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Such a lovely story from the start, so pleased it had a happy ending. I loved all the dogs too.  A nice romantic read with a touch of sadness thrown in. Well done Kim Nash a fabulous book that I read very quickly as I wanted to find out what happened in the end !!
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Omg what a fantastic book. Loved it, brilliant story, loved the characters, loved the story.Nice how a couple of characters from Kims last book appear in this one. Its a real unputdownable! book. I too want to escape to Giddywell Grange. PS Cant wait for the next book
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After having heard a lot about Kim Nash's debut novel, I was really looking forward to reading Escape to Giddywell Grange. 
The story is utterly charming and wonderful. Apart from a niggle or two (involving Theo and Jamie), I enjoyed reading this book. The characters are likeable and the storytelling is brilliant. If you like to read books of this genre (Romance/chick-lit) then I recommend you to read this.
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It was a lovely story with loveable characters. The main idea is not that original, but it was interesting to see how the heroine finds her happy ending. A real feel-good read.
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I loved this book! It's easy to read with an interesting plot.
The author allows us to follow Maddy on her journey through heartbreak. We've all been there at one point or another and this was completely relatable.
Kim Nash engaged me in Maddy's world right from the start. Every character in this story has a purpose and they all tie together extremely well.
This is a book I didn't want to put down. I constantly wanted to know more. This is the first book I've read by Kim Nash but it won't be the last.
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This is the second book that I've read of Kim's and I have absolutely loved both, this is the perfect book to cosy down with, it is such an uplifting, beautiful story with characters that you will just love. I highly recommend this book, it's the perfect read.
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Book review
I have gotten to know this lovely author on social media over the last year and without a doubt she has become one of my favourite people. She is so very kind and generous with her time. I remember when Kim told me she was writing a book, I was so excited for her. I was sent a copy of Amazing Grace and to be honest (I don't think I've ever told Kim this) I had never read a romantic comedy type of book. 
I know that is shameful to admit but they were just not my type of book ever. But single handedly, this lady has changed my view completely on romantic comedy books. I adored Amazing Grace. 
In fact, I will sing its praises from the rooftop quite often on social media. I think everyone should read it.
It is a wonderfully, light feel good type of book. I loved everything about it, her characters are warm, friendly and so interesting and Kim has this unique style of writing. I love it. 
I was thrilled to be invited to take part on the blog tour for Amazing Grace. I felt quite proud actually that I was asked.
So you can imagine my delight when I heard that Escape to Giddywell Grange was on its way. Firstly I am a huge dog lover, I would go as far as saying I prefer dogs to people some days. So a book which involves dogs, I am going to love.
Secondly, Kim is now my new best friend (I hope) and thirdly, I am quite partial to a romantic comedy now., thank you Kim. They take me away from the somewhat mundane parts of my week.
I picked up Escape to Giddywell Grange to read one evening not long after getting my copy. 
I sat down in my comfy reading chair, dogs snuggled up beside me and a feeling of calm enveloped me. You know that feeling you get when you sit down with a book knowing that you are going to love it, the style of writing, the characters, pure bliss.
It's like your coming home almost, a comfort feeling as such like a warm blanket.
Kim has created a wonderful character in Maddy. She is like us all really in this world isn't she, trying our best. 
We work in a job where we feel they can't do without us and then suddenly they can and you are out or easily replaced. We feel so unsure, we question what we do, how hard we work, did we work hard enough?
Maddy soon realises that work had become more important to her than family. 
Sad but I'm sure it happens to us all at some point in our life. We get side tracked, life gets so busy and before we know it, it starts to pass us by.
She does get a chance to change her life, spend more time with her mum, her friends, enjoy new hobbies and it is refreshing for her. It helps her to take stock of her life.
Someday I would love to own a dog santuary, it's always been in my mind as a hobby or career. I think I would quite enjoy it.
A thoroughly enjoyable read, I would recommend to everyone.
Well done Kim, I can't wait to read more..
Thank you for my copy of this book. I am very grateful...
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A great summer read with an important message. Today, with all the hush and rush we all tend to live too much for our jobs. This one is a good reminder to think about what makes us happy and give ourselves a little credit to enjoy life more. It has romance, it has humor, it has message, it has everything a good book should have. 
My reccomendation. 

