I Know You

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Taylor meets Anna and Simon at a weekly walking tour near London. Anna is from Texas and Taylor from California. So, they have a lot in common having just arrived in the UK a month or two, ago. Simon, a bit older, is a member of the walking club, too, and seems a bit odd.

Sarah, who lives close to both Anna and Taylor, invites them to join a book club. Here, they meet Caroline (Caro) who eventually tells the "club" that she lost a 1 year old due to a chocking accident. Both being pregnant, Anna and Taylor feel sorry for the brash and brassy Caroline now.

Sarah seems to have her sights set on Jake (Taylor's husband) while Anna's husband is working in Qatar. Rarely does he come home. Even Jake travels days/weeks at a time for his work.

Anna helps Taylor deliver Joseph as (of course) Jake is out of town.

A trip to The States is in order to see Taylor's parents - and their chance to meet Joe.

But just wait - you won't see what's coming next!!!!!

A super read!!!

Many thanks to Crooked Lane Books and NetGalley for a rock and roll read!
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Firstly, huge thanks to NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books for providing me with an advanced copy of this book in exchange for a fair and unbiased opinion.

Taylor is a pregnant woman with a husband who frequently travels, newly moved to the UK from America. Taylor is desperately searching for friends, which she finds during her walking group and book club. Life is going well for Taylor as she awaits the arrival of her baby. The story is fast paced, and told in the first person by Taylor's voice, and another voice whom we do not yet know, a person who is stalking someone in the group. 
I felt the book was quite predictable. I did not like any of the characters at all. I found Taylor to be weak and desperate.  The story was unrealistic, and I felt the ending was quite rushed. We get a lot of buildup over the course of several hours, for the ending to be maybe a ten minute read. Good story, but it's been done before.
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Taylor is 7 months pregnant and recently moved with her husband, Jake, to the UK. Jake works and spends a lot of time away from home, leaving Taylor to her own. With Taylor being new to the area she spends a lot of time online on Instagram and Twitter. Taylor posts her life for the world to see on the internet. Eventually Taylor decides to join a walking group where she meets Simon and Anna. Taylor feels an instant pull to Anna who is also pregnant. Taylor also meets a neighbor, Sarah, who invites her to a book club, where she then meets Caroline. 

As time progresses, Anna feels she is being watched. Strange events happen and stranger feelings occur. Who is watching Anna? Are they also watching Taylor? 

The book has alternates between a stalker and Taylor. 

I felt all the characters had a mysterious feel to them, that all of them had possible secrets and could not be trusted. I liked the edge feeling of wondering who was the stalker. 5/5 

Thank you to Netgalley, Crooked Lane Books and Annabel Kantaria for a copy of 'I Know You' in exchange for an honest review.
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Taylor and Jake are starting all over again in London.  Taylor is getting ready for the arrival of  their first child and trying to learn to trust Jake again after she discovered that he was having an affair.  They have moved from their home in California to Jake's old neighborhood in London in an effort to save their marriage.  With Jake gone all the time for work, Taylor is trying hard to make new friends.  She decides to join a local walking group.  During her first outing, she meets Simon - a nerdy computer programmer who lives with him homebound father.  As they arrive back, she also meets latecomer, Anna - also new to London, pregnant and looking for a friend.  Taylor immediately tries to latch on to Anna has her new best friend.  Within a few days, Taylor receives an invitation from Sharon, a neighbor,  to join a brand new book club that she is forming with her friend, Caroline.  All of a sudden Taylor has 3 new friends, but all is not perfect in Taylor's world.

In addition to Taylor's story, we given hints that one of Anna's new friends is not who he/she appears and has malicious intentions towards Taylor.  Someone is watching her, spying on her through her many social media posts, knows about her and Jake's marital problems, along with other things about Jake's past that even Taylor is unaware of.   Could it be Anna - who thinks that someone is watching her and who seems to have a warm/cold relationship with Taylor?  Could it be Caroline - the snooty friend of Sharon's who knew Jake in school?  Could it be Sharon - who Taylor is convinced is after Jake?  Or could it be Simon - who seems to be interested in Taylor as more than just a friend?

Annabelle Kantaria brings a psychological thriller in I Know You that will make you rethink the information that you put out on social media and who has access to you and your secrets.

I did like this book.  It did keep me guessing as I continued to question myself each time I thought that I knew had it solved.  I did, however, feel that the story came to a sudden and abrupt ending.
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I am thankful for the opportunity to read an ARC of I Know You.  Thanks to Netgalley, Annabel Kantaria and HQ.
What a completely enthralling thriller.  I couldn't read it fast enough.  I was constantly thinking I had it all figured out and then was thrown off.  I thoroughly enjoyed each of the characters and the way each was introduced.  
Will look out for more by Kantaria in the future.
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“You trust me. You shouldn’t.”

