Kings of Mayhem

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3 stars

I struggled to get into this story and feel the characters.  I also struggled with the constant past and present jumping.

I voluntarily read an advanced copy.
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This book was provided to me as an ARC through Netgalley. 

I love a good MC romance and enjoyed this book. Prior to this, I’d never read anything by Penny Dee before. I loved the first half of the book and was surprised that it really exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed the rest of the book as well but felt that it got a little too bogged down in Indy’s hot and cold behavior toward Cade. As far as the ending goes, I think that if it had ended with a crisis regarding Cade and Indy’s relationship then I would be more eager to read the next book. As it stands, the ending didn’t leave me with much curiosity and I likely won’t be reading the second book. If the author continues the series and focuses on other characters and their stories I would be interested in reading them. 

I rate this book 3 1/2 stars.
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I tried hard with this one but it never really grabbed me. I don’t love second chance romances but I am fascinated by MC romances, so I gave it a shot. I finished it, and it was okay, but I needed it to be more of everything, so 3 stars from me.
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I was sucked in to the story immediately, and was excited that I seemed to have a winner, but unfortunately it ended up being just okay for me. My first issue is that although the book started off well, it was,dragging by the middle. Just the same arguments, thoughts, and actions repeated. All of which could have been solved by talking it out. Further, and I'm trying not to have spoilers, the setup doesn't work. I know they were young, and not necessarily the most rational or communicative, but the way the split happened just didn't ring true. And the reason behind it wasn't fleshed out enough. It was mentioned and then ignored. Finally the ending was like a completely different book. Up till the last two chapters it was totally mc lite, with little violence or focus on the club.  It was a second chance romance in a small town. Then it turned into an mc book. Just felt like it didn't belong. And of course, the cliffhanger. Not sure I'm invested enough to continue.
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Second Chance Romance Biker Style

After twelve years Indy has come back home for her father’s funeral. She was not the same person who left all those years ago cutting off ties to anything and everyone in Destiny, MS. She had left a lot behind; her friends, her family, the Kings of Mayhem MC and her heart. Cade and Indy had grown up next door to each other and were kids from the MC. They were destined to be together until that one night and a little help from someone from the MC. Her world fell apart and she headed off to college to pursue a career in the medical field. She tried to move on but Cade was always her one and only no matter how hard she tried to forget him. Her father’s funeral was just the thing to bring her back to her old self which was a strong and sassy MC Princess. 

I loved this book and the way it was written. It let me see into Cade and Indy’s life as kids as well and the present. Their chemistry was off the charts but it was their hearts that were at stake. The twists and turns in this book were awesome. This is my first time reading this author and I can’t wait to read Brother’s In Arms which is book two in this series. I have found a new MC author I will definitely be one-clicking!!
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**I received a copy for review from NetGalley.**

I LOVED this book. Typically I'm not a huge fan of MC romances purely because the plot and characters tend to ring the same, but everything in this novel was well drawn. All of the characters were well thought out and original - not just the hero and heroine. So many emotions - I read it in one sitting!! 5 out of 5 and I can't wait for the 2nd book.
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I got an ARC from Netgalley and let me just say I am SO glad that they offered book 2 at the same time because i could not stop after book one. This book grabbed my attention in so many ways! The storyline of book one will be relatable to any woman who cant forget her first love. But the love story is just a side street on the main drag of the rest of these characters! Its been a long time since i found a good MC book but this hit the spot! Do not pass this book by! Grab the first copy you see! U wont regret it
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Sorry. The story was just not what I expeted.
I can't enjoy a cheating hero who cheated in the past on "the woman he loves", and keep on sleeping around even when she comes back.
And.. well, his "busnesses" didn't work well on me either....
I wish the blurb had given me more hints about those triggers because I wouldn't have picked this book
Just not my cup of tea.

Thanks for the ARC.
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Wow!! I did not want to put this book down!! I love mc books, this one was more focused on cade and Indy. I loved how ms. Dee, brought yo their past stories along with the present. These two had a relationship since they were 5, and watching them grow in their love and what happened to change that was flawless. Can’t wait to see what happens with these two in the next book.
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My first from Penny Dee, Kings of Mayhem certainly scratched my itch for an angsty MC book. This story follows Cade Calley and the lifelong love he has had for his neighbor and fellow MC brat, Indigo Parrish. Told in both past and present and also alternating POVs, we get all the reasons as to why these two have been separated for the past 12 years. Now back in town after leaving in a flourish when she was just 18, Indy is forced to face not only her past with Cade but the sudden death of her father.

