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I enjoyed this book immensely, there were alot of suspects in this twisty psychological thriller. While I enjoyed the twist at the end, I think the reasoning for explaining this particular twist was glossed over a little too quickly, nevertheless it was a fun, fast-paced read.
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This was not a book that I enjoyed.  The storyline was too unbelievable, the characters shallow and unlikeable.  Hopefully her next book will be better.
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I have loved each and every book by K.L. Slater.  This one is NO different.  I truly found myself sympathizing with Darcy and agreeing with her views every step of the way.  The other main character, George, was well written and fills the plot wonderfully!  This is a book that I could hardly put down.  One of my favorites!
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Darcy has struggled with her mental health since the death of her husband.  When she has a break down, her in-laws gain custody of Darcys 2 sons, Harrison and Kane.  Once Darcy is better, the boys go back home and all is well until Darcy meets George when he saves Kane’s life.
George seems to have as many skeletons in his closet as Darcy does!  
Why does Darcy start feeling like she is being watched?  Who can she trust?  There are so many lies being told.  
This is a great story that had me on the edge of my seat, there are so many twists and turns throughout the book.  
KL Slater has done it again!  
Thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture for my e-copy in exchange for an honest review.
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I just finished reading Single and my jaw is on the floor.  What a twisty novel full of surprises at almost every turn.  I wondered how the author was going to tie it all together.  But never fear all will be explained. A fast enjoyable thriller to hold your interest.
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So excited to read another excellent thriller.  I love settling down with a new story that I know will be great.  Slater has become one of my go-to authors and always delivers the best psychological thrillers.  Told from the point of view of Darcy this is full of twists and turns. Loved it!
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I really enjoy the writing of KL Slater and always struggle to put them down once started. This one was no different and I was hooked from page 1.
The books main character is single mother Darcy and her life suddenly crashes when her son falls from a rope bridge at a local playground. Her sons limp lifeless body lies on the floor with Darcy feeling helpless only to be saved by George a local off duty doctor.

George is also a single parent and Darcy feels instantly indebted to him and she starts to make moves on him. Before long they are dining out and spending a lot of time together and it is not long before George asks Darcy and her two boys to move in with him and his young daughter. On moving in things are far from perfect and strange things occur that unsettle Darcy. George blames a previous obsessed girlfriend named Opal but Darcy starts to wonder if she has made a mistake moving in.
The book is a good read and is certainly full of action but my only issue was some of the situations did appear a little far fetched but it is a novel after all.

I would like to thank both Net Galley and Bookouture for supplying a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.
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Thank you Bookouture and Net Galley for an early copy of Single. I’m not sure why this book was named with this title, doesn’t make any sense to me. The story was good, kept me gripped.  Trying to figure out who was really who made me like the book even more. A very good read.
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Single by K.L. Slater is a psychological thriller that WILL keep you up all night. With this cast of characters (many of them surprisingly well developed!) and the constant unpredictable revelations, it definitely is one of those just-one-more-chapter novels! 

There are a few twists that you do see coming, but boy, there are quite a few that you just don’t! 

The writing is easy to follow even though the plot is quite intricate and while some of the chapters seem out of place, at the end it all comes together in a nicely wrapped package. 

I have been a fan of Ms. Slater for awhile now, having read many of her books, and this one is just fantastic. If you love her, you’ll love this one. And if you’ve never read her – well, what are you waiting for?!

