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"Dead Wrong" hits the ground running picking up right where "Dead Inside" left off! As a back-to-back reader, I appreciated the smooth transition into the depths of DC Maggie Jamieson. Luckily, even if I hadn't just read book one, book two more than stands for itself. This second novel in Noelle Holten's debut crime thriller series keeps readers spinning circles around the previously convicted serial killer, Bill Raven. 

While the initial Chopper Case was heavily reliant on Raven's murder confession, the missing women's bodies were never found. That is, until recently, when their chopped up, body parts began surfacing all over town. It doesn't take long for Maggie to suspect that Raven was at the root of these horrific deaths. Yet, seeing as he has was in jail when their bodies were found, how could he have done it? Many are questioning the detective's objectivity, especially the media. Determining Raven's involvement is exactly what Maggie aims to find out, even while under strict orders to branch out and scour every possible person of interest, reinterview past connections, and play nice in her on-going prison meetings with said convicted serial killer.  

Maggie is one hell of a character, and I just loved her! She felt real and raw. Sure, she overstepped a few times for the sake of the case, letting her gut feelings guide her, but that didn't make her any less of a detective. She followed her hunches and accommodated her orders, all while navigating her own life and sexuality. Oh, and let's not forget her cat, Scrappy!  

The multiple narrations between herself, a few of her teammates, criminal psychologist Dr. Kate Moloney and Bill Raven himself really brought this story full circle. It was interesting to see how Raven's mind worked, the banter between him and Maggie, and each of the Chopper Case connections along the way. I don't want to give too much away, though, so I'll just leave it at that.

I would recommend this novel to those interested in crime thrillers with a heavy emphasis on the actual police procedural. As stated in my review of "Dead Inside," it's important to note that this book is a part of a series and does end with a cliffhanger. Rest assured that all of this individual story's I's are dotted, and t's are crossed; the ending scene purely leaves you wanting and ready for the next installment! If this is your kind of read, then get to chopping at those pages!

I'd like to take a moment and thank the author, the publishers at One More Chapter, a division of Harper Collins UK, and NetGalley for my complimentary ebook copy of "Dead Wrong." I enjoyed this ebook right alongside my purchased paperback and audiobook copies. I have voluntarily and honestly reviewed this title.

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