A Perfect Lie

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A Real Page Turner!

Lisa Rene Jones has done it again...deliver one of her absolute best! So many twists and turns I find myself completely lost in this book, wasn't sure if I was coming or going. The least you expect to happen happens. They just keep coming it hits you unawares. I find myself asking what! what just happened?!! I honestly could not put this book down even if I tried, it kept me at the edge of my seat. There were so many flashbacks and internal self-dialogs and self-rumination but it just adds up to the crux of the mystery that made the story even more engrossing, exciting and gripping that I didn't want it to end.
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3.5 stars 

While the characters were relatable, the flashbacks were excessive and made the book drag for me. I did like the suspense, and there was parts that were unpredictable to me. I wish the author would have tied up all the loose ends, rather than leaving this reader with questions.
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This book is so well written from the start and I feel the main character Hailey was really well developed to the point you could imagine her exactly as she would be.
The book from the start was a page turner although it did get slightly repetive in the middle. 
What I am most disappointed in though is the ending......... It just felt rushed and really abrupt I felt like I must of skipped a chapter without realising it!
The beginning was so good and so real it made me invest in Hailey's life I was just really disappointed and let down by the rushed ending
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This book was well written with tons of suspense, and great characters. I just felt the middle of the book was a little drawn out.....once I got past that, the ending was great though!
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A Perfect Lie is a well told story with lots of intrigue and so many questions.  It is an extremely well written and captivating story with plenty of drama, secrets, lies, betrayals, plot twists and turns, deception, suspense, mystery, and so much more that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

I volunteered to review an advance reader copy of this book.
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Thrillers, and with politics involved, are my jam. This... was not. The premise of the story was intriguing, but the writing was formulaic, there were plot holes. the way the author chose to order the story with time gaps and hopping back and forth - I soldiered through to the end, because I felt I had to. Not because I wanted to. The ending was satisfying, at least, but that didn't make up for the overall lack of oomph and coherence.
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Definite page turner. I was guessing throughout the whole book. The secrets and mysteries surrounding Hailey, the questions that needed to be answered, the things that didn't make and didn't add up... Those things kept me on the edge of my seat... Overall a great read.
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As with all of Lisa Renees books, this one grabs ahold of you at the very first word she writes and never lets you go till the very last word she has written. 
It was very suspenseful, intriguing and a just plain mind old blowing experience.
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5 PERFECT LIE STARS!! Wow, this was a thrilling ride that kept me guessing all the way through. I loved reliving Hailey's life it definitely held me on the edge of my seat. This author is fantastic at suspense and mystery in her stories, it is like watching a movie you get so engrossed. I highly recommend this book.
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Summary: Hailey Anne Monroe spends her life in the spotlight of the press and the shadow of her father, Thomas Frank Monroe, a man expected to become a future President of the United States. And she hates her life and herself.

Her mother was killed in a car accident when Hailey was a teenager. Thomas Monroe blames his daughter for a momentary lack of exceptional behavior (she  went to and blacked out at a forbidden teenage party). He becomes emotionally distant, scarring Hailey for life with guilt.

As we meet our troubled narrator, Hailey, she is twenty-eight years old. She is expected to marry the perfect man, Tobey, and go to law school at Harvard. Hailey is not in love with Tobey and she'd rather pursue a career in art.

After Tobey and Hailey's best friend, Danielle, drag Hailey to a private club to unwind, Hailey blacks out after a single sip of a cocktail. The next thing she knows, Danielle is missing and assumed dead.  Hailey's father's political machine whirs into action to begin the cover-up process. Hailey is eventually whisked away from Washington, D.C. and sent to Denver while the event cools down and becomes yesterday's news. It is in Denver that Hailey can finally breathe, think and start putting the pieces together of what really happened to her mother and her best friend. And the answer is not what Hailey expected.

Comments: When I first started reading A Perfect Lie, I didn't particularly care for it. I didn't like the narrator, Hailey, with her doom and gloom present/past narration. But about a third of the way into it, I got more into the rhythm and started understanding why the author chose this style. After Hailey got to Denver, she not only became a more likeable character as the oppressive fetters of her life in D.C. are lifted, but the setting clicked with me. As soon as Hailey described the area to which she'd moved, I knew exactly where she was, because I lived there for several years. Having recently moved back to Denver, a city I love, I was delighted to be walking the streets of the Cherry Creek neighborhood with her.

