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Helena Hunting is one of the reigning queens of romance and Kiss My Cupcake only further proves this theory. Hunting is doing what she does best in this steamy, fun, feel-good story.
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From the very beginning, Kiss My Cupcake has the reader invested and involved in two blossoming businesses. Two very driven, yet funny people have started their independent paths to prosperity in very close proximity. They are the perfect combination of meet-cute hilarity and little lingering interest that turn into more when they must combine forces.

Its a simple tried and true formal that make enemies-to-lovers one of my favorite tropes.  Fun. light and entertaining makes it a perfect summer read.
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This title is more like her Good Luck Charm and Meet Cute books, and less like her Pucked series, meaning less of the hot stuff but better and more realistic characters. I did enjoy and think her fans will, too.
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This story was so cute! I loved the dynamic between Blaire and Ronan, from how they pranked each other to how they lifted each other up. Fun summer read!
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If you've ever read anything by Helena Hunting before, you know you are in for a cute, fun read with well-rounded characters, some tropes, and fun. This was such a great summer read. Perfect for a beach day. I loved the chemistry between Blaire and Ronan. Great enemies to lovers!
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Kiss My Cupcake by Helena Hunting is a downright delicious romantic comedy that will leave you craving more. Seriously, an enemies-to-lovers romance that revolves around baked goods? Need I say more?! My eyes instantly turned to hearts the moment I read the synopsis and the book did not disappoint. 

Blaire Calloway is finally living her dream, opening up a bakery that not only serves delicious cupcakes but also decadent cocktails that pair perfectly with her desserts. After meticulously planning her launch party, she is all set and ready for opening. But there is one thing that she could have never prepared for: the lumberjack, axe-throwing heartthrob that owns the sports bar next door. Ronan Knight. Blaire and Ronan are now competing for business and hilariously try to one up each other at every turn. When a new business opens on the block and threatens their chance for success, they have to team up in order to keep their businesses going. And that’s when things start heating up both inside and out of the kitchen. 

This story was truly delectable. Kiss My Cupcake had all the ingredients for the perfect romantic comedy: plenty of laughs, feisty characters, sizzling chemistry, and plenty of swoon-worthy moments. If you’re looking for the perfect romantic comedy to sink your teeth into, this one’s for you! 

A huge thank you to Forever Publishing and Netgalley for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Another winner!  Has a Hallmark storyline base, but soooo much better.  Always some humor mixed in with the romance.  Helena Hunting is one of my pre order authors for myself and customers, this one is added to the list!
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3.5 stars

Thank you to Forever Pub and NetGalley for a gifted copy of this book. All opinions are my own. Pub date - 8/11/20.

Make sure you have some gourmet cupcakes when you read this book because by the time you are done, you are going to want some. If you are looking for a cute fluffy enemies to lovers romance, this is a good one pick up. There is minimal drama, good pranks and lots of cuteness. Blair started off shaky for me but as the story progresses, she really grew on me. I thought she and Ronan have excellent chemistry and make great partners. Besides romance, this book does a good job highlighting the struggles and pressure of operating a small business.

Overall, it's a great addition to your summer reading line up!
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This was a fun, enemies to friends to lovers romantic comedy. 
Blaire opens up Buttercream and Booze right next door to Ronan's The Knight Cap, and Blaire decides almost immediately that they are enemies. A bit of a prank war ensues, until they decide to work together to increase business when bigger competition moves in across the street. 
I liked this book, but had a few issues with it. Mainly, I thought that the enemies to lovers was a bit too over the top, and was resolved a bit too quickly. Blaire was also very aggressive in the enemies stage. 
Additionally, the book was duel POV, however almost all of the chapters were in Blaire's POV so I found it almost pointless to shift the POV for only four chapters. 
However, I thought the tweets at the end of each chapter were really fun and I am a sucker for an enemies to lovers story. 

Review copy was provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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SO CUTE! I loved this book. While it didn't go quite as deep as it maybe could've regarding Blaire's independence as a woman and business owner aside from not accepting her parent's money, I really loved the growth of her and Ronan's business relationship alongside their romantic one. With a ton of amazing flirtation and only a couple overt sexual scenes that could easily be skipped over, this romance will get your butterflies going and tastebuds tingling with all the cupcake talk.

