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Another great read in the Sometimes in Love series! 

Sadie is an actress. Bo has been hired to help train on set. Sadie and Bo have a history that goes wayyyyy back, but essentially they've both been hurt. Can they put that behind them? To put it all behind them, Sadie needs to come clean about what she went through when they were together when they were young. 

These two were so great to watch rekindle their friendship and ultimately their romantic relationship. We see a little bit of previous characters, and I have absolutely loved reading this series.
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This book is a very sweet, emotional m/f contemporary romance, with a second chance at love. Sadie and Bo were childhood sweethearts, but Bo broke up with her on prom night and broke her heart. They don’t see each other for 10 years. They end up having to work together on a movie that is Sadie’s big break as an actress and Bo’s biggest job as a stunt coordinator. The old sparks reignite and they don’t fight their feelings.

I appreciated that they didn’t run from what they felt for each other. They both accepted really early that they were each other’s person. But the road is not all smooth sailing as they still have ghosts from the past to face. She never knew why he broke up with her. And she also kept a big secret from him.

I was able to guess what the secret was pretty quickly, but I didn’t mind. I liked the way they talked to each other. I liked the way they cared about each other. I liked the memories of their time together as first loves. But it drove me crazy how long it took them to talk about their past. I wanted to scream at them to just talk already! But really, that’s a minor complaint.

All the friends from the previous books in the series were there, and they were fantastic. I would have liked more of them, actually. We got to see so much of them in the first book, which was a smart way to kick off the series. In fact, this book might be my favorite in the series. I loved the first one because of the big, sexy ginger hero, but this one gave me more feels. It was a bit of a slow start, but once I got into it, I couldn’t stop.

I give this book 4.5 stars. It was a fun, sweet read, and I will probably enjoy it on rereads. In fact, I’ll probably track down a print copy to go with my copy of Getting Hot with the Scot. Also, I really love the covers they are putting on this series.
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Okay i'm back and I have to say out of the series this is hands down my favorite!
The emotion in this book was crazy. It made me feel everything. 

I love a second chance romance. Sadie and Bo knew each other from little kids and at 18 Bo left Sadies because he thought she would be better off without him. He thought she would resent him if they stayed together and she could not live her life and do what she dreamed. 

Sadie had grown up in a very wealthy family and a lot of people around her thought mom and dad paid for everything, got her into the best schools and got her into her acting career. But Sadie did it on her own, she did not want to be the spoiled rich girl, she hated it. Bo on the other hand lived on Sadie's grandmother's property. His father worked on the land. Bo had grown up on the land and wanting to take over for his dad when he gets older. He loved the stables and loved the horses and would always dream he would run it. 

Every summer since Sadie was little her parents/nanny/driver would be dropped her off at her grandmother's house and that's where she met Bo. They spent every summer together until the horrible summer when Sadie was 18. Don't want to spoil to much but that summer change both their lives. They hadn't seen each other in 16 years and when Sadie finally landed her dream roll in a movie, who was her stunt manager? The one and only, her one true love, the man she was always in love with Bo, even if she tried to hid it and ignore it. 

This story had me locked in from the first moment. Both Sadie and Bo had secrets they needed to tell each other from from the 16 years they were apart but it was hard. They both wanted a second chance with each other. They were it for each other but could they tell each other the secrets they had and could the other except those secrets.

This series is based on a group of girl friends and each book belong to each of their lives. I cant wait to read more of their stories. Cassie was book 1, Bonnie was book 2 and not book 3 is Sadie. 

Thank you St. Martin's Press for the ARC. This ARC was given for my honest opinion.
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Melonie Johnson's "Once Upon a Bad Boy" was an excellent second chance romance, and I loved it.  It seemed to have a somewhat different, more serious tone than the first two books in the series, but still managed to be charming and incorporate some humorous moments.  

I adored Sadie, the female lead character.  She seemed so down-to-earth despite growing up wealthy and becoming successful as an actress.  I really admired her strength and independence, as well as her ability to stand up for herself, her choices, and what she believed in despite her own insecurities and what other people might think.  In addition, it was great to learn more about Sadie's friendship with Ana.  I liked them and their banter in the first two books of the series, but their special relationship really shines in this story.

I also loved the male main character, Bo.  From the beginning, he comes across as a great guy and still seems to care about Sadie, so at first it was tough for me to understand why he broke up with her back when they were teenagers.  As it turns out, Bo really is a pretty great guy and his reasons for ending things with Sadie were understandable, given their ages at the time.  They were so young back then, and their different family circumstances probably seemed insurmountable at the time.  Only with maturity and life experience did Bo come to realize that the external trappings of Sadie's family's wealth didn't matter and shouldn't be a reason to keep them apart.

