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Elizabeth Hasselbeck took us right into her adventurous life. A very open and honest look into each part of her life. From her time on Survivor, to the years she was on The View, and Fox and friends. Sharing her faith in God and how relying on his truth, helped her in some of her darkest times. The scriptures shared fit right into each story she told. I could not put this down until I read it all! 

Thank you WaterBrook, Multnomah and NetGalley for the ARK
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I have long been a fan of Elisabeth Hasselbeck and the VIEW.  I could not wait to get my hands on this and it did not disappoint.  Reading it felt like Hasselbeck was a friend, and we were having coffee.  Learning about her unique point of view made me even more of a fan.  Hoping she will write more in the future.
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This is an interesting and quick read. The author talks about her experiences on TV and her life during these times while keeping a balanced family life. The book is almost like a diary and as if she is talking to the reader. She is telling us how she was feeling and what she was thinking in the moment of each experience. She is giving her "point of view". She also does this telling us of her understanding of God's touch in her life at times and in times when she also looked to him for guidance.
She provides a variety of personal stories and as readers she takes us on the journey with her. Whether you like her or her views that you have seen on TV this book provides some interesting thoughts. It also provides some more details about her and why she has made some of her choices. But, it is not all that. She incorporates lessons for everyone using her life as an example. We all have struggles and make mistakes, but God is with us. Those who are her fans will enjoy learning more about her, but if you aren't a fan then this may not be the book for you even though she does give some interesting thoughts about faith and Christian living. Also, if you aren't a fan I feel you won't fully appreciate the book or clearly understand the lesson points she is trying to make in some cases. Nevertheless, it is worth giving a try and reading it for the life lessons.
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An enjoyable read. Elisabeth offers valuable insights and life lessons learned over the course of her varied experiences in life, work and family.
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I devoured this book in one day! 

Elisabeth Hasselbeck wrote about her life stories which she called, “an adventure packed path that God has placed me on” in her new book Point of View.  This delightful book is a treasure trove of shiny gems of faith to mine, while getting to know the spunky, adorable, God-fearing Elisabeth that we’ve all seen on TV. 

Throughout the book Elisabeth uses many softball analogies because of her love for the sport and her time spent playing for Boston College. Her telling of becoming a walk-on for the BC team was quite comical.

Every Survivor fan will love the behind-the-scenes information she gives about the interview process and the actual show in the Australian outback. Yes! We all want more inside information, but she can’t divulge everything. Mark Burnett would have her head. 

Her time on The View and as a morning anchor with Fox News shows the reader how Elisabeth responds as her faith is being tested. She is very open about one of the lowest points of her life, which was being fired from The View, but what an encouragement she is in the way she decided to handle it.  The lessons she learned during that difficult time in her life are amazing and are lessons that I will apply in my life as well. 

Elisabeth’s incredible story is filled with inspiring scripture that is applicable as each adventure unfolds. She does a fantastic job of weaving together each life story with a Biblical lesson that readers can tuck away in their pocket. 

Thank you Waterbrook and Multnomah and Netgally for this free copy to read and review.  I highly recommend this book.
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Years ago, I somehow turned my TV onto The View. To be honest, I don't remember if I'd tuned in to see a particular celebrity being interviewed, or if there was just nothing else on that day... but whatever it was that drew me in, I found that I enjoyed watching it. While I can't say that the same is  true NOW, I loved it at that point in time when Barbara Walters was still at the table. A large part of that was Elisabeth Hasselbeck offering her more conservative voice to the show. 

Over the years, I'd actually read her other books as well--- having a child on the autism spectrum, I'd done a lot of research on going gluten free. While we didn't go that route ourselves, I did enjoy her writings on the subject. When I saw that she had a new book out- not about gluten free living- but about faith and her life experiences, I was excited to read it. I am so glad I picked it up, as I found it to be a fantastic read...sharing stories of her life behind the scenes, and how her faith played into that and the lessons learned from those experiences. While I would certainly say this is more of a book telling HER story, not a 'self-help' or 'christian living how to', I do believe there are a lot of lessons that we can all take away from these stories on learning to see the bigger picture, and not just our own rather narrow point of view. God's picture is so much bigger than that.

Fans of Elisabeth Hasselbeck will enjoy getting a look into her experiences, and while I would say it would certainly appeal more to those fans who already know her- be it from Survivor, The View of Fox & Friends, it could still be a good read regardless, and a quick one at that. 

**Complimentary copy received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.
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I like Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s writing style.  It’s cordial and invites you into her story.  Although I have not closely followed her career, I was quite interested to read her accounts of the time she spent on Survivor, The View, and Fox News.  

I appreciate her Christian worldview and the way that she has tried to be true to her faith through all of the demands on her life.  I also appreciated her openness in her struggles with working and raising a family.  She shares some encouraging thoughts with us, and that makes this book well worth reading.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher. All opinions are my own.
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Quick and enjoyable read.

Well written with inspiration and encouragement for daily living.

