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So unfortunately I really didn't get on with this one!
The premise sounded so cool and unique and I was so excited to read about a book with parallel universes.
This just missed the mark with me on so many levels. I didn't care about the characters as I felt we only got to know them on a surface level and they seriously lacked development for me in the end. The story was also all over the place and I couldn't really follow what was going on half the time. I've read complex sci-fi before so it wasn't that I didn't understand, it's just that I didn't see what the point of the plot was.
Also it felt like a romance was just thrown in for the sake of it and I didn't feel like the characters had enough chemistry for me to get behind their relationship, add that to the complete lack of communication and it just made me not care.
I will say the writing was something I enjoyed and I could see the possibility of giving this author another chance. Also I did really like the technology behind the world jumping even if I felt like there were parts that didn't make sense sometimes.
In the end this was just a disappointing one for me!
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Overall this book was entertaining.  I honestly enjoyed the first half of the book more than I did the second half.  Exploring the various universes and understanding how it all works grabbed my interest more than the conspiracies and danger did.

I am not sure if this is due to the fact that the twists and conspiracies were pretty self-evident or if it took away from the overall feel of the book.  Needing to kill other competitors in the multi-verse did not make a lot of sense to me.  I am not sure why this is important to why it matters to Earth 0.  Outside of the fact that Earth 0 posed a
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The Space Between Worlds is a fascinating concept book but for me failed in plot and development.  I found it difficult to follow the characters and their motivations.  The story line was confusing and I struggled to keep track of what was happening in the story.  It did have some interesting twists and turns and did fall together towards the end of the book but took too long for the story to develop.  I also found the characters generally uninteresting and their interactions excessively convoluted.  It did keep me interested enough to finish the book but was overall a disappointing read for me.
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This is a top notch book that is a must read for all fans of reading! It is incredibly well written and super engaging. I read this book in only a few sittings and every time I had to put it down I wanted to come back immediately.
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This was a beautiful debut from Micaiah Johnnson, The Space Between Worlds, is an intriguing story that focuses on a young woman named Cara. The story explores the concept of a multiverse and traveling through space to other worlds. I applaud it’s world building, it’s pacing, political commentary, relevancy as well as the diverse characters.

The Space Between Worlds follows young Cara who lives and works on Earth Zero; on this Earth the multiverse is more than a comic book plot device, its a business. It’s Cara’s job to traverse to other worlds similar to Earth Zero and bring back information. Cara’s job is not an easy one to get, in order to travel to each world she has to die to get access it; on each Earth there is another version of ourselves and on hundreds of planets Cara has died, but because of her deaths she is valuable.

“Of the 380 Earths with which we can resonate, I’m dead in 372. No, 373 now. I’m not a scientist. I’m just what they’re stuck with. The higher-ups call us “traversers” on paper” (Johnson Loc 108).

The story is a vivid world of fiction that gives you so much to contemplate about; including but not limited to: class, race, appearance, and time. The Space Between Worlds makes you reflect on our society and who we are as humans and what we value. It has fire within every page, making for a very fast paced story with a resilient main character.

“How did you survive?” he says, at last. Because I don’t know how to die”
(Johnson Loc 2408).

I enjoyed Johnsons writing style a lot as she is able to provide readers with a detailed image of Cara’s world. I’m all about imagery when it comes to the books I read, unless I can vividly see the world your trying to get me to care about I wont be able to read your book. Johnson is able to depict the two neighboring cities, Wiley City and Ashtown, by providing Cara’s clothing and how she feels in both places. In both she tries to blend in; to blend in Wiley City she tries to wear the best clothes and dives herself into work. In Ashtown she wears clothes to help her stand the strong heat and light from the sun, but she still stands out as her clothes in comparison to the locals look too new.

Johnson’s imagery continues when she depicts Cara traveling to a new world. There is a spiritual aspect that goes against the science of space travel, but creates an experience for the reader and connects the reader to Cara as we experience her pain and “hallucinations”. 

