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A sweet and charming romance. Twin boys add to the fun. Family loyalty and lies. Nicely written and paced. Many heart-warming moments. Thanks to the publisher for providing a copy via NetGalley.
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If I had to sum this one up in five words or less, they would be this was cute, but...

While Gina’s reason for coming into Will and the boys’ lives was a bit questionable (surely she would have done a tad bit more digging into her brother’s story before concocting this plot? She is a scientist, after all, and even just seeing him during their jail visits it’s clear he’s got some issues.) the whole “daddy coaching” aspect was very sweet. Harry and Ian were adorable, and made every page that they were on a little bit brighter.

Gina, though, made me a little crazy at times. She dwells way too much on the same issues (Will deserves to be happy, even though it will never be me he'll be happy with is a common refrain in the second half, and it was hard to feel all that sympathetic after a while) and never ever seems to actually work at as a botanist, even though that's supposedly how she actually makes a living. She also got awfully expert at childrearing through just a few well-worded Google searches...

Will overall was a more consistently sympathetic character. He was understandably upset with her deception, though he did get over it awfully easily, making the ending seem a bit wham-bam-ish, though it was ultimately very sweet.

The Daddy Coach is a decent first effort; I'll be interested to see what Ms. Muir has for us next.

Rating: 3 1/2 stars / C+

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
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Disclaimer: I received an Advance Reader Copy at no cost from the publisher/author. All opinions in my review are my own. 

This is an adorable story that really had me hanging on to every word. An entertaining slow-burn romance with a bit of a mystery thrown in. 

I have some minor mixed feeling with regard to the plot of the story. On one hand, I loved the story and I loved reading it. On the other hand, my meticulous mind can't get over how unrealistic the events in the book are. At least, the combination of events contained in the book are unrealistic to me. Posing as a nanny when you are, in fact, a botanist, just to prove that your brother didn't commit a crime is pretty unrealistic in my book. Definitely not the norm. And not knowing that you have twin sons? I don't figure that happens very often. Apart from the unrealistic premise, I really have no other complaints. I still enjoyed the story even with the unrealistic nature of the plot. 

Gina and Will were both likable characters. I wouldn't say that I immediately connected with them though. I liked Gina's character growth. From pretending to be a nanny to the moment she realizes that Will could not have possibly perpetrated the crime that her brother is imprisoned for. All the while she is falling in love with these two little boys and Will. 

I liked how Gina and Will's relationship grew out of their time spent around the boys. Gina is trying to help Will warm up to them and the journey brings them closer together. It was a slow-burn romance for sure. There are some hiccups spread into the mix. Gina's intentions and then when Will dates Bree. In the end, both Gina and Will will have to take risks to secure their happily ever afters. 

Overall, this is a fun and interesting story that will keep your interest. The plot is a little out there on the believability scale, but the story unfolds nicely otherwise. If you love single dad stories then this one is for you. This is a sweet romance that you will read in a single sitting.
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I just really enjoyed this book. It was just really easy to get lost in this book. I will definitely be reading more by this author.
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This story was a romance that was hard to classify. It was part enemies to lovers, but sort of a “fall in love with the boss” as well. Gina applies to be a nanny (with no experience) to a pair of boys to get close to their father (Will), who she thinks has wronged her brother. Of course, there is an attraction between the two of them that neither wants to acknowledge. The scenes with the boys were great, the romance was a little uneven, and the plot point about the brother and his connection to Will did not feel complete to me. Overall, it was a decent story. This review was written based on a complimentary, pre-release digital ARC of the book.
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THE DADDY COACH is a sweet, heartwarming romance between two unlikely people who neither have the slightest clue on how to raise twin boys. Boys who have just lost their mother and the man they called “Daddy” in a horrible accident. Now, Will has discovered that from his brief marriage he has sons that he was never made aware of and he is dumped in the deep end of the pool without the least idea of how to swim.

Gina believes her brother’s story with all her heart, after all, he’s kin, he’d never lie about something so important as being framed, right? Well, maybe, but in this case, Gina is backing the wrong man one she trusts and is determined to bring the “guilty” man to justice. Only, Will isn’t the vile man she expected and her ploy of poising as the boys’ nanny isn’t working out as she intended. Perhaps because she also has no clue and is taking her instructions from Google. Now two people at cross purposes with nothing but determination and a search engine to help have their hands full with two little boys who are hurting and a growing attraction that can’t possibly be love.

I had fun with THE DADDY COACH. Gina did at times frustrate me as she’s so certain that her brother would not have lied to her. At some point, reality has to set in. Yeah, she’s been used big-time. I completely got how angry Will was when he learned of Gina’s deception. This is a man at wit’s end with so much going on in both his professional and his personal life that he’d thought he found a woman to trust and love – hard to accept that it was all pretend – or was it? Watching Gina and Will face the truth and work their way back to that happy ending that they all deserve was an enjoyable journey.

