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Remix Judaism

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I thought this was a very interesting book. The author is open to new interpretations of ancient (and more modern) customs. Unlike a lot of books about the various practices within Judaism, this book didn't feel as restrictive. I enjoyed the ideas that were introduced here and found some of the stories the author told fascinating. 

One thing that made me like this book, was the way the author gave her own history and talked about people she knew directly. It made the book feel more personal. If you have ever struggled to figure out where you fit into the spectrum of Jewish life, this is a book that might really help you. The author does not tell anyone that they are "doing it wrong," like so many other books on these topics tend to imply. There was not a lot of personal bias here and that made it far easier and more enjoyable to read. 

A non-judgmental. creative approach to doing you, the Jewish way. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a different approach whilst still retaining their love for tradition. Excellent book. 

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