Handle with Care

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While filling in for his cousin at their moving company Evan meets Kenzie. Pretty much Evan is too perfect and Kenzie is too whiney and I didn't care about their relationship as much as I should have. There were two things in this book that I did really enjoy though and that is the relationship between Evan and Daniel (Kenzie's 13yo brother that she raised) and that we got to learn a bit more about Smith (Evan's not so secret cousin)
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During his "real life," Evan Griffith is a high-paid accountant. At the moment, he's helping out with the company he co-owns with his cousins, working as a mover. The physicality is a plus. Also a plus? Meeting the cute gal whose roommate is moving out. 
Evan is immediately attracted to Kenzie Sykes but she comes with a lot of baggage. Her physical baggage is her thirteen-year-old brother who she's raised for a long time (although the timing wasn't always consistent in my ARC.) And she's got emotional baggage from the last boyfriend who said he didn't mind that she had sole custody of her brother but then left them both. Now she's just going through her days, running her computer company (details are a little sketchy on this), and trying desperately not to be attracted to Evan. But first she falls into lust and then love (that pesky emotion ever-present in romance novels.) Will she be able to trust that he has her, and her brother's, best interests at heart?
In the main, this was a very good story: I cared about the characters; the overarching storyline connecting the series advanced nicely, and the writing flowed well. Until the end when a few things that had great set ups earlier in the story got chopped down to one sentence resolutions. I had to go back and re-read the last three chapters because I wondered what had happened.

Three and a half stars
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The third entry in her Veteran Movers series, Marie Harte delivers a laugh out loud and heartwarming story. Told in dual POV, with the story occasionally told from Daniel’s viewpoint, readers will enjoy Harte’s trademark witty banter and engaging characters. Crazy, hilarious, and lovingly interfering friends and family are another staple of Harte’s novels and she does not disappoint; Kenzie’s friends are quirky, will make you laugh, and generally liven the story from the first page. The story moves at a somewhat frustratingly slow pace; Kenzie is so fearful of being hurt again that she takes hesitant steps in her relationship with Evan and for every step forward, seems to take two steps back. Even so, this only slightly detracts from what is otherwise an enjoyable read. 

 All in all, this was another satisfying read from one of my favorite authors.
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This third book in the series centers around Evan, the  burnout accountant cousin that has left a prominent practice to help his cousins and start his own company .
Kenzie Sykes a website creator, has raised her little brother .  They meet when Vets on the Go move one of Kenzie’s friends.
Both Evan and Kenzie have been hurt by love and while Evan is ready to love again, Kenzie is afraid to open her heart.
I found both Evan and Daniel, Kenzie’s brother, more likable characters than Kenzie, who was afraid to move forward.
I have to confess that though it was good, I liked more the previous stories. They were more engaging  stories and felt this one was a little slow at times. 
It wasn’t until the last 1/4 of the book that it picked up the pace. Still it was a good addition to the series.
I was entrusted a copy of this book. The opinions expressed are solely my own.
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This is the second book I've read in this series once again I say that if you don't want to read the others, I feel like you don't have to. Marie Harte once again gives a fun witty story full of hot romance. If you want an easy read for that hot summer day, look no further.
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This is part of a series and I wish I would have started with the first one! Book was funny and I'll be sure to pick up the others so I can get a more in depth look at what's all going on.
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This is the third book in this series. Although I have read the previous books you can read this as a standalone. This book is about Evan and Kenzie. I just loved them together. The chemistry between them was hot and very intense. From the moment we were introduced to Evan I fell in love with him. He was just so sweet and so real. Kenzie is very careful in what she does and feels because she is very afraid of getting hurt again. The story line is full of romance, heat and lots of twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the very end. I would highly recommend this book and this series. Thanks Net Galley. I voluntarily reviewed this book in exchange for an honest review.
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The third book in the series of the Veteran Movers and this one has Evan the cousin working since Cash was hurt in the last book. He meets Kenzie Sykes and her friends which one of them is moving. He also meets Kenzie brother which he does not know at first who takes his phone and then before giving it back changes ring tone and something else but that for you to find out. Really there is a lot to like about this book if you have read the other ones, if not this is a fun book. Kenzie friends really make this story move along. Also her brother Daniel has some interaction with Rafi who is Jordan’s brother from book number two, which was a nice touch. Here you have Evan trying to work things out with grumpy Smith and you find out a little more about him. You also have Evan dealing with his mother dating and being introduced to the man. Also for himself to take the chance with Kenzie and her with him. Both of them need to get past old, failed relationships that are explained. Overall I really liked this story and the beginning with all of the action reminded me of the first one with all of the action. Here though you are introduced to Kenzie friends and they are part of the story and they are funny and really add to the book. Very much worth the read.
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While I loved the banter between all the characters I found the romance too sophomoric.  Too much “Does s/he like me?  Does s/he like me not?”  The actual sexy times were hot, but I didn’t like the “dating” scenes.  It doesn’t look like Lila is going to get a story but I’m looking forward to Smith’s story!
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This is the third book in the Veteran Movers series. I loved the first two and had high expectations for Handle with Care. Marie Harte didn't disappoint! Although Evan is a keeper, Kenzie is no pushover. I felt equal measures of frustration and respect for the strong woman. You'll love this book from beginning to end!
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I loved this story and this series!  What a fun well written story by one of my favorite authors.  Marie Harte has the talent to draw you into the story with her plot, characters, humor, and romance.  I could not put this book down.  I highly recommend it for a fun and very enjoyable read.
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Enjoying this series!!  Funny, great characters, what can I say,, love this author.  This is third in a series, but can be read as a standalone.  Evan is now a full time member  of the moving company  he founded with his cousins.  This latest move proves to be interesting when the client pulls a knife on him, and her brother steals his phone... Definitely not a cute meet!  Overall fun read, great characters, enjoyable read.
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Evan is such a great book romantic hero.  He’s kind and thoughtful as well as sexy and smart and funny.  He takes care of his mother and worries about his cousins.  He has an instant attraction to Kenzie.  He falls for her right away and also steps right into the role of taking care of her teenage brother.  He’s great.

