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Ethan & Selenka. Arrow & Alpha.  Oh what fun!  Nalini Singh never disappoints.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  There were so many wonderful moments between these two characters.  They bond immediately and it is a surprise to both of them.  There is a new threat to hard won stability and Ethan may have a superpower to help the net!!  This book has everything and more that we have come to expect from this series.
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Selenka is alpha and a very strong woman. Her father could never accept that she was stronger than him and that the position of alpha passed over him to her. But luckily for her she was raised by her grand parents with love. Her pack loves her, and then in Ethan she found a mate who accepted her in all her dominant glory.
Ethan’s story is very similar to all the Psi that came before him. He had a brutal childhood, and he has a great power that has to be supressed because it can be catastrophic when released. His ultimate power was pretty impressive and a big surprise. And the writing led us there very neatly. 

What was very different in this story is that Ethan and Selenka formed a mating bond right from the start, before they even got to know each other. Their relationship development and the development of Ethan’s control over his powers were very well handled in the story.

Ethan seemed like an automaton at first. He was driven by Selenka and her thoughts and actions. I wouldn’t have called him submissive, but he sure submitted to Selenka without question. You might have thought he would be at least a little bit opposed to being owned again after his past experiences. But then later you realize that he is really pretty secure in himself and he has no problem with Selenka’s dominance or her position as Alpha. He defined his role in her life as her partner without losing anything of himself.

I love this series, so I’m bound to love any new addition, and I loved this one too. There is always a foe popping up who wants to grab all the power. It’s needed to drive the story, but it’s also very well introduced and developed, and makes sense. It was also great seeing some familiar faces.

A great addition to the entire series, and not to be missed.

Thank you to Berkley Publishing Group and Netgalley for providing me with an ARC. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Alpha Night is a well-written, highly imaginative story with a cast of well-defined characters.  I thoroughly enjoyed it though I think I'd have enjoyed it much more had I read anything else in the series.  I did feel lost at times with all the back stories and overwhelmed  by all the new-to-me information.  Had I read the entire series, I suspect I'd have enjoyed if much more and my guess is I'd give it one of my rare 5 star ratings.

I loved Selenka and Ethan's shared kindness to children.  For Ethan is was the best example of his redeeming qualities from a man whose self-assessment is that he lacks in most all positive human traits.  Alphas in most books I've read are not strong in the touchy-feely but Selenka is very able to be both tough and caring.  She's hard as nails and will not hesitate to do anything necessary to bring down a threat but she's also the first to hold and cuddle a child or provide the adults of the pack consolation when needed.  I got a little smile in my heart every time a pup approached Ethan and he, without thought, picked them up often holding them for long periods of time or carrying them where ever he was going.. The same with Selenka.  

There are grave threats from multiple sources for this insta-mated duo but not only are they on top of dealing with the problems they're also learning about each other and falling in love.  The mix was well done so that they were neither inappropriately affectionate during stressful times nor too distant from each other.  The multiple concerns made for tons of tension.

Singh also set up the next book with a hugely suspenseful ending.
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Another wonderful book from Nalini Singh! This one was a little more fast paced that some of her previous one but that didn't diminish anything; not the plot, the characters, or the level of detail. And as per usual the romance in this book makes your heart go all kinds of mushy. Highly recommend to anyone you enjoys some paranormal romance or just a good story.
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I will read anything this author writes.. she is fantastic.  This is a continuation of her Psy-Changeling series, and we meet the wolves of Moscow, who are very serious, and their alpha Selenka.  A world wide symposium is being held in Moscow, and everyone is involved in security for it.  Of course someone tries to stop the symposium, and everyone is needed to stop the mayhem.  Many of the characters from previous books (yay bears!!),  are highlighted, and another enjoyable fast paced ride from Nalini Singh.
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A lovely return to the world of the Psy/Changeling Trinty. This story is quick to drag you in and opens with a new twist to the mating bond that happens at first sight. Alpha wolf Selenka and Arrow Ethan are beautiful together in a way that melted my heart. The challenges of their new mating are compounded by a threat to the pack, the ongoing crisis between the races, and the problems with the PsyNet. Nalini Singh does an excellent job weaving together a new story in a familiar but changing world but it's the relationship between our Heroine and Hero that made want to read it again right away.
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Nalini Singh never disappoints. AlphaNightis another slam dunk in Singh’s Psy Changeling series. Sálenka  is a wonderful character and it was great to see a female alpha (finally). And what can I say about Ethan? Delicious. Maybe my new favorite Singh hero. A complex and beautifully drawn character. I loved him. I loved that his personality is totally different from Singh’s typical “alpha male” type of hero. Singh has opened a new door for what a hero can be, and proves that a beta male is just as hot (or hotter in my opinion) than an alpha male.  Loved him. Can’t say it enough. 

