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I was looking forward to reading this as I absolutely love the Miles and Grey series, every single one of them has been a five star read for me. 

A positive is that I did read the book very quickly so that I could find out what was happening, and I liked the descriptions on the town.

Unfortunately I wasn't particularly impressed with the outcome. I had my suspicions about the identity of the main character and I just don't buy it. It may have been 16 years but I can't get on board with the idea that people she went to school with wouldn't recognise her. It's been 12 years since I left school myself and I'm pretty certain I would cotton on if one of the people I went to school with pretended to be someone else! 

I suppose if you can suspend reality a lot then this was an ok read, but it wasn't for me. I would still read any follow ups by the author based on how much I enjoyed her previous series.
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The book starts with the kidnapping of Mandy; and Felicity, who hears about the kidnapping on the news back in her hometown that she escaped from 16 years ago. When she hears about the kidnapping she knows she has to return as it feels like history is about to repeat itself. 
It then concentrates on Jasmine 16 years ago; her and her parents have just moved into their new house and have taken a lodger in, in the guest house at the end of the garden. Instantly Jasmine is wary of the lodger Tim. 
After all main characters have been introduced it jumps from the present day with Felicity trying to work out whether Mandy going missing is in any way connected to a girl called Hannah that went missing 16 years ago and then back 16 years  ago to Jasmine and Felicity living out their summer holidays. Things happen during that summer which affects all people involved. 
There are a few twists and turns which makes Felicity realise there is  definitely some connection between what  happened 16 years ago and what is happening in the present day. She knows to unveil the truth she has to go back to where all her lies began. 
As usual I absolutely loved this book. There is not one of Katerina's books that I haven't loved! I didn't see the twist  at the end coming and couldn't have guessed what Tim was up to. 
I already cant wait for her next book!
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Thanks to Avon Books and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Katerina Diamond is rapidly becoming my go-to author for a top-notch psychological thriller. 'The Heatwave' is further evidence of Diamond's ability to hook the reader from the first page. I read this in one sitting, marvelling at Diamond's pitch-perfect plotting and crisp prose. This is a twisty mystery, indeed. Girls have disappeared in the past and present, and it is up to Felicity to unravel the mysteries that connect past with present events. Although you may think you may know where the story is going, you couldn't be more wrong. This engrossing whodunnit has plenty of surprises in store for the reader, including a final, stunning denouement. A summer read to literally die for. Absolutely enthralling stuff.
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I would like to thank the author, the publisher and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read an ARC of this book. This is a stand alone title from Katerina Diamond, having read her Miles and Grey series of books I wasn't sure what this one would be like, but it was brilliant, very cleverly written to keep you guessing and lots of twists along the way. Another definite best seller.
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I’m a huge fan of the Miles and Grey series that Katerina Diamond writes so I was worried that I would struggle with a stand-alone that didn’t include some of my favourite characters. 
I couldn’t have been more wrong! Fast paced and keeps you guessing all the way through. Although I managed to guess one of the twists, there were still others that snuck up on me!
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This was an incredible thriller that drew me in and never let go. I felt emotionally invested in the characters’  lives and couldn’t stop reading.
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Thank you to Netgalley for this preview. I really enjoyed  the pace of this book & the way in which it flipped from the present time to when the main character was a teenager.  It was a great read & very well written
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Felicity hears on the news that a young girl has gone missing in her hometown and she knows she has to go back. Her husband Chris does not really understand but he agrees. She heads back, stays in a local hotel and starts to ask questions. What does she know? Why is this her first time back? She moves back through her own past and retraces the footsteps of herself and her friend Jasmines summer when another girl Hannah disappeared during a heatwave.
I really enjoyed this book. It jumps between the present and the past, the summer of the heatwave. There are a number of characters in the past that don't seem to be in her life now. What happened then? Why is Felicity so wrapped up in the girls disappearance now? All these questions are eventually answered and I loved the journey to the conclusion.
Thank you to Netgalley, the publisher and the author for my ARC in exchange for an honest review
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The Heatwave is a novel about teenage passion and friendship, whose effects last a lifetime. When a girl goes missing in Felicity’s hometown, she returns for the first time in 15 years, certain she holds the key to finding the girl alive. To do so Felicity must revisit her most painful memories and unearth truths that have lain hidden since she left. 
A fast paced, intense book. Definitely recommend.
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Excellent book.  Katerina Diamond does it again. This is an intense psychological thriller....a must read!
Thank you Netgalley, publisher, and author for the opportunity to read this advanced reading copy.
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Another fantastic story from Katerina Diamond. I love her writing. Intelligent and always incredible. A brilliant whodunnit story with an incredible twist x
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The Heatwave is a must read summer novel! Definitely did not disappoint! 
Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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a great read by katerina diamond as always .very good storyline lots of twists and turns .one for the sunlounger i think.
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#TheHeatwave #NetGalley 
Katerina knows how to engage the reader in the book. A good read. 
Jasmine and Felicity are two best friends, although they both have different lives and goals, one thing is common between them and that's Tim, a boy who arrived at Jasmine's house to help them in everything. But Tim is not what he's saying he's and Jasmine's parents are hiding a secret from Jasmine. 
Told from two POV's of present and past. I can't reveal who's narrating the present because its the twist but Jasmine is narrating the past. 
Katerina's writing is good. Although the final ending didn't surprise me but still its a good read.
Thanks to NetGalley and Avon for giving me an advance copy of this thriller.
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Felicity and Jasmine are teen friends wading through life, boys and alcohol. Their lives are very different but best friends there for each other. Years later a teenage girl has gone missing and Felicity is the only one who can save her so she returns to her seaside home so she can lay the ghosts of her past to rest. 
This was the first book I have read by Katerina and it won’t be my last. She builds a tense story which leads to a very exciting end. 
Thank you to netgalley and the publishers for this arc in exchange for my honest review.
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Felicity is shocked when she sees a report on television that a young girl has gone missing from the town where she grew up. She had run away from home sixteen years ago while a search was ongoing for another missing girl.
Felicity feels the need to go home to help look for the missing teenager and find out exactly what happed to the other girl all those years ago.
A thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat with lots of twists and turns.
Thank you to NetGalley and Avon Books UK for my e-copy in exchange for an honest review.
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The book starts in a very unsettling way with the kidnap in Sidmouth, Devon of Mandy Green and then switches  location to the Lake District where Felicity Musgrave lives with her husband Chris and two children. Felicity knots with tension on hearing about Mandy but why? Even more puzzling is that she leaves the family home to rush down to Sidmouth where it transpires she grew up. She tells Chris that the Mandy case is almost identical to another missing girl case in the Devon town when she was 16. It soon becomes apparent that Felicity has been running from many demons, that there are lies in her background which is intriguing as it seems she’s on a collision course with events in her past. The story is told in the present by Felicity and in the past by Jasmine Burgess who was Felicity’s best friend. Jasmine’s parents are Frank and Lisa who seem very kind as they spend their summer holidays in various world locations doing charity work. Their kindness is also demonstrated by their offer of the family guest house to Tim who needs their help. Tim makes Jasmine feel very uneasy, uncomfortable, if not fearful. Why does he unsettle her so much? These two storylines from the past and present connect very dramatically. 

