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Molly Clarke disappeared in a storm, but was it deliberate or something more suspicious? When the police and the volunteers stop looking, will her daughter Nicole go agaist her father's wishes and keep on searching?

Having read other books by this author, I was ready for an unexpected twist at the end. This did happen, but not in a good way. The conclusion seemed to be thrown in to give the novel a clear end, but the author did not do enough to give it a footing in the novel itself. The way Molly was treated by her family seemed a little over the top, especially considering the eventual reveal of what had transpired in the past to warrant the anomosity. The small town setting, with its secrets and shadowy feeling, was authentic, as I have driven through the real world area in which these fictitious characters lived. Overall, Don't Look for Me had a good premise, but was not as good as I had hoped. For these reasons, I would be hesitant to recommend the novel to other readers.

Disclaimer: I was given an Advanced Reader's Copy of Don't Look for Me by NetGalley and the publisher, St. Martin's Press. The decision to review this book was entirely my own.
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I’ve read all of Wendy Walkers book and love her style of writing and storytelling but sadly this one just wasn’t for me me. The story started out great but once it got going the story started and I saw where it was headed it getting creepy….  It took be a very long time to get through this one because I kept putting it down and started another book. Finally made my way through.
A special thank you to the publisher St. Martin’s Press via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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Thank you to Netgalley and St. Martin’s Press for the ARC.

This is my second Wendy Walker book and I really enjoy her work. 

There were definitely lots of twists and turns in this one as the chapters were told from Molly's and Nicole's perspective.  I don't want to give away too much but I did like Molly's chapters and interactions.

The ending was a bit of a stretch for me but I liked it overall.

Can't wait to read more by Wendy Walker.
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I absolutely loved this book! I was hooked from the beginning. Molly Clarke has suffered an unimaginable tragedy so when she doesn't come home and the police find a note at a hotel saying she's left and not to look for her her husband is upset but finds the situation plausible so the search is called off. Her daughter; however, is not convinced that her mom would just leave so she continues the search on her own. 
I found all of the characters to be very interesting and the story kept moving along. There were a few twists and I saw none of them coming! I will definitely be reading more books by this author. Read this one!!!
Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I've been getting into psychological thrillers lately and I really enjoyed Don't Look for Me . . . at least until a point. Then it just became "well, okay."

At first, it screamed unreliable narrator. The story of what happened to Molly didn't add up. It took awhile to realize it was just a matter of getting more details to the story. I was intrigued on finding out what truly happened to Molly.

The story is told from Molly's point of view and her daughter's point of view . . . at first, they were told from a week apart from each other, and then they merged to be in the same time period. I honestly skimmed through Nicole's part because it just wasn't interesting enough for me to truly follow along and I felt like nothing really contributed to the story anyway.

The back half is where it started to unravel and where it "went wrong" for me. It was completely predictable, and nothing kept me on the edge of my seat with interest. I only finished because there were a few things I wanted to see how it ended even though I knew everything else.

Overall, it wasn't bad. It kept me entertained enough to finish, so that's always what counts in my opinion.
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This book kept my heart racing until the end. Molly Clarke goes missing as she’s heading home from her sons soccer game. All signs indicate that she may have left willingly. Her daughter Nicole sense something isn’t right and begins looking to see what happened to her mother. 

This book was creepy in the best way possible. A lot of characters, all with signs indicating that they could be the person responsible for Molly’s disappearance. What I like about the women in this book is how they’re written. They aren’t completely unreliable, nor do they let their emotions get the best of them. They’re smart and determined and sometimes one step behind, then one step ahead. The ending truly got me because I did not see it coming. 

This book was a breath of fresh air as. I’d given up thrillers for a while because they all felt and read the same. Very pleased with this one and will read more of Wendy’s books in the future!
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Thank you NetGalley for an advanced e-copy of Don't Look for Me by Wendy Walker.

Wow, wow, wow! This book kept me up reading through the night. I just couldn't stop reading.

Molly Clarke had the perfect life until the terrible accident. A family destroyed! Years later, while driving home in a storm, Molly goes missing.