Thank you NetGalley for a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.
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Loved this book. Great characters, easy read, uplifting, funny, romantic and charming. A really nice story that is the perfect sumer read.
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I loved this feel good book great for reading on a lazy afternoon. This book has some wonderful characters and a fab plot and really quite funny in places. If you looking for a heart let uplifting story then this is the book for you , you certainly won't be disappointed, so grab a cuppa grab the book and get cozy on the sofa.
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Oh my days, Kim Nash has become an author that can very easily drag me away from Crime fiction and over to the bright side. 
I actually hasn't realised this new author had another book coming out so soon as due to health reasons I've been keeping myself off social media most of the time and spent a little time reading books I'd bought as I felt I needed to fall in love with reading and not just do it for reviewing. Her first book Amazing Grace had me fall in love with a great feelgood book.
As soon as I saw Escape to Giddywell Grange on Netgally I had to request it and was thrilled when my request was approved. I started this book on a Friday evening and as much as real like kept wanting to take over I managed to finish it over the weekend. 
It's a superb feel good read. A book you can dive in and out of comfortably and be transported the minute you start reading. It's also a book that really does make you think and take stock of your life and your surrounding. Makes you think just what is and isn't important in life and that some times things that happen, happen for a reason. When you are forced to take a journey down a path you wasn't expecting to take, it can still be the right path. You wouldn't have known it being the right path if what led you to it, hadn't happened. A real thought provoking read. 
Many things going on in this book were so easy to relate to which makes the book feel so realistic that the places and characters come alive in your mind. 
I loved the main character in this book, Madison. I loved the new track her life took when she was given the devastating news that she was to be made redundant. 
Madison has lived for her job and not for herself. She really believed that work, work, work was what made her happy. The satisfaction of doing her job well and believing that she was working for a company that really needed her. None of us are irreplaceable. 
When you think life has kicked you down, there can only be one way to go and that's up. Can Madison find what does really make her happy and can she find a job she will love just as much. 
Emotional, thought provoking, realistic read that certainly leaves you thinking things through. This book is one that will leave you thinking about it, long after you finish reading it. 
Kim another amazing book you have written, loved, loved, loved every single page of it. I loved how characters from  the first book were incorperated into this one, but it wasn't all about them. Keep these books coming, I can't wiat for more.
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I loved this book all the twists and turns I'm so glad she didn't go back to Jamie in the end loved the ending. Wish it was longer as I couldn't put it down
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Well, here we are back with this author’s second book, Escape to Giddywell Grange!  The title was the first thing that attracted me – Giddywell Grange, how delightful does that sound!  The second was the cover of the book looking all bright and beautiful!  The third was the author….well, let’s not lie here, the author was probably the first thing that attracted me to this book as I have read her first book Amazing Grace, which I loved!!  So based on those three initial thoughts, this book was always going to be a winner!!

In this book we meet Maddy, a high flying PR woman.  When she is made redundant not long after catching her boyfriend Jamie in bed with another woman, Maddy goes to her childhood home to stay with her mum and to gather her thoughts.  When her best friend, Beth is incapacitated due to an operation, Maddy offers to help run Beth’s business, a doggy day care centre called Growlers, alongside Beth’s dad and brother, Alex.  She also reluctantly agrees to help fulfil Beth’s commitments in the community, which she finds she actually quite enjoys!!  With the lovely Alex on hand to help out, Maddy begins to think the stressful, hectic PR life isn’t the life for her anymore…that is until Jamie turns up wanting her back!

I loved this book!! It was such a wonderful, refreshing and easy to read book!!  I have to admit I didn’t like Maddy initially and thought she came across as quite shallow.  She did however win me round and by the time she’s helping out at Growlers and delivering library books to housebound borrowers, my opinion of her had done a complete circle!!  It was funny to see Maddy thrown completely out of her comfort zone, but lovely to also see how every time she came to realise that nothing was as bad as it seemed!!  I loved her interactions with the local community and taking on the jobs that Beth would have done, and we could really have done with Maddy helping us out in the library where I work!!

There were so many things in this book which I could relate to, and probably why I enjoyed it so much, with the library, the sight impaired Mr Parkes and the elderly couple Ron and Leila Darby being my particular favourites!!  The fact that I work in a library and my husband is visually impaired kind of meant this book was made for me!!  Although I do have to take offence to Maddy’s view of being a librarian must be the most boring job in the world – because it really isn’t!!  The author has done a fabulous job of taking some of society’s stereotypes and turning them into something positive – old people aren’t dull, you don’t need to avoid visually impaired people and I repeat, it’s certainly not boring working in a library!!

I didn’t feel the romance was as ‘in your face’ as it was in the previous book, but there was still plenty to make your heart skip a beat.  For me, I liked it like this as it got to focus on Maddy and the big changes she makes to her life, and not just in the romance department!!  I did however love the side story of Maddy’s mum, Josie and her romance!!  This was tender and heart-warming and ended up just as it should have done!!

