child.”
5  S T A R  R E A D!! 
My goodness!!.. What a book. I was engrossed in this story of Stella, Adam, & Ulrika. I couldn’t flip through the pages fast enough and each chapter left me wanting more. I LOVE books where you try to guess WHODUNIT! I thought I knew who really did the crime of killing Chris and then my guess kept changing. (At least 3x)  If you are a fan of thrillers and court drama, this one is for you!!
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A slow start. A slow end. But a really good middle. Like a sandwich with iffy bread but excellent filling? The story is of a young woman being tried for the murder of a man she developed an in appropriate relationship with and is told in three parts: her father, herself, and her mother. Despite the three views, I still felt like the reader didn't get all the story. I also felt like the author expected too much on the part of his characters. The fall out was much less than it probably would have been, if this had happened in real life. And the characters behaved in a much too reserved a manner, even considering the father's actions. So while I did enjoy the book, and expect that many others will as well, it did not hold me and compel me the way I had anticipated it would.
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