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I wanted to like this, I did I tried but I couldn't I didn't like Ezra and I didn't care much for Evie, I did however like her friends that was what kept me going for the majority of the book, and yes there were times that I cracked up but not enough for me to give it a three star or for me to read another book by this author..
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Cute book and a fun read! Evie attempts to meet someone by recreating a TON of “meet cutes” while also doing her job as an agent assistant and hopeful screenwriter. There are some comedic gold scenes in this book. Looking forward to more from this author!
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Rachel Winters' debut novel is a delight! It is a beautiful rom-com story. Evie is a great heroine, and the supporting cast is memorable.
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Too funny! I laughed quite a bit while reading this book. I did find it obvious what Ezra was up to, but that didn't distract from the fun story. I enjoyed this book a lot.
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I was provided with an ARC of this title from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

True love stories don't have any resemblance to a romantic comedy plot. Or do they?

Evie is convinced that she will fall into the gaze and arms of her one true love if she can just orchestrate a flawless meet cute. But her courage always seems to fail her. Then her boss persuades her to hound a reluctant screenwriter for his missing script, and she is forced to re-enact her favorite magical romcom moments and recap the results. 

Of course nothing goes as planned, and Evie's efforts almost always end in flaming embarrassment and catastrophe. Her journey to find true love and rescue her career is hilarious, wonderful and captivating. 

She learns that true love happens when you least expect it, and even your best efforts can throw a wrench in your love life if you listen to your head instead of your heart.
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Disclaimer: This review contains spoilers, which I have included in my review to explain my rating.

I thought this book would be a perfect fit for me because I really enjoy romcoms, but I actually had a really hard time finishing it because of all the problems I had when reading.

I didn’t mind that the book was very light on the romance, but the romance itself just wasn’t one that I liked. It didn’t help that I also didn’t like most of the characters, except for Ben, Anette, and Evie’s mom and flatmate. 

Evie herself had some good moments, but for almost the entirety of the book, she misunderstood what Ben thought about all the meet-cutes, which resulted in many times of Evie getting annoyed or mad at him for it when it could’ve been easily explained if she just asked Ben about it instead.

Evie’s boss Monty and Ezra were meant to be awful characters, but it was tough seeing how ridiculously hard they made it for Evie to do her job. I didn’t think Evie’s friends were much better either. Although they liked to keep reminding Evie and themselves how they were all such great friends and there for each other, it was really Ben that was there for Evie for most of the book. 

I thought Evie’s friends, especially Sarah, to be really unsupportive of Evie and so quick to blame her for the stress of her job. I realized Evie wasn’t the greatest friend to them, but it would’ve been nice if she’d gotten some more support from the people who were supposed to be her friends.

But even though I had plenty of problems with the book, there were still a few things about it that were positives for me. I LOVED the twist with Ben’s past and his job, and there was another twist with the screenwriting and chapters that came together in another twist that I really liked. 

There were also several sweet moments between Evie, Ben, and Anette. Those were my absolute favorite parts of the book, and the chapters with them gave a much needed break from those other chapters with Evie and whatever Monty and Ezra demanded from her next. It was so satisfying when Evie finally confronted both of them and stood up for herself while still earning herself the success she deserved.

Overall, Would Like to Meet was a book with many characters and a romance that I didn’t end up liking very much, but Ben and Anette were two wonderful characters that I loved and who saved the book for me!
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Reading is s stress reliever for me and I have been doing a ton of reading lately. WLTM showed up on my ereader at just the right time. Evie and her friends were very funny. Their dialog with each other felt natural. Ben and Annette are adorable as father and daughter. Anette seems a little mature for seven but I will let it pass. She was a good way to showcase Ben in a good light. NOB or Ezra was all over the place, it was hard to figure him out. He really put Evie through a lot and I feel like he needed more of a comeuppance along with a few other characters. 

For a debut book this was pretty good. I feel like the release of it would have been better set for early summer as this would be a fun book to sit poolside and read.
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I wanted to like this. I really did but for whatever reason it just fell flat. It was missing that spark to really connected me with the storyline and toward half way through the book, I found myself skimming far more pages than I would've liked too. Besides Ben, Anette, and Evie friends I was not a big fan Evie or Erza (for obvious reasons) nor did I like how Erza story concluded. I don't know, but it was just blah. You know? This novel had so much potential that I am somewhat disappointed with the end result.
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What a fun, original romance. From front to back, with characters filled with heart and humor you won’t want to put this book down. An easily recommendable book.
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Thank you Netgalley for this eARC in exchange for an honest review.

