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Though I regret ever searching for “Jerusalem crickets,” I really enjoyed this book. Cassie is a punchy, strong (if overly so at times) heroine and the plot gives plenty of twists with a premise that is a fresh spin on the genre.

One rainy night, Cassie Larkin witnesses an assault on her way home from work. She stops to intervene, and the attacker leaves her with an ominous line: “let her die and I’ll let you live.” She would never guess that soon her husband will disappear and her life as well as her children’s will hang in the balance.

This one kept me guessing to the end and nothing is as it seems. Well written and tightly paced, I’d definitely recommend this one.

Thank you to William Morrow and NetGalley for this review copy.
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Veterinarian Cassie Larkin is hurrying home—she’s late again. But she still stops when she sees a man assaulting a woman by the side of the road. After calling 911, she foolishly tries to stop him. He threatens Cassie saying, “let her die and I’ll let you live.” He steals her car and gets away before the police arrive.

The victim does survive but Cassie will never forget his menacing face. He has her purse and phone so she’s afraid she’s put her family in danger. Then she learns her husband knew the victim and he disappears, leaving a cryptic message. It seems like her whole world is crumbling apart. Was the attack just a random event or something much more sinister?

A fast-paced story that will keep you guessing till the end.
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I always wondered how people can see and injustice and stand by and do nothing.I have a better understanding after reading No Bad Deed.. The characters are complicated and intense. Being raised in an abusive situation leaves a scar that never can be healed. Brooklyn needed to get revenge on Dee but ended up taking it out on the girl who was lucky enough to escape the abuse. The story was thrilling to the end. It was sad and redeeming at the same time. I highly recommend reading it.
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My copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. My thanks to the the author, the publisher, and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review it.

When I started this book I was expecting thrilling suspense but, for approximately the first three-fourths what I found, instead, was a story lacking spark or tension. I thought the characters were bland and unbelievable and I felt no connection to them. Specifically, I did not like the main character and really didn’t care about her. I didn’t understand many of her actions and thought there was an over abundance of coincidences throughout the book. 

The pace of the book picked up somewhat toward the end; however, the explanations were forced rather than clever.
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No Bad Deed has a fabulous first chapter, full of fast-paced action and high stakes. The story never really slows down. Everything bad that could possibly happen to screw up Cassie Larkin's life happens: her husband is cheating,missing, disgraced, fired, kidnapped and maybe murdered. Her children are stalked, cyber-bullied, kidnapped, beaten up, and thrown from a moving car. Her neighbors lie to her and about her, she's setup, burned out and framed for murder. It moves fast and keeps your attention, but after a while the story started to have a little bit of a "perils of pauline" feeling to it. No one ever gets tied to the railroad tracks, but someone is buried alive in the grand finale.
The twisty, perverted back story that brings all this down on Cassie is complicated and not quite believable. So, four stars, not five. But I will watch for more from Heather Chavez.
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