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This is the first book from Penny that I have read and I really enjoyed. Had a nice flow to it, and made me want to read more in this series!!
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My first book by Penny Dee left me hungry for more! With the first book in the Kings of Mayhem series, we get the lowdown on Cade Calley, Indigo Parrish and a bit about both of their family's history with the MC. I didn't think the very beginning of the book really added much to the story, and I could have done without the flashbacks to when they were younger quite as often, but overall I felt like this book laid a strong foundation of the close-knit family surrounding this motorcycle club. I'm looking forward to more to come! NOTE ... there was a bit of a cliffhanger in this book. Not having to do with the HEA, but a major family/MC moment.

Childhood best friends turned young loves, Cade and Indy thought they'd be together forever. Plans were made and hearts were invested, but one night changed it all. She left town feeling the betrayal of the world on her shoulders, and he stayed and paid for his sins.

Returning home to bury her father, Indy isn't in any mood to reminisce about the good old days. She wants to get in, get out and go on with her life before the memories of what used to be can weigh her down too much. Seeing Cade again is just the knife in the chest she was expecting ... but he's determined to prove to her that he still cares.
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I actually liked Cade but loathed how he slept around for 12 years. I think to believe in a couple and their everlasting love the last thing I would want to read about is the hero having a sexual interlude in the beginning of a book straight after we have a cute scene of the main characters when they are younger. To me I want to feel and believe in their love not have visuals constantly of the main guy being sexually enamoured of a random woman constantly in the back of my mind even as he is professing how much he loves and misses Indy! His sexual history even with the brothel manager lady was just disgusting and I find it hard to accept that someone can say they love someone so much but yet have no problems with sleeping around and damn right enjoying it too. The whole cheating thing even though it wasn’t his fault still left a bad feeling in my mouth and that scene was just too graphic and not plausible. How could he not have known it wasn’t h especially when it happened when the drugs must have worn off? Anyway I did like the fact that Cade did run after her that he was prepared to leave with her but then the author had to spoil it by making him such a man whore that I just couldn’t invest in them as a couple. I’m glad Indy was sexually active at least because if it had been otherwise I would have given this a lower score.
Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for this ARC I really appreciate it but unfortunately this book just wasn’t for me.
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Cade just woke up in the clubhouse sleeping off  an eight hour ride back from Missouri.Cade was in a MC club called the Kings of Mayhem.  He just wanted to be left alone but there was some brunette in his bed. He didn’t know who she was  but she was naked and doing things to him sexually and Cade wanted her to leave but than she gave him oral and he stopped trying to get rid of her. After twelve years of trying to use sex to get her out of his head. He realized that no matter how many women he slept with she would still be in his heart.  Her. Indigo. Her being gone made Cade mad. Twelve years and not a word from her. It was Cade’s fault. He broke her. Broke them. But she was the one who ended them and ran. Caleb, Cade’s younger brother said he was needed out at the bar. Jackie Parrish was the clubs VP. He was on the floor not breathing. Cade gave him CPR but he was gone and the squad called his death. He  was Indigo’s/indy  father Indy was now a trauma doctor in Seattle at Sea Tec Medical. . Indy was the Queen of Stubborn. She was going into surgery when she got the call from her crying mother that her father was dead. It didn’t surprise Indy with his lifestyle. Cade was five years old and wanted to go to the farm with Freebird as he did on Mondays. Cade loved it there. But today his mother  told him he had to stay and play with Indigo who was the little girl next store. She hadn’t lived her very long and was Cade’s next store neighbors. His mom said he could be Indigo’s best friend. Cade explained to Imdogp how to jump out the window as she had but hurt herself. But Cade knew the right way as he had done it a lot of times. Cade decided that day Indigo/Indy was going to be best friends. Cade woke up hungover as the club had drank in tribute to Jackie. Cade was at his moms and came downstairs and their were a lot of people there eating breakfast including Lady who was Indigo’s mother and Jackie’s widow. Her eyes were red from crying. Cade loved kids and sat down next to his little cousin who was Isaac's friend and Isaac was Cade’s cousin as well as best friend. Cade wanted a whole tribe of kids. But they hadn’t come close to his radar yet, When Indigo’s