This book was such a cute rom com, I loved every second of it. All the characters had such personalities and they were all so fun. I would love to be friends with them. Evie is literally living a rom-com life and doesn’t even realize it. 

Evie is trying to get Ezra to finish writing a screenplay, but he thinks rom coms are ridiculous. In order to get him to finish the screenplay, Evie is going to recreate all her favorite rom coms, to prove love can happen, just like the movies.

This book is hilarious, with all the rom com dates Evie ends up going on. I loved how brave Evie is and all the adventures she goes on. 

This story is kind of predictable, but it will end up keeping you guessing on what’s going to happen next. I honestly loved this story and thought it was so sweet. I recommend it to anyone who loves meet cute romances!
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This book is more about self-discovery then it is a romance. While there is pieces of romance in the novel it’s more about Evie figuring herself out. 

Her friends are great in the story! Lots of fun and laughs! 

This book has all the cheese and lighthearted fun if you’re looking for a book like that. 

*Thank you so much to NetGalley for allowing me to read this book for an honest review*
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I love a good "meet cute" and luckily for me, this one has them all! I loved how adventurous Evie had to be and that her friends supported her, even though she wasn't the best friend a lot of the time. I normally don't care for romance to have a children featured in them, but darn it if Anette wasn't precious. I absolutely loved her and Ben and I was kept guessing as to who her ultimate meet cute would be!
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There’s been a plethora of millennial rom com novels released lately, and Would Like To Meet arrives amongst a daunting group of competitors. While the premise is enticing enough, it lacks the higher level of writing I’ve found in similar books lately. The characters aren’t as well developed, the plot isn’t a stand out, and the ending...leaves the reader wanting a little more. Stronger writing and pacing would have elevated the story line immensely, but with a shelf full of sharply funny rom com novels, I found this one lacking.
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Evie Summers is living a rom-com screenplay and she doesn’t even realize it.

Evie Summers has to get Ezra Chester to finish his screenplay.  The stakes are high as Evie’s possible promotion and even the fate of the agency she works for is in jeopardy if Ezra cannot move forward.  He thinks rom-coms are ridiculous.  To prove him wrong and get him past his writer’s block, Evie recreates meet cutes from all her favorite rom-coms to prove to Ezra that love can develop just like in the movies.  She places herself in increasingly embarrassing situations that were fun to read. 
Evie had a great group of supportive friends she calls the JEMS group.  JEMS (Jeremy, Evie, Maria, and Sarah) have lively group chats.   And I adored the character of Anette, who was a young girl Evie helps come out of her shell.  

The traditional enemies to lovers trope gets turned on its head since the author keeps you guessing about what direction she’s taking the story.  Rachel Winters delivers a solid debut with Would Like to Meet.

Thank you NetGalley for the ARC
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(4 stars) - an amusing send up of the meet cute

Let's fully savor the irony that this would make a fun rom com movie!

I waffled back and forth between 3.5 and 4 stars, but it finished strong enough that I opted for the latter.  The heart of this story is solid.  If at times the attempts at humor go a little too far or it feels more like a Lifetime movie driving a mack truck thru a Hallmark movie, you can still feel the affectionate intention driving the story.

It's a clever plot, the writing is decent, and it was frequently amusing, though the language is cruder than I like, some parts did make me cringe (I'm one of those people who empathizes with other's embarrassment so anything over the top overrides any possible humor), and it did lag a bit at times.  I wish it had been less crude, but I did enjoy the story.

*Clean romance level:  qualifies (barely) as PG-13 sweet, but not clean;  roommate is a nympho with sex toys & more gross than funny, & there's a scene involving an erotic book club, but no pornified "love" scenes or other graphic details
*Religion:  secular, repeated uses of the Lord's Name in vain, sadly, though at least not cursing anything
*Language:  dozens of uses of d*mn, h*ll, sh*t, a couple of & f-bombs & crude names for the male anatomy
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This was an enjoyable romance.

