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Although this book was one of a series, you don't need to read the others; you can read this as a standalone. It was a quick read, which was ok, but it lacked any depth. I felt the 'bonus scenes' were a bit of a cop-out, and the author could have fleshed the main story out more instead. I found one of the main characters, Jenn unlikeable, which is never good in a romance unless they're an antagonist. On the plus side, the writing itself was good.
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I think this book had a lot of potential but I think it could've done a bit more. In this book Jenn is crushing on her brother Henry's, the hero from Whiskey Trick, girlfriend Sasha. After Sasha breaks up with her brother she comes to Jenn to admit that she has feelings for her and they end up sleeping together but then Jenn breaks off contact from her, not wanting to betray her brother. This book is set three years later when Sasha comes to work for Henry's firm for a while and the two girls end up running into each other once again. 

This series is a lot of fun, it's not very serious and each of the books only takes about an hour to read so I wasn't expecting anything too much but I think this one lacked a bit compared to the other books. I actually liked the romance, it's a trope I wouldn't usually read, but I just don't feel we got that much of it. I would've liked more of these two just together and happy instead of constantly worrying about what Henry thought. I also really hated how Jenn kept telling Sasha to come out and totally dismissing her fears over it. She acted as though coming out was no big deal nowadays which is obviously not at all true in a world where many people are still harmed just for coming out.

Overall, this series has been a lot of fun and it was good to see all the characters finally get their happily ever afters. I liked that Ryan Ringbloom included a f/f romance in a series that otherwise has all been m/f, it's great to see an author bringing about more diversity. If you want something fun, light and easy i'd definitely recommend this book, well this whole series really, it's perfect if you just want something simple to make you smile.
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I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review – thanks as always to Netgalley for sending me an ARC of this book!

Whiskey Flick was a fun forbidden f/f romance that I thoroughly enjoyed. The concept of this intrigued me from the onset. Here we have two women, Sasha and Jenn, who like each other a lot, but there’s a spanner in the works – namely the fact that Sasha used to date Jenn’s brother. Sasha’s feelings for Jenn tore her relationship with Henry apart, and it took him years to recover. Jenn knows there’s no way she can possibly date her brother’s ex, because it would be the height of betrayal… but she can’t resist her anyway.

I enjoyed this a LOT, and I’d say it’s one of my favourite sapphic romances I’ve ever read. That being said, I feel kind of like I was robbed, and though I’m not really that mad about it (I loved the book regardless) I think this story could have gone a lot deeper, and if it had done so it would probably have made my favourites list.
Whiskey Flick is a novella, and I’m always a little wary of those. I find when you condense a romance to that extent, it can feel underdeveloped and the characters never really step off the page. That book did not suffer from this at all in the sense that all the characters were fully realised, they felt genuine and fleshed out, the relationship was believable and I totally bought into it… but we get none of the satisfaction of seeing any of this happen. One minute the two characters are starting to get to know each other after several years of no-contact, and then all of a sudden there’s a time-jump spanning several months and we’re watching these two women in a committed relationship which was sweet as pie but had no build-up whatsoever. Most of their relationship takes place off the page, meaning that although I shipped them super hard and loved the interactions we did see, I just felt like we didn’t get to see ENOUGH. Show me all the little moments where they fall in love! Let me see their story! We got glimpses, but I was desperate for more, especially considering that the parts we did get were so strong and felt so real and perfect. On the whole, I’d say it’s one of the better romance novellas I’ve read, but I still didn’t feel entirely satisfied when I reached the end. There were a bunch of bonus scenes at the end of the book that featured other characters in the series, and as someone who read this as a standalone, I really would have preferred it if that extra space had been taken up by Sasha/Jenn content. Because I loved them!! The energy they exuded, their chemistry, all of it was off the charts, I just wanted so much more! 

On another note, there were a few things I’d like to touch on that made me feel a little bit wary. Firstly, Sasha is described early in the book as ‘exotic.’ Yikes. I feel like this is becoming well-known as a dodgy descriptor for multiracial characters, so yeah, maybe don’t do that. Secondly, there’s a scene where Sasha mentions temporarily considering she might be bisexual and Jenn totally shoots her down, as if being bi is ridiculous and/or unlikely. Again, yikes. Thirdly, Jenn also derides Sasha for being afraid to come out to her family. This struck me as a bit unrealistic – Jenn is a lesbian, she would have firsthand experience of how terrifying and difficult it can be to come out, and so I found her initial lack of empathy to be a bit out of place. However, this is resolved later.

