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Little Secrets

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"Little Secrets" tells the story of every mother's worst nightmare - Marin's young son gets kidnapped while the two of them are out shopping several days before Christmas. There are barely any clues left behind and the FBI ultimately give up on their search after a year has passed. Marin decides to hire a PI to take up the investigation and then learns her husband is having an affair with a 20-something barista. What follows in the plot is what makes this novel great - I didn't expect the twists at all! Hillier does an amazing job capturing what it's like for parents of missing children (the nuances of how their world crumbles after this event and never gets put back together again), and I fully bought the actions of all of the characters because they're described so realistically and with such emotion. The only thing keeping this from a 5-star review is that it felt a little long in some places. It wasn't until the last 25% of the book that I had to compulsively read to find out what happened next - just wish the entire book had felt this way. However, I"ll definitely be checking out more books from this author!

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