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The Yellow House

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Sometimes memoirs get their strength not from the stories of the author but from the stories of the people that surround them. Sarah M. Broom has been infinitely impacted by growing up with 12 brothers and sisters in a yellow house in New Orleans East. The story truly comes to life when Broom recounts the events that have affected her family (especially Hurricane Katrina). I felt the most connected to Broom's story when she included lines from her mother - these italicized lines inserted in the text gave an extra perspective that colored the book with an added grace and heart.

There were some stories that felt superfluous - such as the section that described Broom's journey to live in Africa (any stories away from the yellow house and her siblings left me feeling disconnected). Because of this excess, I did feel that the book dragged in some places. However, Broom is a natural storyteller that isn't afraid to dig deep into the painful truths that existed in her family and in her hometown. Her imagery was so precise that I feel like this could easily be turned into a movie. Her family's struggles and triumphs are worth exploring even more as the years progress.

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