Overall, these are small blips in a book I very much enjoyed, so while I would advise readers to be aware of them, they didn’t ruin the book for me by any means. This book had just the right balance of drama, humour, cuteness and steamy moments, and I had a great time reading it. I’d have loved to see it expanded and really make the most of the fantastic chemistry these characters had, but I very much enjoyed it regardless and would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun f/f read.
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Oh girl if you like sexy female female romances then this is the book for you! It’s hreat for summer and great to spice up your boring life. Check it out and get it on!!!
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I thought this story was light and easy to read. The characters were interesting to read about. This story is a little different. Overall I thought it was an enjoyable read. I vouluntairy read and reviewed an Advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are of my own.
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50 billion lesbians and I chose the right one. 

Whiskey Flick is a light, easy read in which we get Jenn's happy ending. 
As the title suggests, there is a 'Flick-y' situation in which Jenn gets caught up with the wrong person who feels just right and now, as she falls for her more and more, she doesn't know what to do. 

Drama, romance and some betrayal - it has it all and the story itself is quite entertaining! 
I had a lot of fun reading this book as I desperately hoped for Jenn to get her happy ever after! 

Light-hearted and a little comedic, it is a nice book to read when you're trying to wind down.
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Well this one was a disappointment. I was hoping for a sexy lesbian romance novel, but what I really got was a short story with underdeveloped characters and a plot with gaping holes and missing time. Now with most romance novels you can get around that because there are actual romance scenes. But this didn't even have any. I would not classify this is romance, if anything it's a LGBT fiction with rom-com vibes. Now I think there is more to the series but I wouldn't even try and read them because this one was so disappointing.
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This is the only book I have read in the series so far and it makes me want to go back and read the others. Just so I could gain some understanding into the various backstories. It was a very unique romance and I could not help but root for them.
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Whiskey Flick doesn’t claim to be more than a light read, which is good because it’s not. It’s a quick and easy read about secrets, loving the wrong (but oh-so-right) person and family. It’s a stand-alone romance but also part of a series, of which I’ve not read any other book as they are about straight characters.

In this one, Jenn has the biggest crush on her brother’s girlfriend Sasha. Right after Sasha breaks up with Henry, she and Jenn share « a moment » but Jenn can’t deal with the guilt of betraying her brother. The two women meet again three years later, their feelings are still as strong and they decide to try having a relationship while not letting anyone know. The thing with secret relationships is, they usually don’t end well.

I guess this is the author’s first F/F story, and she did an okay job (though I do agree with mahana’s take on coming-out).
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This is my first time reading Ryan Ringbloom and I enjoyed this novella. There seems to be some previous Whiskey books/novellas (not sure which), but I didn't feel like i missed anything by not reading them first. I found this romance to be cute and funny even though the subject matter is taboo - Woman falls for her brother's girlfriend. No this is not a story about cheating because MC Sasha and MC Jenn got together after the breakup. Anyway, this one was the perfect length with the perfect amount of chemistry. Even though the sex was glossed over, I don't think it took away from the story (and normally I think it does in other romances). 

Anyway, I will easily rate this one 4 stars.
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Whisky Flick is a quick F/F romance. The writing is good and the characters are interesting. My only issue how can someone date a siblings ex?
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Novellas, when done right, are so fun. A clutch of good writers are dabbling in novellas giving great short reads – the kind that can get done in a couple of hours, give you a compete experience, contain a complete relationship arc and leave you happy.

Jenn has a secret that can completely upturn her close-knit family – especially her great relationship with her brother, Henry. And then that secret comes back blazing into her life. Sasha used to be with Henry but left him just before he could propose because she was into Jenn. And now, three years later, Jenn and Sasha meet again – but this time, they can’t quite ignore their feelings for each other.

Jenn is all sorts of a mess and immature, but strangely real and likeable. Sasha is plain wow. Together they are just meant to be.

