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Queen Meryl

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Anyone who is a fan of Meryl's and her legacy of work will find much to love about this book. Although it took me a little bit of time to get used to the writing style (there's a lot of personal interjections from the author), I thought there was so much great info and humor in here about the Queen's life and her roles.

My two favorite parts of this book: the many quotes from Meryl herself from various interviews and the behind-the-scenes takes on her movies/TV roles. I loved the recaps of each role and Meryl's process behind choosing the part and making the project itself. I now have tons of Meryl movies to add to my to-watch list that I haven't seen yet (How have I never seen "Bridges of Madison County" or "Iron Lady" yet?!) Even the movies that I knew history about, such as "Deer Hunter" or "Kramer vs. Kramer" still had inside info to offer in these pages to better round out my classic Hollywood knowledge.

This is a must-read for people who enjoy learning about movies and Hollywood - so much fun! And I'm even more convinced that Meryl is a queen/icon/legend now!

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