name was mentioned everyone looked at cade as he had lost it over her once after she had left and everyone wondered if he would turn psycho again when she returned. Cade’s stomach churned as he thought about in a couple hours he and Indy would be in the same room for the first time since she ran. Isaac called cade aside to tell him he was going to be asked to be the clubs next V P. Cade wasn’t sure he wanted the responsibility and he told Isaac he would think about it. Than Isaac said he made a deal concerning drugs that would bring in a lot of income to the club and Cade told him no. Cade’a grandfather cade’s grandfather came home from the Vietnam war and started the MC club with another guy who had fought in the war. When Cade’s grandfather started the club his rules were simple No drugs and no gums and women were to be worshiped. Cade’s grandfather hated drugs and guns he had seen enough in Vietnam  to much what they could do and hated them. He hang on to those rules with a determined gut.  That wasn’t good . The Kings had a string of bad luck lately. The last thing they needed was one of their members to do rogue deals. Indy was driving into town and the past was already slamming into her. She hadn’t been back since she ran away. She had been an eighteen year old girl. She was sad about her father and that she didn’t get a chance to say goodbye. But she wouldn't miss him  he was a monster. Indy hadn't spoken to Jackie - her father in several years. They had let go of each other long before she left town. Many things came into Indy’s head form the past - thoughts about  her childhood , her family, of growing up an MC kid. Of Cade.  Indy didn’t want to see Cade. She didn't talk to her mother a lot But Lady did mention 
Cade was expected to eventually be president of the Kings. Indy was worried about seeing Cade she wouldn’t be around long. She didn't need Code to get into her head. It had taken a lot of time and tequila to get over him. Anson had been Indy’s fiance but she ended up breaking off the romantic relationship and they were just good friends now and he showed up to be at her father’s funeral with her and she told Cade he was her fiance so they would stay apart and he wouldn’t try to be with her. But it wasn’t true.
I loved this book except for two things I didn’t like !) every other chapter ot so it reverted back to the past put most of the past in one place than go on with the future and it ended in a cliffhanger of sorts. I hate cliffhangers but even with this i Still rated this a 5 that is how much I loved this book. Hopefully I get loved this book. I loved Indy and cade together right from the start from five years old he knew Indy was to be with him. I hated Cade’s father drugged his drink and indy walked in on Cade even though he thought he was with Indy. i was glad Indi realized where her true happiness was. I like the closeness of the club members and the closeness of the women not the floozies or crazy ones. This caught my attention from the beginning I didn’t  want to put this down and didn’t unless I had to. I loved the pace and plot. I just thoroughly enjoyed this book except for those two things. This book is a favorite of mine now. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.
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I enjoyed this MC romance. This book gives Cade and Indy a second chance at love. I loved the sweetness that was added to the book by having them be childhood sweethearts and there is just something about a love that starts as simple and pure as it can only be when you are very young. The plot takes that and adds a lot of drama, emotional turmoil, pain and darkness as the characters grow up and finally break up. Twelve years later fate steps in and draws them back together. There is just a boatload of emotional intensity to this romance. The storyline is complex and complicated. It does contain the sensitive subject of cheating that can be a deal breaker for many readers. All I will say is that was not a simple black and white issue. Whether the why and Cade's guilt and remorse will be adequate to excuse it will be up to you. I really liked Indy. She was strong, smart. Cade I liked but I wanted to like more than I did ( because of some of his other action, not the cheating). The chemistry between these two was sizzling and their scenes scorched the pages. I thought this was a very good read and I'm looking forward to book two.
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This my first read from the author of the 'King of Mayhem MC' series. Captivating intense emotional second chance romance story, it is Cade and Indy's story. Twelve years is a long time for them... It is well-written, I enjoyed reading! It was a pleasure to review. I received a free copy of this book, am voluntarily leaving a review.
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3.75 stars-- KINGS OF MAYHEM is the first instalment in Penny Dee’s contemporary, adult KINGS OF MAYHEM erotic, MC romance focusing on the Kings of Mayhem MC. This is thirty year olds, King of Mayhem member Cade Calley, and ER physician Indigo (Indy) Parrish’s story line. 

NOTE : KINGS OF MAYHEM contains scenes of violence and abuse that may be triggers for more sensitive readers.

