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3,5 Stars

A 85 year old man and a teenager as unlikely journey pals on a train ride to Edinburgh. Each with their own mission to fulfil. And during the long hours of travel, we get to know both their stories...

I found Henry's story the most interesting, and I undestand that Ariel's story was important to the plot as well. But I really could have done without third travel pal Travis. His chapters were only half interesting and slowed down the whole story considerably for me. Although I very much liked him as a person, there was no real need to learn his background story.

"Finding Henry Applebee" is a rather quiet, slow, melancholic book which tells the reader that you can never be too old or too young to go out there and look for answers to your questions. And brings with it a real blast from the past at the end.
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Henry Applebee is an old man on his way to Edinburgh.  The journey is passed in the company of 2 other, much younger people, all strangers initially, and they pass the time by each telling their stories.  Of all the people and all the trains, it just had to be this particular one!  It had its good bits and bad bits for all 3 of them but although I mainly liked all of Henry’s and Ariel’s chapters, wasn’t at all interested in Travis, so skim read those.  A very easy to read book with some sad, some funny parts.  Take it on a train journey!
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A charming book and definitely more than I was expecting, not at all predictable. I was surprised as I read this story. I think it was very well written, descriptive and emotive. I loved the characters and felt them to be realistic, something that can be difficult. A lovely read .
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I enjoyed this book though ,because it follows two different timelines, hard to follow at times. I feel the book would be perfect for romantics
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Oh, this was such a lovely story. I fell in love all over again and finished the story thinking that true love really does exist. Henry Appleby is a wonderful man with a beautiful story. And one that made me well up several times too.

The narrative follows two generations and we not only have the dual timeline of Henry in 1948 with present day, but also perspectives from Ariel, Travis and Frank. Seemingly different stories that converge in Edinburgh, readers gradually learn that there is more connecting these travellers than just their final destination. Whilst desperate to hear Henry’s story on the train, I became increasingly keen to know what would happen once the characters reached Edinburgh. As such, I faced the inner conflict of wanting their train to simultaneously slow down and speed up!

Beautifully written, I could vividly imagine myself sitting with Henry and Francine. The narrative is so well-crafted that I felt like I had slipped into the bath: the plot was washing over me, making me feel rather warm and cosy inside. This is my first read by Reynolds and I really hope it is not my last.

Such a heartfelt story! I don’t tend to cry over stories but in this instance, Reynolds has created the perfect formula to pull at my heartstrings. With themes of love and family, Reynolds creatives an immersive story that makes an otherwise long and boring train journey so very addictive. Indeed, I think this book would be perfect for a long travel or even a day sat on the beach. I read this in a day because I could not put it down, wanting to know Henry’s past because he is such an endearing character.

This was such a lovely, innocent story. I loved Henry Appleby and was rooting for him to find perfect happiness. The blend between two generations, old and young, is perfectly created and I enjoyed this different style of love story. If you enjoyed 'Harold Fry' then I urge you not to wait any longer but add this to your reading lists.

With thanks to Netgalley and HarperCollins for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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A lovely read a book of unlikely friendships a book of chance meeting on a train trip to Scotland A special read a book of life’s surprises.#netgalley#finding Henryapplebee
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A sincere thank you to the publisher, author and Netgalley for providing me an ebook copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. I enjoyed this story very much and felt like I knew each character personally due to the description of them. I enjoyed the storyline. This is not my usual genre but in this instance I am extremely pleased and grateful for opening up my mind to something totally different. Thanks again.
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I quite enjoyed this book, my first by the author. It was sweet and charming and moving and just what I was hoping for when I first saw it. Recommended!
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This is a perfectly okay little book. The plot is endearing and the characters are cute. The beginning of the book is a bit convoluted and dense, but shapes up into something that is a bit more comfortable as the chapters move on. The story of Henry is a good one, if not a bit sad. I enjoyed him as a character. He reminded me a bit of Fredrik Backman's Ove and I wanted nothing but good things for him. His story crushed me a little in some places. Likewise, Ariel and Travis are perfectly fine. 