Thank you WaterBrook, Multnomah and NetGalley for the ACR.
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I knew I immediately wanted to read this book the moment I saw her interview on The View this year. I personally loved hearing the behind-the-scenes stories of her jobs because I grew up watching her on Survivor, The Look for Less, and I remember my mom watching her during her time on The View. Personally, I wanted to hear more of stories. But, I definitely don't think the book was lacking - I just am really nosy and wanted to her more about her. HA!

Overall, this book was a light, really quick read. It took me about two chapters before I was super invested - but after that, I was hooked and finished the book in a couple of hours.

I definitely think this book has a great message. There's a ton of COME TO JESUS moments in this book that I believe I needed to hear and learn from at the time of reading.

Thank you to NetGalley for an ARC of this book. This is an honest, unbiased review. #PointOfView #NetGalley
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I used to love watching Elisabeth Hasselbeck on the View, so when I seen she was coming out with a new book I was super excited. When I started reading I knew he honesty and feistiness would be at the forefront and I wasn't wrong. This book was a wonderful novel and written in a smooth way that I couldn't put it down. Point of View is wonderful and stunning.
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I had read Elisabeth Hasselbeck's book on going gluten-free several years ago, so I was somewhat familiar with her writing.  When I heard her discussing this new book, Point of View, on a podcast recently, as a Christian it piqued my interest.  I don't watch a lot of TV so I did not follow her on any of her previous shows: Survivor, The View or Fox News.  When I sat down to read this book I was not sure what to expect.
This is a memoir with Hasselbeck's faith lessons included in each chapter.  The first half of the book was enjoyable  as she gave stories plus lessons from her life as a walk-on softball player in college, her early career, then Survivor, the View and Fox News.  The remainder of the book was not as good. It was a bunch of her fairly unrelated faith stories and what she has learned.  
If you like Elizabeth Hasselbeck and are interested in learning something about her life, then you might enjoy this book.  Otherwise, it is only mildly good.
I would like to thank the publisher and NetGally for a complimentary review copy of this book.
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I watched one season of Survivor and it happened to be Elisabeth's season and .from her first moment on screen you could tell that she was a young woman of integrity and faith. I was thrilled to see her join The View and even if our politics didn't line up I always applauded her for standing tall for her faith on national television. After she left the show, I did not follow her on to her next job, so I was thrilled to see that she had a written a book and I could get to know her again.

Elisabeth's faith, hospitality, and love shine through the pages of this book. I have always found her to be an inspiration of sorts in terms of how to live as a Christian woman and this book solidifies that. 

This book is part memoir and part Christian living but rather than finding a balance in that, at times it feels like it can't make up its mind what it wants to be. I applaud her for not getting into the dirty aspects of her jobs and relying on gossip to fill the book. But when she talks about lessons that are learned from each job, for the reader it can feel like we don't fully understand what got her to that lesson as the full story is missing. The book feels like she is only willing to give a surface level view of her life, which is completely her prerogative, however if that's how she wants it to be then maybe this book needed to focus more on being a general Christian living book. 

I can imagine it is very hard to be a Christian in the entertainment industry and I can't imagine how difficult it was for Elisabeth to defend her beliefs the way she did on The View for ten years. She stands strong in her faith to be able to do that and that is very evident in this book. There is a lot that can be learned from her here and some good inspiration for all women.
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Wow! I absolutely loved this book. It was so interesting to read about Elizabeth's story. This book is jam packed with inspiration that is relatable to young women. Highly recommend!

Thank you Netgalley for this ARC.
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Inspirational and to the point. I enjoyed this book alot.  Loved the little snippets of behind the scenes at her jobs.

Thanks to author, publisher and Netgalley for the chance to read this book. While I got the book for free, it had no bearing on the rating I gave it.
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Point of View
A Fresh Look at Work, Faith, and Freedom

by Elisabeth Hasselbeck

WaterBrook & Multnomah


Christian , Religion & Spirituality

Pub Date 26 Mar 2019

I am reviewing a copy of Point if View through WaterBrok & Multnomah and Netgalley:

Elisabeth took the road less traveled and paved the way for many women, showing them that they could feel confident.

We are encouraged to allow ourselves to see the world through God’s eyes in this book. We are encouraged too to see ourselves as God’s top recruits which not only points to who we are but to whose we are.

Elisabeth Hasselback shows us how faith helped her through the difficult moments in life. Through her nearly twenty years in broadcasting she learned the importance of extracting the point of view of the person being interviewed on a particular topic or subject matter because doing so allows us to see issues through another’s eyes.

If you are looking for a book to inspire as well as to Motivate then I would recommend Point of View!

I give this book five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!
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I remember the first time I became aware of Elizabeth Hasselbeck she was appearing on Survivor a beautiful young woman.Elizabeth was srtrong smart a woman to be reckoned with.Then on to the View where she never backed down was fearless managed to be a mom to her three children and love life with her husbandTim.Elizabeth shares with us her journey her career her de isions through prayer an honest open look at her &her families life choices.z #netgalley #waterbrookpubkishers
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If you can't get enough of this wonderful and charming person who let herself be remembered for her Survivor Headdresses, this book is for you.  Written from a distinctly Christian worldview, this book will give everyone who reads it hope, thank to a person who has proven that she has it.  I would love to interview Ms. Hasselbeck for a story.
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