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Thank you Bookoutre and NetGalley for the advanced copy of this book.  Why did I wait so long to read it?!  This was an excellent read, well written, good storyline and great characters.  I wish I'd read it sooner.  Definitely recommend.
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This book is harrowing, gripping, brutal and thrilling. 
This book has everything in it. A fantastic read which I recommend.
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On a mystery buzz at the moment, this book The Thorn Girl by Laura Elliot had attracted my interest especially with the blue cover and yellow butterfly. Then reading the blurb as we uncover secrets that a town has tried to cover up for over twenty years - all this drew my attention and screamed to be read.  Twenty years ago roughly Adele was born and raised by her grandmother as her mother was said to have died during childbirth. Now Adele's grandmother has passed away and Adele is cleaning out the attic when she comes across a backpack hidden far in the corner and inside a diary - her mother's diary when she was 15 years old. In the diary, it talks about her mother's awful experience as she was sexually assaulted by three men in balaclavas. Then how she fell pregnant and the whole town saw her as a liar and a trollop. Even her mother didn't believe her and at this time was involved with a local cult called The Thorns run by Mother Gloria. Marianne was sent to an unwed mother's home to have her baby and then have it adopted out. Reading the diary has opened Adele's eyes and now she wants to get justice for her mother and also find out who her father is. However, the smalltown is very protective of The Thorns and keeping their secrets close-knit and some of the townspeople aren't very happy that Adele is in town stirring up the hornet's nest. Can Adele find out the truth and tell her story or will she be scared off or even worse silenced and killed when she gets closer to uncovering the dark truth that happened in the smalltown? I did love the twist of the ending with this book as it rounded off the story. If you are looking for an awesome new mystery to read and get stuck into uncovering a two-decade-old secret, then check out The Thorn Girl by Laura Elliot.
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A powerful heartbreaking story with themes of violence, rape, cult and uncovering the truth of your past. 
Adele stumbles across Marianne (her mothers) diary in her grandmothers attic and learns that she was the product of a violent gang rape resulting in her birth and her mothers death in the 'Mum and Baby Unit’ run by the Thorns sect ( cult ) based in Ireland

The story unfolds as Adele returns to the town her mother was raped in but  Reedstown has moved on, Adele comes to terms with her Mum’s past sand fights for the truth to be told. I believed Adele, I was with her in her fight for justice and her deep sorrow and unexpected joy. The story is rich in descriptive narrative and the story thoughtfully handled, the subject matter is, at times, very hard to read with some scenes horrifying. An emotional ending to a difficult subject matter but one I thoroughly enjoyed and now highly recommend.

Thank you to Netgalley, the publisher and the author for the ADR a fab 4.5/5 from me.
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This was such a strong powerful story. It made you really feel the characters story. I had so many emotions going through me. Anger, revenge, empathy, I couldnt stop reading it as I wanted to know what was going on.
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I had to DNF and was not able to finish before the archive date.
Thank you Netgalley for the free eArc in exchange for an honest review.
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Adele was raised by her grandmother in Ireland and, after her death, is cleaning out the attic and discovers her late mother’s diary in a backpack. She is devastated to read the awful story about the rape and death of her mother.  Adele then begins a mission to expose those responsible for her mother's death and bringing them to justice.  
This book grabbed me from the start!  The characters were well written and I felt like I was there with Adele on her journey.  Although I did figure out a few twists and turns, I thoroughly enjoyed the book!
Thanks to Laura Elliot, Bookouture and NetGalley for the ARC.
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This book deals with a very heart sore and real problem in today's society, namely rape.  It was dealt with a very sensitive manner and well done.  Recommended.
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The story starts off slowly with Adele clearing out her grandmother's house after her death and discovering her mom's diary of when she was pregnant with Adele.
This diary shatters Adele's world and leads her back to her mother's hometown to discover the truth about her mother, her death and her own conception and who her father is.
A fast-paced read that you feel you can't put down on one hand and on the other hand you feel you just can't read anymore.
The culmination of the story came like a runaway train - explosive; damaging; fast and left a person surprised.
A great read with a good plot and enough intrigue to keep you hooked.
Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for allowing me the chance to read this book.
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This title was previously released as ‘In my mother’s name’ and tells the harrowing story of an injustice that takes almost 25 years to put right. After Adel’s grandmother dies, she finds a backpack in the attic that belonged to the mother (Marianne) she never knew. The diary within it leads Adel back to her mother’s hometown, and the investigation she pursues into Marianne’s treatment as a 15 year old child causes a can of worms to be opened for high ranking members of the community. 
This novel keeps you guessing throughout as it reveals some ugly truths and the lengths people will go to in order to keep their pasts hidden.
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Thank you NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.  

Wow, just wow.   Laura Elliot is absolutely brilliant.   This book was SO AMAZING. 
The storyline is unique.      There are some twists.    I honestly couldn't stop reading.   
The main character is so strong.     