“ I know I am on my way by the sudden feeling of someone else’s breath on my neck. Scientists call the pressure along my skin resistance from imperfect frequencies, an atmospheric barrier I have to slide through before I can appear in another world. But Jean calls it Nyame’s muzzle, sniffing at me for worth like a wolf determining friend from threat”
(Johnson Loc 760).

These were my favorite parts, when Cara would travel, it was when I felt the most connected to her as we both didn’t know what to expect next!

Along with the imagery and world building there is the cool structure of the book. The structure is unique and very important to the storytelling aspect. There are 4 parts and within those four parts are chapters and each chapter breaks off into sections, almost like a diary without the dates. My favorite part of this structure is that with each new part there is a quote that alludes to what is to come. I also enjoyed how with each new part there is a quoted debate of sorts between the scientists and the spiritual.

“ When the multiverse was confirmed, the spiritual and the scientific communities both counted it as evidence of their validity.
The scientists said, Look, we told you there were parallel universes.
And the spiritual said, See, we’ve always known there was more than one life”
(Johnson Loc 65).

The only place where this story fell short me was the romance. It felt sidelined, in a way I understand why there was a romance but I also wish that it was just a bit more developed as I did not feel the connection between Cara and Dell. I found myself rooting for Nik Nik and Cara to get together!  

Overall this was a beautiful debut from Micaiah Johnnson and I cannot wait to read more from this author!
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I really enjoyed this book! 

Just enough world-building of each traveled to the world that I knew what was going on but also didn't feel overwhelmed.

I cannot go into much detail on this one otherwise I will give way too much away. 

Get your hands on this one if you like mind-bending, world-hoping, LGBTQA+ rep, and solid sci-fi!
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Ok...I was very intrigued when reading the description of this book, then seeing all the award nominations coming out while I was reading.  I've always liked the multiverse concept and this one sounded like it was going to be great.  The beginning "world-building" was interesting but then it started to get flat for me after that.  As much detail that was given and all the intricacies woven throughout, it just didn't deliver that 4-5 star roller-coaster I was expecting.  I can see how many readers would like this a lot, just not exactly for me.  3 stars

Thank you to NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group - Ballantine for the ARC.
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This book just did not pull me in at alllllll. I feel like it lacked in a lot of places. The romance, the drama, the sci fi. I wanted more from all of it. I finished it because I’m stubborn and needed to see how it would play out and even the ending felt... meh.
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This is a great, captivating read. I couldn't put it down. Complex, beautifully written characters and a plot that keeps surprising. This book is a must read.
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This book is why I love science fiction. Obviously multiverse isn't new, but I don't ever want it to get old. I also love a book that trickles just enough info to keep you turning pages and builds up to an end that leaves you thinking... I feel like that's a love it or hate it thing, but I'll take my books without perfectly tied ribbons every time. Looking forward to so much more from Micaiah Johnson!
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I strayed a little too far from my comfort zone with this book and I did not enjoy it. I read this as part of a buddy read and many of our group wasn’t into it either.
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The main character in this book is Cara, a transverse that  travels between worlds to record information for others higher on the social  hierarchy.  The only worlds she or others can't  travel to is one that has your doppelgänger still living. Cara has led. a hard life with a mother who was an addict.  She has learned self preservation as a means of survival.  She rarely lets anyone get close to her except for her supervisor Dell.

Some of the positives in this book was that it did have a bit of a love story that ramps up the last half of the book.  The imagery of the world makes it easy for the reader to picture this world with 380 parallel earths.  Some elements of  gender fluidity, race and sexuality are present in the book without taking away from the plot.

