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Mixed bag for me. Seems heavily inspired by the Netflix show "The OA." It was easy to read. I found myself skimming a lot of it, especially Tati and Ana's chapters. Thought there were a bit too many overly descriptive scenes involving spit. Would recommend, especially to younger YA readers.
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Tati a teenager sends in her DNA to a site that's for ancestry. She's been having health issues mainly seizures as long as she can remember.  During them she sees things and she communicates with a parallel universe. 
This was a good book science isn't my thing but this book oddly drew me in. However I hated the ending. I felt like it could of been better.
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This book was a mixed bag for me. It's great and fast paced, full of surprises and a great premise I was really intrigued with, It was a nice quick read, entertaining and fast, I found myself hooked on the story and devouring it quickly, I enjoyed  the non stop action. Even though there were some confusing elements to the plot, it was easy and light to read.
BUT I couldn't keep up with the four main characters - it was way too easy to confuse them and forget who was who. I got a little bit lost. The ending was a let down as well; it just seemed to sneak up on me when I was reading... it felt almost rushed. That does mean it'd be perfect for a sequel, but still, I think it deserved a much better and more fleshed out ending. 

Overall it was a bit of fun, but there were some problems that left a slightly bitter after taste.

I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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I really really wanted to like this story. It had everything I love : parallel universe, gay representation, psychological thriller. But it fell flat. The beginning parts were really confusing and even though Kathryn Berla tried hard (i guess) the characters, for the most part, were unrelatable. The book was very slow paced and confusing to say the least.
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I was given this book to read in exchange for an honest review by NetGalley. I am expressing my opinions as that is what I signed up to do. I really wish I could say that I enjoyed this book. The concept of the book caught my attention and it is still a really interesting concept in theory. But when put into the book it made no sense and was incredibly confusing for the reader. I rated this book 2.5 stars out of 5.

I had big hopes for this book as I thought the idea of the books was something I would really love – seventeen year old Tati sends a saliva sample to a DNA ancestry and her esults come back inconclusive. It begs the questions what is wrong with her DNA? Tati discovers what she believes is impossible, parallel universes exist and her DNA compels and condemns herself and her other selves. Therefore they all try ot work together to take down the scientist responsible for this, their father. I don’t know about you, but this sounds really interesting to me! Which is why I am so dissapointed with this book. It was one of the most slow paced books I have ever read, I did not have a clue what was going on for the first 50% of the book which left me wanting to give up a lot. It was reallyy difficult to keep up with the alternate realities because it was never explained clearly at the beginning of the book, so by the time I understood I had to go back and piece together what happened.

It was too difficult to follow the plot and the charchters. It made it difficult to enjoy because I spent all of the time thinking “wait what?!” after every chapter. There are several versions of the same charchters from different realities. Now, this is a cool concept. But it was not handled well in my opinion. It was just incredibly confusing. It never truly specifies the differences between the different realities and the version of the character within them. We just see a small difference, e.g one is quieter etc.

Overall, I did not enjoy this book. I found it slow paced, hard to follow and really, really confusin. The idea behind the book is intruiging and I can definitely see where the author was trying to bring this book, but for me the journey was too confusing. Again, thank you to NetGalley for this ARC.
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I’m feeling pretty ambivalent about Kathryn Berla’s Ricochet, and honestly, I almost couldn’t finish it. It is a strange blend of detective fiction and science fiction. The delay in what was going on made the novel really confusing, which I believe was due, in large part, to the massive amount of unnecessary exposition. Additionally, I felt no sense of “ah-ha! I was right!” when the full back story was revealed because I was too frustrated with trying to piece the story together by the time pieces started to fall into place. Also, the main driving plot point—how Tati, Ana, Tanya, and Tatyana are going to stop their father— fell flat and was anticlimactic, which was a little disappointing and unsatisfying.  Really, it all came down to coincidence. 

However, the idea of a multiverse is an amazing concept for a plot line, which is what redeems the novel, and Berla does a fantastic job of creating characters that were alike but just different enough to tell they were “different” characters. It really makes you think about how different your life could be if one thing had been changed.

I think if the story was re-organized to introduce what is going on earlier and then we follow the paths of each character and a more action oriented climax was added in I would have enjoyed it more. I wouldn’t have been so frustrated trying to figure out what was going on and could have invested myself in the thrill of seeing how was going to come together. Ricochet is an evenly paced novel that offers surprising twists and plays with the concept of parallel universes. It is very Black Mirror-ish with its take on the modern debate that surrounds genetic modification and editing, so if you enjoy Black Mirror and its ambiguities, you’ll more than likely like Ricochet as well.
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I just want to take this idea and try my own hand at it. One character, four incarnations in as many parallel universes. This book was a big dose of brain candy wrapped up in a YA story that appealed to me in the same way Killing Eve did. I think one of the hardest things about a story like this is in creating its own credibility--which is different than realism--and I was all in, all the way to the end.
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Thank you Netgalley for providing this book in exchange for an honest review. The premise of this book is really interesting. Usually I really like multiverse books, parallel realities can be so interesting. Unfortunately this book was very confusing for me and I had a hard time keeping track of who was what and where. It never really became easier and then the end fell apart and felt rushed. 2 1/2 stars.
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I had high hopes for this novel. The multi-dimensional aspect really interested me. Unfortunately, I was not able to make it past the second chapter. The lesbian relationship was not my cup of tea. I was unable to relate and therefore was uninterested in finishing it.
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I am unable to read and review this books at this time and will hopefully be able to read and review in the future i want to say thanks to the author and publisher for giving me the chance
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Ricochet follows four versions of one 17 year old girl across the multiverse: Tati, Ana, Tatyana and Tanya, as they harness their abilities to communicate with each other and understand their past and how they were given these abilities.

