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The BEST red herrings...over and over...until I was quite shocked at the final result! Great book!  My favorite Wendy Walker title so far, by far.  I couldn't put it down, and I loved the characters and the creepy mood.  MUST read!
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A solid creepy thriller with a plot twist that I didn't think was particularly original nor necessary (hence the deduction of one star).  Overall, a book I devoured in about 12 hours and would recommend to others.
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Wendy Walker never disappoints for a page-turning late night novel that keeps you up at night as you scroll from page to page. Walker is always on my go to list! I would love to see this on the big screen! 
The writing is fast-paced and easy to read making it the perfect beach read or snuggling up on a rainy day with a cup of tea!
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This book is about a mother wracked with guilt after a devastating family tragedy. When she goes missing, the police believe that she left out of her own accord and abandoned her own life. Her daughter though keeps searching for her and believes that she wants to be found. This was a thrilling read and sent creepy vibes throughout. I guessed the perpetrator fairly soon and There was a twist at the end that i found a bit absurd and unnecessary but overall i enjoyed the book.
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Thanks to NetGalley and St. Martins Press for an ARC copy of this book. As a big fan of psychological thrillers I knew I would enjoy reading Don't Look for Me and I wasn't disappointed. Providing two perspectives throughout the book, the main character and her daughter, provides more interest. The twists and turns throughout the book make this a book you will want to pick up!
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Many of us think about walking away from our lives at times, but I felt for Molly Clarke as she pondered this thought. She had every reason to walk away and others believed that was what she had done. The reader goes through the search for Molly with Molly’s daughter, Nicole, as she uncovers clues which in turn serve to put her in danger. We also go through Molly’s harrowing experience as captive. This book was so twisty that I think I experienced whiplash! (I received this book as an arc from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.)
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A great thriller that totally captured me the entire time. The plot twist were excellent and I all my guesses were wrong. This is definitely one that I would say makes a good thriller for people who are just getting into the genre.
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to read this book thanks to NetGalley. I am a huge fan of this author and was thrilled to be approved for this title. It did not disappoint and I loved it. It was one of her best yet. It was fast paced and exciting and it really kept me guessing until the end! I was really invested in the characters and the overall story. This one is a must read for all thriller fans. I will always be a fan and can’t wait for her next book. Thanks again to NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book.
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Wendy Walker has done it again! She has such a great way of developing characters and a story that keeps you guessing until the end. 
This was a great original story with so many psychological twists and turns you weren’t sure who was bad or good or what was going to happen next. 

Molly Clarke is rushing home during a horrible storm. She runs out of gas. No one is around to help until a truck pulls up and offers her a ride.

What happens next is truly terrifying.

I received this book in exchange for my honest review.
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This was such a great and fast-paced thriller! I love the way the ending all came together and there were twists I didn’t see coming.  This had a plot twist that stands out from other thrillers and I would recommend it!
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I received this book from netgalley.
I really loved this bool and can't wait for more.
Sorry my review is is up on goodreads to.
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Twisted craziness anyone?  Then just stop right here with this new book by Wendy Walker. Whoa!! Seriously, I know it happens, but how often does a loving mom just walk away from her life? A mother who drives hours to see her son’s games every other week. A mother who seems involved in her daughter’s life, at least as much as her daughter will allow. A woman who loves her family and husband... let’s just ignore the fact that her whole family seems to be ignoring her. And they all seem to blame her for her other daughter’s death years ago. 
     Ok, maybe she did just up and walk away after dealing with all that and then her son ignores her after the game, and she had words with her daughter, and her husband...well we’ll just leave that there. Perhaps it’s not that hard to believe that a woman would want to start over and forget about all the pain she feels she’s brought to her family.
     All it takes is one determined daughter to believe that her mother did not leave her family. One daughter who is willing to go that extra mile and fight to find her mom, who she believes is not gone by her own free will. And if she did not leave her family willingly, what is happening to her mom?  
     So many open possibilities with this book. If you think you know what happened, think again. Thank you to NetGalley for providing the advanced audiobook version. #WendyWalker #NetGalley
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Oh my god!! This was an AWESOME book!!! I am kicking myself in the butt for not reading this sooner!! A fast paced thriller with twists and turns that keep you guessing and wanting to keep reading. I literally read this in 1 day!!! I loved every moment!!! Bravo Wendy!! All the stars ⭐