And that...the perfectly what really made this book a three-star read for me. There was nothing particularly unique or shocking for me. The characters were good and I wanted good things for them, but I wasn't terribly emotional at their individual plights. The plot went more or less where I expected it to go and the "twist" was something I had pretty much surmised to a certain point when I was less than half way through the narrative. I will admit that the overall story line certainly went past the necessarily believable, but it's fiction...I gave that an easy pass. Finding Henry Applebee was a comforting little novel and it read easily.
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Absolutely charming story about strangers on a train and how their lives intersect. Loved it !  Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher.
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I really enjoyed Finding Henry Applebee. Celia Reynolds pens a compelling story that had me unable to put my kindle down. The storyline and characters were so interesting!
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This is such a lovely book, that somehow manages to be heart breaking and warming at the same time. I loved the character of Henry and what a gentleman he is. It's fascinating how all the characters' stories intertwine and have an effect on each other. I'd advise a box of tissues to hand as the characters really get under your skin and it's almost impossible not to get emotionally involved. One to be added to your TBR pile.
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Travis who is a young Jazz musician who by chance sit together on a long train journey. They begin exchanging their lives and stories and without knowing initially their lives are intricately linked together.
I fell in love with Henry, an old man with a kind heart. His story paints a warm glow of yesteryear and how our lives don't always go as planned. Lost love, family secrets.
Celia Reynolds has formed a fascinating bunch of characters here who all have their motives of travelling. The steady drip feed of characters shows how all decisions in life somehow make an impact on our future outcomes. Moments in life can be pivotal and when they happen some things can never be the same again.
A very happy, emotional and at times sad book. The characters are narrated lovely and would make a lovely gift for christmas. 
Thank you for the ARC Net galley.
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This was a charming book and not at all predictable. I was genuinely surprised by some of the turns of events and that's a great feeling when you read a lot. Heartwarming on the order of the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency stories. This is a book that is both character and story driven and both are done equally well. It moved back and forth in time a little bit so you are slowly developing the picture. I highly recommend this! Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC...

#FindingHenryApplebee #Netgalley
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A journey overland, a journey through time and a journey of discovery, Finding Henry Applebee is a beautifully written story that delightfully enchants and reminds us that it’s never too late to pursue our dreams or right our wrongs.

Henry Applebee at eighty-five years of age and with the help of his niece finally manages to track down a woman living in Edinburgh whom he lost his heart to sixty-five years ago. When he arrives at Kings Cross train station in London to begin his journey, he is helped in a moment of need by a young woman, Ariel. In appreciation, he offers her a spare first-class train ticket beside him for their trip to Edinburgh. When they get settled they are joined across the aisle by a young Jazz musician, Travis, also travelling to Edinburgh. The insights into Jazz music, which I don't really follow, were very interesting.

Celia Reynolds has drawn fascinating characters that are strikingly painted and have their own purpose in travelling to Scotland. The narrative provides a backdrop to each character by providing time shifts into their background. The steady revealing of the circumstances is delicately handled and as the trip progresses more and more of the adventure becomes apparent. The story creates a warm rosy glow of nostalgia and the exciting anticipation of meeting a lost love, discovering a family secret or achieving an absorbing goal.

This story is following a topical theme involving an older person taking a trip to address some stirring concern before it is finally too late, similar in mood to The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry. There is something heartening reading a story from an older person’s perspective that looks back at moments in their life, especially when it touches distinguished moments in history.

I would recommend reading this novel and I'd like to thank One More Chapter and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC version in return for an honest review.
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This was a sweet and charming read, following the story of the loveable Henry Applebee as he sets out on a journey looking to find ghosts from his past, and wondering if the path he's chosen to take is the right one! And this story really does show you how fate is destined to play a part - the world really does move in mysterious ways!

Henry and his dog Banjo lead a very simple life - he's 85 and has led a good life but has regrets and they seem to be playing on his mind now more than ever. For him it's now or never to find the answer to his questions so he sets out on a trip to Scotland, after his niece tracked down someone for him. She was supposed to go with him but had to cancel last minute, and at the train station a good samaritan, Ariel, helps him out when it looks like his journey might be over before it's even started!

Ariel is also on her own personal journey with a mission to deliver an envelope personally to someone in Scotland. She's just lost her mother and it was so important to her to pass this message on that she must get this done. Ariel is a real sweetheart and I really enjoyed seeing how her character dealt with all that life threw her way. When she and Henry end up travelling together they're also introduced to Travis, an american musician, and the 3 of them make for an interesting combination as they share stories on the journey up.

