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Parker is tougher than the average 24 year old. She has already been through more tragedy and tough times than most people do their whole lifetime. Instead of sinking under the weight of the responsibilities she has had to endure, she has risen to the challenge to keep on going.

Parker is the sole caregiver of her brother and sister, one in high school, one in college and with this comes the responsibility of the financial expectations for not just that but the family home they all live in. Her part time job keeps her head above water, just and she has had to sacrifice all of her own dreams to make sure her younger siblings can pursue theirs.

Speaking of water, that is the biggest threat to her daily life. Their property sits at the base of a mountain that is susceptible to bringing flood waters and all the forest waste racing down towards hers and her neighbours homes when mother nature. Fortunately she does not need to deal with this problem on her own, her local county are very aware of the problems she faces each year when Winter is approaching. They appoint a public works supervisor to assist her through what will most likely be a challenging few months ahead.

Colin is surprised to find out that Parker is the property owner. Apart from her being obviously gorgeous, she is an incredibly hard working and independent woman. She has so much going on in her life but handles it all with so much maturity, when other people would crumble under the pressure.

Parker is so used to being independent that accepting any sort of help almost feels like an insult, like Colin doesn’t think she can handle things on her own. However, she soon realises that he is genuinely wanting to make things easier on them all. Things are shifting between them and attraction is growing. Parker begins to accept that Colin just wants to protect her and it’s kind of nice to have someone in her life doing that for her when she has spent the last few years doing it for everyone else.

There is a lot happening in this story, more than just the things I’ve touched on. Underpinning it all is a love story that happens so naturally and sweetly that it felt like these two had known each other all their lives. There are really interesting secondary characters, one with a mysterious background story, that will surely be explored in the second story in this series. I look forward to reading more in the Creek Canyon series.
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Fantastic story! I could not stop reading  this story it was that engaging. Great start to the beginning of a series.
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It is clear that while reading this book that it is personal a close to the heart project for the author. And CB is an exceptional writer as I have read some of her previous works and loved and liked them, but this just didn't work for me. It is clearly ME and NOT the book.

After Parker's parent’s fatal accident, she drops out of college to care for her younger sister and brother. It isn't easy. She has a lot on her plate and things are about to increase. Living in California you have two main things to worry about (for those from California please correct me if I am wrong) fires and flooding, droughts count as well as mudslides. It is hard for me to fathom this but then again, I leave near a dormant volcano which is also kind of crazy. Anyway, moving on. 

I have mixed feelings on this book, the beginning is strong, and I understand Parker's predicament and that she seems to be hanging on by a thread but IMO I didn't get enough character development from Parker. #sorry

The book is tagged as Women's General Fiction which fits as with contemporary romance there wasn't a lot of shenanigans between these two. 

Colin is just an amazing Hero. Can't really say more on that. Actually, one flaw would have been nice *lol*

The plot of mother nature taking over was interesting however the balance was tipped in how much to show and explain to rather not showing enough or what the outcome is of several things.

I know I'm being a right mare about the book but what kind of epilogue is that?

Matt and Erin seem to be more up my alley. 

It is clearly ME and NOT the book.
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Bybee has been a long-time favorite since I stumbled upon her books several years ago. In this first book of a new series readers meet Parker Sinclair and her sad sad life of tragedy and responsibility. From death to fires to mudslides (not the alcoholic chocolate-y goodness), Parker has a lot on her plate. Luckily, Colin Hudson may come in to help her out ;-). The secondary characters will keep me coming back for more! I can't wait to see where the series goes and how everyone's life turns out.
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This is a voluntary review of an advanced copy.

I loved the growing relationship between Parker and Colin, and the struggles she dealt with daily trying to be the parent to her younger brother and sister.  The hard part was reading about the fire that almost destroyed their home then the mud slides that resulted from the lack of vegetation.

When I read the end where the author mentioned that she lived through a similar situation, I was even more impressed.  It was unbelievable how hard Parker worked and how she just kept taking hit after hit!  She didn't give up and was always there.

Colin and Parker both had to learn to give a bit so they could work together in their relationship.  I loved Colin's parents and siblings!  

