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Tumble started at a slower pace, but then it was on fire!

I laughed and I cried with Neely and Dane's story. The secondary characters were the cherry on top of an amazing story!

I like to be direct with my reviews, so let me just say this: If you like second chance romances, if you like an emotional happy ending, if you like small town stories with an amazing hero, READ TUMBLE!
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Book Review- Tumble by Adriana Locke

I loved this book.  Neely was home after quitting her job.  She hasn’t been back in ten years.  As the reason is revealed, I can completely understand.  Nothing like a totally shattered heart.  I liked Neely’s character. She is a strong and smart character.  She is completely conflicted about what she thinks she needs, Dane or her career.
The story centers around what happened and what Neely thinks is her path.  The ending is predictable, but I liked how it developed.  Dane’s actions were sigh-worthy.
Neely was a great person as she accepted that little girl with love and understanding.  She enters pretty flawlessly into the girl’s heart.  The struggle is realistic and understandable.  Neely is worried she will regret the decision she has to make.  It is a difficult choice.
The author really shows how the two characters care and what they have to do to come together again. Both characters are good people placed in bad situations and making tough decisions.  It was a great read.  I loved it.  I give it a 5 out of 5.
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A 3.5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 REVIEW

Neely Kimber, coming home to her childhood hometown was supposed to be quick getaway after being burned by her job that she worked hard in to move up in her career. She never expected to be back home after she left to pursue or dream along with left broken hearted. She had her reasons for leaving in Dogwood Lane in the first place and the hopes to run into said reason will be challenging to face. Living in a small town where everyone knows everything they are bound to know that she is back.

Enter single, loving, and devoted dad, Dane Madden who turned her life upside when she found out he was with a child. Dane's daughter, Mia is his whole world regardless how she came to be. Not one to bring anyone he dates around her daughter thanks to history of people leaving when things became to tough. Neely was the exception. 

Can Neely forgive him after what they have been through? Is it enough to trust her heart? Can they go down that road again especially knowing that her visit in her hometown is temporary?

This is a story of second chances. With new factors in the mix it will be a test to see if their chemistry is worth the risk for more. The relationship that Dane has with his daughter will have you swooning. The chemistry is still there between Neely and Dane; however, the want for more with two different plans for the future will be a test to see if they are truly meant to be.
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Adriana Locke did an amazing job with Tumble. I absolutely loved every second of it. I wound up purchasing the audiobook and ebook after reading this so I could listen to it. Neither disappointed! You could tell from minute one that the characters had such a chemistry and such a deep history with one another. I loved watching them work through it together. Such an amazing read.
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Neely made the tough decision to walk away from her dream job in New York after being passed over for a promotion that she deserved. Now back in her hometown of Dogwood Lane, Tennessee, she feels like a failure but she's also glad to be back, even if it's for a short time. Dane can't deny that he's still in love with Neely, he knows it's his fault that she left the first time but he's hoping against hope that maybe she'll stay now. Years ago Dane made the mistake of getting another woman pregnant and Neely has never really forgiven him but now he's a single father with an adorable little girl that he doesn't regret having. Neely adores Mia, Danes daughter and deep down she wishes Mia was hers. With her life up in the air and Dane and Mia wanting to spend time with her, Neely is undecided about what her next move should be. With a job opportunity that will take her back to New York, Neely and Dane have some tough decisions to make about their future together and apart. I really enjoyed this book and the friendly characters of Dogwood Lane! I'm looking forward to the next one!
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We don’t ever have rational thought when we make decision with a teenage heart and mind. What we think is a good idea usually comes back to bite us ten years later. Thus is the history of Dane and Neely. 

Hearts bleeding on the ground doing what he thought was for the greater good but oops he make that one critical error in judgment that really fudges it all up. 

Fast forward and the two have a ‘come to jesus’ Realization and second chance abound but not without those pesky speed bumps and obligations. 

I honestly adored this sweet story. Very well written and addicting. Yes it’s another second chance troupe read but still a ‘what should’ve been’ tale you can’t help but goofy grin at. 