And with that quote - let the madness and mayhem ensue! 

I Know You, is a dark, leathery, vexing tale that checks all of my “must have” boxes when it comes to being a good thriller. It was a read that drew me in like a stranger offering candy- I was enticed by it’s sweetness and held captive until the last page. What can I say, other than, I’m a sucker for a tale that limelight’s a psychotic villain hell bent on getting revenge! So, with that said, I give I Know You, 5 bright shining stars!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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I was given an advance copy to read in exchange for honest review.

This book will make everyone stop and think about their social media habits. How much of yourself is out in the open shared with the world.  

This book is about a pregnant young woman who moves to London with her husband to have a fresh start after discovering his affair.  Taylor struggles to make friends and find things to do while she is waiting for the birth of her son.  She meets a few people at walking group and a few women at book club.  Anna becomes her closest friend who she blindly trusts. 

Taylor struggles with her husband fidelity. Anna has Taylor doubting her friendship with Simon. Is one of the women at book club after her husband. 

This is a book that will have you thinking and over thinking.
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What a gripping story! I finished it in three sessions as the tension mounts. The story unfolds during the last weeks of pregnancy of the American girl Taylor who moved with her British husband to London. She is lonely and joins a weekly walking group to make some friends and not all turn out what they seem to be. It is also a cautionary tale what we post on social media about every aspect of our life, so much that any stalker has it easy to ‘know you‘. A good psychological thriller with great build up.
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Thank you to Netgalley for the advanced copy of this novel.

I was not familiar with the author Annabel Kantaria, so I went with this book based on the description and book cover.

I genuinely loved reading "I know you" all though it doesn't have you gripped until a few chapters in, once I had got past that I was totally in, the story is told as that -"a story-" Taylor is giving you her account of what has happened to lead up to where she is in life and how she got to be where she is. It is cleverly written in a way I've not come across before in Physcological Thrillers and that is my favourite genre I tend to read, so I enjoyed this different style of writing. I also enjoyed the second Narrator every few chapters, that gives a twist on this book. No spoilers given!

I at times felt I was breathless, on edge, really wanted to skim read and know what the plot twist was *I didn't* once I did start unravelling the plot... My heart was racing and I wanted to know what the final chapters had in store! The last 2 chapters if I'm honest with you, let down the rest of the book, though not worthy of anything less than 5 stars from me! I thoroughly enjoyed this book, would recommend and will go on to read more Physcological Thrillers by this author.
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This book was well-written and suspenseful with a surprise ending, (although the main character was kind of weird the way she stalked a woman to become her friend), but she was supposed to be American and didn't speak like one at all. For example, instead of saying "crib," she kept referring to it as a "cot," which no American ever would. Instead of living room, she called it the "lounge," etc. Her speech was completely British throughout.
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This was so good, I couldn’t put it down! I Know You by Annabel Kantaria kept me glued to the pages and I honestly didn’t figure it out until the author revealed the secrets.

Here’s the premise:

A recent transplant from sunny California, life in the London suburbs is not what Taylor Watson expected. Far from the West End shops and city lights she imagined, she finds herself pregnant and lonely, with a husband frequently away on business and only social media to keep her company. It’s only after Taylor joins a book club and a walking group, that she finally starts to make some real-life friends.

Before long, Taylor’s hanging out with Anna, Sarah, Simon, and Caroline but, as her pregnancy progresses and her friendships blossom, a sense of unease develops. Nothing’s ever quite as it seems on the surface, and it soon becomes clear that Taylor’s new friends have secrets. One appears to be after Taylor’s husband, another’s always putting her down, and then there’s the question of Simon. Could he have feelings for Taylor?

But far more worryingly, one of the group’s not being too careful what they post on social media—and another is watching all too closely. Who’s stalking who . . . and why?

I loved the idea that the person watching Taylor could be one of several shady characters. The writing was tense, you really are on the edge of your seat as the book progresses. Not out until June, I will be reminding you when it is published!
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All the Stars!

Fast moving story with characters we really got to know.  There was nothing in this book that wasn't needed or didnt lend itself to the plot. Everything and everyone were somewhere intertwined.
I absolutely loved every minute of this book. The big twist was an added bonus to an already addicting story!!
I recommend this book with 10 stars!

