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A Quick & Easy Guide to Consent

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This is a fantastic, clear but in-depth & nuanced guide to consent, which goes way beyond “no means no.” Although it does mention sexual assault (as it’s necessary to do to talk about sexual consent in a meaningful way), it has a substantial trigger warning at the beginning, there is no assault depicted directly, and the vast majority of the book is about positive, affirmative consent. It feels fun, which is awesome and important, I think. And it’s short enough to read while standing/sitting in a bookstore or library, which is also key!

I love the art style so much. It’s so cute and fun, which is perfect for keeping this serious subject from seeming too dry or lecture-y.

It’s also super educational about things beyond consent, like defining a variety of types of sex, safer sex, etc. Overall, I highly recommend this for anyone.

Note: this is intended for adults, I believe, and there are a few explicit drawings (e.g. of genitals next to definitions, people making out & touching breasts or other body parts, & a couple times little stick figures having sex). Personally I think it’s totally appropriate for teens, but I would recommend flipping through it first to see if it seems ok for your house/library/classroom/whatever.

Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC! It’s out now.
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This book fills a very important gap for adolescents and young adults. Even better-it did it in an inclusive and developmentally appropriate way. You should be aware that the book covers some tough topics. I found myself cringing a bit as I considered talking over the latter portions with my teenage son. I also recognized though that you could take this book in parts. From start to finish it goes from easier to understand to more complex situations that are more likely to be encountered by older adolescents/young adults.
Given my interest in reflecting on the way disability is rendered/included in books, I was especially pleased that this book integrated disability in a way that felt natural and positive. The illustrations and plain language used throughout the book made it very accessible to a wider audience. I'm not sure of the reading level but would guess middle school. I highly recommend this book and look forward to buying my own hard copy for our library.
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Part of a series of "Quick and Easy Guides" that you can use for conversations or just give to someone so they can learn without you having to hold their hands. 

This book is specifically talking about consent and bodily autonomy around sex. It does a great job clarifying how not getting explicate and enthusiastic consent can put a sexual partner into a passive role and can be harmful when assumptions are made. The book is written with fictional characters being taught and having conversations so it doesn't read like an essay. It leaves space for the reader to ask and learn along. 

A Quick and Easy Guide to Consent both digs into the complex aspects of communication and cultural conditioning, while also breaking things down to their simplest core like, "Does this person want to have this type of sex with me and are they capable of making that decision right now?"

I'm impressed with how Isabella Rotman is able to balance keeping this comic light and fun (and sometimes funny) a lot of the time, while also giving the serious topics the necessary weight. Also, love that Adrienne Maree Brown is quoted and that there are some delightfully useful checklists and surveys you can use with future partners.
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This is a book I would give to any teen AND adult I know. It deals with delicate issues in a careful, funny way and it is very educational.
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This was great! I was not sure what to expect with this because the title and cover seemed very cheesy like its for teens. Although, I think this would work great for anyone who is sexually active! This is a comprehensive and easy to follow comic about everything pertaining to consent as it relates to relationships and sexual interactions. It is cheesy, but I think it's all the more adorable for it. I sat through this in less than an hour. It was really quite fun.
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This was incredible! Consent was explained in such a great way, and not in a way for straight, cisgender, white folks, but for EVERYONE, no matter what race, sexual orientation, gender, etc. Everything was explained in a way that was so simple to understand. This guide is great for all ages. I learned so much and can't wait to go over the "consent checklists" included with my partner. I would definitely buy this if I end up having kids, it touched on every aspect of consent!!
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A Quick & Easy Guide to Consent by Isabella Rotman is so good!! This non-fiction book should be required reading for everyone, parents should buy it, & talk about it with their kids. Tip: buy it & leave the book on the coffee table for the kids to pick up & read themselves. Consent is the most basic part of interacting with other people & we need to have many different conversations about it. This book does such a good job, the drawings add to its appeal, & the concepts are clearly explained. I recommend it highly for everyone.
Thank you to NetGalley for the complimentary copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.
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What exactly is consent? Did the characters that open our book want to do those things with their partner? Is it enough to use body language or is it better to be clear with words? Will speaking up ruin the mood?