The police think that Molly left her family. Nicole, her daughter doesn't believe it and starts to investigate her mom's disappearance. Nicole travels to the town her mother disappeared. Did Molly really leave her family or was she taken? So many twists to this amazing and mind blowing read.
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Good thriller with an unexpected person being the culprit. A lot of family dynamics, but the family is drawn together at the end.
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Don’t Look for Me is a suspenseful psychological thriller about a woman who took a ride from a stranger and never made it home. Her family believes that she just left because she was tired of her life. But the daughter doesn’t believe that for a second and wants to get to the bottom of her mom's’ disappearance. One dark and rainy night Molly Clarke was returning home from her son’s baseball game and ran out of gas. Molly took this as a sign that maybe she could escape from her life because no one would miss her anyway. Molly’s car is found abandoned and there was a note, her clothes, and cellphone found in a hotel room. Everyone believes she just walked away from her life after speaking with her family and seeing how they treated her no one blames Molly for leaving. Nicole is Molly’s hot mess of a daughter. Nic believes something must have happened to her mother because Molly Clarke would not just leave. Nicole feels it is up to her to find out what happened to her mother the night she “disappeared”. The small town has dark undertones were you can’t really trust anyone. I will say that I found the ending quiet surprising to say the least. Nevertheless, Don’t Look for Me was a worthwhile thriller, earning a solid 3.5-star rating from me. I’m glad Netgalley and the publishers at St. Martin’s Press allowed me the opportunity to read this book in advance.
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I really enjoyed reading this book. I liked reading the different viewpoints of Molly and Nicole. There were twists and turns that I did not see coming. This book kept me in suspense and I could not put it down.
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Totally got immersed in this book. Fabulous! One of my top 5. Lives the atmosphere and the storyline.
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Excellent thriller reminding us that not everything is as it seems.  This book is filled with my twists and turns and I didn’t see the ending coming. Highly recommend.
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That was a nail-biter! I guessed who the main culprit was but was surprised by a couple of twists at the end. I didn't know what to expect going in but I was completely engrossed in the story. The way the author weaved the mystery, building up the suspense with every sentence was seriously impressive. I also enjoyed how much time was devoted to actually developing these characters and their relationships with each other. I'll be recommending this one to my mystery-loving friends.
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I loved <a href="">Emma in the Night</a>, so I was really excited to read Don't Look for Me. Unfortunately, it fell incredibly short of my expectations. While this was a very fast-paced novel with high stakes, I really struggled to care about the characters and only finished this to see how the story would end. I actually guessed one of the major twists before the halfway mark and ended up skimming from about 80% onward because I didn't feel compelled to spend more time with this than absolutely necessary.

While I know thrillers require some suspension of disbelief, this really didn't feel like it had any authenticity to it. The characters and their problems felt so <i>manufactured</i> and it made it difficult to truly care about or root for them. I'd compare this to one of those trashy Lifetime movies that you throw on to pass the time and don't <i>really</i> enjoy, but just have to see the end of because you're curious about the plot. Except this required more time and effort than a Lifetime movie.

So just go watch a Lifetime movie instead, tbh. (Honestly though, I am clearly very much in the minority and suggest you check out some other reviews if you're interested in this because maybe you'll vibe with it more than I did!)
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Loved MOST of the book but I wasn't all over the ending - it seemed really exciting and somewhat unpredictable yet had enough predictability that kept it "reasonable.'  The last couple of chapters seemed so contrived in making sure it was wrapped up nicely but it left me wanting a little more.
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I really enjoyed this book!  This book was generously provided to me through NetGalley.  Highly Recommended!
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A super creepster thriller with just awful people. Just when you think you’ve put the pieces of the puzzle together, think again! Tons of twists and turns, and a few breath-taking moments!
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Thank you to St.Martin's Press for the copy of Don't Look for me in exchange for an honest review.

I started this book a while ago and had to put it down due to the kidnapping bothering me. I did pick it back up and try again, but I am still just struggling with that topic. I decided in Chapter 8, that for the sake of my anxiety, I just can't finish this one. I do really like the idea of the story, I just can't get past the kidnapping at this time.

I will not share a review anywhere besides NetGalley since I was unable to finish it and can't give a full review of the book.
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This is my second or this Walker book that I have not been able to finish.  This book is just slow and weird and disorienting, and not in a good way.  Molly is repetitive and dull, and Nicole is just...  unrelatable.  Stopped at about 30 percent.
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Wendy Walker has taken the usual abduction trope and turned it on its head. Instead of the parents searching feverishly for their teenage daughter, it is the daughter searching for her mother.

Despite the dire and oftentimes heart-breaking situation that Molly finds herself in, for some reason I couldn’t completely like her. It had nothing to do with the death of her young daughter which was definitely NOT her fault. Yet… I can’t quite pinpoint why she didn’t appeal to me. Nicole, I liked more, yet she too was so damaged, so broken, that it was hard to put yourself in her shoes. This story was told from the point of view of both these women.

The child, Alice, grew up in isolation. She was the epitome of someone you should feel sorry for, yet, she too made me uneasy. Her upbringing has made her psychopathic.

The setting was expertly described and was creepy as all get out. The insular, economically depressed town. The house where Molly was held hostage…

The denouement was suspenseful and satisfying. It would make an excellent thriller movie.

With themes of parental grief, parental love, obsession, anguish, fear and survival, I recommended “Don’t Look For Me” to all psychological thriller fans.
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