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I loved Evan and Kenzie!Great characters and story line.Love the family ties that ties this series together,Cousins and friends working together,helping out when needed made a very enjoyable book.I loved how Evan got Kenzie and her brother to trust him and let him into their hearts.Looking foward to the next book I hope Ms.Harte writes is about Smith.
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HANDLE WITH CARE is the third book in Marie Harte’s “Veteran Movers” series. Kenzie Sykes and Evan Griffith have both lost people they loved, and they both know the importance of family. The differences in their families, and the relationships they had with past loves, are critical in understanding the hurdles they face in their romance. After the death of their parents, Kenzie has been the mother-figure in her baby brother’s life. After having a man she loved and trusted suddenly walk out on her, Kenzie is more than a little cautious about entering another serious romantic relationship. For Evan, his family was a big support system when the woman he was with passed away from an illness. The physical attraction between Kenzie and Evan is obvious from the start but sorting through the assorted emotional baggage proves difficult at times.

I love Marie Harte’s heroes and her stories. There’s a lot of emotional heavy lifting that the two main characters must do in order to find their happily ever after, but they’re both strong enough to fight for it. Although there is a lot of drama in HANDLE WITH CARE, it’s also filled with Marie Harte’s usual fun, well-written sexy scenes, and strong friendships. Kenzie has a lot in common with the heroine in Marie Harte’s previous book SMOOTH MOVES, because of their tight relationships with their younger brothers. As much as I find Kenzie frustrating because of the way she treats her relationship with Evan, I totally empathize with her because of what led to her overdeveloped sense of caution. Because she felt like her ex didn’t give any warning signs before he left, it left Kenzie doubting herself more than anything else. It’s the self-doubt that left the biggest scar on her psyche. Evan, like many Marie Harte heroes, is such a sweetie. Evan tries to give Kenzie space and build their relationship at a pace she can handle. His thoughtfulness and other attractive qualities blow Kenzie’s mind, and almost make the relationship implode. It takes a little advice and subtle maneuvering by friends and family, but Kenzie eventually realizes she’s in love with Evan and decides what she should do about it.

HANDLE WITH CARE has dynamite storytelling and a swoon- worthy hero. I love the relationships built between all the many characters in this story and the way they add to it. Evan is the perfect guy-next-door who’s sweet, sexy, and head-over-heels for this heroine. I’m eager to read Smith’s story. I can’t wait to read Marie Harte’s next book!
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I liked this! It wasn’t completely original and I felt like I always knew what was coming next, but that is not to say I didn’t enjoy it in more of a guilty pleasure fashion. The characters were sweet, a little over the top, but cute.
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Handle With Care is the third book in the Veteran's Movers series. 
So far we've had Cash and Reid's books. This is Evan's book. The former Marine/ CPA/silent partner and mover for Veterans on the Go has meet his match. He's instantly attracted to Kenzie when he meets her during a move. Little does he know the punk kid who "steals" his phone is going to change his life.
Kenzie is just trying to keep her head above water and do the best she can for her brother Daniel. But keeping him out of trouble send like a full time job. And she's definitely gun shy about men after having her heart trampled. Yet fighting her attraction for the sexy mover is proving to be a challenge
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Handle with Care is a complete standalone in this series. The story was funny, had good banter, and a sweet ending. I wasn't a fan of the writing style and the main character unfortunately was very unlikeable. There was also much rambling and unnecessary details that felt like fluff. Overall, not bad. I'm giving it three chilli peppers of hotness. 

I received a free ARC in exchange for my unbiased opinion. All thoughts are my own.
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3.75 stars--HANDLE WITH CARE is the third instalment in Marie Harte’s contemporary, adult VETERAN MOVERS erotic, romance series focusing on the men and women who work for Vets on the Go!-a moving company established to help former servicemen.  This is thirty-one years olds former Marine and CPA Evan Griffith, and graphic designer Kenzie Sykes’ storyline. HANDLE WITH CARE can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous story lines is revealed where necessary but I recommend reading the series in order as there is an on-going plot line throughout.

