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A sweet, romantic second chance story. I really enjoyed Tumble and will be looking for other books by Ms. Locke. 

Many thanks to NetGalley, the author and the publisher for my ARC. All opinions are my own.
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This was a very sweet coming home/2nd chance romance/single dad romance/grovel story. 
I love the writing. It's not too sweet and has some romantic moments too. 
Neely comes home to Dogwood Lane. She's been living in NYC for 10 yrs. She left town after having her heart broken. The specifics are told gradually- which I loved. Wondering??.. yes, I had to wait a little as Neely's story unfolds.  At first I was all team Neely, then I started to see Dane's side too. 
Neely's hurt was huge, life changing. Would Neely have left town anyway? 
I really loved how Neely was well liked. I was expecting the town bully to pounce. Nope. Dogwood Lane is really friendly. Neely has a nice mom. The Hero, Dane is a nice guy. Neely & Dane do "discuss" what happened. 
I partially listened to the audio as well. Neely's voice sounded a little Texan, a little like Laura Bush.
Dane's voice was a little slower drawl, so I sped up the narration to 1.25x. I've never listened faster than 1.0x. 
I highly recommend this book. I really enjoy the relationship building throughout the book. There was a "friend zone" with a spark of attraction. In short-this was slow burn. Neely had to make the biggest decision. Dane... well.. read it and find out.  
PS. Mia  & her friends are really cute.
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Neely and Dane were like high school sweethearts, but college and a mistake tear them apart.

10 years later Neely goes back to Tennessee after living and working in New York, to visit with her mom. There is a reason she’s back, but doesn’t want to stay long. Of course she runs into Dane within her first hour back in Dogwood Lane.
Sparks fly and friends come together and make Neely remember how great it is to live there. 

When she gets a call from her former boss and he wants he back, Neely has to make a decision.

This was a very sweet 2nd Chance story. Wouldn’t mind Grace, Matt and Penn to find their happily ever after!

I received this ebook copy from the publisher and NetGalley for an honest review.
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"There's a wall between us we can't skirt. It's built with just as many tears and just as much betrayal as it is any good times we shared."

This small town story was the perfect book , it has the things I needed. Tumble is a sexy, second-chance romance!

“Life isn’t fair. If it was…” He looks around the porch before coming back to me. “If it was fair, you and I would’ve ended up together.”

This was a wonderful story and near to the end, it became too much emotional.My heart was aching for everyone.Neely was a stong and independent woman... Her heart was broken because of Dane.I really liked Dane.He was doing his best with his child.
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I loved this book, the characters and the story pulled at my heartstrings, but I'm used to it because the author's writing is simply phenomenal.
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This isn’t the first book written by Adriana Locke that I have read, but it’s the first in a brand-new series, so I was quite excited to read this book. Especially since this is a second chance romance and I have a weak spot for books like that, and then add it that it also has a single parent… I was sold on the all novel and I knew I would love it. And I did.

In this book the reader get to met Dane Madden, a single father, and Neely Kimber. As I got to read more about Dane and Neely, I got more into the all storyline. The characters, not just the main ones, were awesome, and I’m quite excited to read more about the all town and every novel that will be out in this series.

In this novel, Dane Madden and Neely Kimber were high school sweethearts, but life takes unexpected turns and hearts were broken, misunderstandings caused problems, then once again life takes another turn and lends Dane and Neely on a new exciting path in their lives, by putting them together.

And, of course, things get interesting, because I got to see the characters development and the new relationship that starts growing between them. Then there is Dane’s daughter Mia, and the interactions with her were the cutest and added an even more sense of reality to the story.

Every little element in this story helped with the plot and the growth of the characters’ personality and relationship. And the reasons for everything that happen made the novel feel real and connected with me because of how everything was described and how understandable their reactions were.

Overall, it was a cute and fun romance novel and I can’t wait for the next one so I can keep following and learning about Dogwood Lane and the residents of that small town. So, if you like second chances novels that happen in a small town, I recommend you to check out this book.
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Neely left Dogwood Lane without looking back. The love of her life had betrayed her, and she was ready for an exciting career in New York. Years later, career at a halt, she goes home for the first time to visit.
Going home was not what she expected. She quickly falls into her old group, including Dane, the love of her life. Neely has to figure out what is what she really wants: her high powered career or the man she loves and his little girl.
This book was sweet. I liked the concept of going back home, and it felt right. Definitely read this! 