I loved the craziness of Blaire's family life and how I definitely didn't see it coming. I also appreciated how this played into how she views romantic relationships. I also totally fell in love with Ronan's relationship with his Grandfather and how he valued his family legacy within the bar they own. Both of the protagonists were pretty relatable and, while I did not like Blaire at first, she definitely grew on me once her rough edges softened a bit and she became more reasonable when it came to her business and her interactions with Ronan.

And RONAN! Holy hotness. The description of his tattoos and overall vibe was SO swoonworthy and had me on his side from the moment he was introduced. I actually would have appreciated more chapters from his point of view rather than having so many from Blaire's. He was such a great leading man and balanced the harshness of Blaire very well, especialy when it came to his business acumen.

Overall, this is a highly recommended romance, It was super fun with a great enemies to lovers premise and was an easy read that threw in some depth here and there. There was one too many epilogues but it didn't kill the good feelings this book created and I would put this in the hands of most romance readers I know or just someone looking for a good time in a book.
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While this was not my favourite from Helena Hunting, it was very enjoyable overall. Blaire and Ronan give us a sweet and feisty enemies-to-lovers romance, but at times it was also quite cringe-y. Blaire was almost unbearable at first and I literally could not even fathom making it to the end of the book. I thought that the tweets in-between... while I understood WHY they were there, could've been a little more creative.

Blaire storms out in one scene and yells "KISS MY CUPCAKE" and thinks it's the most clever thing and I literally just inwardly cringed at it. She was throwing a hissy fit and the rivalry was becoming more immature on her part. When she finally kills him with sweet kindness, that is when I felt her character start to grow and THANK GOD she did. I don't think I would've made it if she didn't. She was also way too dismissive of her family being literally terrible to her and then we just completely brush it all off in the end because they came to visit and ate some cupcakes?! I don't think so. Everything was just way too NEAT in this book. It felt like there was no conflict at all.

I felt like it moved really quick in the overall read but timeline as well, which was a relief as I have a hard time with romances that drag on when they don't need to. However, this felt very superficial. There wasn't a lot of depth in the story and everything just happened so quickly so there wasn't a lot of room for anything to be expanded on. 

Also somehow an axe-throwing bar is concerning? I've never been to one but I think that the idea of drinking and then throwing a sharp weapon at something is a disaster waiting to happen. But if that is what these places are like then I can't fault the book and also this point has nothing to do with my rating... I'm just confused. 

Above everything, I really wanted a damn cupcake. I wish instead of weird tweets, this book scattered boozy cupcake or cocktail recipes in between chapters. THAT would've been fantastic. Ronan was also probably the only character I liked. He was just being a little asshole in the beginning and I know her dislike towards him was because she didn't have the means to let him put her at a disadvantage when it came to her dream BUT she was immature and overall really needed the growth she later goes through. He stays pretty solid throughout which, I guess, is kind of boring. As I said, the lack of conflict just made this feel incomplete.
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Sweet, yet dirty and down right funny of a rom-com that Helena Hunting has brought to the table because Ronan and Blaire are one of a kind... 

If you know me already, you will know that my love for Helena's books are immense. I do not think I have stumbled across any of her books in which I have ever said, "wow... this was terrible". And you know why? Because her writing will forever satisfy my book needs and will always make me laugh and have those butterflies in my stomach through every word. Blaire and Ronan are not an exemption. They have proven to be the couple in which are the complete opposite but somehow, somewhere the world has proven them to be together in the most synchronized sort of way as not only rivals, but also partners who first strive to accomplish their best for their businesses but also for their own personal attributes. 

When a third rival comes into town and becomes a target in which can affect their own businesses, both Blaire and Ronan need to learn how to work together and not back down. Things get heated and complicated. Especially when Ronan and Blaire learn how to open up to each other, and become one. Together, they learn the truth about each other and love one another in the best and worst of ways.