There’s a great kid, a sweet small town, a sexy flannel country boy and some wonderful friends who legit need their own stories. Psssst.....GRACE...Adriana...I loved GRACE and Neely’s mom!

Don’t expect a ton of drama or intrigue....enjoy rebuilding, discovering and forgiveness with a couple laughs and tons of swoony heat while wearing a goofy grin.
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Thank you Netgalley for the ARC.

I love Adriana's books. This is my 4th book by her and I've enjoyed every single one of them. 
I liked the story and the characters. I love second chance romance and Adriana did a great job with this one. It kept me engaged and interested the entire time.
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Adriana Locke is my go-to favorite author for small-town romances. Add in a single dad and I'm a goner! She's a master at creating worlds that suck you in right from the first page. Neely and Dane's story is no different. Welcome to Dogwood Lane, a small town that holds no punches, this story is raw and emotional. There's history here that's not ignored, a second chance romance that takes it's time to grow and become real again. 

Once upon a time, Neely and Dane were high school sweethearts. But hearts were broken, spirits crushed. Now, 10 years later, Neely returns home. Is home still wherever Dane is? Adriana Locke packs a punch with this second chance romance, building the relationship back up with a slow burn that's totally addicting. Adding a variety of new characters, each with their own charming personalities, I can't wait to return to Dogwood Lane for the next story.
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This arc was provided to me for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

2 Stars

After losing her job in the big city, Neely decides to returns home for a long overdue vacation to Dogwood Lane, Tennesse. Neely almost immediately runs into ex-boyfriend Dane who broke her heart all those years ago. While Neely knows its never going to work she can’t seem to stay away.

Tumble interested me right off the bat. I mean a second chance romance with a single dad? Who doesn’t want to read that! But I gotta admit, this book wasn’t for me. 

The things I did enjoy were the characters, I thought Neely was great and Mia was adorable. The characters were heartwarming especially the bond both Neely and Mia created. I admit the chemistry between Neely and Dane was there but it definitely wasn’t my favorite.  More specifically, Dane wasn’t my favorite. Even as an adult, I think he has some growing up to do.

While the story was well written, this book wasn’t my cup of tea. There was a lot I didn’t like and a lot I didn’t agree with. But to tell you would be to spoil it for you and I don’t want to do that. But what I will tell you is it does involve cheating. And I think if you enjoy that kind of trope, then this book might be a winner for you. But as someone who dislikes cheating tropes, this one wasn’t for me.
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Avid Reader – ☆☆☆☆
M/F Second chance romance

Neely has come home to figure out what her next steps are. Despite having a brilliant mind and an amazing job, when she is faced with some disappointing news, she knows her only way forward is to start again. Having left her hometown and not returned for years, she knows she'll have to face some ghosts too. It still is hard for her to see her first love, Dane, but she wants to feel the peace and quiet of her hometown and she'll put up with him in order to achieve that.

Dane is a successful carpenter with his own crew. He knows that he has some huge regrets, but he also loves his life. When he sees Neely again for the first time in years, it takes him a minute to catch his breath. He knows that he made a huge mistake with her and nothing he says will ever truly make it right. But Dane also knows that he has never stopped loving her.

Neely and Dane have this slow burn chemistry that they let simmer for a while. I really enjoyed watching them learn each other again. They aired their past hurts, but at the same time, while they were able to forgive, neither will forget. Dane has to show Neely that he knows better this time around and Neely has to decide if Dane is worth the risk.

It's a small town with tons of people hoping that they will get back together. When Neely is faced with a similar decision of staying or leaving, she'll have to decide whether or not having all of her boxes checked is more important than changing what goes in those boxes.

Ruthie – ☆☆☆☆
This is the first book in a new series, set in a small town where everyone knows everything. Neely left 10 years ago and has avoided returning, mainly due to her ex-boyfriend, Dane, getting her best friend pregnant just as she went to college. She refuses to talk about it with her mother and has lived in denial ever since.