If you love a good romance with touches of laughter, tears, and some frustrations or misleading actions then you’ll want to pick this one up right now. You’ll find likable characters, adorable if hurting kids, and two people who may have to work for their future but find that it is worth the risks they must take.

I’m glad that I am a curious cat for when I searched for Ms. Muir’s website I discovered that this story is the beginning of a series, Fish Out of Water, with the next title out in November – I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for that one!

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*
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Overall, Karen Muir's "The Daddy Coach" was a quick, sweet read.  I would have rated it 3.5 stars if half stars were possible on Goodreads, but decided to round up because I genuinely liked the main characters, Gina and Will, as well as Will's super cute twin sons, Harry and Ian.  Their lovable mischief added a nice touch of lightness and fun to the story.

Gina's interactions with Harry and Ian were endearingly awkward at first, but her love for them was clear as she became more comfortable with children in general and her role in these boys' lives in particular.  She came across to me as very book smart but rather naive in dealing with people, as evidenced by her need to conduct so much Internet research on childcare and social interactions, plus her decision to hire a "date" for the boys' birthday party.  In addition, Gina believed her brother Kyle's story about the robbery without questioning it at all, no matter how implausible it seemed or his complete lack of proof.  Most people I know would have had at least a shred of doubt about Kyle's innocence, no matter how much they loved their brother and wanted to believe his story.

As for Will, it bothered me a bit that he seemed to be on a path towards repeating his past mistakes by dating Bree, even if she was just someone for him to pass the time with because he thought he couldn't have a romantic relationship with Gina.  Like his ex-wife and the twins' mother, Felice, Bree was on the rebound because she had just broken up with her fiance before reconnecting with Will.  Also, Bree didn't seem to be all that interested in having a relationship with Harry and Ian.  Even though she hosted their birthday party, it was really more about her and her friends than it was about them.  She didn't invite any of Ian and Harry's friends, or any other children at all.  Basically, Bree just provided the birthday cake, which doesn't seem like much of a celebration to me.

At any rate, Gina and Will seemed to make a good couple, and I was happy when they were finally able to work out their problems and come together as a family with Harry and Ian.  The book was generally well-written, and I would pick up another of this author's books in the future.

*ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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I received a complimentary copy of this book from Entangled Publishing via NetGalley and I am voluntarily reviewing it.

What a delightful tale. I adored Will Sinclair's two boys Harry and Ian. I could really see them as real little boys. Ms. Muir did an excellent job writing them.

Will Sinclair is looking for a nanny for his twin boys. No one has seemed like a good fit in caring for them. His boys are just a little difficult. They lost their mother and her husband in a plane accident. Will receives a call from his ex-wife's mother-in-law informing him of her death and to come and get his twin boys. Say WHAT?!?!?! Will divorced her several years ago after a short marriage and didn't know anything about her having his sons. His business is suffering do to an ex-employee stealing jewelry. His life is falling apart and he doesn't know how to connect with his boys, enter Gina Dunn. Gina comes to apply for the job. Gina doesn't seem right for the job and he doesn't hire her. As she is leaving, she gets into a water gun fight with one of his sons. Seeing Gina connect with the boys, Will reluctantly agrees to give her a try of one day. The road to Will and Gina's HEA is a tale that took me on a ride. There were highs and lows, laughs and tears.

I was glued to my e-reader as the story was so cute and endearing (yes, I really fell for the boys!). The story was written in a matter that just seems like it could be a movie.

The story was written in my dual POV format. Getting into both Will and Gina's thought process really helped me to connect with them in such a manner that they almost seemed human.

This book was a sweet, clean read. I highly recommend it to anyone (especially if you love single dad stories!)
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What a heartwarming story for Will and Gina.  I loved watching Gina open up her heart to both Will and his boys.  The scenes with her and the boys were so sweet and fun.  Then watching Will soften towards his boys, trying to make a family was loving.  I felt for Gina when she was trying to figure out the jewelry fiasco and how it would impact her, her brother, and Will.  The interactions between her brother and herself were a little disheartening.  I wish we could have seen a little more of them in the future, but the ending played out very nicely. 

I  received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher through Netgalley.
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The Daddy Coach by Karen Muir is a sweet romantic story. I loved Gina, Will and his twin boys. They were so freaking cute. I loved the story and really liked the writing.
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First time I have had the pleasure of reading a story from this author but it won't be the last,  this was really good, lies and betrayal, longing and hope as well as two little takeaways make this a entertaining read.

I received a copy from Netgalley and I am voluntarily leaving my own honest opinion
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There is no way Gina Dunn's brother is a thief and she will go to any means necessary to prove it. In so doing, Gina takes on a job as a nanny to Will Sinclair's twin four-year-old sons, Harry and Ian. Will was Gina's brother's boss, and her brother repeatedly told Gina that Will was the actual thief.