Told from several third person perspectives including Evan, Kenzie and Daniel HANDLE WITH CARE follows the building relationship and romance between thirty-one years olds former Marine and CPA Evan Griffith, and graphic designer Kenzie Sykes. Vets on the Go’s latest job found Evan Griffith walking into a ‘fight’ between friends that caught Evan unaware. Meeting thirty-one year old Kenzie Syke’s stirred something deep within our story line hero, something Evan long thought buried and gone. When Kenzie’s younger brother pulled a fast one on Evan Griffith, Evan would take his revenge by asking out our story line heroine. What ensues is the slow building romance between Kenzie and Evan, and the potential fall-out as Kenzie is unable to let go of the past.

Kenzie Sykes has known love and lost when her fiancé walked away without a backward glance. Having raised her younger brother Kenzie’s first priority is Daniel, and a relationship with Evan is about to push all of her boundaries. Evan Griffith also knew love and the grief of losing someone close, and was willing to give love another chance but convincing Kenzie that he was not her ex-fiance meant the whole package including caring for her younger brother as well. A sensitive hero  Evan struggles with Kenzie’s up and down, back and forth emotional turmoil.

The relationship between Kenzie and Evan is one of immediate attraction but Evan’s first impression of Kenzie came with mixed emotions believing the woman was all kinds of crazy. Hoping to convince Kenzie to give him a chance Evan begins a slow seduction of our story line heroine, while fast becoming a big brother to Daniel as well. A former soccer star, Evan will take Daniel under his wing in an effort to help Daniel with his love of the game.  The $ex scenes are intimate, erotic and passionate, without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text.

There is a large ensemble cast of colorful and dynamic secondary characters including Cash Griffith and Jordan Fleming (Smooth Moves #2), Reid Griffith and Naomi (The Whole Package #1);  Evan’s mother Jane Griffith; Vets on the Go employees-Smith Ramsey, Hector, Lafayette, and Finley;  Kenzie’s brother Daniel, and her two besties Lila, Rachel and Will. There is something developing between Lila and Hector-here’s hoping the author brings their relationship to the forefront. The back and forth banter between characters is energetic and fast paced-there is definite camaraderie between family and friends.

HANDLE WITH CARE is a story of family, friendship, betrayal and love; a story of revelations and acceptance. The premise is fast paced, engaging and lively; the romance is seductive; the characters are spirited and fun. HANDLE WITH CARE is an entertaining and inviting addition to Harte’s Veteran Movers.

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HANDLE WITH CARE is the third story in the Veteran Movers series, and this one delivers the solid, good story that I expected and more. Evan is what I see as a “real man” in romances – he’s not always smooth, he’s not afraid to show emotions, he fumbles, he’s occasionally clueless – and I loved all of that about him. He’s real and that makes him relatable for me.

Kenzie has had responsibility for her younger brother since their parents’ deaths. She’s been burned badly by the “perfect” man, the man who walked when she put her brother, Daniel, first. Now she’s scared to trust her judgment on any male, so, for now, she’s not looking – until her brother brings them together in a most unusual way.

I was definitely more on Evan’s side of the story in this romance. I liked Kenzie, yet she was so quick to judge Evan, to not believe in what was right in front of her, and because of her reactions to or actions toward Evan, it took me a long while to warm up to her. We get another great crew of Kenzie’s friends in this story – and maybe we’ll see them again in the future. There is definitely an emotional feel to HANDLE WITH CARE, just not in an obvious in your face way. I had fun with this one, as I have with this entire series. If you love a good romance with some tempers flaring, some real emotions showing, and a couple that belongs together but have to risk being hurt before that can happen – then you’ll enjoy this one.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*
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This was a fun and lighthearted read . I was happy that Evan got his story he deserved it, I wasn't crazy about Kenzie.She was ok.Evan was definitely the guy, sweet and sexy.This was a slow burn romance.,the interaction between them was natural.
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Evan Griffith finds himself taken by a teenage conman and confronted by a woman wielding a knife – and promptly falls head over heels for her. Kenzie Sykes doesn’t have time for romance, but Evan’s not asking… until he is, and she finds herself saying yes.