The story is easy to read, you feel Felicity’s tension but it’s hard for a long time to understand why she feels she’s the one that can solve the missing girl cases. Jasmine’s feelings about Tim come across well although as the book progresses I think this point becomes a bit laboured. The links between the characters unravel well as do the revealing of secrets and you come to appreciate the guilt and baggage being carried. As Jasmine grows up a number of menacing, sinister and creepy events occur around her and this comes across well and I found myself immersed in her story. There are plenty of twists, turns and revelations as well as the odd jawdropper surprise that I did not see coming! However, this is a trademark of the author. 

Although I really did enjoy the book there is some dialogue which doesn’t feel very realistic p, for example between Jasmine and her father. The plot is far fetched which is fine, it’s fiction after all but there are some ‘disappearances’ that are not mentioned or accounted for in the timeframe in which they occur which seems odd!  That aside, it’s a good read and one which the many fans of Katerina Diamond will lap up.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Avon Books UK for the Arc.
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The Heatwave is Katerina Diamond's first standalone thriller and as one who has read ,and enjoyed, her entire Imogen Grey series I was  keen to find out how she''d fare with new characters and a clean slate. Very well is the answer and this is her best book to date. Ms Diamond's first book was a very good effort and subsequent books just got better and better, The Heatwave puts her right up with the likes of   Erin Kelly, Belinda Bauer and Sharon Bolton with it's believable characters , twists and an intriguing  page-turner of a plot.

Felicity is a woman with  a history, one that her husband is totally unaware of. On seeing a TV news report about a missing girl in the small Devon coastal town of Sidmouth her mind goes back to her own teenaged years and a similar event that she was involved in. Much to her husband's dismay , Felicity decides that only she can find and save the missing girl and needs to return to Sidmouth  immediately to do so..

The story has 2 timelines, the present as Felicity goes around her old haunts and in search of information and 16 years earlier when the first disappearance occurred and a 16 year-old Felicity and best friend Jasmine competed for the attentions of the enigmatic Tim who Jasmine's parents let live in their Summerhouse in return for work.  Having been gone for so long Felicity finds that she has been all but forgotten by the few former schoolmates she comes across and pumps for information. While initially the disappearance appears unconnected to the girl's lives events spiral out of control and Felicity leaves town very quickly, making a new life for herself until the fateful news broadcast.

The Heatwave is an involving read, I read it in one sitting stopping only to eat. the story is clever and the characters believable. There are a few good twists, the big one I worked out quite a long way before the reveal but then I do read a lot of thrillers and the clues are there if you're paying attention.   This is the best book by an author that I first encountered when reading her "great for a new author" first book, "The Teacher" and have seen go from strength to strength until this one which is as good as any thriller by the "big names". Highly recommended.

Thanks to Katerina Diamond, Avon Books and Netgalley for the ARC in return for an honest review.
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A nice seaside town - check, the sun hot in the sky - check - and all the twisty feels - check and check some more!
When Felicity hears that a girl has gone missing in her childhood hometown, she heads back as she feels compelled to find out what happened and how it could be linked to what happened when she was young. Before she she fled.  What on earth is she hiding and what did happen then and what is happening now?

Nicely plotted and written, this is a back then and now book with the thread of intrigue weaving its way through the novel. It gets tighter and tighter, twistier and twistier. I was intrigued to find out who, why and what. Oh and when and how of course.

Lots of questions it's fun to get answers to. Small seaside setting really adds to the homefeel, a small town stuck in time with the heat and pressure of the boiling sun really making their mark.
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Another fantastic book from Katerina Diamond.  When Felicity hears that a girl has gone missing in her childhood hometown, she immediately heads back as she feels it is linked to what happened when she was a teenager, before she fled.  The story changes between the present and the past where we start to find out what exactly happened all those years ago.  Is what is happening now connected to what happened back then?  What we find out is tense, gripping, shocking, and full of fantastic twists and turns!  I actually felt a tingle in my spine as the ending was revealed as it was just so clever and shocking.  Absolutely loved this book and can't recommend it enough.
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