Little did Gina realize that working with Harry and Ian would create problems on a bigger level. Gina never expected to fall head over heels in love with the boys. What is more is that it doesn't take Gina very long to see that Will is a good guy, through and through. For starters, Will never even knew he had children. His ex never told him and she has since died and here are the boys..

Will has no idea on how to be a father. So, hiring a nanny to teach him the ropes, Even though he makes his share of mistakes, he is a quick learner, and has a heart of gold. All the while, Will and Gina are drawn to one another. However, on the one hand, they both strive to keep the boys first and foremost. Furthermore, Gina has own reasons for keeping Will at arms' length - her desire to prove him guilty and to free her brother of the charges.

What an adorable story! If not for the adorable little boys, the romance was just perfect. I love the time that it took to develop. The mystery of the very theft that brought them together was handled quite well. This story touched my heart and makes me look forward to reading more from Karen Muir in the future.

Many thanks to Entangled Publishing, NetGalley and InkSlinger PR for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.
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This was the first book that I have read from this author and it was an ok read for me. Will and Gina are brought together because her brother said that Will framed him for a crime. Gina decides to get the evidence that she needs by posing as a nanny for his twin boys. While looking for the evidence that she hopes will free her brother, she ends up finding something else. They were able to find the HEA they both deserved but it felt rushed at the end to get there.
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Honestly, while the writing was fine, I found the premise of the story very weird. For a supposedly smart woman, Gina could have done a bit of research to get more facts into why her brother was in trouble and how Will fit into the picture. It was a bit too messy, plot wise.
Her interactions with the twins were fun and she grew to love them, but by then I was just feeling meh about the whole “relationship” between the leads. I didn’t, hate the book but I didn’t love it, either. Honestly, 3 stars is probably generous, but I think it was more that the book was a bad fit for me, not that it was a bad book.

I received an advance copy from Netgalley. All opinions are my own
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Where do I begin? Everything about this book gave me life. I’m a huge contemporary fan and this was nothing short of amazing for me, personally. I love the characters! Gina, Will and the twins! They’re so pure, and the connection amongst all of them was great. It not only felt real & genuine, but also heart breaking. Was it the Happy ever after I wanted? You bet!
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She is trying to find out information to help prove her brothers innocence.  She gets a job as a nanny for his former boss takin care of his twins. She didnt expect to fall in love with him n his boys. They gave their ups n downs but in return she leaned about the truth n gains more than what she expected.  Loved the ending.
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Gina believes that Will has the information she needs to prove that her brother is innocent so she hatches a plan to uncover the truth.    Even though she has no experience with children she applies for the position as his children’s nanny and although the interview didn’t go well she connected with the kids and was hired.

When his ex-wife passes away Will suddenly finds himself the father of twin boys and is struggling.    Due to their grief the boys aren’t acting as Will would like and he is trying to balance their needs as well as the demands of his own business.

As Gina helps Will become the father that the twins need, she develops feelings for Will as well but when he finds out why she is really there will it destroy the relationship they have been building?

This is a sweet romance about love and family that will be sure to leave a smile on your face.
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You will love the characters is this story, especially the twin boys Harry and Ian. Gina takes a job as their nanny because she suspected there father Will of being a thief. She is not a nanny and has never been and the antics that take place reflect that. She gets up to some funny mishaps with the boys but prove to be just the thing they and their father needed in life. You will be regaled by some great family fun times and watch as Will and Gina fall in love and becomes a complete family.
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Gina wants to set the records straight about her brother's wrongful conviction. So she applies for the nanny position for Will Sinclair's twin boys, in hopes of being able to secure some evidence from the man ( Will ) who wrongfully put him behind bars. 
A botanist by trade, with no prior nanny skills- what could go wrong? 
Will is at his wit's end, needing help with his all over the place boys while trying to run a business recovering from a recent mishap. 
He has his doubts about Ms. Gina, but his boys seemed to like her, she has a persona that he wants to see more of, so its a start.
What starts as a hunt, for one thing, becomes a something neither of them saw coming! 
A sweet, frustrating, ( so many times, I thought Gina needed a reality check along with Will needing a few swift kicks in the pants.) appealing and well-paced storyline. With characters who grew on me as time went on. 
A heart of hearts read with a real rollercoaster of emotions feel, witness, and sensual highlights throughout. 
The kind of romance I had to read all in one sitting! I look forward to reading more from Karen Muir soon!
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Gina is posing as a nanny to get close to Will and find out what he did to put her brother in jail. The longer she spends with him and his twin boys, the more she starts to care for them and wonder if her brother was telling the truth.
Soon she has to make a decision on who to trust, but what will happen to her relationship with Will and his sons once they fnd out the truth about who she is?
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