This contemporary romance is an emotionally ‘real’ romance with strong, likeable characters that draws readers in and refuses to let go. Evan and Kenzie have lots of chemistry but both characters have a few reservations about romance, Kenzie more than Evan since she is doing her best to raise her teenage brother, keep him out of jail and juggling her career. The relationship is full of emotions and real life events that really speak to the readers while the story also provides quite a few chuckles as Evan tries his best to fit in with Kenzie’s family and friends. 

The plot is steady paced and all of the characters just seem to say ‘come on in’ and join us in our life which ensures that readers really want to get to know them all and of course they want to know everything about Kenzie and Evan’s romance. The story is a delightfully charming and heartwarming read that can really get caught up in.
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Evan and Kenzie tell such a good story, so real, so believable This is a new series to me but I'll be checking out the rest of the books so I can become more invested in this fun group of characters. I love the way the author built her friends and family world and her characters. The writing is fantastic. The flow is smooth and easy but so interesting that you just can't stop reading, and smiling, and waiting for the next thing.  Great book.
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4 Stars 
Review by Elizabeth 
Late Night Reviewer 
Up All Night w/ Books Blog

Handle with Care is the third book in the Veteran Movers series by Marie Harte. Every book in the series is interconnected but they can be read as standalone's. 

Love. Love. Love! 

Handle with Care is a great addition to the Veteran Movers family!! It contains all the good feels with a dash of angst and a side of an untrustworthy heroine. While I loved Evan, Kenzie is my girl! Yes, she did grate my nerves a tad with her insecurities but come on, that is to be expected with her past. 

I also loved that Evan was not a “man-whore” which tends to be the trend with military background heros. Once he meets Kenzie it is like love at first sight but darn, does he have to work for it. 

All in all, I found the book to be awesome and it did keep my attention, which is kinda hard. The reason I did not give it a full five stars is because the chemistry did feel a bit forced at times but it is what it is. I loved it anyway! Definitely worthy of a one-click!! 

***ARC received in exchange for an honest review.***
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I just finished reading Handle With Care and I have to say it was a fairly enjoyable read! 

I did notice a handful of typos. This book probably could have used another proofread before being published. 

I also thought it was a bit long. But that could be because the author elaborated on some events that weren’t very interesting and then glossed over some events that would have been fun to read.

I enjoyed the characters, specifically Kenzie and her friends. They were some scenes early where it was hard to keep track of who was who, especially with Evan and his cousins. There were so many male names to keep track of that are all one syllable. It took me a couple of read throughs of some conversations to get it.

BUT I was very excited to read about a character who was close to his cousins. My cousins are like my siblings and almost every work of fiction I’ve read treats cousins like distant acquaintances. I enjoyed seeing something I could really relate to in Evan and his cousins.

I also enjoyed where all these characters ended up. It was a satisfying ending for the amount of emotional strife the main couple went through.

All in all, the small criticism I have didn’t stop me from swooning, laughing, or fanning myself at various points. This books is definitely worth a read!
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Certainly a fun premise. Lots of interesting characters. A little predictable at times but overall a fund read.
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Sarah – ☆☆☆☆
This is a sweet, sexy, and often funny story about a graphic designer and the sexy man who helps her friend move house. While they both feel an immediate attraction, Kenzie has been burned too many times before and Evan has to show her that he’s worth taking a risk on.

The relationship that stops and starts between Kenzie and Evan is entertaining. Kenzie’s little brother brings charm and humour to the story. Kenzie’s friends are smart and funny – and I loved them.

My only reservations about the book lie with the two main characters. I understand why Kenzie is skittish about relationships, but the girl has serious baggage and her neurosis were a little bit much for me after a while. I loved everything about Kenzie in the rest of her life – her friends are wonderful, she’s great with her brother, she’s a fantastic businesswoman – but she’s infuriating when it comes to men. Her character is realistic, but I didn’t love the angst and meltdowns.