The secondary characters featured in this book were wonderful too, particularly Sadie's grandma and Bo's adorable nephew, Toby.  Bo's sister, Luna, was intriguing as well.  She didn't come across as very likeable at first, but as I got to know and understand her a bit better, I sympathized with her more and more.  (It seems to me like she might need a HEA of her own!)

I am definitely looking forward to Melonie Johnson's next book.

*ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Melonie Johnson’s third novel in the extremely charming “Sometimes in Love” series  shifts the focus to Sadie, another of the group of friends who form the core of the series.  Sadie is attaining her dream of becoming a movie star, and her current role brings her back in touch with her childhood love.  Clearly the two have loved each other even in absence, and being forced to spend time together professionally gives them the time to relearn about each other.

I’ve said it before; Johnson does friendships so well, and she is on her game again in this story.  Sadie and Bo are strong independent characters and really make this one shine!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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I have nothing against Sadie and Bo and actually liked them. Bo's reasoning for breaking up with her in their youth seemed weak. Also he wasn't really a "bad boy", IMO. Just because he didn't come from money doesn't make him that and nothing else suggested it to me. So no bad boy vibe there. Sadie's part in her past seemed thrown in and not really developed. They jumped into bed rather quickly with all their hurt and drama still in place and not just once but multiple times. Their past or current relationships weren't developed enough for me. Overall I did like the star/stunt man part and if you overlooked the development issues it was a cute read.
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Once Upon A Bad Boy by Melonis Johnson is the third in the Sometimes in Love series. This a story of second chances. 

Actress Sadie Gold shows up for her first day of filming to find that Bo Ibarra is the stunt coordinator her movie. Bo and Sadie had been an item until just after her senior prom, when Bo broke up with Sadie. Ten years later - actually - eleven years had passed.

What will happen when Bo and Sadie have to spend time together? Will they be able to maintain their distance or will they become involved again? 

This book has it all: love, romance and some laughs. It is an easy read and very enjoyable.  I recommend this book even if contemporary romance is not your usual genre. Read it, I think you’ll like it.
Thank you #Netgalley and #StMartinsPress for approving my request.  The opinions expressed in this review are solely my own.
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I wanted to start off by saying that this book is not a about a bad boy. I love Bo and he is such a
sweet character and I am kinda offended that he is called a bad boy. Maybe he is a naughty boy,
but who's complaining? Anyway let's get to the meat and potatoes of why we are here today.

Bo and Sadie had that young, intense love and I was there for it all the way. I could just tell from
the beginning that their love story was not going to be easy. Sadie is an actress who has been
cast in a ground breaking role as a superhero and Bo is a stunt coordinator for movies in the
windy city, Chicago. What happens when your first love, whom you haven't seen in 11 years,
is responsible for your stunts in a movie that is bound to make you an A list star? The answer
comes in sparks and hot make out sessions. Yes. Yes.

This story had great main and side characters to carry it and to keep it entertaining. In case I forgot to mention, this book three of the Summer in Love series, I previously read book 2 and this the second book that I have read in this series. I enjoyed this installment more than the second one and this book has more heart.  This story is broken down to a very personal level and it gets a little political towards the middle to the end. I was also taken to a movie set and I had fun along with these characters.

The love story was dragged out but it was worth it. This is a story that many have read
before, a rich girl meets poor boy and poor boy leaves because he can't give rich girl what she
wants, but this one is so grounded and raw. Bo's family has worked for Sadie's family ever since Bo's parents emigrated to America.  The family bond was powerful and I love how Bo's mother was the matriarch of the family.  Sadie was born with a silver spoon, but she wanted to make it in the movie industry by her own chops and wanted to prove to Hollywood that she wasn't some spoiled heiress who needed her money to make it.  They had amazing chemistry and the road to their happily ever after was rugged.

Well, I would have to say that this was almost a 5 star read if it wasn't for the rushed, abrupt ending.
When I reached the 96% and nothing was getting wrapped up, I knew that I would be unsatisfied
with the ending and I was most definitely dissatisfied. I had to keep refilling my tea cup because
this book was wonderful. Go pick it up.
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Rating: ★★★ (3 Stars)
Title: Once Upon A Bad Boy
Author(s): Melonie Johnson
― Mercedes “Sadie Gold” Goldovitz: 29 years old, Blonde, Violet
― Bo Ibarra: Brunette, Brown Eyed
Setting: Chicago, Illinois
Tag(s): Romance, Contemporary 
Content Rating: R
POV: Third Person
Smexy Level: Hot
Favorite Quote(s): N/A
Overall Opinion:
Once Upon A Bad Boy by Melonie Johnson was an entertaining read. The story is about second chance romance. This book is part of a series but can be read as a stand alone. Overall, I enjoyed Melonie Johnson’s writing style and the story in general. Everything flowed smoothly and there weren’t a whole lot of awkward moments as far as the writing goes. 