Thank you #NetGalley, the publisher and the author for my ARC copy in exchange for my honest review! I can't thank you enough for the opportunity to read this book which comes out in June. Will also post to goodreads.
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Taylor is new to the UK, having recently moved from America with her husband. Struggling to adjust in a friendless country, and out-of-work, since she is pregnant, she decides to explore and make some friends. Her husband is also away for work most of the times. She joins a local walking group and simultaneously is invited by her neighbor, Sarah, to be part of her book club. This is where she meets Anna, Simon, and Caroline. Has she finally found the friends she craves for or are they not exactly what they seem?

The narrative is mainly from Taylor’s perspective, interspersed with thoughts of another character. You know that Taylor is getting stalked, but you are not able to tell who it is. The author does a good job in keeping the suspense around these main characters, anyone of whom could be the stalker. So who is it? One of her newly-found friends at the walking group or one of the women at her book club? And what do they really want?

Taylor remains completely unaware till her worst nightmare hits her and hits her hard. 
This story is born from loneliness. Unless you’ve experienced it, you’ve no idea where it can lead you. 
When you crave the human touch, you resort to social media. This book will leave you thinking twice about prolific social media usage – and gives you an inkling to privacy settings, which is so important in today’s day and era; because you can trust no one. Please be careful of what you post online – you don’t know who is using what against you.
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A recent transplant from sunny California, life in the London suburbs is not what Taylor Watson expected. Far from the West End shops and city lights she imagined, she finds herself pregnant and lonely, with a husband frequently away on business and only social media to keep her company. It’s only after Taylor joins a book club and a walking group, that she finally starts to make some real-life friends.

Before long, Taylor’s hanging out with Anna, Sarah, Simon, and Caroline but, as her pregnancy progresses and her friendships blossom, a sense of unease develops. But far more worryingly, one of the group’s not being too careful what they post on social media—and another is watching all too closely. Who’s stalking who . . . and why?

I read it in less than a day, I HAD to know what happened, to who and when!!... Superb, one of those books that just grabs your attention and doesn't let go!

Thank you #NetGalley for the ARC of #IknowYou
Pub Date: 11 Jun 2019
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I couldn’t put the book down! I read the I Know You in a day and a half and loved the fact that it kept me guessing. A very pregnant Taylor moves to England for a fresh start with her husband and uses social media to keep her friends and family in California up to date on her life overseas. While making new friends to keep from being lonely while her husband is gone on business she finds out social media may not be as innocent as she thought it was. While trying to keep her husbands infidelity in the past she finds her new friends Anna, Caroline, Sarah, and Simon all have their own secrets they are struggling with. 

The only problem I had with the story told from Taylor's perspective was she is supposed to have to just moved from California but her slang and descriptions even her habit of making tea when something upsetting happened are very British. I loved the fact in addition to Taylor’s point of view there were letters from the stalker throughout the book and the letters left me guessing not only who they were from but who they were written to as well. The ending seemed kind of rushed and left me a little disappointed but that didn’t take away from the page-turning quality of the book. 

Overall, I Know You was a great read and I would highly recommend to anyone who is interested in a psychological thriller with a social media focus. I would also like to thank Crooked Lane Books, NetGalley, and Annabel Kantaria for the opportunity to read a copy of the book in exchange for my honest opinion.
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Wow!  What a thrilling, absolutely shocking book!  It was so taught and thrilling, I found myself ignoring many of the things I should have been doing in order to find out what was going to happen, but most importantly who it was going to be doing all the nasty stuff!  I thought I had it figured out, until a chilling turn left me breathless and shocked!  Amazing!  
Will be highly recommending to the members of Chapter Chatter Pub, as well as using in a challenge!
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This book really made me think about how much information we put out on the internet all the time. Social media has become the only way that you keep up with friends and family but you really never know what people can see about you out there. 
Also it shows how much someone wants to be liked. Taylor moved to another country with her husband and has no friends there so she is more eager than ever to let people in. 
This suspense thriller keeps you guessing about all of the different characters. I think you would enjoy it so give it a try!
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I read this in one sitting, and it kept me guessing till the very end. The plot twist does require some willful suspension of disbelief, but it’s a fun, quick read nonetheless.
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Thank you to net galley and the publisher for giving me the opportunity to read this book it was a great experience I finished it in one day.
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Finished this book in one day because I was on the edge of my seat. The author includes, between chapters, letters written by a stalker but does not tell you who is being stalked or doing the stalking. The author leaves it up to the reader to figure out the mystery which was great. The story brought a new meaning to social media. It details how someone is able to stalk you based on all that you share on social media. We often do not realize how much we post about our lives on social media. So much so it may make it easy for someone to figure out all our family members, favorite spots to dine, where we work and who we communicate with. This book made me want to re-evaluate how much I share on social media. This book was different from any that I have read recently because rather than it being set in history it is set in the present social media world.
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