I really hope that there is another book as I want to know what happens with Matt and Erin!
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I love Catherine Bybee's books and loved My Way To You. Parker and Colin were fantastic characters and really made me fall in love with the story. I can't wait for the next book in the Creek Canyon series!
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What an excellent story!  I enjoyed it and highly recommend it to all.  Catherine Bybee is such an great author and she draws you into the story so well.
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Thank you NetGalley and Catherine Bybee for the opportunity to read My Way to You, ARC.
My way to you, it is story of a young woman named Parker who loses her parents and is now responsible for her teenage brother and sister. They live in an area of California that is susceptible to brush fires and flooding. She has spent the last two years trying to manage the household and be the parent to her younger siblings and is feeling the pressure. Trying to keep her full-time job and manage the household. As a fire threatens their home she meets Colin who works for the county, and their relationship develops. This books  makes you realize the dangers of fires and floods, and  the strength of family and friends. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel, I have read books from Catherine Bybee before and I've always enjoyed them. I recommend this novel and any other books by this author
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Words totally escape me. What an amazing and touching story. 
I know the main theme of this book was close to the authors heart and that really shows with all the detailed knowledge of the aftermath and repair work. 
Parker was a great character and years wiser than her age. My heart went out to her as she had to become guardian to her siblings over night with little time to grieve herself over her parents. I loved how she was strong and sassy and a lot bad assy! 
Colin was brilliant, I loved his devotion and patience to Parker. His need to protect her was obvious but I loved that he stepped back and even found her  independence sexy. His family were great and I loved how they all spoke to each other, 
Erins back story was touched on and I can’t wait to find out more, Matt is so going to be her knight in shining armour. Austin was a great character, I found him really funny and also, despite what we learn about his younger behaviour, quite mature and clues in for his age. 
In all this book blew me away and I can’t wait for the next book.
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Wow... this book! I couldn't put it down, the characters were well described. There was a few parts of the book i wished the author would have elaborated more on. Within the book the author was setting up another story, atleast I hope. I kept on looking for more of Erin's story to unfold even more. I really wished that more was written on the relationship between Colin and Parker. But I have to give credit to the author for a good book, that kept me reading for hours.
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What a great start to the new Creek Canyon Series.
This is a very different type of story to what I have previously read by this author but it shows just how diverse and how very talented Catherine Bybee is because this book captivated me from the first chapter, I loved Parker Sinclair, she is just as strong as all of this author’s previous heroines has been and I’m sure you will love her and her story as much as I did....
Parker has had a hard life, she was left to bring up her younger siblings when their parents died, she never got to go to college and her life has been all about her siblings and the home they share so when the property is threaten by wildfires and mudslides she is at the end of her tether. Colin Hudson arrives to make sure the property is safe to live in but Parker seems hell bent on stopping him doing his job, there is an instant attraction between them and all he wants to do is make life easier for Parker but she has put up walls for a reason and it’s going to take a lot of patience to break through her defensives. Will Colin fight for a future or will the barrier be to hard to break through ....
You can tell this book has been written from the heart and that this author has drawn on the California wildfires and mudslides which I understand she experienced first hand. This is a sweet love story that’s about overcoming the hurdles life sometimes puts in our way, it’s about learning to trust and put faith in others and it’s a book that touched me on so many levels because here in Australia we have just got over a terrible bushfire season and this book brought back so many memories as this author painted pictures with her words. Looking forward to book 2 and getting to know the siblings better  in future books.
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This is an amazing story that Catherine Bybee has written. Closely paralleling her own experience with wildfires and flooding, she takes that experience and puts strong characters in her place that make the story really come alive. Parker is one of the more interesting characters I’ve been introduced to in a long time and the way she handles tragedies and life, in general, is admirable. It is hard to imagine having to take care of her siblings and the kind of property described in the book at such a young age with no one to help guide her. Colin is less complex but no less likable of a character and a true hero that Parker isn’t necessarily looking for but needs. The story is face-paced and the type of book you don’t want to put down until the end. I recommend to anyone who loves women’s fiction or romance.
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MY WAY TO YOU (Canyon Creek Series Book #1) by Catherine Bybee is the first book in a new contemporary romance series that is a powerful and engaging emotional read. I have enjoyed many books by this author, but this one grabbed me and would not let go.

Parker Sinclair had to grow up fast. Her parents were killed in an accident which meant she had to drop out of college and return home to finish raising her two younger siblings. After two years of a job that barely pays the bills, Parker is managing to keep the family property up in Canyon Creek, but it takes everything out of her. 

When a wildfire strikes and burns all of the outbuildings and vegetation on the surrounding hills, Parker knows she is lucky to have had the house survive, but now with the rainy season coming Parker has to worry about mudslides that can destroy everything she has worked hard to save.

Colin Hudson is the county public works supervisor sent to evaluate Parker’s property for mud slides. He is struck by the tenacious and strong young woman shouldering such a large burden. Colin and Parker butt heads due to Parker not willing to give up control, but Colin is the is willing to work hard for Parker’s trust.

Can Parker and Colin work together to save her home and neighborhood?

I absolutely fell in love with Colin and the way he treated Parker. I know how hard it is to give up control even when you feel like you are drowning and I could relate with Parker. Ms. Bybee gave the couple witty banter and realistic dialogue. The sex scenes were explicit, but not gratuitous and did not overshadow the tenderness of the romance. I will be thinking of these two H/h’s for a long time to come. This story also has a third major character in Mother Nature and the destruction that she can bring. All the secondary characters are fully fleshed and are completely believable. 

