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I remember being impressed by Obreht's first novel, "The Tiger's Wife," when it came out about a decade ago. She was an up-and-coming author who was pretty young to have written such a great book out the gate. So, I was excited to see she has written something else since. I think this novel might be sort of misunderstood if the Goodreads reviews are anything to go by. It's not perfect by any means (it's a little slowly-paced and the ending had some ambiguity), but there was a lot to like too. 

The story is divided into two parts: Lurie, an outlaw who travels with an intriguing partner, and Nora, a homesteader in 1893 who's struggling to keep her sons going while her husband is away. I was completely invested in these characters and felt pained when they experienced sorrow. There were a few twists to the story that I wasn't expecting and that kept me intrigued. Above all, I was blown away by how authentic this book felt, both in time and place. Obreht was born in Yugoslavia and is quite young to have been able to create this incredibly accurate setting and tone.

I also loved the supernatural and ghost elements of the story - they created a more modern twist on the Western genre. Definitely curious to see what Obreht writes next!

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