The writing is flowing and fun and the story moves smoothly. Definitely recommended.
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I'm slightly disappointed in the read despite loving the LGBTQ components. I loved "Whiskey Chick" and all the follow-up installments just fell flat with me especially this novel. I just couldn't connect with the characters nor understand how nonchalant everyone was with Jenn and Sasha relationship. I mean who dates their brothers ex and can see go to a family event with a smile on their face? Sadly this series just wasn't for me but can completely understand why some readers would be drawn to this series.
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***arc copy was provided by netgalley.***

This a short read and is part of a series but I personally believe it can be read alone. 
This is also a F/F read.

The book before this is about Henry and Tina 
This book is about Jenn (Henry’s sister) and Sasha (Henry’s ex) 

Jenn got super close to Henry’s girlfriend while they dated. Jenn is a lesbian and has pretty much known her whole life. While Sasha and Henry dated Jenn looked at us and good friends except she had a secret, she had a crush on Sasha vowing never to speak those words out load. Sasha was going through the motions with Henry she knew she had a thing for females but tried to convince herself that maybe she was bi and to get that little fact hidden she held a two year relationship with Henry till she couldn’t lie to herself about the feelings that were arising for his little sister. She had to cut the crap. She ended things with Henry and left with no explanation but on her way out she made one more stop to see Jenn and what a stop it was things got hotttt but that was the end she tried to contact Jenn after that one night but with no luck. They both continue their life’s until one night 3 years later they run into each other at an event and all those feeling come rushing back in. 

I liked this storyline and I’m so happy that it worked out for the characters but...... I’m annoyed at the same time how could she do that to her brother I get it love concurs all but REALLY ? I’m not sure I could do that to someone that meant so much to me. I’m not sure I could do that to someone I was in a relationship with for 2 years! Even if it was “fake”. I have mixed emotions about this book for sure.  I’m on the fence!
It’s also worth mentioning that this is the second book I’ve read based on F/F and I believe this was written well and I enjoyed more then the first one!
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Whiskey Flick is a lesbian f/f rom-com that doesn't hit the mark. I appreciate authors who typically write heterosexual romances giving us f/f romances, but they need to either utilise sensitivity readers or acknowledge that they can't discuss the ease of coming out in current society. 

Jenn has always had a crush on her brother's serious girlfriend, Sasha. One night, Sasha visits her, proclaiming she broke up with her brother and has always loved her. After their shared night, Jenn breaks off all contact with the other girl, but they encounter each other once more after Sasha is offered a position at Henry's law firm. 

My main complaint about Whiskey Flick was the lesbian representation, especially in regards to coming out. When Sasha tells Jenn she was questioning at the time she was dating Henry, Jenn acts like the concept of bisexuality is ridiculous. Then, when Sasha states she isn't ready to come out at the time, Jenn ridicules her. She says it's easy to come out in a time like this. She bemoans her for "not even coming out to her parents". Problematic doesn't even begin to cover it. Gay people are still murdered regularly for being gay. Gay teenagers are still kicked out of their homes for being gay. Gay teenagers are still bullied and beaten up in schools for being gay. A lesbian couple were literally bashed in the past couple of months for being openly together in public. Therefore, maybe don't suggest that it's easy to come out in current society? Because it's not. If a single gay person read this before it was released, they would tell you how insensitive this is to include in a book. Let people come out when they're ready to, and if they want to stay closeted for the rest of their lives, that's fucking fine. It's their sexuality. 

In addition, Jenn also describes Sasha as "exotic" because of her skin colour, which also has no business being included in a book releasing in 2019. 

I appreciate how Whiskey Flick was a quick read and only took a few hours to get through. However, this is probably because it felt like every other chapter was removed. We didn't see any development of the romance, there were just a bunch of time jumps and suddenly they're in love (again). Furthermore, it was a sweet romance and I liked how the family was all accepting in the end. 

Overall, Whiskey Flick is an f/f romance that needed a bit of editing and some sensitivity readers. I wouldn't recommend unless you've read the other books in this series and are attached to the characters.
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4 stars!!

I love this series. It all started the Whiskey Chick  for me. I loved every book. They had me laughing so hard. This one was a little different. It is a F/F story. I usually don't read F/F, but since i like Ryan Ringbloom's books so much, I gave it a shot. And what a crazy story it was. If you read the series, you will know what happened between  Jenn's brother and his ex. But, now you are getting the whole entire story. And it is a dozy!!
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