The Perfect Betrayal

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Die Spannung ergreift einen sofort. Man ist direkt in der Geschichte drin, das ist der Autorin gelungen. Man erwacht mit Tess nach einem Messerangriff im Krankenhaus. Sie fürchtet um ihren Sohn Jamie, aber sie kann sich nicht verständlich machen. 

Dann beginnt die eigentliche Erzählung 55 Tage vor Jamies Geburtstag. Vor 4 Wochen ist Tess Mann Mark bei einem Flugzeugabsturz zu Tode gekommen. Sie ist ganz gefangen in der Trauer, auch ihr 7 jähriger Sohn leidet sehr darunter, der Tagesablauf kommt schon morgens kaum in Schwung. Immerzu hadert sie mit sich, ob sie die verschriebenen Antidepressiva einnehmen soll. Oft ist sie ungeduldig und harsch mit Jamie. Man erfährt, dass Mark sich wohl von seinem älteren Bruder Ian für die Hausrenovierung 100.000 geliehen hat. Er taucht bei Tess auf und verlangt das Geld zurück, doch sie sieht sich noch nicht in der Lage, sich mit dem Erbe und den Finanzen auseinander zu setzen. Aber wieso bietet ihr die Fluggesellschaft eine Kompensation für 2 Passagiere an?

Plötzlich und unerwartet steht dann Shelley Lange vor ihrer Tür. Sie ist Trauerbegleiterin und Tess Mutter hat für sie einen Termin mit ihr gemacht, da sie sehr besorgt um ihre Tochter ist.
Die Erzählung der vergangene Ereignisse wird immer wieder von kurzen Auszügen aus den Vernehmungen nach dem Messerangriff unterbrochen. Das macht die Geschichte spannend und abwechslungsreich. Der Leser fragt sich, was da los ist, was das alles bedeutet. Man wird  zu Spekulationen angeregt. Je näher man dem Geburstag kommt, desto gespannter ist man.
Einige der Ereignisse klären sich auf, Tess sieht manchmal etwas klarer, doch das Buch strebt ungebremst dem Höhepunkt entgegen. Der Roman findet ein überraschendes sehr  realitätsnahes Ende und lässt einen mit nicht ganz einfachen Gefühl zurück.  
Die Autorin weiß anscheinend sehr gut, wie Trauer und Depression sich anfühlen und auswirken. Sie kann das sehr realistisch und ergreifend vermitteln. Das zermürbende Schwanken zwischen trüber Realität und beklemmendem Verfolgungswahn kann den Leser nicht kalt lassen.
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Oh WOW!  I 've just finished this.  It has a great twist which I didn't see coming and I was kept guessing as to the motives of Ian and Shelley.  And then at the end i was almost in tears without giving too much away.  Brilliant, recommended read.
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I can not recommend this book enough! It’s the right amount of mystery and suspense from the first page through to the last. Tess only has Jamie her son after her husband dies and suddenly Shelly arrives to help, is she too good to be true? Is she trying to steal jamie?
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"The space behind my eyes throbs with the threat of tears. My thoughts are running away with me. I focus on the sounds of the house, on what is real... But these sounds are drowned out now but the noises of our son...I imagine Jamie brushing his teeth, slipping over the gap in the middles where his bottom baby teeth used to be."

Grieving following the sudden death of her husband Mark, killed when an airline pilot committed suicide and took the plane and all its passengers with him, Tess is struggling. Recently moved to the house Mark grew up in, Tess and seven year old Jamie feel alone, pushing Tess's mother and brother Sam away, feeling manipulated by Mark's brother Ian, who claims Mark owed him money. Then grief counsellor Shelley comes into their lives, providing arRay of hope. She lost her son Dylan, who would be Jamie's age now, so understands what it is like to grieve for a loved one. Jamie takes to her right away and Tess is glad of her support. But what are Shelley's intentions? Who is phoning the landline and hanging up and did Tess really see someone skulking in the back garden at nighttime?

Counting down to the day of Jamie's eight Birthday, this is a domestic psychological thriller. It is primarily told from Tess's viewpoint, alternating with interviews in hospital with Tess, Ian and Shelley. The ending brings a shock discovery that explains. This thriller is full of suspense that will have you speed reading to find out who is telling the truth, who can be trusted and what is really going on.
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Tess is struggling with life after losing her husband Mark in a plane crash. She is left to bring up their son Jamie on her own. Tess goes to the Doctors for sleeping pills and comes away with antidepressants and advice for her to see a Grief Councillor. 

Along comes Shelley Lange sent by Tess’s mother, she is a Grief Counsellor
Quote ‘Should have seen her coming. Like a siren bright and blue, flashing in the night”

Shelley seems to come along at the right time, a saviour amongst all the grief and despair that Tess is feeling since losing her husband. The 2 women become friends and Tess starts to depend on her. 

When Tess starts to get calls where no one speaks, she starts to feel like someone is out to get her and her son Jamie.
Very gripping that sweeps you along and before you know it you have finished the book. It is a sad story of love and loss mixed in with twists that will keep you gripped and guessing until the last page.

Narrated mostly by Jess with snippets by Ian (Marks brother) and Shelley the Grief Counsellor. Loved  the countdown to Jamie’s birthday and the tension building as the eventful day approached!! 

The Perfect Betrayal is a must read psychological thriller. I finished this book and sat for a while digesting the ending, not what I had predicted!!