There some great twists, anda good deal of story arc development too.
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Alpha Night by Nalini Singh. What can I say?  She is one of my favorites.  I know when I get a book by her I will not be disappointed and this holds true with this story as well.  Selenka Durev is the alpha (female) of her pack.  She is devoted to them and will not show mercy to anyone who tries to harm them.  Ethan Night is an Arrow who slams (literally) into her at a meeting and more or less saves her life.  Thus begins the saga of these two opposites that mate and everyone is surprised (including them).  Selenka has emotions, while Ethan hasn’t in the past, but they are beginning to appear and he doesn’t know what to do with them.  He has a mission that no one knows about and it’s not a nice one, or so we think.  He also thinks that he will die.  Why? Well if you want to find out more, read this excellent book, and if you haven’t read the other in the series, go back and read them too!
Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for an advanced copy of this book for an honest opinion.
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Another fantastic Psy-Changling book!  The world-building continues to be complex and vast and the characters are dynamic and layered.  Selenka is a wolf alpha and she's used to being in charge.  When she encounters Ethan Night, a mating bond snaps into place and her world becomes so much more complicated.  Ethan isn't a typical Arrow and the bond between Ethan and Selenka isn't normal either.  As we discover what's going on with Ethan and Selenka, the events in the Psy-Changling world continue to unfold. I can't wait to see what happens next!
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The setting for this one is with the wolf pack in Russia during a conference of empaths that the wolves are doing security. You do see the bears from Silver Silence, but the main characters are the Alpha wolf and a arrow we haven’t met before.  Ethan is a both a different Arrow and TK, Ming had him kept him separate from the squad and used torture to control him. Selenka is the Alpha of the wolf pack in Moscow and is working with Ethan for the first time when there is an attack. In the aftermath of the attack Selenka’s wolf has bonded to Ethan. Even though they don’t know one another and bonding like these are more in fairytales, they work together to know one another and find who is behind the attack.  The story does move the Trinity storyline along a bit and you find out a bit more about Ethan and his unusual abilities.  Clever readers will figure out what is different about him long before anyone else in the story does.  The usual HEA by the end of the book as we can expect with these novels and I can’t wait to read more. 

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Even after so many titles in the Psy-Changeling series and Trinity Accord spinoff, Singh manages to explore new territory while still delivering the powerful relationships fans expect.
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A fabulous entry into the long running series! A broken Arrow, a wolf alpha, and catching up with bears, Kaleb, and various others made for a story that was both new and familiar. The escalating Scaran Syndrome and the machinations of the Architect provided tension and mystery.
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An excellent addition to Singh's psy-changeling/trinity series.  I enjoyed the characters and the world of the book.  The wolf pack is so much fun to be a part of.  The relationship in this book felt a little off as Ethan's constant "I'll die for you" got a bit awkward after a while.  It started to feel a bit obsessive after a bit.  That being said, Selenka doesn't take advantage and is an excellent protector.  This series continues to be one of my favorite and I hope there are many more books coming.
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Ah, I'm so torn between a 4 and 4.5 star, only because I think the pacing at the beginning and end are a bit off, but aside from that, Nalini Singh kills it again. This was a great entry for my money, probably because I am an absolute sucker for these sweet Psy men learning to love through their changeling mates. I loved seeing an example where there's "mating at first sight" -- we've not seen that in the universe before, but I'd always kind of wondered why there's always this mating dance needed, so I appreciated her finding a new kind of story to tell that expanded what we know about the way her magic system works. I also loved seeing what a pack with a female alpha was like, and thought the dynamic between Ethan as such a powerful Psy & Selenka was very interesting. She totally sold me on the whys/hows of Ethan being so devoted & supportive right out the gate, and again, it created a fresh type of conflict in the series. 
All in all, this was super satisfying for me and one of the books that worked best in the series.
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4 Stars