Evan is also a little bit infuriating because he is perfect. Kind, patient, thoughtful, successful – he’s a fantasy boyfriend from central casting. I’m not sure I’m even allowed to be irritated by perfection but my favourite men have a little edge, a few quirks, and they mess up sometimes.

Overall, this is a fun, easy read full of likeable characters and family drama. It’s the third book in a series but I read it as a standalone without any problems. It’s a well-paced read and I liked the writing style.
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Handle with Care by Marie Harte is book three in her Veteran Movers Series. Every book is about another couple and could be read as standalones. Fot best reading experience I recommend to read the books in order.
The previous books are The Whole Package and Smooth Moves.
Evan is part owner of a moving company. Oh the things he could tell.
His last assignement leads him to three slighty excentric women, one of them is Kenzie. She's the guardian for her no good brother and she likes Evan just fine too.
Handle with Care is a sweet romance with some drama and a few twists and turns. I really liked the writing and the storyline, the characters and the beautifully thought out story.
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I have been waiting for Evan's story and it is my absolute favorite out of the series so far. 

Evan is the quiet one of the family. He's the silent partner with his cousins in Vets on the Move! And with his cousin Cash out with a broken limb - he's helping to fill in with some of the moves. This where he finds Kenzie - the woman who took his breath away the minute he sees her. 

Evan and Kenzie hit it off from the start. And I loved these two together. But both have some underlying feelings about past relationships that are keeping them from being fully engaged with their relationship.

Daniel, Kenzie's little brother, is a great icebreaker in the storyline and I loved his interaction with Evan. The Bromance is fun and heartwarming. 

Kenzie's cast of friends also play a huge part in the story and had me laughing to the point of crying at moments. They were a great addition to the storyline too.

Evan melted my heart. Kenzie was cute and vulnerable and the perfect fit for the ever-patient Evan.
My heart definitely was won over by Evan. Each book in the series gets better and better and I can't wait for more in the series!
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Marie Harte is a master at conversation. This book had me riveted with the back and forth between the characters! I so enjoy reading about the people she has in her stories. I come to care for them and have to see what they are up to now. This one is the CPA cousin of the moving company. I'm hoping for more stories about these oh so capable retired military movers.

Evan Griffith has finally left the CPA firm that has been overworking him and he is now filling in at the moving company for his cousin Cash who has broken his arm. Evan is enjoying doing physical labor, meeting clients and getting to know the crew. He meets Kenzie Sykes when she is in a wild tantrum as the next door neighbor of Rachel Kim, the lady he's moving across town. For some nutty reason he's attracted to her and she is too. When she comes over to apologize for her brother Daniel's prank they interact more. Kenzie's life is stressed with too much to handle and a tech savant smart 13 year old brother whose starting to get in trouble. 

Later in the book they make a deal, he'll help her with her company's tax problem and repairs at her house if she'll design a logo for the moving company. She's partners in a graphic design company with her next door neighbors Rachel Kim and Lila. Both she and Evan are keeping their hearts shielded against love. He lost his fiance to cancer. Her fiance abandoned her and brother Daniel abruptly. Both keep busy to avoid romantic entanglements in their lives. Rachel is protective of Daniel as she raised him since she was 18 and he 2. They come at a set in her mind. Evan is an only child and his mother is showing same of the same cancer signs as his fiance showed before she was diagnosed in an advanced stage. Their lives come together in a mutually helping each other out and fall in love.

Marie's stories have a strong community of close knit characters, even set in Seattle it has a small town vibe to it. She has a great feel for relationships and dialogue and I always fall into her world and want to learn all the secrets. 