I usually don't read a lot of sci-fi, but Ricochet really spiked my interest, and I was so excited when I received an arc from net galley. This book really was a very interesting and unusual concept and it would have been incredibly difficult to write, but despite this I think it was executed really well by Kathryn Berla.

I think what Kathryn Berla did best was differentiating between the four main characters. Obviously, they are the same person, however their experiences in life are all different, so therefore they are all also individual. While reading there were times when I wasn't really paying attention and I forgot who's perspective I was reading from, but overall, I found it very easy to tell on character apart from the other.

This might just be because it took me a while to read this book, but my only complaint is that I felt that the introduction was too long. I failed to recognise several important plot points because I felt as though I was still in the middle of character introduction and the turning point that kicked off the story. It wasn't until I saw that I was about 70% through that I realised that I was already well into the plot.

Overall, I found Ricochet to be a really enjoyable and interesting read. The concept was amazing, and very well executed. I really liked the main characters and found the plot easy to follow and interesting. I really would like to see a sequel to this book, as I believe that while Ricochet did have a nice wrapped up ending, there is no much more of this concept that I would love to see explored more. 

Also can we just appreciate this cover. It is so pretty.

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I had a hard time getting through this book. I read lots of reviews about it and there are basically all positive, but I honestly don't find lots of positive things in this book starting from the very focus of the story: the multiverse theory.
I'm not that informed on it and I don't know so much about that kind of physics and theories. This book should have explained it better, because everything is very confusing from the beginning.
Firstly, all the characters in this book have basically the same name but different nicknames. This thing already makes it a mess, because I barely could follow the story. The names are basically the same and at the end there was confusion as to who was who.
Secondly, as I said before, there is too much unsaid regarding the multiverse theory. I didn't understand a lot about it, and since it's a theory that not lots of people know a lot about and this is a kind of book who is usually read by 'common' people who often don't have that kind of knowledge, it would have been good to explain something more. I honestly found it very confusing, I have lots of questions about it, for instance: how the hell did they become just one person? How the hell did they have different lives but the same name?
Also, speaking about the story, reading the synopsis, I had high expectations of it. I've read lots of sci-fi books and I was kind of drawn by it because the string theory is really an interesting one and who wouldn't read a story regarding this theory? But after 30% of the book I realised the story wouldn't be that exciting as I thought. The story was bland, unexciting and plain. It was very predictable too honestly. There are no twists and turns and after only three chapter I wanted to give up and dnf. The povs were too much and it made it hard to follow the stories, all different from each other but with the MC having the same name. There was a good idea behind the book, but it was developed poorly and badly. The ending was underwhelming. Unfortunately I really expected much much more and the book didn't met my expectations. It wasn't enjoyable and too long, because nothing really happened and lots of things were left unsaid. It wasn't developed enough and the real problem wasn't adressed. 

*Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for the advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review
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*Received an ARC from the publishers, through Netgalley, for which I am grateful*
DNF. The blurb made this book sound fantastic. I thought it would have a similar idea to "A Thousand Pieces of You" however it let me down. I'm not fond of F/F relationships, and the blurb gave no hint towards that, so I was taken by surprise when it came up, and it made the book more difficult to read. I also did not enjoy the writing style. That cover and title were so cool though! So sad this was a let down.
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I am giving this book four stars because of the ending, it was a really good read and i wanted to love it 5 stars worth but i just cant get over that ending. I had so many orphan black vibes while reading this book and that is hands down in my top five of favorite shows. The time jumps were a bit confusing, I feel like this book could of went on as a series so we could of had more world building and maybe a different ending, but i did enjoy myself while reading. I think it was good for a one time read, I would recommend it to friends.
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I loved this book! The dynamics between the characters were intense and well developed, the writing was stellar, and the story was great. I was hooked until the last page and am excited to ready more from this author!
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WOW!! Just the concept is unbelievable, but the way is written is worthy of admiration! JUST READ THE BOOK and you will realize it soon! Breathtaking and mindblowing!
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I received this book through Netgalley in exchange for a review. I am torn with this book. I wanted to like it, but it just did not live up to my expectations. I loved Orphan Black and I found the premise for the book similar. Ricochet, however, was very confusing and underdeveloped. The beginning took to long to get into and the end felt rushed. The book is the point of view of 4 characters that all have similar names and all have the same people in their lives so keeping their stories and each character straight was almost impossible. The first 3/4 of the book are spent building the story very slowly and then the last 1//4 of the book rushes the end and you are left with a very dissatisfying conclusion. It was a book I could put down and walk away from, not one that I wanted to read to the end.
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I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.  
Thanks NetGalley!

This book wasn't for more.    Confusing at times.       It was hard to keep up with the information given honestly.     It may be an awesome book for some people, but unfortunately not for me.
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*3.5. This book was really strange and really confusing, but once I got into the story it was really cool. I really liked the concept of parallel universes and four different versions of one girl, and at the beginning that was very confusing. The point of views have no order so that also contributed to that. The book is also very dark so I would categorize it as upper YA at the very least. Overall, the story had a cool concept but it could have used better organization.
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I have read a lot of Young Adult literature, so it is difficult to find one that really taps into something new. This book was surprisingly new at every page and explored some ideas that I have not seen in other novels. The main character (characters?) has seizures that allow her to get glimpses into parallel/alternate universe/multiverses, where some things about her life are the same...and some are vastly different. Each version of herself has its own struggles and relationships, but also the some of the same problems, one of the largest being the seizures. It is a very interesting and entertaining read. 

As a teacher, I think this would be a really fun book to teach and discuss. Who would you be in another universe? Would you want to visit the other you?
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