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An absorbing story about natural disasters – wildfires, mudslides and flooding -, and how regular people face this kind of adversities, featuring a surprisingly tough young woman and a charming, dimpled hero who has a heart of gold. 
Parker is an admirable, determined woman, not without flaws or doubts, but steadily doing what she feels is needed when faced with tragedy rather than wallowing in self-pity. Her courage, maturity and resilience is an example.
Colin is the right man at the right place and time: solid, hard-working, honest and protective.
Their romance is as compelling as the background of siblings dealing with grief, natural disasters and its aftermath and how a young woman has to become an instant responsible adult.
As much as I found the author’s descriptions gripping and relevant to current hot topics in fields like climate change, I felt the plot sometimes took a back seat to these issues and the technical procedures.
A cast of great secondary characters, including the elusive Erin and Matt – a blossoming romance, perhaps the next story? -, and a crisp writing style make "My Way to You", by Catherine Bybee (Montlake Romance), a wonderful story.
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The more I read, the more I find I love stories about actual people so much more engaging and wonderful than those about billionaire playboys and royals.  I don't need a Cinderella story - I need stories where the hero is supportive of the heroine and the heroine can save her own damn self.  If you like that too - this book is for you.  

Parker's life as a young adult went way off the rails when her parents were killed in an accident.  With two younger siblings to support - she had to grow up quickly and be both parents and sister to her teenage sister and brother.  Just as the family is starting to come out of that terrible time, their house is almost destroyed in an awful wildfire.  After all the vegetation is burned away - what is left is a perfect place for water to flow and mud to rush.  In comes the county to try and address the situation - led by Colin Hudson and his team.  Colin is a few years older than Parker - but is Tall, Dark, and Handsome.  And one of the good ones.  He and Parker immediately find a connection and the story progresses from there.  

The focus of this book is the struggle Parker and her family face of dealing with the damage from the fire and the following weather related disasters - but the relationships built and strengthened in that time are what really shine.  

Parker really does shine as an Annie Oakley - takes no sh*t woman who can fix her own damn pipes.  And Colin is amazing - he is a dream guy, truly.  

This book is a great read - and I really look forward to reading more about this family.  I received an ARC from NetGalley for this book, but these opinions are my own!
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Any book by Catherine Bybee will give you a great read. “MY WAY TO YOU” is no exception! I have read several books by Bybee and when NetGalley offered the opportunity to read this one, I jumped at the chance.

As a Midwesterner, news reports of California wildfires and California mudslides are distant events to which I cannot relate. In my world, tornados are rare and even rarer in the urban sprawl in which I live. But in “MY WAY TO YOU” I was drawn into the visceral reality of having ones entire world threatened to go up in smoke. I also learned the close connection between wildfires and mudslides. For that part of the story alone, I am grateful to Bybee!

In this story we are introduced to a family of three adult children whose parents were killed in a freak accident. One is a teen, one is in college, and the oldest is a sister/surrogate mother-father to her younger siblings. When everything was stable, Parker is in over her head, but with the wildfire that just missed destroying her home, she is swamped.

To the rescue comes Colin, a TDH (tall, dark, and handsome) county engineer whose job is to prepare the canyon for the inevitable mudslides and floods that will wreck further havoc. In classic Catherine Bybee fashion, a romance develops between Colin and Parker. It is not without its obstacles, but from past experience with this author I was always confident that things would work out in the end.

I was given this book by NetGalley with the expectation of an honest review. I am thrilled that I had the chance to do so!
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One of the few authors today whose titles I immediately pick up. Over the years with Ms. Bybee' s books, I have found a strong connection with her characters. Her different series are always interesting with a knack with words that place you with the characters, feeling what they are feeling. I get totally engrossed in her stories. I continue to admire Ms. Bybee and look forward to reading more from her. I received an e-book Uncorrected Proof from NetGalley in return for an unbiased review. Thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to read one of my favourite authors.
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Loved loved loved! Couldn’t put this one down. Loved the characters, loved the story ... it flowed so beautifully from beginning to end. Can’t wait for the next one!! Highly recommend.

Thank you #netgalley and #montlakeromance for the eARC.
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My Way To You was an incredible story. It felt so real. Written so beautifully that it made me feel like I was there. Parker, Mallory and Austin have been through so much, and now they have to defend their home against Mother Nature. It was very intense at times. I can’t imagine having to go through all of that myself. Colin was like a knight in shining armor for Parker. I loved how he helped her stay strong when she felt weak, but also he encouraged her independence and was in awe of her for it. She has done everything on her own for so long, it was hard for her to accept help. I thought she did a lot of growing throughout this story. I really loved the supporting characters, especially Matt and Erin. I hope to see a story for them soon.
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Catherine Bybee’s books usually concern strong heroines who face unusual life challenges, face them head on, and who usually find a love interest along the way. Her newest book, My Way To You, is no exception to that formula.

Parker Sinclair has faced a lot in her 25 years. Her parents died leaving her the guardian for her younger sister and brother; although she attended college, she never graduated and has no real marketable skills. Managing to keep the three of them in the house they grew up in and raise two siblings when she was no more than a child herself was arduous. But Parker’s not the type to weep and fall apart in a crisis. The newest issue in their lives is a fast moving destructive fire that comes dangerously close to their home. And after the fire, before the land can renew itself, the floods and mud arrive. It’s a desperate attempt to keep mother nature at bay and the Sinclair home safe.

Into this crisis comes Colin Hudson, a Public Works supervisor, charged with clearing the land and preparing for the flood. His attraction to Parker is instant, and follows through the book to the end.

This is the first Bybee book I’ve read that wasn’t part of a series, so the characters were all new and unknown. I had no difficulty with the hero and heroine. They are written well and have perfect arcs for a lifetime together in their HEA.

The difficulty I had was the never ending descriptions of the weather, the damage it wrought, and the constant pages of description of keeping the damage at bay. In the afterward of the book, Bybee describes her own experience with the tragic California fires in 2016/17, almost losing her own home to it, and then the subsequent flooding, so she has more than enough research to base this book on, there is no doubt of that.

In the end, this is another well written story, classified as general fiction and romance, although I felt the fiction element was the more pervasive part of that description than the romance. There was no real conflict between the hero and heroine, other than a throwaway line about future children.

Thanks to Netgalley and Montlake for a sneak peek at one of my favorite authors’ new books. The opinion is mine alone.

3.5 -4 stars.
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