Told from dual first person perspectives (Cade and Indy) using present day and memories from the past KINGS OF MAYHEM follows the rekindling relationship and romance between childhood best friends and sweethearts thirty year olds, King of Mayhem member Cade Calley, and ER physician Indigo (Indy) Parrish. Twelve years earlier Indigo Parrish’s life imploded when the man that she loved destroyed her heart leaving a hardened and unforgiving woman in its’ wake. Struggling to move beyond Cade’s betrayal, Indy headed for the West Coast as she embarked on her dreams of becoming a physician. Fast forward to present day wherein thirty-year old Indy must return to her hometown of Destiny to bury her father, a member of the Kings of Mayhem MC, and not the first man to betray our story line heroine. Enter Cade Calley, sexy, handsome MC member, and the man who continues to control Indy’s heart. What ensues is the rebuilding relationship and romance between Cade and Indy, and the potential fall-out as Indy’s time in Destiny comes to a close.

Indigo Parrish wanted out of the MC life having seen her mother suffer abuse at the hands of her controlling father. Indy and Cade were about to set out on their future, with plans for college and beyond, when betrayal and heart break drove Indy away. Cade Calley has never stopped loving his Indigo Blue knowing he destroyed the only woman he would ever love. With Indy’s return to Destiny, Cade was hoping to start over with the woman that left a permanent stain on his heart and his soul.

The relationship between Indy and Cade is one of second chances; an acrimonious and tempestuous rekindling in which Indy is determined to hurt the man she has always loved. Cade is desperate for Indy to forgive sins of the past but forgiveness is difficult when memories stand in the way. The $ex scenes are intimate, erotic and intense.

We are introduced to the large and colorful ensemble cast of secondary and supporting characters whose presence directs a good portion of the story line premise.

The world building focuses on the present and the past; the events that shaped our story line couple including childhood trauma, spousal abuse, school shooting, death, violence, alcoholism and cheating.

KINGS OF MAYHEM is a gritty storyline ala Sons of Anarchy™ although some of the violence and ‘mayhem’ is behind the scenes or often implied. The premise is lively and dramatic; the romance is provocative and intense; the characters are broken, sassy and tragic. KINGS OF MAYHEM is a wonderful and intriguing introduction to Penny Dee’s KINGS OF MAYHEM MC series;  a predictable but entertaining story line that ends on a cliffhanger-you have been warned.

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When a King loves 
He loves hard 

I’ve loved her since we were five years old. 
We grew up side by side. 
Two kids tied together by the Kings of Mayhem Motorcycle Club. 
But I broke us. 
I broke her. 
So, she fled. 
Now she’s back after twelve long years. 
And I’m going to show her all the reasons why we should be together and make her forget all the reasons why we shouldn’t. 

I’m back in town but only because I have to be. 
I’m here to help my mom bury my father. 
And the sooner we get it done, the better. 
Because I want to see Cade as much as I want a hole in the head. 
He broke me once—no, he broke my everything— and I’ll be damned if I’ll let him do it again. 
Get in and get out. That is the plan. 
But you know what they say about best-laid plans
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Kings of Mayhem by Penny Dee was a second chance MC story. This was a new author for me and I’m glad I gave it a shot. I loved the story and will definitely check out some other books from this author.
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This book sucked me in from page 1. You get to see Indy and Cade’s life then and now. You learn about the people in their family and how things come to be the way they are now for each of them. My gut had a rock though while reading this because I felt like something was going to happen that would change the course that Cade and Indy finally found for themselves. It just felt too good to be true. Unfortunately I was made right at the end of the book. The ending left us set up for the next book in the series. The way this book was written with all the descriptive details I could clearly see everything in my mind almost like I was watching a tv show or movie. The author grips you in her storytelling and it won’t let you go. Amazing book!
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I received this book via NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving an honest opinion.

Indy has to return to her small hometown after her father passes away. Twelve years ago she left, leaving the MC life she grew up in and the man who crushed her, starting a new life and becoming a doctor.

Cade made a big mistake and has paid for it ever since. He tried to see her, talk to her but she closed herself off to him.

Now she has returned to bury her father and plans on it being a very short stay.

I LOVED this story, didn't want to put it down. Cade and Indy had been a constant part of one anothers life since they were 5 years old. They were the best of friends and then more....

When Indy goes home, most welcome her back but some are leery. One of the leery ones is Abby who was her best friend and also Cades cousin. After Indy left, she pushed everyone away and Abby was one of them and now she an Abby are strangers, but Abby being the strong one she is expresses how hurt everyone was when they tried to help her and how cruel she was to push them away. Otherwise, she told Indy how it was! LOL.

Can Indy and Cade finally sit down and talk about what happened? Will they ever begin to forgive?