Kenzie is tedious.  She is attracted to Evan but has been hurt before and doesn’t want to expose her brother again to a guy who might just up and leave.  That’s understandable, but it’s her hot-and-cold attitude that grows boring.  She and Evan will connect and everything seems to be going great and then she’ll get cold feet and shut down on him for no real reason.  Rinse and repeat.  I also found her friends obnoxious rather than funny.  I liked the relationship between Evan and her brother more than I enjoyed his relationship with Kenzie.  That’s not a good sigh.

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book that I received from Netgalley; however, the opinions are my own and I did not receive any compensation for my review.
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Marie Harte has blown me away with this one! No words will do this story justice and nothing I say can express how incredible it really is but prepare yourself, hold on tight because it’s one hell of a journey these characters take you on. Just perfection!! Happy reading!!
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This is part of a series but I feel like it can be read as a stand-alone as well. If you have any ties to the military then you will totally enjoy this novel! It’s steamy and precious!
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The alpha male in this book stole my heart and didn't give it back in this book. Handle with Care is a phenomenal love story!
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Oh my gosh what a hot story. Evan goes on a move to help the friend of Kenzie move out and in with her boyfriend. The second Kenzie walks into the room Evan is enraptured with her.  Kenzie's little brother takes Evan's phone and changes the caller ID and his ringtone as a prank. Which is hilarious!!

Kenzie was hurt by her ex when he up and left her without a warning making her gunshy. She is afraid of getting involved with Evan, because she has her brother to think about and she doesn't want to get hurt again. 

Evan has family drama he is also dealing with. He is working with Smith while Cash is out with his broken arm. His mom may have cancer but is also dating a new man. Evan finally confronts Smith about him being family and inviting him to lunch with his mom. Smith had as crappy of an upbringing as Reid and Cash but he is welcomed with open arms.

I hope Smith, Evan, Cash, and Reid get to know each other despite not knowing what to do to get it started. Evan happily works with Kenzie's little brother teaching him soccer and knows that they are a packaged deal. Evan while a cousin is considered a brother in part because he fits with them perfectly. 

This is a great addition to the series, as the characters continue to grow and find their mates they still know that family is important. I think without the family ties continuing the story wouldnt flow as well as it does. I love how big hearted Evan is and I think of him as their rock and meditator. When Reid and Cash don't know how to approach something Evan gives them pointers or steps in. After seeing Smith's sweet moments I really hope we get to learn more about him next.

Received ARC in exchange for voluntary honest review from NetGalley.
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Seriously, I should just be able to review this by saying “the author is Marie Harte, therefore it gets five stars.” 

But since I can’t do that, let me say that this is the next book in the series about vets who are movers. I know that doesn’t sound very exciting, but Harte writes her characters and stories with a particular skill that keeps the reader racing through the story even while dreading the final page .

This ended in a way that wasn’t a cliffhanger (I hate those!) but sets up the next story perfectly. I can’t wait to read it!
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Wow! I can't wait to read the first two books in the series. A hot, sweet read!

Many thanks to NetGalley, the author, and the publisher for my ARC. All opinions are my own.
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The third in the series is just as enthralling as the previous two...   
Evan works at Vets on the Go with his cousins but up until now he has been a silent partner, but Cash's injury t the end of the last tale meant that they were one mover short... so he has to play a more active role now.  On the job he meets his match.. and her slightly crazy friends/family!

this is an entertaining tale which shows the strength of the family you choose (and that you know your family can be slightly crazy and don't play any of their family at football... they tend to have nicknames like Red Card Caroline...

Here's hoping we see more of Caroline when we get to Smith's book!
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