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This is Not How it Ends

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Thee people, whose lives are all intertwined, all emotionally charged.  Charlotte met both men quite by chance. Phillip on an airplane came into her life on a United flight quite by accident when his flight plans were changed.  For the two of them, it was as if they were meant to be together.  Yet, time and travel with Phillip's work seemed to be a problem, as if they were drifting apart.  Ben also came into Charlotte's life accidentally, when his son Jimmy had an allergic reaction to peanuts and she was there to save the child's life.

This book has woven a story of love, confusion and self-doubt.  How does one balance what they want out of life, what they want out of relationships?  How do you handle the conflicted feelings swimming around your head?  There was a sadness to this novel, well written, it gets to you.

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Oh wow! I absolutely loved this book! Weinstein did a beautiful job weaving together a story that I could not put down! 
Charley is an attractive and pensive teacher who by chance meets her new beau in aisle 13 of her flight! Her and Philip really strike up an interesting conversation and they’re incredibly drawn to each other. I found myself enjoying Philip’s character.... that is until I “met” Ben!  How could I not root for him? What a unique friendship the three of them end up cultivating.  Weinstein truly makes you love both men as partners for Charley and it’s quite hard to choose one over the other.
Philip and Charley must weather some difficult times in their relationship and Ben is always right there for her to lean on.
I found myself so sad when this book ended! What a beautiful story of love and loss and then love again ❤️ I will definitely be reading more of Rochelle B Weinstein’s books after this one :)
5 stars!!
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Three lives intersect and the meaning of friendship, loyalty and sacrifice are explored. A compelling read with a satisfying conclusion.
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This is Not How it Ends by author Rochelle B. Weinstein is a truly deep and moving story of love and confusion.. What is right and what is wrong, and how to let go or hold on. This book has an amazing storyline with characters that are well developed and really stick with you. I cannot recommend this book enough and I’m patiently waiting until the October 2019 release so I can add this book to my library! 

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