However, she quit her job in New York and came home for some comfort from her mum. And, of course, sees one-time love, Dane. The story unfolds slightly predictably, but with some very sweet twists and turns, and made for a very easy read.

I have to admit I looked at some of the reviews and was genuinely surprised that there was a huge backlash about Dane's behaviour ten years ago – it wasn't a stellar thing to do, but it seemed far from unforgivable for a confused 19 year old (I am guessing Katie should take some responsibility here too), and he undoubtedly has done the right thing since, against the odds. Each to their own, I guess.

For me, this was a rather sweet story, where someone was reminded that maybe the thing they were meant to be wasn't so far from home after all, and it took experience and love to make a change for the better.
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Tumble is a sweet and sexy small town romance. The characters were likeable as they navigate their second chance romance.  I am excited that the series will continue. I will continue the journey in Dogwood Lane.  Thanks Montlake Publishing and NetGalley for the ARC of this title.
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4 Stars / 2 Steam Fans

I have had some time to think about this story. I liked the thought behind the second chance love of it all but there were things that I disliked as well. Neely and Dane were high school sweethearts until they weren't. While they were on a "break" or broken up Dane does somethings that did not set well with Neely. Neely leaves town and they both move on with their lives. Neely hits a rough spot and returns home to collect herself and ends up revisiting some of those painful moments that drove her away in the first place. I think the story need more time to breathe through those wrongdoings that the pair went through but at its current pacing was just too quick and rushed. 

This specific video review will be included in the March 2019 wrap-up. 

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I loved this second chance romance.. when you fall in love with you high school sweetheart only to have you heart broken you tend to not want to do that again.  that was the case for Neely,  after things go wrong at her work  and she quits her job.  she decides that it is time to go home and evaluate life. i think little did she know that Dane was still in town. the banter between the two along with them chemistry has always been there,  could they let each other back into there lives and finally find the happy ever after that they both are wanting?   for me this second chance was well worth the risk
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Review by Flavia:

Oh my word, this book, I don't know how to describe it, but the whole time I was reading this, I was picturing this:
Small town romances are so cute. And this one took me a while to get into the stories, because you didn't actually know what happened until later. What I did love was that the characters had a history and even though something happened you knew from the start that things were left unsaid and there was so much that they needed to sort out. If only Neely gave herself the time to do it, but since the moment she got back to town she was so focused on trying to find the thing that makes her, her. Its just that she wasn't ready for the answer to that question.
You could see that Dane was really sorry for what happened between them, even though it was a really terrible situation. Me personally I don't know how I would have reacted to what happened between them. But all he needed was for her to give them a chance. And she couldn't do that until she let go of the past.
Definitely a good read for me, some parts annoyed me, but the majority of the book was a really good story. To some people it might seem a bit weird considering what happened, but to me it just makes the story more believe able. Definitely can't wait to read the next one in this series.
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Tumble by Adriana Locke was a down to earth, second chance romance that filled my stomach with butterflies. You have an engaging storyline that left me mesmerized from the very first page. Neely & Dane were the it couple back in the day, but had a fall out due to miscommunications and haven't seen each-other since. All the what if's...the anger and frustration that ruined their relationship all come flashing back once they reunite. 
What I really enjoyed about this book was how they didn't rush back into a relationship. They rebuilt on that trust and miscommunication. . . Their love for one another was simply refreshing to read. 
A light hearted second chance romance that has left me salivating for more in the Dogwood Lane series.
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YAASSSS!!! Adriana Locke has written another incredible, heart warming, small town love story about second chances.

I absolutely LOVED Tumble. I adored Dane and Neely, and I am so excited about all the new characters. Adriana has the BEST characters! They are real and relatable. Each with their own endearing, captivating personality.

When I pick up one of her novels, I just know that I am going to laugh, sigh, and swoon until the very end. There's nothing like losing yourself in her words and falling in love with her hero.

