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The Last House Guest

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This was a classic tale of a young woman, Avery, who gets caught up in a wealthy lifestyle when she becomes best friends with the daughter of well-to-do family. When this woman dies under mysterious circumstances, Avery tries to solve the mystery of what happened to her friend.

I'm kind of over the poor, wrong-side-of-the-tracks person getting swept up in a secret-filled wealthy family - it feels really over done to me and there isn't a lot of nuance in most of the characters because of this tired trope. This book had so many loose strings and side characters that I felt like I was dragging myself to get through it - I couldn't bring myself to care about how it would all come together. The back and forth timeline wasn't used very effectively either.

The high point was the ending because I didn't guess the twist ahead of time. However, this whole book just felt so familiar and played out. I probably won't check out other books from this writer unless someone raves about a new book to me.

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