I was pulled into this story very quickly and liked the main characters and the fierce devotion Cade had for his Indy. They have a lot to figure out even if Indy maintains she is headed back to her life in Seattle after all the services have concluded. And although they danced around each other, it was Cade who was as determined as ever to keep his girl for good. He is very charming and selfless and very loyal to those he cares for. I felt for him since he was never truly able to let go of Indy and the whys to their heartwrenching breakup.

But I did feel that there was a ton of extraneous material that could have been omitted. I found myself skimming a bit and a little surprised the Author used plot points from a few outside sources including other books, a movie and a TV show.

It's not that it wasn't well-written, it just felt a bit draggy at times and I was miffed more than once at how Indy, in particular, acted towards Cade. Making a book longer by continually having the characters avoid that very important talk makes me all kinds of crazy and I get a bit distracted from the story.  However, I will read book two to find out how their love story will end.

I wouldn't hesitate to read more from this author and give Kings of Mayhem 3 stars.
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In the beginning they had it all.
Cade was the local hero, he had the love of his life, they were preparing to build their future.  He started the day having it all, but by the end he had NOTHING.  All it took was one mistake. 
It’s been 12 years. Will he have to live with the consequences forever?
“It rips my heart out to know that the one thing I couldn’t protect you from was me.”
Cade, to the outside he is all business. To those he cares for, he is compassionate, loving, and protective. He was the hot alpha with polished charisma that dropped the panties off many girls, but now he’s an empty shell. His only drive is living for the club.  
Indy is a take no punches kind of gal. She tells it like it is. She left the small town and its small town ways behind her. Refusing to grow up and become like her mother, something owned by the club. She leaves her past behind her escaping to Seattle to live out her dreams.
Indy is not afraid of what life has to offer. Except when it comes to Cade.
The sudden death of her father forces Indy to return to the town she couldn’t wait to get away from. The minute she enters town limits her stomach starts to churn cement. How will she endure being back? How will she possibly survive being in the same room as Cade? 
This town, these people, they meant nothing to her……. right? She was over Cade, right? But are you truly ever over your first love, a love that ran so deep you feel it in your bones?? As the days pass she begins to question her feelings and her past decisions. 
While the preparations for her father’s burial are taking place and the emotional tug-of-war rages, we find other captivating story lines begin unfolding. 
Seeing Indy again isn’t what Cade expected. It hits him hard.
“And that was when I realized I wasn’t falling in love with her all over again. Because I had never stopped. I never would. And I was fucking doomed.”
Will penance still need to be served, will history repeat itself, can they move on? Together or apart?
“With that thought, any reservations about what I was about to do turned to ashes and fluttered away on the cool, twilight breeze.”
This was my first Penny Dee book. I can honestly say I am now a true fan. The book was a captivating page turner! The pacing of the writing was good, the plot was enthralling & suspenseful. The writing style was entertaining. It had me laughing, cringing, and thoroughly, emotionally engaged! 
Looking forward to the next book in the series!!!
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KINGS OF MAYHEM by Penny Dee is the start of a very exciting series!  The story heaps hold of you from page one and doesn't let you go!  This story has it all, true long lasting love, devastating loss, second chances and all the excitement of a Motorcycle Club!
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Rating 4.5 stars.

Kings of Mayhem is a well-written, well-paced, enjoyable story.  I really liked both Cade and Indy. How cool is a tough biker dude who can openly admit he's still in love with the one that got away?  He's glad Indy's back and doesn't hesitate to tell her and show her.

Indy isn't nearly as quick to be ready to repeat the past with Cade.  She doesn't even understand her entire reasoning for leaving him twelve years ago.  She's back for her father's funeral and must face a lot of different situations from her youth.

The biker culture isn't a major player in this story. It far more just a story of intense love, love lost and betrayal and love found again. 

This is my first Dee book.  I inhaled it in one day staying up late to finish and I immediately went back to request Brothers in Arms so I could follow the story, especially after the huge cliffhanger ending of this story.
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Cade is a bad boy in every sense of the word, feared by his enemies, and respected by his club brothers. He’s desired by every woman he meets, but even after 12 years of being apart, Indy is the only one on his mind. Now she’s back in town for her father’s funeral, and all these feelings he’s been running away from for the past decade are rushing back. Indy, on the other hand, wants nothing more than to get this visit over with as soon as possible and get back to the successful life in the big city she built for herself after leaving the MC family behind. 

Unlike most of MC romances, Kings of Mayhem concentrates almost entirely on the love story, which spans across over 20 years. The author uses retrospect to show the key moments in the lives of Indy and Cade that made them who they are today, and nurtured the overwhelming love they have for each other.

Still, there is so much angst and suspense, that it’s just impossible to put this book down. You’ll find yourself rooting for the main characters and reliving their heartbreaks with them.
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"She was the light in all my darkness." 