Every book by this author impresses me, and this was no different.
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Grabbed me in from the first pages.A domestic thriller with characters that come alive a story that is so chilling so tense.This is a five star read highly recommend.#betgalley#bookoutture.
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This was a compelling read on a really unusual subject. Adele has always wondered about her mother who died giving birth to her. Her Grandmother brought her up but following her death, Adele finds a rucksack and her mother’s diary, which suggests the story she has been told may not be the truth. What unfolds is a story of a cult, baby trafficking and a huge web of lies and deceit which gradually unravels, revealing the truth and a huge discovery for Adele. 
I very much enjoyed this book, it was an excellent read.
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4-5 stars!  I think Elliott is one of those writers of thrillers that really makes sure to nail what readers are wanting!  You will surely be covered in goosebumps by chills, gasping in shock, and thrilled to no end!  She makes sure to make the suspense so tight it comes into the house of the reader!  Loved that this book brought on so many different emotions!  Grab today and get started right away, this is one you don’t want to miss!  
Will make sure to buzz it up!
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Wow where to start this is one if the most compelling books I’ve read in quite a while!   It all starts when, after her grandmother’s death, Adele is clearing out the attic and she finds her deceased mother’s secret diary in a backpack and in it her mother details a horrific crime committed against her 25 years ago leaving Adele so appalled she makes the decision to go to Reedstown, the last place her mother was seen alive! When she arrives she is met with hostility every where she turns and the villagers go to extraordinary lengths to keep the truth buried!!! 
The Thorn Girl is an absolutely heartbreaking, sinister tale so beautifully written that it will stay with you long after after you’ve finished the last page!!!!

Thank you to NetGalley, Bookouture and Laura Elliot for the arc of The Thorn Girl, my review is honest and unbiased.
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Adele has always wondered about the woman who gave birth to her and died doing so. when her grandmother passes and she needs to clean out the house, she stumbles across a backpack hidden in the attic and it contains a diary written be her mother Marianne. With tears in her eyes,
Adele turns the pages and reads about the attack on her mother and the injustices against her. Adele is consumed by this new discovery and puts her new life with her fiancé on hold in order to uncover the crimes of the past and those involved. But when Adele travels to her mother’s hometown, she is not offered a warm welcome. Much the opposite, she is threatened and in fear for her life after she starts a blog and publishes pages from her mother’s past,
opening up old wounds and bringing past crimes into the light. Adele’s arrival has stirred this small town and no one will be the same as once all the secrets are revealed!
This was a very enjoyable book! I even felt bad for some of the perpetrators of the crimes. The ending was great in tying up all loose ends and bringing happiness to those who deserved it most! Thank you Netgalley and Bookouture for the ARC in exchange for my honest review!
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This novel follows a tried and tested formula.

A discarded rucksack and diary are found during an attic clear-out.  The finder reads it and realises it belongs to her mother who died in childbirth.  Finder returns to small village/town to find out more about the family and is treated with hostility by the population.
Whilst the formula is maybe tried and tested what follows is a well put together thriller.  
The novel begins with a gang rape which some may find disturbing. Whilst the reader does not witness the actual rape, you know it happens and you know that Adele, the person clearing out her grandmother’s attic, is the outcome of the rape.

When she returns to the small community where her grandmother lived determined to unlock the secrets of her mother’s death, there are many in the village who want the secrets to remain locked and will do anything to keep it that way.

Adele is a fantastic character.  You cry with her and cheer with her.  She is resourceful and intelligent and not at all ditsy.  You really do cheer for her at the end.

Easy 5 stars *****
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Adele returns to Ireland to clear out her late grandmothers attic.There she finds her mother Marianne’s secret diary which includes what happened up to Adele being born.
Adele decides to go back to her mother’s home town and to find out what happened and get justice for her mother. But it’s not going to be easy she gets a very hostile reception as they want the truth to stay buried.
Fantastic read
Thanks NetGalley
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A gripping domestic thriller.  Adele finds a diary hidden by her now deceased Grandmother which sends her on an emotional and terrifying journey to find out the truth of what happened to her mother.  So many secrets and horror lie in the history of this little town in Ireland.  Soon characters from all walks of life are involved.  A really tense and unique story. I really enjoyed it.
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This book is FANTASTIC! Felt like a real epic tale and I could not put the book down.
Set in Ireland, Adele is clearing out her late grandmother's attic when she comes upon a diary that will turn her world upside down as she researches exactly what did happen to her teenage mother in the House of Atonement all those years ago.
This is fast paced and based around the complexity of lies when corruption in a small town is rife. Those with power will do anything to stop the truth from getting out  and it is heartbreaking to discover what crimes and abuse were hidden to protect those with the money to avoid scrutiny, whilst destroying the lives of some very vulnerable girls.
The characters are great. Besides Adele there is Sergeant Rachel Darcy, the newspaper editor Bob Molloy, Liam Thornton, Keith and Christy Lewis, Sergeant Bale and Davina Lewis. Most of the characters are out for themselves, with no conscience and in many cases unafraid to bend the law to their own will. This means there are many characters to dislike intensely which makes Adele's fight for justice even more compelling.
It isn't all doom and gloom though as there is a hope and a beauty in the fragility of relationships and there is a happy ending!
I would highly recommend this book to others.
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