This is one novel in which had my guts twisting and turning with butterflies because of how much I loved Ronan's broody attitude, and Blaire's bubbly personality mixed that fire in her that makes her such a bad-ass character in the best way described. A ride of a novel that you cannot forget, I am looking forward to see what else Helena has up her sleeves.
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Helena Hunting strikes again. Kiss my Cupcake is such a fun rom-com about two less-than-friendly and wall-sharing entrepreneurs who end up having to join forces to drive business and maintain profits. As you can imagine things go from icy to steamy and I’ve officially added plaid wearing bartenders to my list of fantasy men. 

I do wish that there was a bit more about Blaire’s hilariously weird family and maybe a bit more back story to how she ended up striking it out on her own, but this doesn’t detract from the story at all. Instead, it elevates the relationship between Blaire and Ronan and if that was the author’s intent then I am HERE for it.

Whether you’re in it for the romance or if you’re in it for the cupcake’s, Kiss My Cupcake will have you laughing and in love.

Thank you NetGalley and Grand Central Publishing for this free advanced reader in exchange for an honest review.
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Blaire and Ronan were adorable.  I loved the way they met and I love the whole unicorn cup catastrophe. I love that Ronan came over everyday to get cupcakes. I loved when Blaire took Ronan home for Thanksgiving.  I knew from the very beginning that he liked her and I was just waiting for them to finally get together. The slow-burn normally doesn't do it for my but I loved this.  Let's be honest though, as much as I loved Ronan, I loved Gramps more.  He was just the sweetest. I might have even wanted more of him!
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2.5 stars

This... didn't do a lot for me. It was as fluffy and sweet as the titular cupcakes. Blaire is much too neurotic manic pixie dream girl for me, and Ronan is just too hipster. I prefer both my heroine and hero to have a little more, hmm. Something. Grit? Depth? Substance? Both the MCs were just too "lite." Their chemistry was OK but didn't seem too profound, either.

Frankly, between their respective businesses and their social media accounts I'm surprised either one of them had any free time or energy left whatsoever. (If I had a nickel for every time Blaire checked her Instagram or twitter pages, let alone Facebook, I could treat myself to a venti frap.) I'm fine with growing your business via social media, but my GOD, to obsess over the follower count on your Instagram page vs. Dave and Buster's Dick and Bobby's page? Siggggghhhhhhhhh. This book definitely caters to the social influencer crowd.

This book will likely appeal to other (more patient, or possibly less old, or maybe even just NICER) people but it just didn't really do much for me. It wasn't BAD per se but it wasn't really satisfying either. Just like a cupcake. X_x

Thank you to NetGalley and Grand Central Publishing for the ARC of this title. An honest review was requested but not required.
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Super super super cute! Overall great, but I wanted more backstory for both characters but especially Blaire. I didn't really feel like I knew her? It felt like it took about 40% before we even saw these characters outside of their respective businesses. I knew what made her tick (sort of) and the clothes she liked.... but what does she eat for dinner? What shows does she watch? What music does she like? I get she's a workaholic launching a business but the little quirks make a difference. We learned more as the story went on but I think it could've been stronger overall with a little more detail. I really did enjoy though!
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Are you in need of a feel-good, humorous, easy, and will-make-you-swoon rom-com? Well, look no further, my friends! I admit, this author has been a bit of a hit or miss for me in the past so I was hesitant to pick this up, but I can happily announce that this was an absolute fantastic ride of a story!

Kiss My Cupcake follows two new business owners, Blaire and Ronan whose bars are adjacent to each other and the wall between the two bars might as well be as thick as the two of them are, trying to deny their serious chemistry from the get-go. After a very rocky first meeting including a broken unicorn martini glass, a sharp axe, and some sharper wit, crowned with a steaming pile of dog poop garnished with a flower, the both of them go head to head, stealing customers from the other, teasing and taunting their way through their busy days, all while their undeniable attraction shoots through the roof.

But when a bigger, badder evil with cheap prices moves in on their turf, Blaire and Ronan decide to band together to keep their newly started business afloat. Under the pressure, taunts and sparks fly in equal measure until the inevitable combustion...

Reader, I was hooked completely from the first chapter of this over-the-top rom-com. From the setting of a cupcake and booze shop (please, go ahead and read that again because I am going to Google and find out if such a place exists) and Ronan's more rustic bar that includes an axe-throwing corner to their very quirky owners, I just absolutely flew through the pages because the dichotomy was so entertaining.