Tumble was everything I hoped it would be and has left me wanting more from Dogwood Lane. I am excited for what is yet to come!

♥ Review by Lys
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LORD, oh LORD. How does Adriana Locke always make me swoon? This small town romances just melt my heart, and they make me want to pack up and move to these fictitious places.

Dane is single dad goals. The protective way he loves his daughter does something to me. He is the perfect blend of hard and soft, and I enjoyed the interactions between him and Neely. His daughter definitely softens this emotionally cold man, makes him lovable until he softens for the heroine. 

Neely is a great heroine who is torn between returning and staying in the small town or going back or the big city to her dream job. It is through her that readers see the themes grow and develop, where we see the importance and family and love of work and how goals and dreams shift and change, which is okay. 

This story is just pure second chance romance perfection. Seriously. The sweet moments where they rekindle their romance, the hard moments where they deal with the hurt of their past mistakesC and the cute family moments where we see glimpses of where their future will make you life and swoon. I enjoyed every character and every moment. Again, the conflict is clear early on, but the scenes were written with such emotion, that it didn’t really effect my enjoyment of it all. 

I’m loving the start of Adriana Locke’s new series, and I can’t wait to spend more time in this town. 

ARC received in exchange for an honest review
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5 Getting that Second Chance Stars!!!

There's nothing I love more than a new world created by one of my favorite authors and Ms. Locke has brought us to Dogwood Lane with this first book in this new series and it's the quintessential small town where everyone knows everyone and their business.

Dane and Neely were together ten years ago and Dane being the man that wants the best for his girl literally breaks her heart by pushing her away because he thought it was what's best for her....yeah not so much. Fast forward those ten years, Neely is back and their overwhelming chemistry is still firing on all levels. The only difference this time is that Neely is only back in town for a short time and Dane now has a sweet little girl Mia that he wants to protect on all levels from getting hurt.

This book is so well written. The characters are lively and charming with a few quirks and Dogwood Lane is a town I'd love to live in. There's an overall caring for everyone by everyone. Even though Dane knows he's risking getting hurt he just can't stay away from the only woman he's ever truly loved. Neely isn't sure what to do with her feelings for this man either. She still loves him but can't risk her heart again.

There isn't one thing about this story I didn't love. Ms. Locke has completely captivated me with her writing once again. I fell in love with our H/h, Mia and all the other secondary characters. This one is a perfectly charming story that I was sorry to see come to an end when I turned that last page. I can't wait to visit Dogwood Lane again!!
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4 stars 

Tumble by Adriana Locke drew me in from the first page and held my interest until the end. 

The writing is beautifully done, the plot well paced and the storyline brought out all the feels.
I enjoyed watching Neely and Dane reconnect and forgive past mistakes and open their hearts to each other. 

Overall, Tumble is a good start to The Dogwood Lane series and I highly recommend it.

*Thank you to the publisher via Netgalley for the ARC.*
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This is a second chance story that is fun and interesting. Neely Kimber decides to quit her job in NYC after she found out that the concept she had created and worked on was being handed to someone else when she should have been the one given the job. Neely hasn't been home to Dogwood Lane for the last 10 years after she found out that she was betrayed by the person that loved her. 

Dane Madden was the love of Neely's life until her betrayed her. Dane is now a single dad who adores his little girl and would do anything for her. When Neely first met Dane's daughter, she didn't know she was is so it was a shock to find out that information. While Neely tries to figure out what to do next in her professional life, she decides to help out at the gymnast place that she took lessons at when she was young. Dane and Neely are constantly thrown together so they finally talk about what happened in the past. Their love and attraction is still there but neither one wants to take the risk of getting hurt again but love prevails and they restart their romance, even it is short term since Neely is determine to go back to her life in NYC. But as Neely gets into the routine of life in Dogwood Lane, she starts to realize that what she had wanted in her professional life maybe isn't what she really wants in life. When an opportunity comes for Neely to return to NYC to the job that should have been hers, she must decide how to deal with her love for Dane and his daughter and her professional goals.
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