Where Angels Fear (Detectives Kane and Alton Book 5)

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I've read these in order and have eagerly awaited to see what kind of psychopath has arrives in Black Rock Falls next.  Its certainly a place that any sensible person without a death wish would avoid give a very wide birth.
It's a really hard winter as Detectives Kane and Alton are steadily recovering following their exploits in The Crying Season.  The extreme snowy weather has changed the deputies living and working arrangements in the short term.. The Sheriffs office heating system is definitely not up to the challenge of keeping them warm,.
Its late in the evening as Ella Tate and Sky Paul are heading to Sky's parents for Christmas vacation.  Rounding a corner they see a car broken down, in a heavy snowstorm and stop to help. Their good deed costs them dearly as they were brutally attacked but Ella manages to get away, Sky wasn't so lucky. After being rescued Ella tells her story but there's no sign of Sky's distinctive bright yellow car which leaves he deputies unsure whether to believe her st0ry, whether to treat her as suspect or victim.
There's also the strange new Dr Wilson that Kane makes Jenna see, although Jenna feels that there is something odd or not quite right about her but just can't explain exactly why, yet, you just know its going end badly for someone namely Dr Wilson. 
From there you need to hold on to your hat as all of a sudden its up up and away, this is a fast paced read so get the kids to bed or the other half to the pub or even both, once they are gone get a brew/wine, some chocolate curl your feet up and be prepared for a late night.

Read for honest review. Thank you Bookouter and Netgalley
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*4.5 rounded up to 5 for rating purposes*

Another taut and gripping D.K. Hood novel - I love this series centred around Detectives Kane and Alton and this book did not disappoint.

Several people are notified as missing which the Sheriff's department are investigating, their feeling is there is more to it as no trace of the missing people is found or known. As usual it is fast-paced as it's a literal race against the clock to try and understand what is happening, does Black Rock Falls really have another killer?

As usual there were twists and red herrings along the way, I hadn't guessed 'whodunnit' which I actually find frustrating as I should be a master detective myself with all the crime I read, however it is very satisfying to know that a novel can be that clever to keep you guessing all the way through.

I'm obsessed with the character of David Kane, he is ex-army and when he switches into territorial mode I just find it awesome - he is fascinating! There have been snatches and hints of a possible romance between him and Jenna Alton in previous books and I am an absolute sucker for a bit of romance too so I'm desperate to see whether their relationship will be more than professional. I hope so!

In this story we found out a bit more about their backgrounds and I really enjoyed that aspect as it gave a clearer picture of how they ended up being in Black Rock Falls and I feel this will ultimately bring them even closer together.

A rip-roaring read that I highly recommend!

My many thanks to Bookouture via NetGalley for providing me with this advanced reading copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Another great read even though it was a bit gruesome in places and the thing I like most about this author that it's never obvious until the end who is committing the crimes. I was given this to read in exchange for my honest opinion and I would like to thank the publishers and netgalley for letting me have the book to review.
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Detective Kane and Alton Book 5.

When Ella Tate stumbles into Black Rock Falls, her exhausted and bloodied body is a terrifying sight, but not as frightening as the story she has to tell. Ella and her friend Sky were traveling by car when they see another motorist standing by their car waving them down. But Thr man pulls an axe on them, Ella manages to escape. Kane and Alton are now investigating Sky's disappearance and they look into the history of missing people from the town. They discover that they had one thing in common - they were all young. 

I really like this police procedural series. With its fast pace and curve balls flung at you from all directions, it's hard to put the book down. I just had to find out why these youngsters had disappeared without trace. The book is well written and plenty of thought has went into the plot. I did not guess anything in the storyline.  I had no idea why the young the people were being taken until it was revealed. This book could be read as a standalone but you will be missing out a good series if you don't read them all in order.

I would like to thank NetGalley, Bookouture and the author D. K. Hood for my ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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My first encounter with Jenna Alton and Dave Kane, an intriguing partnership both of whom seem to have hidden mysteries in their past which I hope will be explained when I catch up with them  again in previous books.  A fascinating read with lots of twists and turns, a guaranteed page turner.
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I would not want to live in Black Rock Falls... so many murders in the one small town! It's a good thing the police in town are on the ball. I love this series and it shows no signs no of letting up. The characters are great and I love how we learn so much more about them as the story goes.  The book can be read as a stand alone but you really should get into this series if you haven't already.