Sargent Yes Means Yes from the Consent Calvary arrives to help our two characters understand consent! Seriously, they just appear in the story.

Consent is a tough topic and it is an ambitious task to take on to explain what affirmative consent looks like, how to get what you want from a romantic partner, and how to have safe boundaries. This book is by no means perfect, but it is absolutely the book we need to start the conversation. Sargent Yes Means Yes goes over various types of consent, how to be safe, and what is absolutely not okay in the book by working with three couples of different orientations. Along the line, the book does admit it's a tough topic to make clear, but by the end of it, readers will have a better understanding of consent and how to use it.

One of the strengths of this book is that it ends with questionnaires to use on your own and then with a partner. This is such an excellent resource since it helps you know what you don't mind doing versus what you do mind doing. For example: preferences in sex acts are on this list. It's a conversation starter and a help guide.

Consent is a tough topic, but one that needs discussed. Stock this in your teen sections even though it clearly leans more toward adults (alcohol and consent is discussed). An absolute must have and another strong title in the "Quick & Easy Guide" series.
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I was provided with a copy of A Quick & Easy Guide to Consent by Isabella Rotman in exchange for my honest review and opinion.

Consent… such a tricky concept in today’s society and yet such a straightforward one. 

This book focused mainly on consent in terms of sexual interactions and relationships, though consent can and is applied to all situations in life, not just sexual relations.

But that apart, I felt this graphic novel was very good at providing detailed information on what means ‘yes’, what means ‘no’ and what to do in dubious situations as well. I liked that the book was extremely inclusive when it comes to sexual orientations and sexual preferences.

I believe it can be very helpful and should be read by all adults and also by late teens under adult supervision, so they can get more in-depth explanations from a parents/educator, as some of the content is very graphic in sexual content. It can be beneficial for a younger audience so long as it’s supervised by an adult who is available to clarify any doubts that mar arouse from the contents and situations depicted.

Everyone should understand what is ok and what isn’t in a relationship or sexual interaction.

It may also be a helpful book for younger audiences to better understand some sexual interactions and concepts, as well as better come to terms with their own sexual identity.

Thank you kindly to NetGalley and Oni Press for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book.

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What a great simple and easy to understand guide to what shouldn't be a complex topic! The illustrations are wonderful as well! A+
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Thank you to NetGalley, Oni Press, and Isabella Rotman for providing me with this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Isabella Rotman puts together a great graphic novel going over a very important topic - consent across multiple different scenarios. This is something I wish they would've been discussed more in depth when I was in high school and so afraid of sex that I abstained for quite some time. It is so easy to fall into a hole of anxiety wondering if someone is interested and what they wanted out of fear of rejection. Rotman uses witty Sarge to help us learn the ins and outs of best ways to be upfront with our partners and learn that sometimes, we just have to be alright with a No, no matter how much we like or want to be someone. Sarge goes over a wide range of topics, from basic verbal consent on a date to how to discuss being upfront with asking about things like kinks you may be into. There is a focus on being honest about not only yourself but what you are looking for in your partner and what you want to do with them. 

With the scary reality that things like rape still occurs with sometimes little consequent because "well they were drunk" or "look at what they were wearing ,they were asking for it", Rotman engages the readers in clever way without talking down to them. Please have copies of this in high schools and colleges, make it less taboo to talk about these things at any age.
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This book is so important, and I really enjoyed it!

It's a novel about how consent works and why it's so important, but it was also about good communication, and I really appreciated that. Understanding consent is very important for everyone, so I would definitely recommend this. Honestly, I wish books like this was what we had and learned about in schools or just be a book at the school library so everyone could read it.
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This is a great book to spark discussion about consent for teens and young adults. I would gladly include this in my library collection, and it is a great resource for teens/YA to have. The characters explain what the basic consent guidelines are, as well as provide different scenarios that may indicate consent and non-consent. There are also handy charts and worksheets that readers can use to describe their own needs/wants in a relationship,
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A Quick & Easy Guide to Consent by Isabella Rotman is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in early September.