All in all, this was a fabulous feel-good read with plenty of love, tears and laughter!!  The characters all complimented the story perfectly and I really like the mention of characters from the author’s first book, which tied the two books together well!!  This was not just a story of friendship, family, good deeds and falling in love but about following your heart and believing in yourself and others!!  Cannot wait for the next book to see what this author comes up with next!!
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Escape at Giddywell Grange does exactly what it promises; it gives you the opportunity to leave everything behind and ease your feet into wellies! 

Maddy has done well. She has an apartment in the city, she’s been working in the same company for 12 years and is en route to a promotion… 

Except she ends with a different kind of promotion. The kind that opens your eyes on what you thought you wanted, who you thought you were, and what kind of priorities you want. 

Giddywell Grange is the perfect location for our main character standing at a turning point in her life. Surrounded by the most amazing best friend, family, and adorable furry beasts, Maddy gets all the room she needs to assess her life. 

Hilarious, warm, and emotional, Escape at Giddywell Grange is a lovely read!
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What an absolute joy, I loved every minute of this story.
An easy but well written read with wonderful characters that are so easy to fall in love with. A touching story of loss, love and finding out what matters in life.
This book just made me happy and I would definitely recommend it.
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I enjoyed Kim Nash's first book Amazing Grace but absolutely loved Escape to Giddywell Grange. It really felt as if Kim had settled into her writing style with this second offering. The cast of characters are wonderful and each adds something to the story. I also loved the nod to the first book.
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Warm and Wonderful!

I’ve just finished this book and am sitting here with a huge grin on my face.

This is my second book by Kim Nash and I love it as much as the first. Madison is a great character who I think many people will relate to. She is driven and busy and ambitious, but needs to learn that sometimes that doesn’t mean you are living your best life.

As in Nash’s first book, there is a cast of supporting characters who you can’t help but fall in love with. Madison’s relationship with her best friend and her mother were particularly poignant and make you think about who and what you should be prioritising in your life.

Permeating the whole of the novel is a sense of warmth and love, it is the perfect book to curl up with this autumn. And the ending was absolutely perfect.
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Kim Nash is on a roll, and is already after this the second book, starting to become a must read author for romantic comedy fans.  

I adored this book, Maddie is a fabulous main character, and although some of the surprises along the way I did guess, I was enjoying the journey far too much to mind. 

And there are dogs, I love Growlers at Giddywell Grange, it sounds like a fabulous place to leave your dog for a doggie holiday, and is a massive contrast for Maddie when she is made redundant from her high flying PR job, for her to help out at Giddywell Grange while her best friend recuperates from a much needed surgery. 

This is a story of self re-discovery for Maddie, as her life changes completely and she starts to find pleasure in the simpler pleasures of life.  

I loved seeing how Maddie develops over the course of the book, although I was worried about some of the decisions she appeared to be making. 

Baxter is one special dog and I doubt there is a reader out there that if they like dogs, that won;t fall under his adorable spell, and equally will enjoy getting to know Alice, his human too. 

You should have seen the great big grin on my face, when I spotted a quick cameo from a leading character in the author's previous book! I love it when authors do that sort of thing!

This is such a gentle story, written from Maddie's point of view, that I couldn't help but really love. 

I felt that Maddie was starting to become my own friend, and there are many many moments that made me smile in this. 

It's certainly a feel good, all around fabulous read.  It's got a different vibe from Amazing Grace, but this is  an author still finding her feet, and finding them well, proving already she can write in a multitude of ways. 

For me this was a fantastic holiday read, which I raced through the pages and couldn't get enough of in only a few short hours.   

I can happily recommend this completely whole heartedly for lovers of dogs, great story lines,  characters that feel real and that grow over the course of the book, and a whole lost of other plot points that I haven't even mentioned!!  

Thank you to Hera on Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.
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A nice, easy to read book. Madison, the main character, is likeable and you find yourself rooting for her throughout the story. I enjoyed her relationships between other characters during the book, and although some of it was a little predictable, it was a comforting read. I also enjoyed the prompts to help others and do kind deeds, something that is important for us to remember! 
Thank you to netgalley, the author and publishers for gifting me this book in exchange for an honest review.
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We could all learn a lesson from reading this book - life isn’t always about striving to achieve the best job, salary, handbags, shoes etc it’s about learning to love yourself and the simple pleasures that life holds for us.

Kim Nash sums this up perfectly in this enchanting book which I thoroughly enjoyed reading!

From Chapter One I was hooked and loved the scene setting and characters! Give it a go, you won’t be disappointed!
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