I have a serious addiction to MC Romance that resulted in me trying out this new-to-me-author. I'm pretty surprised to learn after reviewing her backlist to discover that though she's written other titles, this is her debut motorcycle club story. I'm very impressed and happy to report that it's damn good.

The author let me know with the blurb that Cade has loved Indy since he was five years old. So I knew going in that this would be a second chance romance. Well, at least I thought it would be. At the very least I knew that he still loved her and that she had good reason to stop loving him. But did she?

I really enjoyed the way the author alternated between past/present to allow me to see the relationship between the characters from childhood to adulthood. Seeing them through each other's eyes gave me an understanding that they lacked since what they thought and felt wasn't always what they shared with each other after the big blowup that ended their fairytale future.

They were separated for twelve years before she returned for her father's funeral. She might have never seen Cade again if not for that. She thought she was over him, but when she saw him again she realized that was a wish that hadn't come true. —because if I was being really honest, I gave my heart to a boy a long time ago. And he still had it." 

The biker family that Indy had left behind when she fled with her broken heart felt like home when she returned. Seeing everyone brought back a lot of memories, both good and bad. But most of all it reminded her of the pain she'd not ever recovered from. Her trust was broken along with her heart and seeing Cade again was harder than she'd thought it would be. "How was it possible to hate and ache for one person at the same time?" 

Cade is determined to prove to her that they are meant to be together and she's determined that he can't. She is fighting her feelings but it's getting harder and harder not to give in to what she really wants... Cade. She only plans to stay a few days and then go back to her life. Will he be able to change her mind?
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This was my first Penny Dee read and I am a fan. I loved that she included a Path of Family , this very handy in an MC story as there are many players . This is the first book in the Kings of Mayhem series Cade and Indy's story. I loved the family dynamic of this story. Best friends since the age of 5 to , young love to heart break.  Cade, broke Indy's heart on the night before they were set to leave for college and Indy ran..... 
12 years later she is back in town for the first time since Cade broke her. In town to bury her father, her plan...get in and get out. Well, Cade, has other plans. 

This story flow was great, easy to follow and totally addictive. This is gearing up to be a really great new MC series. Like I had mentioned, this is book 1 so there are many introductions to different characters and rival clubs. So there is a lot of emotion and facing the past, as it is written in "then and now" fashion. You get the back story of Indy and Cade, and it is handled just right. It does not go on for page after page. It is enough of a backstory that you get why the emotions are running so high. 
The Club business is intertwined a little throughout the story, but the ending is where you get the set up for where the club is going and the drama that is going to follow. 
This really has me wanting to read more of the series.
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ARC Provided by NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.

I feel I need to start off by saying this MC novel isn't about an Outlaw/1% Club, (with the way KoM ended, that may change) but that doesn't take away from the awesomeness of this book. 

I adored everything about this book, the duel POV the back and forth timeline, you get an amazing feel as to who these characters are, and you meet some intriguing characters throughout the story. 
KoM ends with a pretty big event that some may classify as a cliffy, I say it's an incredable buildup to book 2. 

All in all, it's a swoony, feely second chance romance, that I definitely recommend.
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I really liked this at first.  Sweet story about coming home and fi nding yourself.  Then it dragged and dragged and I really got frustrated with Indy.  I wanted to reach through my kindle and slap her.  Not to give anything away, but the wasn’t your average I cheated on you I will never forgive you.  There was scheming at play and it was alluded to why but it was glossed all over.  If you were destined for each other and knew each other so well, this set up shouldn’t have worked.

All the serious plot points were mentioned but not really explained. Then we went from this light hearted MC to total seriousness.  The last two chapters jumped the track and totally changed the tone of the whole book.  The cause again was mentioned forgotten the brought up in a hurry and chaos reigned.  Not sure I will continue the series.  

Recieved a copy from the publisher through NetGalley
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So I actually started book 2 first and realized, ummm I don’t think this is book one.  Well, since I was already hooked, I had to put the book down until I got book one to start!!

Oh Cade and Indy!!  If we could all be so lucky to find our soul mate at age 5!!  Not a huge fan of stories that jump back and forth between present and past but despite that, you can’t help but fall in love with this series!!! So many great characters and you will even get teary eyed.  

And make sure you have book two already on hand as there is a cliffhanger and you will want to continue right away!!
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ARC received for review

Cade has loved Indy since elementary school, but when they were 18 he messed up big time and she left. Indy comes home for her dad's funeral and Cade is determined to not let her get away again. I loved all the flashbacks to their past. They get a HEA, and then someone gets shot and a cliffy....
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