Black Rock Falls is cold in winter, not just cold but super super feeezing with hideous amounts of snow. Nobody would visit there this time of year unless they had to. But Ella and Sky are travelling there to spend Christmas with Sky's family.  They stop to help a man on the side of the road and he attacks them with an axe. Sky is taken and Ella escapes, finally finding her way to Black Rock Falls. Alton  and Kane are on the case, even though they are not feeling the best. As they investigate they discover that they are not the first young people to disappear from this stretch of highway. Can they find tho so man before more people are hurt. While all of this is happening Jenna is worried that her cover may have been blown.

Thanks to Bookouture and NetGalley for my advanced copy of this book to read. All opinions are my own and are in no way biased
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Thank you to #NetGalley for this ARC

#WhereAngelsFall is the fifth installment of the Detectives Kane and Alton series but can be read as a stand alone.  The narrative explores a moderately paced plot revolving around a missing person/murder investigation occurring in the small Montana town of Black Rock Falls. @dkhood provides strong characters and enough background on each that even new readers to this series can feel comfortable jumping right in. However, some of the language in this book felt off. The author primarily focused on using  American dialogue but for some reason used British terms within the writing, making it feel unauthentic. As simple of a dynamic as that may seem to be, it distracted from the storyline and pulled focus there. That being said, it was an overall good read, 4 stars.
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I would like to thank Netgalley and Bookouture for an advance copy of Where Angels Fear, the fifth novel to feature Sheriff Jenna Alton and Deputy David Kane of the Black Waters Fall, Montana Sheriff’s Department.

When Ella Tate is found on the highway she claims to have been attacked by a man wielding an axe and that he killed her friend Sky but with no sign of Sky or her car the team don’t know what to think. Giving Ella the benefit of the doubt Jenna investigates further and finds several mysterious disappearances.

I enjoyed Where Angels Fear which is a good adventure with plenty of thrills. I hesitate to call it a mystery because the narrative is split between the investigation and the perpetrator’s actions giving the reader a good idea of what’s going on. I also guessed the identity of the perpetrator about half way through the book from the way he talks and other hints. To be honest I think that the reader is given too much information so it makes the investigation’s theorising rather redundant. The format may not be quite right but the rest is good. The action pieces are exciting, the descriptions of the snowy conditions are atmospheric and there is finally an explanation for three over qualified operators finding themselves thrown together in a Montana backwater. No mention, however, of why so many serial killers end up in said location.

I like the characters of Alton and Kane as they are smart, resourceful and commendable in their commitment to justice. As usual their relationship teeters on the edge of romance but with so much baggage who knows what will happen as they become closer. It will be interesting to see where Ms Hood takes them.

Where Angels Fear is not the best novel in the series but is still a good read.  3.5*
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I’d like to thank Bookouture and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read ‘Where Angels Fear’, fifth in the Detectives Kane and Alton series written by D K Hood, in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Ella Tate is travelling with her friend Sky Paul to Black Rock Falls where she’s going to spend Christmas with Sky’s family.  They see a figure standing on a deserted road beside a stationery vehicle and stop to offer assistance.  The figure attacks them but only Ella manages to escape to raise the alarm.  Detectives Jenna Alton and her Deputy Dave Kane are battling against adverse weather conditions with deep snow drifts hindering their search for Sky and although there are a number of suspects there’s no evidence.  Can Jenna discover his identity before anybody else goes missing?

D K Hood has written yet another sensational addition to the series and I was totally hooked from page one.  It’s really exciting with lots of action, twists and turns, and a number of suspects that kept me guessing.  Added to this, Jenna fears that the Viktor Carlos cartel has discovered her whereabouts and Kane has his own health problems.  I’ve enjoyed making the acquaintance again of all the characters, Jenna and Kane, Jake Rowley, Shane Wolfe and his family.  I was completely unprepared for the end of the book which was so nerve-wracking I was sitting on the edge of my seat.  With all the killings happening at Black Rock Falls I must remember not to book a holiday there!  Thanks, D K Hood, for yet another brilliant story that kept me glued to my kindle for the last twenty-four hours.
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Thanks to Netgalley for the advanced copy...

