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Drakon's Knight

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I love these Drakon stories!  Karina and Jericho have a unique, emotional and beautiful story.  There is also, action, drama, intrigue and twists. 

I voluntarily read an advanced copy.
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Jericho, doesn't share well with others, “you are mine,” he roared. “No other shall have you.” Karina is a feisty little thing, “don’t say anything unless it’s something I want to hear. I’m tired. I’m going to bed.” She disappeared inside the house, leaving him still on his knees." I liked this book, I loved Jericho.
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I liked this book and though I have not read others in the series I had no problem following the story. Jericho was in an awkward situation in this story trying do the right thing for both sides but I truly felt bad for Karina, she had no memory, was alone with these guys and being treated with hostility. I was glad the got their HEA.
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