Unfortunately, I never really connected with either character. Or maybe I never really felt the connection between the two. 

Many thanks to St. Martin's Press and to NetGalley for this ARC to be reviewed in exchange for my honest opinion.
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To me, this book was the best of the three. I always enjoy a good second chance romance. Sadie and Bo are an opposites-attract, friends-to-lovers couple. I did like that we revisited their past since it helped build up on their relationship in the present. I also liked Sadie and Bo both individually and together. Seeing what will become of these two was interesting. Overall, this story did keep me invested to see what will happen. This was a sweet easy read made for a relaxing day.
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I am loving Melonie Johnson's Sometimes in Love series.

Sadie Gold is finally getting her chance to show the world that she has what it takes to be a lead actress in Hollywood. She is tired of all the assumptions that people have about her because she comes from a family of wealth. As Sadie gets ready for the role that will hopefully change her future, she suddenly comes face to face with the man that broke her heart more than a decade ago.

As the stunt coordinator for the film, Bo Ibarra knew that he would be working side by side with Sadie. Bo has never stopped loving Sadie but he knew there was no way two people with different lifestyles could ever be together.

Sadie thought she was at  peace with Bo telling her it was over between them. Now Sadie has a lot of questions-why did Bo leave her? Does he still have feelings for her?

I was not expecting Once Upon a Bad Boy to be so emotional. I enjoyed the journey Sadie goes on in finding out just how tough and strong she could be both mentally and physically. Just like the other two books in the series, we get to see how much friendship plays a part in the story. Sadie's girlfriends truly loved and supported her. I also have to give a shout out to Sadie's nana. 

Bo was a great hero to read about. I loved how much he cared about his family and would do anything to help them. I liked that he was ambitious in his career. I was not a fan of how his business partner Vic reacted to a situation that involved Bo and Sadie. I just thought that since they were partners for such a longtime Vic would have listened to Bo's explanation instead of automatically judging him.

Sadie and Bo had a rocky journey as they learned to love and trust each other again. I may have shed a tear or two after reading this second chance romance.
             "I'm not saying the universe has a plan for us or anything, but maybe-if it did-then this was the idea all              
              along. That we had to go our own ways in order get here. To this moment."

Overall, Once Upon a Bad Boy was such a fun and emotional read that you will not want to put down.

Arc provided for honest review
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This was a great addition to this series. This time it's Sadie's turn to get her happily ever after. You can guess everything that is going to happen in the book but it's still fun to read this book. Bo was and still is Sadie's perfect match. It was fun to see how they were in their past. If you liked the first two books, you will enjoy this one. If you haven't read those books yet, why not?

*I received a free copy of this book via the NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving a review.*
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Melonie Johnson has created realistic, likeable characters in Once Upon a Bad Boy.  Sadie is a good study in stereotypes. Everyone thinks growing up rich equates to have a great life but once again we're reminded that money is not the source of all happiness.  Absentee parents never made her life easy.  Having her career success attributed to her family's wealth stings in the worst way.  She's determined to prove to the world her worth as an actress and pours her heart into the amazing role she's landed.

Bo's the one that got away and it broke Sadie's heart.  She's never gotten over her first love but life goes on and some hurts are too deep to overcome.  She's shocked to find he's working on the same movie and not too happy that he still makes her heart yearn.  

Bo's been guilty of stereotyping Sadie too and though he regrets losing her he knows he did what was right.  Or did he?

The two find quickly that what they had so many years ago still burns inside both of them.  On on-set affair will do neither of their relationships any good but they're soon spending time together rekindling their love.

There some intrigue, lots of missed cues and misunderstandings.  There's also a sweet love, great friends amazing family members and plenty else to keep the reader turning pages.

I enjoyed this book and think you will too.
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Loved, loved, loved this book!! Love this series!! Such an awesome group of characters. I really enjoyed Sadie and felt a connection to her character. The emotions of this book seemed very real. A very addicting read. Cannot wait to see what this author does next.
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4.5 Stars

Once Upon a Bad Boy is the third book in Melonie Johnson's Sometimes in Love series. It's a second chance romance between Sadie and her childhood friend/first boyfriend Bo. It's been 11 years since they last saw each other, on the night they broke up, but when Sadie arrives for the table read of the new action movie that she landed the leading role in, she discovers that Bo is the stunt coordinator and will be watching  over her on set.

After the first two books, I didn't know much about Sadie, but I came to absolutely adore her and Bo. The tension and chemistry between the two is hot. My only issue with the characters is that I'm confused by Bo's background and not sure it's that well thought out.