Being back in the close MC fold shows Indy just how much she has changed and she discovers she doesn't really know the person she became. Sure, there were behaviors in the MC fold that she feared but it didn't mean it had to become part of her life and she had to accept it.

Fear was her enemy, not the MC or the small town or Cade. She must decide to take the chance to live and tackle the fears which made her run. She will discover she never stopped loving Cade, as he never stopped loving her.

Loved, loved, loved Indy and Cade's story, can't wait to read more from this author!!
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A great read that kicks off what should be a great new MC series.  This author is new to me but I have to say she gained a new fan with this book.  It's very well written and I really enjoyed the characters.  One note though - if cheating is a trigger for you this book may not be for you.  Cade and Indy were teenage sweethearts and lovers until Cade broke Indy's heart.  Indy left town and hasn't been back.  That was 12 years ago.  Now she's returned and Cade is determined to get a second chance.  I would definitely recommend this one.
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Indy returns to the town of Destiny to bury her father. She fears facing Cade, who broke her heart twelve years ago. The author details their past to make the reader fall in love with this couple. Indy has faced significant turmoil in her life and Cade has always been there as her best friend and protector. Their journey has faced obstacles and in order to move on apart or to move together, they must face the past. As a physician living in Seattle, Indy is as far from a motorcycle club in the south as she can be. When she returns, she finds why she has had difficulty progressing in relationships and must confront the pain. I’m exhausted today because I couldn’t put down this book to sleep. I didn’t want it to end! I read this ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Kings of Mayhem by Penny Dee is book One in the Kings of Mayhem Series.  This is the story of Indy and Cade.  Indy and Cade were childhood friends that grew into being in love and have planned to go to college together.  But Indy caught Cade sleeping with another girl and up and left.  Now 12 years later Indy has returned to her home town to help her mom get her father's funeral in order.  This leads her back to Cade...both have had other relationships since but neither has really gotten over the other.  But can the work things out to have a future?  This book does have their ending but it does start to introduce the next there is somewhat of a light cliffhanger.
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I'm really sorry - I did finish this book - but I'm not in any way inclined to read the second part.
I fully understand the circumstances surrounding Cade's cheating... it's unfair, it's not necessarily his "fault", he feels awful, he was tricked etc.... but it made for an unfortunate but damning set of circumstances. I could not like him. Or them together. I felt nothing but pity for both of them (not the vibe I'm going for when reading romance) and uninvested. 
I'm sure that the second book is all about him sacrificing heroically to make up for it, but as a reader, you've already lost me. In fact, never had me. Which is a shame, because the writing style was great and the characters (while not my cup of tea) were written well, rounded out, and the plot was fast and had the potential to be interesting.
I'd read another story by this author, provided there was a less offputting set of circumstances.
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I was surprised to see this as a cliffhanger. I am not too sure what to think about that. Here is my problem with that:  the story is great,  well thought out, presented, detailed and very sudpenseful and not to mention hot- everything I want in a story like this. And the length was perfect for the novel. But I thought it would end (of course in an HEA). So now I am thrown for a loop wanting more but afraid the story will now bore me and drag on a little too much. Will definitely get the second but hope I am enthralled with it as much as this one or I think the story will loose major points
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I love MC books and this one didn’t disappoint. We are taken on a ride with Cade and Indy. Shown that love can happen at any age and transcend into something beautiful as time goes on. Love conquers all. Mistakes are forgiven. 

This book is a read that is well written and will have you reading non stop until the end.
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3 stars

I struggled to get into this story and feel the characters.  I also struggled with the constant past and present jumping.

I voluntarily read an advanced copy.
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This book was provided to me as an ARC through Netgalley. 

I love a good MC romance and enjoyed this book. Prior to this, I’d never read anything by Penny Dee before. I loved the first half of the book and was surprised that it really exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed the rest of the book as well but felt that it got a little too bogged down in Indy’s hot and cold behavior toward Cade. As far as the ending goes, I think that if it had ended with a crisis regarding Cade and Indy’s relationship then I would be more eager to read the next book. As it stands, the ending didn’t leave me with much curiosity and I likely won’t be reading the second book. If the author continues the series and focuses on other characters and their stories I would be interested in reading them. 

I rate this book 3 1/2 stars.
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I tried hard with this one but it never really grabbed me. I don’t love second chance romances but I am fascinated by MC romances, so I gave it a shot. I finished it, and it was okay, but I needed it to be more of everything, so 3 stars from me.
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