Second chances...but more than just love. What would you do if you could go back home? Neely left her small town for New York with ever intending to go back, but 10 years later, that is exactly what happens. There she runs into her ex, the one man she always loved, Dane, who has a daughter now. But it's more than him, she falls back into her old relationships with her friends. She missed them all. When a great job offer comes, will she leave again? 
Overall, I enjoyed this book. There were times when I was rolling my eyes and shaking my head, plus there was some repetition. That said, the characters were good and the plot was interesting. Sometimes you can go home. I liked the story and enjoyed reading it. I recommend you one click this one today. 3.5 stars

This is a second chance romance that has some angst and steamy scenes. I would this book a 3.5 stars and recommend to others. This book was a bit predictable IMO but did read smoothly and had a decent story line. Not my fav from this author but it was good non the less. 
Life takes a turn for Neely and she finds herself back in her home town to visit her mom, the town she fled from because of a broken heart... but when the man who broke her heart comes tumbling back into her life like a tornado will she be able to forgive him for the past? Or will she choose herself over what he brings to the table?
Dane made a huge mistake in his past but he can't regret it because of the gift he received in return, but when Neely comes back in town will he finally get a second chance with her or will she up and leave again leaving his heart in shambles this time?
Get to one clicking to see what happens!

I do love me second chance romances.
Neeley left her small town behind more than 10 years ago. She quit her job in NYC without thinking of the consequences and returns to her hometown until she can figure out her next move. Back in town, she runs into her ex and the sparks still flame. But her stay in Dogwood is limited.
Neeley also realizes that she left behind not only Dane (the ex) but all her friends too. Dane wants nothing more than for Neeley to stay. She fit right back into his life like the missing puzzle piece, even his daughter adores her.
Once it seems like Neeley is back in a groove she receives a job offer. The question is, does she take it or has she found a new better being back home?
One click now.
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What a fantastic start to a new series. 
I was hooked from the beginning till the end. I absolutely loved this book so so much. I was disappointed that it ended. The characters really touched my heart and really pulled at my heart strings especially Mia. 

Full Review: https://shahlas-world.blogspot.com/2019/04/i-absolutely-loved-this-book-so-so-much.html
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Tumble is one of Adriana Locke's best pieces of work. The emotion is phenomenal you fill it punch you in the gut and hold you down before it lets you up for air!
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I would have probably given this 5 stars if I felt like Dane had truly apologized for his past treatment of Neely.  It felt like there was just something missing there.  He never really explained what happened and I he just kind of brushed it off as something he couldn't regret because of his amazing daughter.  The rest of the story was really cute but I just wasn't 100% certain he had earned the second chance.
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Step aside, people! I just found a new favorite series!
This is not a surprise. I've been in love with Adriana's books for a while now (it all started with Written In The Scars, and all the tears I've cried), and her other series are do freaking good, that you just can't put your book down. Not even to sleep. Believe me! 
She won my heart right when I figured out that this book was a second chance with a... *drum roll, please*... Single parent!
Dane and Neely were that cute high school sweethearts kind of couple. You  know, the one that's supposed to stay together forever. Yeah, that didn't happen at all.
So now, many years later, Neely finds herself going back to her hometown, dreading to see Dane again. And of course fate is a b*tch and they end up meeting, but now she has to resist the charming bastard and his cute kid.

It was so much fun to read this book! Very well written, with great characters and an amazing story. I can't wait to read the next one in the series.
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MFG This book. Its a rollercoaster of emotions. Neely is definitely the girl that drags you in instantly. You Rooting for her because she is dealt such a shit hand. 
She is really down on luck, so she goes home to her mum. 
There she meets her Ex Boyfriend that broke her heart and he is also a single dad. 
Watching them was electrifying. Their chemistry is undeniable. But its the past heart ache that has Neely so hesitant. 
Watching Dane win her love and trust back was so swoony. I was glued from start to finish. 

Mia, Danes Daughter is the absolute cutest 10 year old. I love how mature she is and understands sometimes better than adults.

This book is another Hit by the amazing Adriana Locke. She shows that she can make us fall for even a Jerk. Adriana has always been able to bring on the heat factor and this time outstanding. 

Grab this book now ladies.....
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Tumble was well written with wonderful imagery. Adriana Locke knows how to tell a story with well thought out characters. The only issue I have is the story itself.. The storyline is a previously used story. NY girl leaves NYC to return home to her southern roots. Here she meets up with previous love. 

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Adriana' Locke’s Tumble is a cute southern romance with a lot of heart. But Neely Kimber and Dane Madden’s relationship reminded me a lot of Melanie and Jake’s relationship from Reese Witherspoon’s rom-com Sweet Home Alabama though.

While Neely and Dane aren’t husband and wife like Melanie and Jake, you still have a girl form NYC returning to her southern home and falling for her ex all over again. Granted Locke’s story involves a child, while Witherspoon’s did not, the similarities between the two stories felt too close for me to really feel like I was reading something new, and that was disappointing. What was even more disappointing for me was the fact that Tumble was so highly anticipated for the romance community, that I became very excited for it, but was let down in the end. 

