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Gillbert #1

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I love Art Baltazar's work. I instantly fell for Itty Bitty Hellboy and I have tried to follow his work as much as possible. Finding Gillbert the Little Merman is a bright and fun gift.
Meet Gillbert a little merman who finds a message in a bottle but unable to read the human language he seeks the hep of his parent the king and queen o the ocean. But before they can translate it, Gillbert sees a mergirl and follows her to explore portions of the sea he has never seen.
This is a bright and colorful discovery of the world under the sea as well as a look at the world above the planet. I love the cuteness, the happiness captured in each page. This is fun for kids and a moment to relax for adults. This would be a great book for children and adults to read together.
Baltazar still has it!

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