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Tense chilling well written everything you want in a edge of your seat thriller.K.L Slater never fails I devour each of her books staying up way to late to finish.#netgalley#bookouture
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Darcy is grieving the death of her husband and caring for their sons after a breakdown has been really hard. Thank god his family have helped her. When she meets the charismatic doctor, George, and his daughter, Romy, can Darcy look towards a bright future. 
This was such a gripping read and one of KL Slater’s best books I think! Thank you to netgalley and the publishers for this arc in exchange for my honest review.
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I adore Slater's novels and this one was right up my alley! Darcy is struggling with the trauma of her dead husband, Joel and the secrets he kept. Now a single mother to her two young sons, she also must juggle Joel's parents and sister who have insinuated themselves in her life and want to control her because she had a breakdown after Joel's death. Determined to remain single, she quickly falls for George, a handsome doctor who conveniently saves her son's life at a carnival. But of course, things are not what they appear to be! George has a stalker and Darcy is cyber-stalking the woman whom she believes ruined her marriage. Every character is flawed (except the children) and everyone has secrets so you won't know what to believe. It's a roller-coaster ride for sure, racing toward the end. If you enjoy a good psychological thriller this is a good one!
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This is the first book I've read by this author and it certainly won't be the last.  I was gripped by this book from the start and as it went on I had no idea who to believe or not believe.. I certainly didn't expect the plot to unfold as it did. Great read.
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Darcy is desperate to put the past behind her. She's still struggling after a difficult few years, so when the heroic Dr George bursts into her life, it seems like all of her dreams are about to come true. But Darcy and George both have their secrets, and when things in their relationship take a dark turn, Darcy is about to realise how quickly a dream can turn into a nightmare...


Ok, I seem to very much be in the minority here, but I really wasn't a fan of this one. Lets start at the very beginning, and address that confusing mess of an opening. The sections set three years ago is just weird. Why include it? The whole purpose is seemingly to make you doubt Darcy's mental state, but it's just sort of then dropped. Which makes no sense considering she apparently spends all of her time cyber-stalking someone. Her actions are very much that of someone who is not entirely stable, but this all gets completely swept under the rug after the reveal of who actually is the baddie. At that point, all of the previous legwork making her out as unstable is completely ignored, which just felt odd. 

The amazing twists everyone talks about? Really not that great. There are constant references to Darcy's big secret, which I assumed was her breakdown, but instead ended up being this very odd nonsensical reveal about her and Joel that really just ended up being brushed under the carpet. The identity of the villain? You can see it coming, but all of the weird twists and turns that follow this reveal are absolutely mind boggling. The whole 'masterplan' thing is just plain daft, and leads to an ending that completely contradicts a good 50% of what actually happened in the book. Essentially, you're expected to believe that everyone in the book is a bit mad, or at least very close to it. All because of one person and their incredibly ability to manipulate everyone else? It just isn't plausible, and leads to a book that is just full of melodrama and ridiculous, unexplainable events that are glossed over to give a pretence of everything being neatly wrapped up. 

Also, calling this a thriller is way too far of a leap. Where are the thrills? Oh God, someone sent Darcy some organic vegetables, terrifying! There is no tension, no fear, no build up, just flat plodding along writing which leads to a sudden information dump of absolute rubbish that you're expected to see as this amazing twist. Definitely not one I'd recommend.
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Believe all the hype - Single is gripping, unputdownable and full of twists. 

The opening of the book is disturbing with the woman dressed in winter clothes on a hot July day as she prepares for a family court hearing.  From the outset KL Slater drops in hooks for the reader that make this book completely engrossing and hard to stop reading.   The suspense keeps building and building, and I was so fearful for Darcy with everything that was going on.  There’s a cast of characters who all seem to have their own agendas and sinister intentions, and I didn’t know who to trust.  Darcy is in the middle of the plot, with threats coming from all directions, and yet she has her own secrets she wants to keep hidden.  I was expecting a bit more of a shocker about who Joel really was, but the twist about the trust of their relationship took the story on another dimension.

I’ve rated this book five stars because for me it has all the ingredients of a good psychological thriller.  I love a book that you get completely lost in, can’t put down, and sends your anxiety levels rising for the fate of the characters.  Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an advanced copy in exchange for my personal review.
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When Darcy, a widowed single mother of two young boys, meets a handsome doctor, she feels like her luck has changed. As a romance develops between the two, each claim to have a stalker.  But do they?  A classic psychological thriller.

The plot moves quickly with surprising twists and turns that kept me on the edge of my seat. The connection to the past added another dimension to the present story. I could not put this book down until I knew how everything fit together.
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Finishing Single has literally left me lost for words. I mean how am I supposed to review this story? It has blown my mind. Seriously, obliterated it. It is mind numbingly brilliant. Honestly, if you want twisted, they don’t come more twisted than this.

