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The Devil's Slave

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I hadn't read the first book in this series when I found this one and began reading it, but the good news is, you can fully enjoy this story without having to read the first book. It stands alone quite well. 

This is a fantastic book from an author that has become revered for knowing her history. I feel like when I pick up a book by Tracy Borman, either fiction or non-fiction, that I am guaranteeing myself a well-written and thoroughly researched book, and this one is no exception. Because of her knowledge, and the way that comes through in her fiction writing, I felt like part of the story whilst reading this. 

I liked the main character very much and the image depicted of King James was so spot on according to everything that I have read about him, that it felt very genuine whenever he would appear in the novel. This book is a page-turner that kept me going from start to finish. I love that she included Belvoir Castle and the Flower women and look forward to seeing where she goes in the third book. 

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves historical fiction. This was a great read and kept my interest throughout. 

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