I'd seen a spoiler online for a certain plot point so I knew the secret that Sadie was hiding and kept waiting for it to be revealed. This doesn't happen until very late in the book, but I absolutely think that the author handled it in the right way.

While this is the third in the series, it reads completely fine as a stand alone and I'd highly encourage you to pick it up even if you skipped over the first two. This is the best one yet and I can't wait til we get Ana and Delaney's stories.

Thanks to Netgalley and St. Martin's Press for my eARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Once Upon A Bad Boy, by Melonie Johnson, is book 3 in the Sometimes In Love series.  Available 6-25 in booksellers and on-line.  This is only the second book by Ms Johnson that I've read.  Although part of a series Once Upon A Bad Boy works very well as a stand alone.  There's enough explanation of backstories to fill in some blanks but it's not overdone.  I like these ladies so much I have to go backwards to book one.  I want to know how it all started.  I found the plot to be relatable in real life.  We've all had that feeling of not being good enough.

Sadie Goldovitz has become a star on the rise.  She'd been on a soap opera for a few years and now has a shot a the big time.  An action movie part has come her way.  Her all or nothing attitude is admirable.  The stunt coordinator happens to be her old boyfriend, Bo Ibarra.  They haven't seen each other in a decade but the magic is still there.  Both are having trouble with trust issues and the idea that it was destiny to be together again.  He dumped her at prom, that's cold.  I could believe Bo's feelings of inadequacy, the character was written very well.  I had a little more trouble with Sadie.  She fell right back in with Bo without a 2nd thought.  I'd be leery of a guy that dumped me and never got in touch again.  I'd still be a little mad.

All in all I enjoyed the story and will be waiting on book 4.  What's in store for our ladies?

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My first Melonie Johnson book, and I came in on the middle of a series. Though, the story stands on its own. I didn’t realize this was a mid-series book until about a halfway in.

The characters were fabulous. Sadie Gold is an actress looking to star in her first big film. It’s make it or break it time for the daughter of a wealthy hotel magnate. Too bad her first day on the job has her running into her once upon a time flame, Bo Ibarra. Bo is a stunt coordinator and a reformed bad boy. The title implied bad, but he’s not as bad boy as they make him out to be. What I enjoyed about both these characters is they fit into the class warfare trope so well, and they reconnect as adults, not kids. I love a good reunion romance.

The read itself is an emotional rollercoaster, as these two rekindle what they once had. From adventures in apple picking to confronting fond and not-so fond memories, Sadie and Bo find navigating their working relationship a bit difficult with their re-emerging personal one. Plenty of conflict, plenty of drama… this is romance with a slight soap opera kind of vibe.

What didn’t work for me is that the conflict petered out mid-way through, and then took a turn for the unexpected. The author built the story in one direction and then did a quick about face, which for me didn’t play into the motivation and goals I’d seen from the characters before. I didn’t see either character truly sacrifice anything to be with the other one. Secondly there were some pacing issues that left me a little confused; as if a scene may have been cut accidently. I want to note that there is a topic that comes into play for Sadie in this book and I enjoyed the author’s take and how Sadie addressed the issue.

Overall, I wanted to love this book, and did enjoy entering the world that Johnson has created, but the buildup and subsequent resolutions were missing a few things for me. For readers who enjoy, Amy Andrews.

~ Landra
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A perfect second chance romance if there ever was one!  What would you do if the love of your life left you after your prom and now 10 years later was sitting across from you working on the same movie? That's right!  Sadie Gold finally is moving out of soap operas and into the lead role of a movie and she got the role on her own and at the table read she discovers the stunt coordinator is none other than Bo Ibarra, her first love.  Oh my.  Bo is just as flummoxed when he discovers he is working with Sadie, she was his first love. Will they be able to work together and keep their hands off? Should they? Yea right!  The chemistry between these two is enough to combust everything within striking distance. They have to overcome the past and work towards the future but they are up for the task.  Add in the characters from the previous books in this series (great reads but not necessary for this one) and this is another hit!  Definitely recommend this one.  I deem it a standalone if you have not read the rest of the series. 

**Received this ARC for review from the publisher via NetGalley**
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Secrets and emotion fuel this second chance romance. The story line was entertaining but I must say that it did sometimes bog down in some spots. As for the characters, I liked Bo and Sadie. I thought they had very good chemistry and I enjoyed their banter. In totally this was a pretty good read for me.
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This series gets better and better. Sadie gets an opportunity to reignite a lost love. Bo is the one who got away. Once again the author takes us on a wonderful journey of discovery. This couple after a decade apart has to get to know each other again and rediscover all the wonderful things that had attracted them to each other in the first place. It is a beautiful story of trusting your heart to lead you in the right direction.
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