Recommended for readers of Thrillers, Political Fiction and General Fiction.
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I typically love this author and all her books. However, I’m not a fan of this one at all. It was kind of confusing for me the way it went back and forth from present dialogue  to past events.
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Hailey Anne Monroe was the daughter to Thomas Frank Monroe who almost made it to the presidency of the USA. Tragically she looses her mother and her father blames her. The story goes through college years into another event in her adult life which shatters it. 
This is my first read by this author and I found it quite a page turner. I kept trying to second guess what would happen next. Hailey played the role of the future First Daughter well. However secrets lurk in the background I really found it hard to put down I had to know what happened. I would recommend this one.
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Lisa Renee Jones has done an outstanding job in a new genre. Her narrative is manipulative and unapologetic, allowing the reader a glimpse into the psyche of our main character, Hailey Anne Monroe. But be careful what you read because not everything is as it seems. Hailey’s father, Presidential nominee, Frank Monroe, is dead and her best friend, Danielle, met the same fate.  No one around Hailey can be trusted. Everybody lies. Everybody. This is a must read. Jones has brilliantly crafted her characters to fit the storyline. The plot is tight and allows for a multitude of tertiary events to fit perfectly into the storyline. 5 stars. 

Thank you to #NetGalley for this ARC of #APerfectLie in exchange for an honest review
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I've read a lot of Renees books and loved every single one of them, this one of course as well. I love the mystery in her books. A Perfect Lie keeps you in the dark almost to the end.
I would classify this book as a political mystery thriller or better yet mysteries and cruelty of political manipulations.
It's a rollercoaster of lies, secrets, betrayal and greed for power and money. 
In this book, we dive into the abyss of political life. Life, where the lust for power is more important than anything else. This is a story about life as the daughter of the future president, or a man who does everything to become one and the loneliness of people who don't know whom to trust. 
Like Hailey the H said:
"Everyone in my world has an agenda, and I'm but a mere token, being played in games I too often, unwittingly enter." 
What would you do when you can't trust anyone, not even yourself? What would you do if you had to question the motives of everyone and everything? Nobody is safe. Nobody is your friend. Everyone wants to gain power through you. 
You would be supervised and watched, not really knowing from whom. What would you do?
I love this book. I've read it in one run and the excitement,  fear and mystery has given me chills. Definitely a must read! 
So read this book and enjoy. 
I definitely enjoyed it very much.
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Holy hell, this book is a true roller coaster from beginning to the very last word! I’m almost speechless it was so good! There were so many surprises that I rarely knew who was who and who to trust in the book. I made a big mistake by starting it at night, because I didn’t sleep until I devoured it in one sitting, much to my husbands displeasure. I highly recommend this novel!
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A Perfect Lie about lost me in the beginning, I started this book multiple times before actually finishing it. The first half was all over the place and the whole time the narrator says she is unreliable so you don't know if anything you have read is true. The second half actually flies by and after a certain point I could not put it down.  Hailey Anne Moore"s daddy wants to be president and everything in her life is controlled and shaped by this goal. Hailey doesn't even know who she is anymore and she doesn't trust anybody. Every time she drinks she loses time- the first time she did her mother wound up dead and the second time her best friend Danielle's bloody shoe is found in an alley. Hiding out to save face for her father, Hailey begins to slowly uncover the truth one lie at a time. Hailey Anne doesn't start out as the most sympathetic character and by the time I finally liked her we were past the halfway point. But I believe the story ends on a high point and the suspense just gets better the further in you go. My voluntary, unbiased review is based upon a review coy from Netgalley.
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A Perfect Lie will blow your mind. From head games to heartache, Jones captivates. Hailey fights her way through the anguishing twists and takes readers along for the ride. Will she lose her soul or find her voice? Jones does it again. Even at her darkest, she guides readers out of the abyss and into the light. Emotion wrapped in a mesmerizing, intricately woven package.
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This is a bit of a departure for this author and I loved it! The story is full of action, suspense, and twists. The characters are complex and engaging, whether you love them or hate them. It is hard to tell who is being real. I thought I had it figured out, then there were more twists to throw me off my game. I would love to see more books like this from this author.
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An intriguing thriller full of twists and turns. I found this to be an unusual premise and that is part of what interested me. I enjoyed it.
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Author uses excellent technique in using the 1st person dialogue throughout. I've never read a book that captured my attention with so few characters. The characters were multi layered and fascinating which fed beautifully into a multitude of sub plots.
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