Thank you to Netgalley for my copy in exchange for a review.
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I just loved this and devoured it with gusto.  It was alarming, heartbreaking and a truly tragic story.  If this is her first book, I simply can't wait for more.
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I have shivers down my spine. This is a really good story. I was gripped the whole way through and only worked out the truth near the end of the book. This story is about loss and grief and trying to live your life after you have lost someone close to you. 

Thank you to Netgalley for my copy.
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A really great read with an interesting twist, I really struggled to put this down and with the subject matter to it showed there's no right or wrong way to deal with things
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#The Perfect Betrayal #Netgalley 
OMG. Wow. What a book. I still literally trying to get my heartbeat to slow down, also trying to pick my jaw up. It’s such a heart racing jaw dropper of a book. It’s full of twists and turns, still Tess is counting the days since marks death, and trying to get through whatever each day brings for herself and son Jamie. She becomes so so protective over Jamie. It’s such rollercoaster of raw emotions, with such a unexpected powerful ending that I would never of expected, with such a jaw dropping conclusion. A sheer piece of brilliance. A most definite must must read.
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Brilliant! I am still recovering from that ending.. this is a book that you must read! It grabs you from the very beginning and before you know it you are halfway through it. This was my first book by Lauren North and it most certainly won't be the last.  I read a lot of books and this one is certainly a stand out for me as being different and. It at all predictable. I thought that I had the story and all the characters worked out but I was so wrong!!

Tess is grieving after the sudden death of her husband in a plane crash. She is struggling to get through each day and her son Jamie is her whole world. She is trying her best for him but she feels broken and lost. She cuts herself off from everything and everyone so her mother sends a grief counsellor to her. Shelley helps her to see the light at the end of the tunnel. She is there to help and take control where Tess can't. The 2 women become close and she starts to get things done. But strange things are happening, she is being followed and getting a lot of hang up calls and she starts to think that somebody is out to get her and her son.

It is a story of love and heartbreak. Of friendship and grief. My heart went out to Tess and I think that most people in her situation would have been a mess. It was real.

Thanks to Random House UK, Transwold Publishing for my advanced copy of this book to read. All opinions are my own and are in no way biased
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This book grabbed me on the first page. It was a book about love, loss and grief. It wasnt predictable so I really enjoyed it. The characters were believeable.
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Beautifully written with a twist you don't see coming.  A very gripping read, perhaps a little slow to begin with, but soon made up for it.  Keeps you on the edge and interested.
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Tess has recently lost her husband in a plane crash and is now struggling to cope with everyday life. She is trying her best for the sake of her 7 year old son, Jamie. Her brother-in-law, Ian, is not being very supportive as he is urging her to sort out the will, life insurance and other paperwork when she doesn’t feel up to it. Then Shelley, a volunteer grief counsellor, turns up and finally Tess has someone who understands and who will help her through the stages of grief. Shelley’s lost a young son so understands the stages of grief.

This book slowly builds to a great ending. Hard to say anymore without giving things away. The story is mainly from Tess points of view in terms of flashbacks to the past 2 months and occasional points of view of Ian and Shelley.

A great debut novel and an author to look out for in the future.

With thanks to NetGalley and Random House UK, Transworld Publishers for a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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This is definetly a must read. Tess's husband has died in an horrific plane crash. Tess is distraught. depressed and alone trying to raise her son Jamie whio is the centre of her world. Her brother-in-law keeps on at her about some money he had lent his brother, she believes that someone is following her and so a grief counsellor is appointed to her to help. Shelley soon becomes dominant within the household. Jamie is besooted wih her, Tess becomes reliant on her but all is not as it seems.
The situations that happen from when Shelley comes into the household are unnerving to say the least. To take someone in and trust them is hard in itself but the twists within this book were brilliant,
A highly recommended intriguing and psychological read.
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Wow! This book had me guessing all the way through, then when the penny finally dropped it was an outstanding twist. 
Excellently written, eerie and on edge, and perfectly executed. 
Highly recommended.
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Thank you to Net Galley for an early copy for an honest review with no spoilers.

This is a 5 star thriller – Lauren North has written a book that you don’t want to put down – you must buy the book but you must make sure that you have a quiet weekend because you won’t want to go out or do anything else.

This is one of only a handful of books that have stopped me going to sleep because I was trying to work out was going to happen next. I also need more than 5 stars!
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The twist in this book! 
I did not see the ending coming at all. I read a lot of thrillers and am pretty good at picking up what's going to happen but this book just blew me away. Amazing, heartbreaking, brilliant.
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Now this is a book worth reading.  The tragic grief beholds a family when the patriarch dies.  The happenstance of a grief counsellor going above and beyond the call of duty.  What is truth and what is beholden in the m ind of a desperately grieving wife and mother, who will do anything to protect the memory of her lost family.  Anything.
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Well written with a fantastic plot line. The Perfect Betrayal will take you in a complete rollercoaster but will keep you hooked to the very end. I look forward to reading more from this author. Thank you to NetGalley, Random House UK, Transworld Publishers and the author for the chance to review.
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What a twist!
Grief can affect a person in many ways, and losing your partner, your soulmate and loved one can tip you over the edge, and boy was Tess tipped when her husband Mark was killed in a horrific plane accident.
The effect his loss has on the life of Tess and all those around her is horrific. The paranoia, the needing to keep her son Jamie safe, the suspicions of those who were trying to help....
And I won't mention the ending but what I can say is that as soon as I read it, I sat bolt upright and was in shock... I hadn't expected that twist AT ALL!
Brilliantly written and hugely captivating.
Many thanks to Random House UK and NetGalley for offfering me an arc in exchange for an honest review.
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