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Mythologica is a gorgeous book that gives detailed information on 50 different Greek gods and goddesses. The images in this book are bold, bright and stunning. I had to be sure to take my time reading because I was drawn to the images over and over. In a pop art style that takes the old gods and gives them a new age twist. 

I love mythology and this book was no different it was informative in an easy to read style that flowed beautifully on the pages.
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Although the art is lovely it doesn't really suit the content, that is the myths and mythological figures it describes. The order of these greek gods, legends, and creatures wasn't very well presented in that it seemed random. Between pages describing these gods there were myths that weren't directly correlated to them. The information given was very dumbed down, perhaps a younger audience might appreciate this more.
All in all it isn't a very deep or entertaining explanation of well-known greek myths and figures...the art seemed more suited to a fashion magazine (there is an overabundance of splashes of colour which didn't really suit the tone of these gods and their escapades).
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