I am just going to be up front here and remind everyone that I am completely unable to be objective when it comes to this author and this series. I have been reading this series since the beginning - and no, I don't mean "the beginning" in the sense that I've read everything since book one. I mean, "THE beginning," as in, I read these books as they were released, before goodreads was even a thing. You know, in that simpler, less-stressful, pre-social media crazed time.

I have read and re-read them ALL numerous times and consider myself a true fangirlwoman when it comes to this and Singh's other paranormal series (the Guild Hunter series).

So, yes, I am completely subjective in many areas when reading news books in this series...but I can also be a harsher critic in many ways too. Because when reading anything new in this series, I am holding it up against some of my ALL-time favorites books in the series, and in paranormal romance in general.

And let me just tell you, this one does a damned fine job of it.

This installment takes us back to Russia with the BlackEdge wolf pack, which is the changeling neighbor pack of the StoneWater bear pack (the focus of Silver Silence). Here we focus on Selenka Durev, the Alpha of the BlackEdge pack. Thus, this was a book of two major firsts in this series: 1) A female alpha changeling as a main character, and 2) A mating at first sight.

Yep, you read that right...a MATING AT FIRST SIGHT.

Like many fans, I was pretty excited about that prospect...albeit a little nervous that a Psy male wouldn't be able to give me the dominance and push/pull I crave in my male leads. After all, they can't all be a Kaleb.  That said, I truly enjoyed every second of this book, although I am hesitant to say more so not to include any spoilers.

So why not 5 stars, you ask?

It's simple.

As much as I enjoyed it, it wasn't a Slave to Sensation, Mine to Possess, Kiss of Snow, or Heart of Obsidian AKA my favorites of the series (especially those last two).

But few things do.

Still. I truly enjoyed this one and I have faith that other fans of the series will too.
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I absolutely lovee this book! Ethan and Selenka had great chemistry from the beginning and the romance was intense. The mystery surrounding Ethan, despite him being the most open and honest character I have read about, kept me engaged throughout the book. Selenka is an Alpha that any wolf would be proud to have as their leader and she showed both compassion and strength in dealing with the circumstances with which she was dealt. Nalini Singh creates a beautiful dynamic in her books, where even when the world is falling apart, love can still be found and celebrated. This was a welcome read and I can't recommend it highly enough.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for an advanced reader's copy in exchange for my review.
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A slap-your-mamma good book! Steamy romance perfectly collides with a dangerous, multilayered plot. There's so much substance. I felt like I was in heaven reading this book.
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This was really good, I loved the romance a lot from the beginning!It has a great plot and the characters were unique!The romance was one of the best I have read so far from Nalini Singh!
The characters have a great chemistry, they were intense and I loved every minute they have together!I adored them and I wanted to hug them!They make me swoon!

This is a great book, it's fast paced and captivating!
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Love, Love, Love this series!  As always I am sucked in from the get go.   With this series you cannot read this book on its own, you must start from the very beginning, there are a lot but well worth it.   It’s imaginative, yet intricate but oh so exceptional.  Truly one of a kind series.  

Selenka had me from the start!  I love how she is alpha of her pack, she is the heart of it and needs a mate that can handle everything that comes it. 

Ethan, loved him so much!  He complimented her and her pack so well.   

He is her knight and she is his queen!  Loved that the most!

Can’t wait to continue this series.  

Reviewed by Shay from Mommys a Book Whore

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As with all her stories the magic Nalini weaves is hard to break. Once you start reading it is impossible to put down a book. Ethan and Selenka were perfect and I think I liked Ethan a lot more from the beginning. I wish someone would make a show about these books but then the shows would never do it justice. Thank you Nalini for the gift of the Psy/Changeling world.
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