Darcy was someone I had a lot of empathy for. She has struggled with her mental health due to the death of her husband but wants to move on with her life. Her in laws whilst they come in handy, are a constant thorn in Darcy’s side as it’s obvious they mainly care about the relationship between themselves and their dead son’s children. I was really routing for her when she meets George.

With the genre of book this is, I just knew that trouble wasn’t far away and boy I wasn’t wrong. There were quite a few parts in the story that I had to go back and reread as I couldn’t comprehend what I’d just read. Not because I had got lost but because the author literally knocked me sideways with revelation after revelation of which I hadn’t seen any of it coming.

Single is an outstanding read. Plain and simple, outstanding. With each book I consume by the author, she just gets better and better and keep thinking there’s no way she can top her last one. She does though and not only has she raised the bar with Single but she has well and truly smashed it. Bravo!
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This psychological thriller is principally told from the point of view of Darcy, widowed with two young sons and of surgeon George Mortimer, a widower with a daughter called Romy. Darcy’s husband Joel had betrayed her in some way and George has skeletons in his closet. As the two become closer a twisty story emerges. 

The characters in the book, whilst not all likeable are easy to picture. The children probably emerge as the nicest characters. I really like the Nottingham setting as that’s where I’m originally from and I do like books in areas  I know. There are some lovely descriptive sections in particular the lodge at Christmas in North Yorkshire and when Darcy moves in with George. I wouldn’t mind living in George’s house - minus George - he had me at bifold doors! Whilst I think it takes this book a long time to get going, from about 50% the pace quickens. It is twisty and surprising but it’s very convoluted and I have to be honest, I didn’t totally buy into it and I so wanted to. 

Some of the psychological elements didn’t seem very menacing to me. I’m pretty sure the delivery of a veggie box isn’t actually dark and predatory. I’d just eat it and be happy that someone else paid for it! In my opinion, there is too much unnecessary detail that detracts from the evolving story and stops you seeing where the story is heading and prevents you feeling the tension you should. I also find the reporting style and single sentence paragraphs a bit irritating. 

Overall, I don’t love this book but I don’t  hate it either. The climax feels like an overly dramatic,  dastardly and overblown 40’s film and all we need is the villain saying wuahahahaha although I know that other people loved it! 

Thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture for the ARC.
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Single was one hell of a ride. 

K. L. Slater introduces us to Darcy, a single mother who finds out the harsh truth about her husband, Joel, after he dies. While struggling to raise two kids on her own, she accepts help from Joel's parents and sister who adore her sons but despises the control they have over her life. One day, a local doctor, George, saves her asthmatic son's life and she falls head over heels for him. Their relationship is not approved of by Darcy's in-laws and neither by George's obsessive stalker who won't leave them alone. And thus begins a story that messes with your head; you won't be able to guess who's lying and who's telling the truth. 

Single is told from the perspectives of many characters—switching from third person to first person occasionally, we gain insight into the thought processes and intentions of various secondary characters as well. Slater's writing is remarkable; she doesn't leave any clues as to what's coming next. There are a few chapters that seem to be unrelated to the main plot but in the end, everything starts to make sense. Even after most of the story is told, Slater plants a doubt in your mind and you once again find yourself struggling to tell the truth apart from the lies. 

I absolutely enjoyed this book with all its twists and turns and its ability to baffle me. This is the first book of Slater's that I read but it won't be the last. I totally recommend this one!

[I'd like to thank NetGalley, Bookouture and K. L. Slater for this ARC. Expected Publication Date: 25 November 2019]
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Bumped this to the top of my pile because I love KL Slater and this was just as good as the rest!
Full of lies, stalking, cheating, deception and conspiracy - I didn’t know if I was coming or going!
With likeable and loathesble characters- I found myself almost shouting out loud at times!
Everything I love about a book was in these pages! Yet again I am left wanting the next one!!
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