The fascinating pasts of all the characters really help you as a reader gain an interest and connection with them all. They all seem a little unsure of whether the path they've chosen to take is the right one. The more you learn about them, the more you start to sense a connection between them as people. I also really enjoyed the way the story went back in time so that we could see Henry as a younger man, a soldier, who finds love in the Tower ballroom and the story of his romance with Francine is very sweet and touching.

A really enjoyable adventure!
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If you enjoy stories including the older generation interacting with the younger generation, then this book will definitely warm your heart.  I happen to love these types of stories.  My world brightens when I can talk to someone that has lived so much of their lives already and realizes what is important and what is not.
This book takes the reader on an adventure of an unlikely meeting of Henry Applebee (in his 80’s) and two young people, Ariel and Travis (approximately 18 and 23), when they all travel to the same location by train.  As time goes by, conversations are exchanged, kindnesses offered and they leave the train changed people. Their interaction does not end at the train station.
I do not want to give much of the story away.  This is a book best experienced as it is read, and knowing too much about the plot is not a good thing. 
The story is centered by the fact that everything we do in life leads us to the path we will be following forward.  Every decision (and non-decision) does effect the next step we take.
I totally enjoyed this wonderful journey with Henry, who definitely stole a piece of my heart.  Some books stay with you, as you take your next step and this one is certainly going to be a part of me now.
This was the first book I read by Celia Reynolds.  She is a fantastic author and I hope to read more from her in the future.
I was given this book by NetGalley and I thank them so much!  I also want to thank HarperCollins UK, One More Chapter and Harper Impulse for approving me to read this book!  Please do yourself a major favor and add this to your TBR list.  My review is my own opinion, not influence by receiving the ARC.
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Three strangers meet on a train journey from London to Edinburgh, through flashbacks you learn their histories and connectedness.  A sweet story perfect for fans of Phaedra Patrick and Rachel Joyce.
Thank you netgalley and HarperCollins for an opportunity to read and enjoy this book.
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Oh my goodness, I don't know where to start!  - Finding Henry Applebee is an incredible debut novel by Celia Reynolds.  An absolutely wonderful read which I could not put down - the outcome was amazing and I just want to know so much more about the next stages in the three main characters lives.

A train journey from London to Edinburgh where three people - Henry, Ariel and Travis, are all on their own separate missions.  A train journey which takes them on the journey of their life and gives their world the most unimaginable and incredulous future that they always wanted.

Such a poignant and emotional read.  Henry Applebee is a legend!  And I am so pleased at the outcome!  A delightful story that will make you smile, laugh and cry.  Celia Reynolds is so talented - an incredible plot with wonderful characters, with their lives all cleverly intertwined. I loved the parts set in the Gower - such wonderful descriptions given throughout.  You felt like you were on the train with them all, looking out the window.  When the train broke down I was so nervous that they would not get moving again as they all had special places to go that evening - very tense!

Such a moving story with so many important messages. Listen to your heart, believe in yourself and always always follow your dreams. Do not take someone else's word - always find out for yourself as you cannot always trust the motive of others.
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Finding Henry Applebee follows an 85 year old man, an 18 year old girl and a young man who find themselves sat together on a train from London to Edinburgh. On this train journey, they begin talking and sharing their life stories, and each character has an intricately woven backstory.

The first thing I noticed about this book was how easy the writing style is to read; I found it very quick and noticed that I could read it for long periods of time without losing interest.
The main character Henry is one that you instantly fall in love with. He is a somewhat lonely, kind old man that is haunted by something that happened to him when he was young. When reading a book with an elderly main character, I already know that it will pull on my heartstrings, but Henry was particularly likeable from the get-go, and I formed a strong connection to his character. 
Ariel is also a very well written character. We are first introduced to her as being the one person in a crowded train station that pays any attention to an elderly man in need of some assistance, meaning we are instantly aware of her big heart. Throughout the story, Ariel grows up and develops a lot, and her reason for being on the train is what gives the book an element of mystery.

During this book, many tears were shed. I didn’t expect it to be so tragic and yet so heart warming. It is the kind of book that makes you want to hug your loved ones tightly. 
I especially loved the last 40% of the book, as we explored how these strangers lives intertwined with one another and how this train journey impacted the course of their lives. 

Overall, this was a thought provoking, wholesome read, and I am already planning on gifting it to a few family members at Christmas. 

Thank you so much to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with an arc in exchange for an honest review.
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