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The Perfect Betrayal was a tale of two halves for me. It had some really good elements to it, but I think on the whole I found it just skirting the edges of plausibility; though I will confess that the ending probably makes up for any shortcomings. I did enjoy it don't get me wrong, it was a good easy read, which does I think engage the reader. My main area of concern though is just how far Tess was willing to trust Shelley. I get that she is grief-stricken, that Shelley helps her. but the moments of distrust that Tess had about her would have surely stopped her in her tracks. I don't know, maybe that's what Lauren North was aiming for when she wrote it? See, it's just too tricky to call for me. I know that if I suspected anyone of some of the things Tess imagines she did, she or he wouldn't get anywhere close to my child. Anyway, I'm going to park that thought up there and witter on some more!
Despite my misgivings I did like Tess, and I thought that Lauren North managed to convey Tess's grief well, that feeling that somehow the world should have stopped when her husband died, and the reality that life does still go on for those still alive. I, perhaps naturally, didn't warm to Shelley in quite the same way; I did feel sorry for her with her own grief, but it was difficult to feel anything more than distrust with the way she is written. Similarly Tess's brother-in-law Ian, this question surrounding money he claims he is owed again makes it difficult to warm to him; even if he did bring her dinner one time. The insecurity and danger Tess feels in general makes for an engaging read; particularly the over-protectiveness of her son Jamie, and the mysterious person she keeps feeling is watching her - all combine to create this sense of foreboding that runs through the story.
But the ending. Wow.
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I cried from being to end, a woman who has just lost her husband and is trying to get through her grief, when along comes her saviour or so she thinks.
Tess reliese on Shelley her counsellor and tells her everything, but does she?
Tess really doesn't know who to trust even her brother in law and family who can she turn to apart from her son Jamie?
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I really loved this - the characters were well developed and believable , the time dual narrative worked very well. Loved the ending too.
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Wow - that’s the first word that comes to mind after reading The Perfect Betrayal. Once I started reading this it was impossible to put down. There are no words to describe the twist in the tale which completely took me by surprise. A superb book and an author I will actively seek out.
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I raced through this book because I wanted to know what happened and the ending, when it came, was a complete shock and the last chapter was another surprise - I thought the twist was going to be very different. I was criticising the main character throughout as I felt she was a bit pathetic, but the ending explained why. Very clever! I only gave it three stars because I was only reading to get to the end and was skimming in places so the arrival was better than the journey for me.
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Loved this book couldn’t put it down reading until the early hours I was gripped from the first page there are so many twists and turns what to believe and what not to believe.  When I got to the last chapter I was gob smacked I would never have guessed the ending in a million years I would definitely recommend this book and look forward to reading more of her books.
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Wow wow wow, I got so engrossed in this book I read it in three days. I would compare it to be as equally good as BA Paris behind closed doors. Such a great book. I sussed out the twist about 3/4 into the book but I still couldn't get enough of it. This is my no. 1 book read this year.
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I love this it was gripping.  The suspence was brilliantly done.  This heart wrenching tale, has it all, mystery, suspence, love, hate, questions to be answered.  I couldn't put it down.
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This was a really interesting read for me , I really thought I knew what was happening , and then wow what a twist at the end .Tess is in a state after losing her husband in a plane crash , enter Shelley a grief counsellor organized by her Mum , we soon start to wonder if Shelly's motives are helping Tess or helping herself , add some shifty work colleagues of Mark and an older brother who seems to be out for his own gain and you have the recipe for a great mystery . A definite page turner and I really felt Tess's grief . 5 stars from me
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I really enjoyed this book, great story and I loved the characters - the only thing stopping it being a 5 was the ending, I had guessed the twist
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I loved this book! I connected to the main protagonist almost immediately and just wanted keep her and her son from anyone trying to do them harm. I felt an instant distrust of the brother in law, and couldn't wait to see what happened next! This book would be a great read for any lovers of domestic thrillers. Thanks to Netgalley for the early review!
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I enjoyed how this story was told. It switched between past day Tess, an interview transcript with present day Tess, and present day statements from Ian and Shelley. This helped build the story up from multiple angles and had me constantly theorising in my head. 

