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I received this comic from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

A little boy who loves to read is preparing bit by bit to become that what he wishes to be the most... an adventurer! 

I will write this review as I read, just like how I do the Harlequin Manga. 

Timo loves stories it seems, loves them much more than frolicking around, and he looks forward to the day his parents bring a new book to him (apparently that isn't easy, this village doesn't have a library). I love that Timo devours books, finds new worlds and new skills, and that he was even eager to go adventuring on his own to get books. Man, that is me. If I was Timo I would also have gone for adventures. To find new books, new stories, to learn new things. *dreams*

But I can imagine his parents are hesitant. He is still a tiny one, and I can imagine they want to protect him. 

Yay, Timo is on his way to adventures! He left a book for his best friend who listens to his stories, and I hope that he also left a note for his parents. I know he said he didn't say goodbye, but who knows, maybe he left something written. I hope so.

I had a laugh at his adventures to get through the woods. He acts all smarty-pants, and indeed a bit show-offish, but you can see that he doesn't know all the things. He is learning as he goes, and that makes me happy. I was already thinking he would just manage his way out in a flash, but no. 

I liked the red-haired woman who is protecting the valley. I did agree with what she said to Timo, he is quite arrogant which is something he should ditch very fast or it indeed will bite him in his ass. 

Ohhhh, I do like that we see journal parts. OK, sure, it is mostly a recap of what we just saw which is a shame, but still fun to see Timo's thoughts and drawings. As the journey continues we see more of his journal and I had a laugh at his imagination. Come on, that bear was so clearly not a sage, but oh well. He is now I guess. :P 

I am getting a bit tired of Timo's whining and fancy talking. Yes, questing is hard. Yes, adventuring isn't always fun and happiness. I am sure your books would have told you that as well. :| But at least he is continuing his journey and not giving up.

I just adore seeing this world, the animals (they are so many adorable and fluffy ones, but also bigger tougher ones), the landscape, I wish I could explore this world. 

Um Timo, you had to go through some wall/glass thingie, you see something in the midst of a ruined room chained up as much as it can be, and you free it? Dang, that is just not something you may want to do. Then again, this is Timo. He doesn't seem to get various things. I wonder what Broof is and why he was chained up. Why did the animals go all weird when he was freed. What kind of consequences will come because of this?

I am still not sure how I feel about Broof, he seems to at least have his heart in the right places.. at times. I loved how he went to save Timo's life when he found out about the bite.

That ending though, holy crap. I need the second volume of this series. I need to know what is going to happen to Timo. I need to know why letting out Broof was bad. I want to see more adventures!

The art was just amazing, I love the style oh so much. I definitely do need to check if the artist has done any other works. And then hope they are in English, German, or Dutch, or very easy Spanish/French. :P

I would recommend this fun book to everyone. Adventure, magic, fun, mysterious monsters, and a boy with a thirst to find out about this world and bring back stories to his family and friends.
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This graphic novel was so cool and cute! 
In the first place we met Timo who’s dream is being an adventurer, his parents doesn’t believe in him but he wants to prove to them what is he capable of. 
Following the pages we see Timo going out for his adventure, in his path he crosses with amazing people and some magical  creatures. 
An amazing graphic novel, I really enjoyed it.
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Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher I was able to read this book in exchange for an honest review.
Timo is a young boy with a voracious reading appetite about adventures and the wider world. When his small village can no longer meet his reading needs he decides its time for him to stop reading and become a person worth writing stories about. 
This comic has a wonderfully fun art style that is sure to hook children and keep them entertained as they follow the unprepared Timo on his journey for adventure and exploration. My only complaint is it’s such a short book and ends on a cliffhanger. Patience thy name is not me. I look forward to book 2.
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It was the art which first drew me to this comic-- a whimsical "Song of the Sea" meets Studio Ghibli type of feel. Charming.

Timo is a voracious reader who faces every reader's nightmare-- he is fresh out of books with no hope of finding more. He has been chafing at the thought of never having his own adventure anyway, so he decides to strike out, chronicling his journey as he goes. The fact that he is a sheltered, naïve child who has never left his village means that he may not be as prepared to recognize and face danger as he believes. Luckily, he makes a friend along the way.

Timo is a pretty realistic representation of the tumultuous mix of bravado and vulnerability an overly-confident child alone in the wider world for the first time would feel. There are also notes of humor in the storyline kids will appreciate. I believe Timo is a character children will be able to relate to on several levels. 

The only complaint I foresee coming from children is that it isn't longer. It ends on a cliffhanger kids are going to want to see resolved immediately, but such is the nature of comics.

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for an advance copy in exchange for an honest review
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I love the playful illustration style of this book. I love that we get to see what he writes in his journal at the end of each day. We get to revisit what he did and learned along his journey, in case the reader missed something. I enjoyed all the  unexpected twists and turns of the storyline and want to read Book 2 immediately.
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I received a Complimentary copy of this eBook from the author, publisher, and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Timo is a young boy who loves to read adventure stories. When his parents won't let him grow up, Timo runs away to embark on his own adventure. Will he be strong enough to face the dangers ahead? Read on and find out for yourself.

This was a pretty good action adventure fantasy graphic novel. The art was amazing and the story was great too. I look forward to checking out the next volume in the future. Definitely check out Volume 1 of this book when it releases to bookstores and wherever books are sold online on February 20, 2019.
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This is a well deregulate story, beautifully illustrated about a little boy who having read every book in his village disobeys his parents and leaves the village to find more books. He gets lost and along the way meets new friends, helping guide him  until he meets and frees  Broof and the effects this has. Interspersed with the story is Timo’s journal showing who and what he has met and descriptions, it’s such a lovely well thought out story and looking forward to the next book. 

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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