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The Invited

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I was a fan of this book even before I realized its author went to the same grad school as me. That just made me love it even more! 

There is plenty to get sucked into here: witches, ghosts, a treasure hunt, family drama - the works. It's genuinely creepy and thrilling. The story follows Helen and Nate, a young couple who decide to build a new house right on some seriously haunted land. Their journey becomes intertwined with a teenage girl, Olive, who is coping with the fact that her mother abandoned her (and who thinks finding buried treasure will bring her back). I loved the historical aspect of this book, since the reader is treated to some perspectives throughout the last 100 years. There are a lot of interesting pieces of historical context sprinkled throughout.

My only complaint is that this felt a tad long. There were some sections that seemed to drag a tiny bit. I also guessed one of the main twists well before it happened. Otherwise, this is a super spooky read that's perfect for fans of the supernatural genre.

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