Holy Jesus!!! It's another amazing book ever!!! Unbelievable!!

Can't wait to read more series soon...
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It's beginning to look like no one is safe in Black Rock Falls. The town seems to attract serial killers. Where Angels Fear by D.K. Hood if the fifth book in her Detectives Kane and Alton series. People are disappearing in the middle of the night along a lonely stretch of road near the town. Sheriff Jenna Alton and Deputy Dave Kane have few clues to go on to solve the mystery of these disappearances. The suspense in this book is bone-chilling. This is another winner for Author D.K. Hood.
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Terriffic thriller continues from the previous novel but not necessary to read previous. The strength and empathy of the characters is well felt. The twists are logical
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Thoroughly enjoyable thriller. Good characters,good storyline ,if a bit gruesome, and kept me engaged throughout..
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Thank you to Netgalley and Bookouture for this advanced copy. Book 5 in the Kane and Alton series and a cracking read. Edge of your seatreading as the team hunt down the person responsible. An excellent addition to the series and I cant wait for Book 6. A roller coaster of a read. Get it today, dont wait.
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Where Angel's fear by D.K Hood.
Omg another fantastic read from dk hood. I love sheriff Jenna Alton and deputy David kane. Didn't realise who the killer was until dk wanted you to know. Great plot and lots of action.  Looking forward to the next book.  Loved the part where kane and Alton took wolfes girls to ride the horses. I would love to see Jenna and David together. 5*.
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Yet again Black Rock Falls is under the spotlight as another killer stalks the town... a witness to the disappearance of a young girl late at night tells Jenna Alton and her team what she has seen, but there appears to be no evidence and the team have to decide if the young girl is a victim or could she be the killer
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I have read all four instalments in this series so far and was looking forward to reading this one. I wasn't disappointed. It is another great read, it gripped me from the first page like the previous instalments with a great storyline, plenty of twists and turns and quite suspenseful at times. I just like the way the characters interact and it makes them more real to the reader. I would definitely recommend this series of books.
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Thanks to NetGalley and bookouture for the advance ebook copy for review.

According to the tag, this is book five in a series featuring "Detectives Kane and Alton". I've not read the previous four, but I'll have a comment on this in a bit.

There's a serial killer on the loose, picking off targets on a stretch of road with little to no cellphone coverage, and not enough traffic for witnesses to be a factor. As the book opens, the prologue has two young women stopping to see if someone whose car has its flashers on needs an assist, as a blizzard is moving in. But the "stranded" motorist isn't as stranded as they appear, and attacks the girls. The driver gets a whack with an axe, and the other girl flees into the snow, spending the night out in the freezing cold.When the morning comes, she finds that her friend the driver has vanished.

The book then pops over to Sheriff Jenna Alton suffering from a cold or virus, and Deputy Kane in the same house, caring for her. It is not clear what their relationship is just from that series of scenes; I suppose this is something explained in the books previous to this. This is the point where the first couple of problems I have come in.

First, the tagline calls Kane and Alton "detectives" but their titles are Deputy and Sheriff, respectively. This may seem like a minor point, but I selected this based on them actually being detectives, not people with other titles who happen to investigate crimes detectives would ordinarily look into.these things. The second (again, probably only an issue to me), Alton is higher ranking than Kane, so why is her name not first in the tagline?

On we go into the story, where the next problem crops up: the info dump. Kane is injured and walks with a cane, and w get about a half page of telling us what happened to him. A little further in, we have had about a dozen people introduced since the prologue. Too many!

The story moves on in a rather straightforward and at times tedious manner. There's a tidbit that pops up that also strains credulity: the Sheriff was apparently an agent who helped bring down a cartel, along with Kane, and was basically sent into witsec. An undercover agent given a job of being a Sheriff, a high-profile job, regardless of how small the area is? 

As the story goes along, the bad guy makes an appearance, doing fairly nasty but also a little too work-requiring: does the guy not have an actual job?

I had a lot of trouble getting through this. The characters, while interesting, were not terrible deep. There was also an absolutely annoying habit the author had during the dialogue sections: the characters were always doing something and talking. Nobody ever just said "said" or "replied" or "asked". They smiled or shrugged or raised an eyebrow or glanced or gaped or rubbed their chin or grimaced or stood or waved their hand or did (something) in consternation, like frowned or knitted their brows, or lifted their chin as an example. In one paragraph, the main character shook her head, sighed, shrugged, and glanced. They can just say something to say it without an associated action. It really took me out of the reading.