I won’t say that Locke’s story isn’t good, because it is. She writes extremely well and knows how to tell a story with beautiful imagery. Her characters were deeply developed, and played off of one another very well. Overall, the story of Neely and Dane is a good one, I just wish it would have been a little more unique.


Dani's Score out of 5: 📚📚📚🔖 (3.5/5)


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I really enjoyed reading the latest Adriana Locke book.  
Neely wants to succeeded in the crazy NY business but is overlooked for a promotion.  Neely goes back home to Tennessee and there lies the issue of her love for Dane.   Past problems are brought up, relationship issues are discussed. Old friends are met again.  Does Neely really want a job in NY? I loved rhis book.
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I am a huge fan of Adriana Locke and since I read her Landry Family series I have being auto buying her books. Her plot are so Family oriented. She doesn’t make you fall just for her main characters but also the other characters which are normally friends and family. She really invests a lot in her characters . This is a second chance love story. Neely returns back home to Tennessee after 10 years and meets her first love Dane. Like all her story Adriana has maintained her trademark which includes family and friends who play an important role in the story. This story though didn’t work for me. I just can’t fathom forgiving cheating at any cost and not really being ashamed of it. I don’t want to give spoilers but few things in the story just turned me off. This is not one of my favorite Adriana Locke story. I love her Landry Family and Gibson brother series and can reread them and listen to them multiple time without being bored . I loved them but somehow this didn’t did it for me.  I received an ARC via Netgallery from Social Butterfly PRC and would like to thank them for the advance copy .
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Adriana Locke is, hands down, one of my top favorite authors, especially when it comes to small town romances. Her stories don’t only focus solely on love and relationships, but it also centers greatly on family, friendships, forgiveness and hope. And most of the time, they’re just so close to reality that you’ll feel like your heart’s about to fall off your chest with how raw and unshakable the emotions are.

“Maybe there are no happy endings. Maybe we’re all searching for this fairy tale because mass market media shoves it in our faces, but maybe it’s all a made-up thing that we will never get.”

Dogwood Lane is absolutely yet another town she made me want to jump into and never leave. She described the place so vastly vivid, you can just picture yourself as one of the locals, or even walking alongside Dane or Neely, with no problems at all. And once she introduced all these new characters, I was a complete goner. I just wanted to strip down their layers and get to know every single one of them more.

“There’s no kissing and forgetting. There’s only wanting more. Needing more. Desiring more.”

Tumble isn’t your ordinary single dad romance either. Oh no, this one hit me hard. I’m not going to spoil anything because you just have to experience the story in its entirety, but I wasn’t all too happy with how things came about. It certainly shocked the hell out of me, then proceeded to make my anger flare up and my chest ache something fierce… but I also knew in my head that Dane and Neely’s situation—while horribly heartbreaking and almost unforgivable—was not in the very least impossible.

“A part of me will never forgive him for what he did. I may have found the pieces of my broken heart, but they’ll never fit together the way they did before that Saturday morning when he destroyed it.”

Don’t get me wrong, Dane Madden turned out to be such an amazing dad, but I still would’ve kicked him in the nuts and slapped him stupid for what he did all those years ago. That sat a little heavy on my heart all throughout the read. But this only made Neely Kimber shine so much more in the story for me. She became a heroine I not only came to admire, but respect a hundred times more. She was incredibly driven and passionate when it came to every single aspect of her life, but she was also breathtakingly strong and compassionate. The girl’s a damn saint.

“Are you going to kiss me or not?”
“I’m warning you—I think my self-restraint when it comes to you is tapped out.”
“Well, that’s good because I don’t have any more either.”

Dane and Neely’s story undoubtedly lit a fire in my heart and in my chest. It drew me in and latched on like there’s no tomorrow. It might’ve made my gut clench and twist with agony, but it also gave me sparks of hope and a truckload of love and awe every time I read a scene with Mia. Now I can’t wait to read Haley’s book even more. I need more of Dogwood Lane and all the wonderful people in it!
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Tumble is a heartfelt small town, second chance at love story. I like the way this author pens her stories, it hard to put down once you start reading it. I liked the family feel, and it proves that there's no place like home. The characters Dane and Neely were likeable, and so right for eachother. You could feel their emotions. I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the Dogwood Lane Series.
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What a great book about second chances!! I loved Dane and Neely so much! Mia sounded like the cutest kid ever! She was so sassy!!

I'm excited to see what's next!
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The main characters were very relatable. Everyone deserves a second chance.
Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for this ARC.
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