The Last

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Sarah and Ian were best friends in college, but lose touch except for the yearly birthday wishes after Ian dropped out at the end of their sophomore year. 
Now years later, on her 30th Birthday, Sarah remembers the pact they made, that if they were single at 30, they would marry each other. 
A tipsy message brings Ian to her door. Ian was in love with Sarah in college, but never professed his love. Now years later and certain life events has made him harden his heart and he proposes a marriage of convenience to Sarah. 
I really enjoyed reading this book. It is fun with some laugh out loud moments, has chemistry that is intense because of the friendship shared by Sarah and Ian. It is a fast paced read that will leave you wanting more.
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Sarah and Ian vowed in college that they would marry each other if they were both still single at the age of 30, so a drunken Sarah contacts Ian on her 30th birthday and their story starts from there. This romance was a blend of romance, humor and healing. Ian is a example of how profound grief can put your emotional life on hold until your special someone helps you see beyond the pain and find your way back to being able to feel love. 

This is the first book I have read in this series but plan to read the rest.

I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy provided by Entangled Publishing/NetGalley.
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Ian isn't bashful in saying what he means:
           “Why, so you can stare at my ***?” 
           He gives me a smoldering smile. “Da*n right.”
I liked this book, I really liked Ian. I loved the chemistry between Ian and Sarah.
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This is the 3rd book in The List series. It reads as a standalone. I haven’t read the other 2 in the series, but Fenske gives a really quick update about the other 2 couples in the series, so you don’t feel left behind. This story was a super creative concept on both a friends to lovers and marriage of convenience trope. Fenske set this up quite well, that it felt completely original. Ian and Sarah had been friends in college and had little to no contact over the next 10 years. I think their romance moved super fast, but it really helped that they had a good relationship in college, and that we were able to see some of their past encounters. This is a sweet, quick read and I would highly recommend it. 

* ARC provided by NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!
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The Last is Sarah and Ian’s story; although, At Last might have been a more fitting title. Ian and Sarah have know each other since they were nineteen year old college students and best friends. While Sarah had friend zoned Ian, he always felt more for her. Over a decade earlier, they made a deal that if they weren’t married to others by the time they were thirty, they would marry each other. Well, thirty has come, so Ian proposes. However, it isn’t the type of proposition Sarah expects. In the ensuing years, Ian has struggled with the death of a beloved brother and the messy marriage and divorce of his parents. He no longer believes in love, so asks Sarah for a marriage of convenience, despite their incredible chemistry. She initially agrees, but realizes after falling in love with Ian, that a marriage with one sided love won’t work for her. Eventually, Ian does get his head out of his a... and realizes that he is in love with Sarah, but has just been too afraid to admit it. With the help of one of Sarah’s friends, he comes up with a plan to win her back. This book was a worthy end to the series, and it was fun to catch up with the couples from the earlier books.
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I received a free, advance copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher. This is my unbiased and voluntary review.

Sarah and Ian were best friends in college until Ian’s life started to fall apart. On their 30th birthdays they remember the marriage pact that they made with each other during college. Can they really marry each other as a business arrangement without their hearts getting in the way???

Ian has a lot of soul searching to do but he has to shut-up the voice in his head that is always looking at the negatives in life. Sarah knows what she wants from the beginning and just has to decide if she is willing to wait Ian out. This is the first time I’ve read a book where the characters are truly honest with each other. 

This author is becoming one that I want to read more by.
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Sarah Keating is in a rut.  She has just turned 30 and isn't anywhere near where she wanted to be.  Sarah does have her dream job, working with adults with Down Syndrome, but she wants more.  She sends a text to wish a college friend happy birthday and before she knows it, he's bringing up the marriage pact they made all those years ago.

When Sarah jokingly propositions Ian Nolan, she's in for a shock when he shows up on her door step ten minutes later.  Ian gives her a night to remember and more... he asks her to marry him.  Sarah is leery, but his suggestion of keeping their marriage all business does have it's appeal.  It doesn't take long for Sarah to say yes.  Her only concern is what happens when one of them actually falls for the other?

I am not usually a fan of contemporary romance, but author Tawna Fenske's THE LAST was just what I needed.  It is fun, fast-paced and a great way to while away the afternoon.  The characters are deep and both truly caring individuals.  It is no wonder that they hit it off so well.  You can certainly feel the passion between Ian and Sarah.  The sex scenes are off the charts hot!  I give THE LAST 3.5 stars.
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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for this ARC! All thoughts and opinions are my own. 
I have read another book by Tawna Fenske, 'At the Heart of it,' which was also a fun read, however I was much more impressed with this book. It had a lot of deep significant moments between the two main characters Sarah and Ian, as well as some laugh out loud moments too (cat on the car). The chemistry between them and how they initially get together is actually believable. The problems they face while negotiating the pros and cons of marriage are practical and realistic. 
This was definitely an enjoyable read despite not having read the previous two books in the series and I will be keeping an eye out for other books by this author.
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Tasha Fenske. I'm going to have to remember that name because I really enjoyed reading her new story, The Last, a friends-to-lovers contemporary romance. I'll happily read her work again. 

Ian Nolan and Sarah Keating made a pact in college to marry each other if they weren't married to others by then. Ten years later, Ian drops by to propose what sounds more like businesslike merger than a marriage. In the intervening years, Ian has become convinced love isn't for him, but he needs a wife to land a COO dream job with an airplane manufacturer. Sarah has a successful career managing a home for adults with down syndrome.  Although she'd never thought romantically of Ian, Sarah agrees to meet Ian and ....  well, they're absolutely perfect for each other in so many ways. Will Sarah make Ian see that be deserves to be loved?

There are several laugh out loud moments. (I loved Ian's take down of her co-worker who commented at the costume party about her ticking biological clock.) There are moments that made me sad. I enjoyed friends and family, present but not too much to overshadow the main couple. The love scenes were HOT! 

This was a quick read, but I was sorry to leave Ian & Sarah. Thanks to  at Galley for the opportunity to read and review The Last.
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It's social worker Sarah's 30th birthday and she's celebrating with friends when she remembers the pact she made with Ian, her best friend in college: if neither of them were married when they turned 30, they'd marry each other. She jokingly messages Ian, and surprise! He shows up at her door ten minutes later, determined to convince her that they should really get married.

The chemistry between the leads was sweet but hot, and I genuinely wish I'd had a best friend like Ian in college to make a pact like this with! It's always interesting to see contemporary romance authors take on the marriage of convenience trope, since it's so much harder to do convincingly than in historical romance. Fenske (mostly) pulls it off. A light, enjoyable novel.
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Oh my goodness, The Last, is hilarious. I keep thinking about the comment of the cats butt looking like a cheerio. And then I laugh all over again.  I have loved the series but I think this one was my favorite of all of them.
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4 stars!

I loved this friends to lovers book! Sarah and Ian had a pack in college, if they weren't both married by 30, they would marry each other. On a whim, she calls Ian, to her surprise, Ian is in town! They 2 agree to meet and things snowball from there. Ian doesn't believe in love and a "real" marriage. He is more than happy to get married for logistic reasons, not for love. He saw what it did to his parent's marriage. 

Ian comes up with a plan to marry Sarah so they can have what they have but not fall in love. Things work out fine, until feelings start to develop. It becomes a rollercoaster for both Ian and Sarah!
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oh my it is so sweet and romantic. I can feel the love throughout the whole story. Really great story from Tawna.
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What a cute romance. I loved the story line. It was just a fun read! Even though they had not seen each other for a few years there was always that connection.
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