I highly recommend this emotional contemporary romance! I am now anxiously waiting for more books in this series.
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ARC for honest review with no compensation  received from NetGalley, Montlake

My Way to You is book 1 in the new series Creek Canyon by Catherine Bybee.
What an amazing book!  This book deserves more than 5 stars!!

Parker Sinclair drops out of college to raise her siblings after their parents are killed in an accident.  She is determined to keep her family together but when the California wild fires come to their back yard they could lose it all..with the help of Colin Hudson, Public Works supervisor and his crew they will do whatever it takes to safe the Sinclair homestead and the surrounding homes.

Mixing the author’s life events into this story keeps you on an emotional rollercoaster and sometimes thinking the ride must end soon but more is right around the next bend. Words really can’t describe the impact this book has...looking forward to the next book in the series.
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Thank you NetGalley and Montlake Publishing for this ARC.

My reason to request this copy was quiet simple. This book had a very high rating. I wanted to see what was the fuss about since it was my first Bybee book and I had no idea what I was in for. I was so glad that I got to read it early. It was a great story with engaging banter and ever better characters. I literally couldn't put it down and finished it in one go. Highly recommend book.
Happy reading.
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Despite the fact that Catherine Bybee is a best-selling author, she was a new-to-me author when I picked up My Way to You. Anyone who has ever followed or read any of my reviews knows I’m always up for trying new authors because there are so many good ones out there. Most of the time I’m really glad I took a chance, and this was certainly one of those times.

This story is based on the author’s own experience and to say that the story packed an emotional punch is putting it lightly. I live on the East Coast so besides watching the horrifying mudslides California faces from time to time on tv, I have never had to think much about what people have to fight and have to go through. My Way to You was certainly eye-opening in that respect. But it’s also a story about loss and grief, family, and rebuilding your life when it has all crumbled around you. And it all unfolds under dramatic circumstances. 

NICUnurse’s Rating: Let me just say that I will be picking up many more books by this author moving forward. There’s a reason she’s a best-selling author and part of that reason is her ability to draw you in from page one and tell a story in such a way you are not going to want to put the book down. There is so, so many wonderful things about this book, and I don’t want to spoil a second of it. Suffice it to say, I think you’ll be glad you took the time to read it!

I give My Way to You by Catherine Bybee 5 out of 5 stars!
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Overall, the story was just okay to me. I really liked Colin, but Parker was a little annoying to me. I don't understand why she was reluctant to accept Colin's help, especially when she really needed it. While I know the whole fire/flooding issue was very personal to the author I felt it sort of took over the story and bogged it down.  Erin and Matt's story next sounds more like my kind of read.
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Parker, a young woman still trying to find her way in adulthood, is hit with a big blow with the death of her parents.  She takes up the mantle of guardian for her two younger siblings and while things are not easy, they are moving along.  Then Mother Nature decides to test her mettle with fires and floods, making Parker either rise above or sink.

My Way To You has romance with Parker meeting public works supervisor, Colin after the fires that raged through her town, but the focus of the book is more about the fight for survival in nature/weather battle-tested California.   Ms. Bybee's details of what a wind-driven fire and then the out-of-control water can do to an area are told in stark relief as her characters pit themselves against nature to save their homes.  She lovingly shows Parker's resolve, strength, and ingenuity as Parker does all that she can to keep her remaining family together, while still maintaining her sanity. The relationship between Colin and Parker is a slow burn (no pun intended) and is secondary to the main story, but adds much need happy scenes to the story.  Both Colin and Parker are well developed, very real feeling people that you can easily root for.
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This is such an amazing book! It is based on the author's own experience with California wildfires and the resulting problems with lost vegetation and mudslides. Bybee has managed to blend the uncertainty of where and what wildfires will go and do, the emotional aspect of it including the fear, information about what happens after a fire with a sweet story of family survival and a surprising romance. I could not turn the pages fast enough! My Way to You is a fantastic read!
I was given a complimentary copy of this book via Netgalley. All thoughts are my own.
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My Way to You is the start of a new series by Catherine Bybee. I've really enjoyed other books I've read by her and will definitely be reading more of her backlist but this one wasn't a hit for me.

Parker had to grow up quickly - going from a 22 year old party girl who couldn't choose a college major to raising her teenage brother and sister after their parents died in an accident. And now a wildfire has threatened their home. In the aftermath of the fire, rain and mudslides are the next big risk. Colin works for the county and is there to help figure out the best way to protect her house and their neighbors.

This was much more of a domestic fiction (women's fiction) story than a romance. There was a LOT of detail about what was done to the property (A LOT). I learned a lot but definitely would have been okay with learning a little less about the water pipes at Parker's house. 

I also don't love the way some things were handled with Piper & Colin. No spoilers but there is a major conflict between them that I feel was just brushed aside and not really addressed before the ending and the epilogue was not a satisfying ending to me. I will probably still try the next book in this series when it comes out but this one wasn't my favorite. 

Thank you to Montlake Romance, Brilliance Audio and Netgalley for the advance reading and listening copies to review.
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