We then have another abduction (actually two) and get scenes of what the bad guy is doing to the people he's taken, and why he's taking them.Things pick up from here as the chase is on, but then one of the deputies does something that would be very silly, given that we now know the guy he's talking to has to be a suspect in the kidnappings and murders. The fight scene between the deputy (Rawley) and the bad guy is, I think, the best part of the book.

Overall, the plot is okay, and holds itself together well enough, and the readability is fine, too, if you can get past all the things people do while they're talking, instead of just talking, and the number of characters dumped in at once at the beginning. However, this did not keep me interested enough to go back and read the previous entries in this series.
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Thank you to #NetGalley, the Publisher and DK Hood for the opportunity to read "Where Angels Fear" in return for an honest review. I have read the four previous installments of the Kane and Alton series, and greatly looked forward to this book.

Hail, hail, the gang's all here! The return of Jenna Alton, Dave Kane, Shane Wolfe (and children), along with Deputies Rowley and Webber was highly anticipated, and this new story was certainly worth the wait.

It starts off on a dark and snowy highway between Blackwater and Black Rock Falls, when two teenage girls stop with the intention of assisting a broken-down car and driver; with lightning speed, the assailant (presumably) kills one of the girls, and the other manages to escape into the night. Tired, frightened, and up a tree, Ella waits for the morning and prays that she can find her friend and the car they were in - but to no avail.

Dave Kane is recuperating at home from the events of the previous case, and Jenna Alton is dealing with a cold, but they are hands-on from home as the investigation into the kidnapping and possible murder commences.

Although Ella is originally seen as the prime suspect, as neither Sky nor her car can be located, it unfolds that she was just very lucky to escape. Soon, though, while out searching for her friend - with Sky's brother Doug - they are attacked again! Ella wakes up in Doug's truck without the keys, and next to a wreck on the side of the road with a dead woman and a missing girl.

This entry in the Kane and Alton series moves along at breakneck speed as the Detectives try to discover what happened to Sky, Doug and - as it turns out - a number of other people who also disappeared on the road to Black Rock Falls; and as a result we are plunged into the realm of organ harvesting, and we meet one of the more heartless bad guys that Jenna and Dave have come up against.

The climax will leave you breathless (it did me!). All in all, this is a worthy addition to the series and highly recommended. Thank you, DK Hood!
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What can I say about author D. K. Hood that everyone in the reading world does not already know - she is brilliant!! 

She has done it again!! This time the author has taken a theme so close to my heart, twisted it in her nebulous dark style, making it one where medicine and murder go hand in glove - pun intended. 

Black Rock Falls now has a dark underbelly, where murders and kidnapping seem happening almost continually, enough to keep Sheriff Jenna Alton and Dave Kane on their toes. In Book 5, Jenna down with flu and Kane still recovering from the surgery are embroiled in a case where 2 best friends driving down a dark highway with zero mobile network, stop to help a man with a broken down truck. (Aah!!! Where goes the common sense?!!!) And you know how it goes, one of the friends is kidnapped and the other manages to escape. Jenna and Kane along with Rowley and Wolfe get to what they do best - investigating... But this time with a backdrop of roaring blizzards and heavy snow. Other young adults soon disappear, and it becomes a race against time for Jenna and Kane to save them!! 

D. K. Hood has a clever mind which can see a plot even in the most innocuous of things and come out with a story that is not only exciting and rocking but it was jaw-dropping!! Whoa!! I really couldn't believe it even when I read it! Wow! I loved the way she coasted the fine line without becoming too graphic, yet giving us a glimpse of the psychotic soul. The threat in the scene kept the atmosphere tense. All the characters made the book a tight-knit weave in which the bad guys had to be captured, at a great personal cost. 

My niggles were minimal, at certain places the plot felt disjointed, and I kept threatening the main character, Jenna to work fast otherwise I would start reading from the end!! 

A rocking book and I did try to look at everyone with a suspicious eye, but alas my guess was wrong. I was influenced by the previous book. Fab read!! 
Oh D. K. Hood, what goes in thy mind, I wonder but keep it coming!! I love it!!
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