Blaire is feisty, fashionable, ambitious, and dead-set on showing her family that she can be successful without her paternal influence in the world of glitz and glamour and that urban cuisine can be just as fulfilling. Always a bit of the black sheep, Blaire is now averse to accepting help...from anyone.

Ronan is helping his grandfather regain the glory his old bar used to have to prove he's ready to venture out on his own and achieve his dream of his own brewery. Nothing will stand in his way of gaining more exposure by entering his bar in a YouTube competition, not even the snarky, sexy, and seriously amazing baker next door who also throws her hat, her fifties dresses and fire attitude into the ring for "best bar".

The rivals to lovers trope was done massively well in this book. From the antagonistic back and forth to the quick-witted jabs, the chemistry between Ronan and Blaire was palpable.

I am always a huge fan of opposites attract, but even more so when their opposite traits lead to finding common ground in the ways they are "the same". Ronan and Blaire are both headstrong, ambitious, and cunning (basically, two very lovable Slytherins) and the two of them coming together to save their respective places of business while also trying to win in the competition to gain more exposure from a popular YouTuber sampling extraordinary bars was tantalising and kept me silently begging that there would be some way they could both emerge victorious in the end... You'll have to pick up a copy to see how that pans out.

While I would have loved some of the secondary characters to be more fleshed out, it didn't take away from my enjoyment that they were barely mentioned. This could have very well been the case because Ronan's grandfather, good old Gramps, completely stole the show for me. From the heartfelt interactions he has with Ronan to his descriptions of the past with his late sweetheart, he was such a homely figure that left a pang in my chest and made me miss my own grandparents.

Charming, "lumberjack sexy", and witty, Kiss My Cupcake will make you crave both Blaire's excellent cupcake creations and her handsome beau Ronan in one go.
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Special thanks to Read Forever for providing our copy in exchange for an honest & fair review.

I really enjoyed this one! I really love these enemies to lovers in the workplace. Especially when it's two people who work in neighboring shops. Throw in that this is a food-centered romance & I am just in love with the concept.

There's a lot to love in KISS MY CUPCAKE. For starters, it has a super cozy feel. I am a huge fan of food-themed (especially baking) cozier. This setting and dialogue lend itself to the cozy type of feel. The hero & the heroine are vying for their restaurants to be successful despite their obvious sexual tension.

I love that the hero is managing his family's bar. His relationship with his family is really special & one of my favorite pieces of this book. I'll admit that the heroine's mention of a trust fund within the first chapter has me rolling my eyes. I get past that & still want to champion her.

This is an open door romance but it is lighter on the steam. I felt it matched the sweet storyline perfectly.

Truly, this one made me smile & is a quick enjoyable read! I will read it again in a heartbeat & I bet it will make a fantastic audiobook!
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I adored this book and couple so much. Helen Hunting has agift for creating wonderful characters that I fall in love with. In this story we meet Ronan and Blair, both are new business owners. Blaire has started a cupcake cafe and Ronan is taking over his grandfathers bar and grill.

Blair hates R at first as she finds him very annoying and sexy. R thinks she is adorable and makes the best cupcakes. The two start to get to know each other when they decide to work together and run events to help both of their businesses to grow.

This is a fun, sweet, sexy and adorable romance with two really great main characters who have a great set of friends and family. Blair comes from a rich and kooky family and while they are not your average family they love Blair and they provide a lot of humor in the story.

if you are looking for a fun and light story this is a really wonderful romance.
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“Without the horn the unicorn is just a horse, without the icing a cupcake is just a muffin.”⁣
Kiss My Cupcake 🧁 💋 was everything I needed in my life right now. I binged this book in the last 24 hours and devoured every dang second of it.⁣
Ronan, sounded like a sexy lumberjack, I love plaid, tattoos, and a guy who’s sweet on the inside but a brut on the outside. ⁣
Blaire has her own style, her own mind, and doesn’t let her wealthy family control her. I loved her outfit vibes, her feistiness, and her cupcakes sounded devine; I wished I was eating them.⁣
I also loved the little blog tweets at the end of each chapter. This was the cutest dang book. ⁣
And don’t get me started on Gramps, because swoon, I just loved him. 💞⁣
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