This comic helped me to realize that non-reactivity does not indicate consent, physical intimacy is a collaborative activity where each person can give/take what they choose, to see through and reject coercion, to feel comfortable enough to say 'maybe' with the opportunity to say 'no' if something you’re trying out doesn’t feel safe, and to check in often with your partner. It also has very diverse, non-generalizing viewpoints and caps off with a super involved, should-carry-this-around-with-me checklist.
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Consent is a tricky topic to discuss, and an awkward one tot alk about at that. The Quick and Easy guide book sets offer easy to read discussions on a varity of different topics, this one focussing on consent. The images and short word blurbs keep teens interested in what is being said, and also makes it easier for them to grasp the ideas. Young Adults aren't going to engage with long blocks of text like other nonfiction/ infographic books have, this book, as well as the others in the series stick to the moto "Short and sweet". The message behind consent that the book is teach the youth about is also important and done well, in a way that even despite the short blurbs and pictures, young adults can still get what's being said. I highly recomend these to anyone who is at a palce where they need to be teaching their child about consent and why consent is important. It makes it a little less awkward for both parties.
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Thanks so much for this ARC: Loved this so much. A great graphic that sparked many conversations amongst friends. I cannot wait for this to go public so they can see it as well. I was delighted to come across something that didn’t center cis-hetero folks like me. As someone who is considering consent and technology at a graduate level, this comic gave me some excellent jumping points. From now on, I’m going to recommend this to my friends and cousins.
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This is such a helpful book on consent, for any age. I learned a lot as a 30 year old that wasn’t taught consent as a child or teen. I loved how it was a graphic novel, and there was a lot of neat ways of explaining things. I’d definitely recommend.
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One of the major problems when it comes to consent is the taboo that surrounds sexual interactions. If you can't talk about it, you pretend that there's no need to. There is and the book addresses exactly that. How do you ask and why it doesn't ruin the mood if you keep asking, what is a no, what is a yes, what is final.

The book doesn't go too in-depth, it is indeed a quick guide. I'm afraid some things are too simplified, but it makes talking about desires and boundaries at least seem easy and might be exactly what someone needs to start crossing the taboo.
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I am big fan of the Quick & Easy Guide series from Limerence Press because I think they cover a lot of ground and really provide with a good amount of information for moving ahead. However, with this book, I was kind of taken aback by the complicated language that was used as it definitely made it less 'quick & easy'. All of the information provided was really good and I liked that there was a disclaimer page that set my expectations before we delved into the book.

For a graphic novel, I think this book relied way too heavily on text. Having read the other books in the series which set an atmosphere and give me a sense of progression as I move along the book with interesting visual, this book did not meet my expectations.

I really, really liked the subject matter that was discussed. I liked that it focused on the "Yes Means Yes" ideology rather than the "No Means No" one that is most often discussed in popular spaces. I do believe that 'no means no' is an important and good ideology but the 'yes means yes' ideology provides for a more nuanced conversation, and this book is full of them. I really liked that it tried to cover as much ground as possible and the checklist at the end of book is a great addition!

In conclusion, I loved the topic this book covered and how it covered it, but for me the graphic part of the graphic novel was lacklustre.
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**I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

I thought this book was absolutely fantastic and every person should read this. Especially, middle and high schoolers!!! It covers what affirmative consent is (ex: yes means yes). It gives wonderful and easy to follow examples and explains how to have these conversations. The comic depicts many different kinds of couples within the LGBTQ+ community, different races/ethnicities, ability statuses. It also covers underage (under 18) sex and how different states have different laws about age differences between teenagers. It also explains how those under 18 cannot give consent for any sexual act legally and how sending nudes, even to other underage individuals, is child pornography. It goes into detail about how sex is not just intercourse but can be many different things. It also covers when someone can give consent. If there is too much alcohol or drugs involved how a person cannot give consent. There is also a lot of sex positivity and empowerment! There is even a handy guide/sheet in the back that partners can fill out together to help them communicate about which types of sex they are comfortable performing alone or with a partner, what kind of protection could be used, and when/how often to get tested and how to share results. Overall, an absolutely fantastic book!
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