*Thank you @netgalley @stmartinspress and @wendywalkerauthor for the copy in exchange for an honest review.*

Disclaimer: No children were left unsupervised while I was reading lol 🤣 (Read during naps, lunch, dinner, and after kids were in bed)
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What a fascinating book. I was impressed by the storyline and the characters were all well written and complex. Where there are complex storylines combined with intriguing characters the reader experience is magnified tremendously. To have a book that is well written as well as entertaining is a delight. Reading is about escaping your world and entering another one. Here I forgot about my own life and was immersed in the world created by the author. I would recommend this book.
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Thanks to NetGalley and St. Martin's Press for making a copy of this title available for an honest review.

Wow, hold on to your brains! I'm fairly good at figuring things out early. Not this time. I thought I knew. And I was wrong. And then I thought I knew. And I was wrong again. Walker's novel kept me fully engaged at every turn, trying to figure out how the pieces fit together and which character's narratives could be believed and trusted. Who is hiding what and for what reason?

Years ago, Molly Clark, drove the car that killed her youngest daughter in a horrible accident. She has never forgiven herself. Her guilt is consuming. Dealing with their own grief, her husband, remaining daughter, and son, withdraw from her and add to her guilt. Perhaps their lives would be better without her. -But did she just walk away? There are too many things that don't make sense for her daughter Nicole to quietly accept even if her father and the local police encourage her to accept her mother's disappearance and move on with her life. -But there are too many questions, too many stories that don't mesh, too much guilt of her own to just walk away. Then again, maybe having Nicole come back alone is what it was all about to begin with.

Nothing is at it first appears. Where is the truth? Will emotionally scarred Molly and her broken daughter Nicole be able to sift through the lies in time to save each other? I really loved this finely crafted book and rooted for the separated women. Highly recommended!
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Bring it on Wendy Webb!!!!

Woohoo! Yes, Yes, and Yes! This one grabbed me from page one and did not let go. Whew! She has done it again. I was entranced and captivated for the entire book. Nuff said! But of course, I will say more. This book had some twists and turns. It also had many suspects and had me reading with my super sleuth hat on. I am not a fan of reveals that come out of left field and some will think that this one did but if you read closely who might not think that way. Well, you might think that a little - but - man, was this good!

What a ride, Wendy, what a tense suspenseful ride!

Highly recommend.
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I found this to be an interesting thriller.. I thought the characters were realistic and the story went down many paths before it got to the end. I enjoyed it. I received an ARC and this is my honest opinion.
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This mystery/thriller kept me interested throughout the whole book.  It is a solid mystery which also includes family relationships, love, and some humor.  I always love a good psychological thriller,

This book was given to me for my honest review.
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This was my first book in awhile from Wendy Walker and she did not disappoint! When Molly disappears, her family is left in the wake of it, trying to figure out what happened. 
With split POVs, of Molly and her journey, and her family trying to pick up the pieces, you'll be left with a wonderful novel full of secrets.
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Wendy Walker writes really great mysteries. This author can really suck you in and leave you wanting to talk about her books to whomever will listen.
 I really like this novel all the way up to the end! The ending just didn't do it for me. To me, it felt rushed. 
The buildup of the novel was great. This is where I think I didn't like it because the buildup was so intense and that's what mad you ride the wave of this novel. The author, I thought did a great job leading you to several people who could of done this. Maybe it's me being picky but up till the end was 5 stars, the ending dropped it down to 3.5 stars.
I still really like this author and look forward to her next novel.
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