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Unfortunately I do not feel it fair to rate this book as I only read the first chapter and just could not get into it so gave up..   I was very interested in it having read the synopsis but did not like the style in which it was written and it did not therefore hold my interest - hence the low rating but that is just personal taste
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I am struggling to review this book. I do not want to offer any information with regards to the plot/story but there is SO MUCH I want to say. 

I would start however, with a small request. My fellow book reviewers/book bloggers, if you are in fact lucky enough to read this book then do not speak about the plot whatsoever. Don’t give the audience any indication what will happen. Let the reader walk in blindly and take this adventure independently. The feeling I experienced was unreal. 

I consider myself quite the connoisseur and psychological thrillers is a genre that heavily dominates my reading repertoire BUT nothing prepared me for this book. It was 12.36 am and I was sinking deeper into my sofa and then wham! Lauren North drops her bombshell at 85% and the whole book takes a 360-degree turn. I sat upright and actually said aloud ‘hold on,  what.’

 I thought with confidence that I had the plot all figured out, in fact I was 99% sure that I was right, but that explosion of a revelation turned the whole book around for me. It didn’t just change by thoughts on the characters and the story, but it changed by perspective of the whole book – clever, very clever. 

This book is the very definition of what a good psychological thriller should be. It was deftly layered with emotion and suspense. I felt ‘Tess’ the main characters grief and the one-line conversations that she has with her late husband pulled at my heart. It was an incredibly emotionally charged book. 

The writing was superb and cleverly constructed to help conceal major plots. It flowed with consistency chapter to chapter offering small snippets of information to put together this crazy puzzle.  

Admittedly a little slow to begin with but it’s a build up to the avalanche of sequences that will take place later on. A good novel should stir emotions deep inside you and this book does just that. It has been a while since I read something that had this effect on me. 

Outstanding. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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 Publication date: 14th March 2019

 Zubs 💛💋
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This is a fantastic and gripping read. Once I started I couldn't stop until I'd finished the book. A real psychologist thriller with a twist I really didn't see coming. 

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC in return for an honest and unbiased opinion.
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Outstanding. This is, quite simply, a really well written psychological thriller with the heart-breaking addition of a terrible loss. It grabbed me from the first page and spat me out at 1am! The plotting is excellent and very clever; the characters are fully developed and realistic.

Tess is all-consumed by grief when her husband, Mark, is killed in a plane crash. She is pretty much unable to function, apart from trying to take care of her seven year old son, Jamie. Her mother is so concerned, she arranges for a grief counsellor, Shelley, to visit her. What becomes apparent, very quickly, is that Shelley is still trying to deal with the loss of her four year old son, who would now be the same age as Jamie. Can Tess really trust Shelley, or does she has ulterior motives? 

Mark’s brother, Ian, insists that Mark died owing him a great deal of money and he wants it back. Is he being truthful or trying to exploit a tragic situation? 

This novel contains a poignant depiction of loss and grief and the descriptions of Tess in the depths of despair are deeply sad. However they are countered by a sinister thriller about trust and suspicion. The narrative strikes a clever balance between a series of conversations; those Tess has with herself, her dead husband, Shelley, and Ian, but as you read on, there is much more to this, than you first assume. Highly recommended.

I received a complimentary copy of the book from NetGalley and publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.
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This book was just so good.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and never saw the end coming.  I will be looking out for Lauren North books in the future.
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Enthralling book - I was still reading to finish it at 2.30 am!
The overwhelming feeling of grief runs throughout from the main character who lost her husband in a tragic accident. She is befriended by a grief councillor who steps in at the most opportune time and what transpires then is gripping with a final twist. Highly recommended and thanks to Netgalley for letting me review.
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What a fantastic book!!! 

I loved the whole of this story, and although I pretty much figured out the twist quite early in the story it didn't deter my reading. 

It's really difficult to go into the whole plot and story in a review as you don't want to give anything away- but what I will say- is that ending- was flawless!! I loved it!
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Tess is devastated when he husband is killed the only thing that keeps her going is her precious son Jamie but she isn't coping, enter Shelley the woman who becomes her best friend and confidont or does she???? Who can Tess trust?
It's twists and turns all the way, real edge of the seat reading right until the end it keeps you guessing.
Shall certainly keep on the look out for more books from this author.
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