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Fizzy, bubbly, sensational and sexy are just some of the words I can use to describe how I felt about some of the characters while reading this novel. I laughed, giggled, snickered and face-palmed; I grinned, gasped and fanned myself from the heat. All this from one book that was so good, I stayed up to almost 2 a.m. to finish it. Why is it so awesome? Because Ms. Harte made me feel like I was right there, walking alongside Evan and Kenzie, Daniel and Smith, Lila and Rachel and the whole cast that made up the families of both the hero and heroine. I felt part of the inner circle because of the third person POV from both Evan and Kenzie’s side of things. And yet, there was so much to discover about everyone that could only be done by watching what happened, listening in on other’s conversations and seeing the emotion and craziness falling in love brought into all their lives. Never mind the resulting entertainment as they stumbled, goofed, gaffed and made goo-goo eyes at each other on and off during their budding relationship. There were such strong feelings of warmth, welcoming and family, warts and all, that appealed to me on so many levels, I couldn’t help but adore this book. Handle with Care is an excellent feel-good, happy-inducing read that left me feeling 100% satisfied. This is romance done right.

The dialogue alone is a giggle-kicker. What comes out of the mouths of Lila and Rachel are blushingly hysterical and they make no apologies for their colorful views on sex. The resulting word war between Evan and Daniel, Kenzie’s brother, was unconventional to say the least, but I have to admit laughing out loud at some of the more creative ideas for swearwords. It’s how and when they were used that made it seem real, relatable and effective comic relief. Overall, the strength of this novel is its dialogue between the characters, both first and secondary.

Emotion. Oh, there is a lot of that going around. Here’s where I find the author did a solid. Everyone always follows a heroine when there’s some kind of breakup or misunderstanding in the process of falling in love. So many books use that trope to fill scenes up with angst. Not many look at it from the guy’s perspective. What does he do when he’s hurt? I know that Chunky Monkey seems to be popular for hurting heroines but what do guys do? Ms. Harte shares her vision of Evan in a funk and I’m not sorry to say, I found it hilarious. Genius and hilarious. In my mind’s eye, I could picture it so clearly. I liked the hero even more because of it.

I understand that this is book 3 in the series, and based on how I feel after finishing Handle with Care, I know I missed out in not reading the first two. But, I did not feel left out. That’s a huge difference. This can be read as a standalone because the focus is exactly where it should be, on Evan and Kenzie’s rocky, quirky, unconventional, romantic, sexy and wonderful romance.

Of all the subplots with a secondary character, Ms. Harte picked the right person to highlight, Smith. Evan and Smith’s relationship is important on a few levels. It’s sometime comical, but there is a depth of emotion, a well of untapped seriousness that gave the novel solid footing. These are people who’ve been dealt some seriously bad hands in life and yet manage to rise above it. Or are trying to. Through the hero, I came to understand that there is a lot more to Smith than what the story initially presented. The last chapter in the novel, where the HEA is revealed in all its fun and romantic glory also included a well worded, intriguing sentence that insured the obvious. I HAVE to read the next story. Consider me obsessed with the thought of Smith’s HEA – now that I have been given a hint of his teddy bear side, I want him to have something he never had. Evan discovered it, now I want Smith to have it. The big question is, how long do I have to wait to find out? That’s the mark of a well written book – the yearning for more of the good stuff. Handle with Care is definitely good stuff and if that’s the quality Ms. Harte is known to write, which I believe she is, then wanting more is a no-brainer. I’m in.
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Handle with Care might center around Evan and Kenzies beginning romance but it also has a strong theme of family and friendship on both sides.  This was a fun and lighthearted read about getting back into the dating game after suffering heartache and it involves two of the nicest characters in romancedom.  Both Evan and Kenzie will make you go smile and giggle when they both navigate dating again!
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After reading the first two books in this series, I was excited for Evan's story. And the teaser at the end of Smooth Moves was hilarious. However, the book fell a little flat to me. I adore the new cast of characters in Kenzie's friends. I adored Evan and Kenzie's brothers relationship. The growing relationship between Smith and Evan captivated me. The romance between Evan and Kenzie was ok. Yes, they had chemistry, but I really felt like Kenzie was overdramatic? I wished their story played out a little differently. For sure read the book to continue the series, but don't have too high of expectations.
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