The characters were perhaps a little flat, the plot was a bit outlandish at times, and I saw the ending from a mile away but I still enjoyed reading it. I could definitely see this as a romantic comedy film, a la How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.
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A very cute story, with really flushed-out characters that are all a lot of fun. There were quite a lot of happenings that were almost ridiculous, but they all worked really well with the story and added a lot of charm.

Evie is an assistant to an old school (and failing) screenwriters agent. She is basically going nowhere fast, having spent years stationary in both her work and home life. She's plucky, and you really can't help but like her.

I don't want to give too much away, so I won't go into the other characters much. The story was fairly predictable from even the first chapter, but there were a few twists and turns that had me second-guessing my predictions.
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Would Like to Meet is like a classic rom-com in book form. It's refreshingly funny, sweet and surprisingly heartfelt. 

Evie Summers has been stuck as an assistant to an infamous but well-respected Film and TV agent named Monty, while watching a much younger crowd slowly climb the ranks to agent all around her. Her professional relationship with Monty consists of Evie regularly dropping everything to assist him in his increasingly embarrassing "Code Red" situations while dealing with the overly cocky and frustratingly arrogant Ezra Chester who Evie has playfully referred to throughout the book as NOB (Number One Boychild). 

After the first "Code Red" we see involving Ezra Chester missing deadline after deadline for a rom-com he was signed on to write, Evie is forced to show up at his doorstep with a contract stating that he has to deliver the script for the rom-com in 3 months or the production company is going to ask for all their money back and effectively put Monty and Evie out of a job. Ezra declines saying he doesn't believe people fall in love like they do in the movies, that the meet cute isn't a realistic introduction. So to prove him wrong, Evie devises a plan, a contract of her own for Ezra to sign. She will force her own meet cutes with unsuspecting men and deliver the goods to Ezra, if she finds her happy ever after by the end of 3 months, Ezra will deliver the full script to the production company and her job will be saved.

Each chapter is styled with scene headings like you'd find in a screenplay, which makes sense and really adds something extra to the narrative since Evie herself once had dreams of becoming a screenwriter. There is also a group chat taking place between her friend group deemed "JEMS" (Jeremy, Evie, Maria, Sarah) along with e-mails from Evie to Ezra as she's explaining each meet-cute she's set up for herself.

Would Like to Meet is charming and you don't really know who Evie is going to have feelings for until close to the end (there are two contenders, both heavily steeped in romantic comedy tropes but very likable in their own ways.). I personally couldn't put the book down and nearly read it in one sitting.

Thanks to Netgalley and to the publisher for sending me an e-galley of this book!
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I love a great rom-com and Rachel Winters has put a refreshing and original spin on this genre with Would Like to Meet!  

Evie Summer has been an assistant for an entertainment agency for the past seven years and she’s determined to move up to a full fledged agent!  Her dreams are just in sight, but there one major obstacle in her way—Evie is an given the job of making sure the uber famous (and incredible handsome) screenwriter, Ezra Chester signs an agreement he will finish his script of a rom-com within three months!  There are three catches to this task- 1st he thinks rom-com’s are are beneath him, off brand, and unrealistic, 2nd he hasn’t even started the script, and 3rd he’s a complete jerk!  Knowing her job hangs in the balance, Evie decides to make a deal with Ezra—if she gives him real life inspiration by recreating the meet-cutes from famous rom-com movies and it genuinely works, Ezra will follow through with writing the script.  What Evie doesn’t anticipate is the fact that through these meet-cutes she may just meet someone like they do in the movies!!

First off, I always love a novel that makes me laugh out loud!  That being said, I also found the storyline refreshing and addictive!  I of course loved Evie, but I also loved Ben as well as her close knit friend group (that I think all deserve their own book)!  I enjoyed how the friendship between Evie and Ben organically grew through the encouragement of his sweet daughter Annette❤️!  Would Like to Meet is a 5 star gem that I recommend to everyone!  Rachel Winters did an amazing job with her debut novel and I am so excited to see what she comes out with next!
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Thank you Netgalley for sending me an early copy!

I thought it was very delightful! 

A fun, sweet, rom-com that felt like you were watching a movie as you were reading!

Evie is easily favored and I just loved her! She's a very likable character!
 Following her schemes was really entertaining and fun. 

Also Ben and Annette were the sweetest pairing I loved them, and that ending!!

Also thank you Penguin group!
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