This book was really hard for me to get into. It felt like a young adult book.  Science fiction is not typically a genre that I read but lately I have read a few that I liked; Dark Matters, Recursion, and the Perfect Wife.  What I liked about those books is that the reader is in a normal everyday setting and then the science fiction is sprinkled in and  comes later once the characters are developed. Whereas in this book the reader is dropped in a very  futuristic sci-fi setting. I found it very hard to get through.  we did this as a buddy read with a group of my friends and all of us struggled.  I have no. doubt that fans of science fiction and fantasy would love this book.  T
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I had such high hopes for this book, I wanted it to be like Dark Matter and transport me to a world of the unknown.  Instead, I struggled to keep up with what world I was in! I had a difficult time figuring out where Cara was, what she was doing, and what was going to come next. I found the book extremely repetitive.
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This book was excellent. The wordbuilding and the exploration fo themes surrounding racism, xenophobia, the perils of weaponized science, capitalism all while indulging the reader in a complicated character study. This is a perfect read for those looking for a "hard" scifi read that also has a deep and rich emotional core, and of course some queer romance. Can't recommend it enough.
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Cara's multiverse travels are put at risk when secrets surface. Micaiah Johnson gives us a thought-provoking, heartfelt Sci-fi read discussing topics, such as identity, privilege, and belonging.
Highly recommend for multiverse lovers also looking for intriguing topics of discussion.

Thank you to #netgalley and #randomhousepublishing for the ecopy!
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The Space Between Worlds is a unique and thrilling debut. I will be honest I struggled through the first half of this book. It is a slow build, but once it got going I couldn't stop. This book is a heart stopping thrill ride that will keep you turning pages. It is sci fi but Micaiah knows how to pull you in. Multiple dimensions is something that I have always thought was interesting and this book did that theory justice. A debut definitely worth checking out. The world building was stellar and the characters fantastic. Secretly hoping there is a sequel in the works because Micaiah Johnson is an author to watch.
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hank you to the author Micaiah Johnson, the publisher Random House and NetGalley for providing an ARC in exchange for my candid review.

I really enjoyed this sci-fi, futuristic story about the ability to travel to other parallel earths.....but only if you are dead on that earth.   Or you explode into pieces.    It is a story about true nature and about how a small thing can change your whole life.

It is the story of Caramenta's life and her travels to other earth's and about battling not only her demons, but demons on other earths.

It is a well-thought out adventure and I really enjoyed it.
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"You can never know a single person fully, not even yourself. Even if you think you know yourself in your safe glass castle you don't' know yourself in the dirt."

Easily one of the best books that I read this year. Maybe ever. It was such an addictive, page turning, science fiction novel. I literally could not put it down. I had to know how the story played out. Plus the main character Cara was so dimensional, fierce, and morally grey that I instantly fell in love with her. She felt real and believable.

This book takes a look at race, class division, politics, corruption, identity , and so much more through the lens of a sci-fi novel. It is stunning. Did I mention this a debut? I look forward to Micaiah Jonson's future books.

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This was so out of my comfort zone but I am so glad I read it! I know exactly what I was missing out on and I'm pretty surprised there isn't MORE buzz around this book. At first it was hard to follow, with all the names and Earth Numbers. I enjoyed Cara (all versions of her) she was a strong Main Character; strong, brave, caring. I could see this as a great movie or miniseries adaptation. Seeing the differences on each Earth was interesting; how characters names or careers were different and how differently each world reacted to violence.
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Wow, I loved this. It almost felt like reading a TV show, everything just flowed so well! Pacing: perfection. Plot twists: many, surprising, and never boring. Characters: fantastic, flawed, and complicated. Social commentary: timely. This is one of the best, tightest plotted debuts I've read!

It would have been a super easy 5 stars, but I found the world building to be a little lacking. There were several times where I wished things were fleshed out a little better and I didn't have to make logic jumps to fill in the gaps for myself. (I also wish there had been more romantic moments between our main couple because the dynamic was *chef's kiss* )

But honestly, Caramenta can (in the words of Cara herself) "eat a whole dick". Like seriously. She can fuck RIGHT OFF with her self-righteous ass.
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