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It was so nice to be able to read excerpts from each of these books. I discovered new to me authors that I might not have otherwise known about. 
I also tend to only read contemporary romance but after reading an excerpt from a historical romance and totally loving it I am definitely going to be expanding my book horizons in the future. 
I’m so glad I got a chance to read this Buzz Books 2020 romance preview!
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It is interesting to get a taste of each story!

I love the way that Buzz Books shares so much of new releases (when you get it before the books are out, that is.) and look forward to reading more of some of the books mentioned.

*Note: I do not recommend each of the books mentioned in the Buzz Books 2020: Romance.
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Once again I loved this year's Romance Buzz Book!  It is chocked full of every type of Romance you could ever ask for; Contemporary, Amish, Western, Suspense, Historic, etc.  This is the best way to find new authors and new styles every year!!  Thank you NetGalley for allowing me to read it again this year!!
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As this is a sampling of (at the time of reading it) upcoming romance titles, obviously I treated this more as market research than as a singular title to be reviewed. However, I want to make it clear that I so appreciate these Publishers Lunch collections; they are an incredible resource for keeping up to date on the year's titles by genre. More than once, I have finished an excerpt with a cry of "wait, that's all??" and then can't believe that I have to wait until the book's publication. Please keep always providing these, reviewers thank you.
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Great way of reading short samples of forthcoming titles without committing to the whole book. Also guess broader idea as to what genres re going become popular
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I always look forward to buzz books, they give nice previews of books coming out. This particular one was Romance ones. Thank you Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review these previous.
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I enjoyed reading through this compilation of the romance books, I found so I would have read anyway, but I also found so I would not have read, but reading it here piqued my interest to want to read the entire book.
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I always love the buzz books previews to get excited about upcoming books and I'm glad that they have one just for romance.
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A sneak peek into 2020's romance publishing list that allows readers the chance to try out stories and authors before purchasing is brilliant. A lot of different (and often own) voices call out in the collection.

Roan Parrish's "Better Than People" showcases an independent man in need up help after an emergency. Jack needs someone to help care of his pets while in recovery and Simon, the answer to his pet-helping prayers, learns to love the oddball menagerie of stray animals needing affection. In 2020, the idea of affection and unconditional love rings loud..

On the other side of the idea of stepping into an already functioning family unit (pets count!), I particularly liked Marina Adair's "Romeantically Challenged." Simply based on the heroine's voice and need for a change as well as a forced proximity in a way that stands out. Rosie Danan's "The Roomate" highlights what happens when plans are derailed and you're forced to depend on yourself to find a new path. And get a bonus hunky roommate.

Synithia Williams's political romance ("Scandalous Secrets") features a man who made the right choice at the time but now may face a heavy backlash...and destroying his progress. The same bright star attached to the politician's name may rip the anonymity and peace of the woman he tried to save. Meanwhile, Brenda Jackson draws you into Louisiana and a close-knit family in "Follow Your Heart." Bumps and turns that could break the political world apart or set it afire in all the best ways. A woman willing to trust on faith and a man looking to move forward in his sphere...but only for love. And that's just from the preview!

Speaking of setting the world afire, "Paris is Always A Good Idea" shows how blended families don't always heal easily from trauma. Jenn McKinlay sets up a perfect need for a getaway, to grieve, while finding the brightest spots in the future. In Vanessa Riley's "A Duke, the Lady, and a Baby," Patience refuses to let grief overtake the need to protect what's hers in a society that despises her own power and grit. Something that resonates easily with readers. Similarly, Denise Williams uses abuse (content warning) to explain the heroine's resistance about dating yet not letting the past be the victor. "How to Fail at Flirting" intrigues me.

Elle Wright's "The Way You Tempt Me" story is about a man looking for a future with a woman he admires, only to be dumped by the A-list actress in a very publicly humiliating way. Then he loses something else he wants. So how can he recover when his own family doesn't believe in him?
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Overall 3 Stars

Personally, I've enjoyed previous year's releases of this book collection more. This was a sad example of upcoming releases. I consciously chose not to give any excerpt one star because I just don't think you can judge a whole book on the first chapter obviously. In the past I have given some excerpts five stars, but I didn't think any of these were that outstanding.

My thoughts on the individual excerpts...

RomeAntically Challenged by Marina Adair
3.5 Stars
Seems cute. I would have sued the ex for my money though. Ten grand is no joke. He'll repay her "after the wedding that I planned with you, but am now having with my new girlfriend." Um no. Give me my money now.

The Ballad of Hattie Taylor by Susan Anderson
2 Stars
And those are mainly for Hattie. Perspectives shift frequently Jake is an ass. Writing is wonky. The thesaurus needs to be put down.

Searching for Rose by Dana Becker
2 Stars
The pacing was weird. Half the time I didn't know if they were talking about the missing girl (Rose) or the sister (April). Joseph seemed weird and stalker-ish for an Amish boy too. Just a weird story all around.

The Roommate by Rosie Danan
3.5 Stars
While not great, and somewhat cliche, enough information was given and/or hinted at that I want to know more. I'm also wondering what will make Clara eventually give up her priggish ways.

Meet You in the Middle by Devon Daniels
2 Stars
I don't like politics in my romance and Ben is an ass. I hope the story goes something like this: after Ben gets hit by a bus, Kate finds the love of her life.

The Cul-de-Sac War by Melissa Ferguson
3 Stars
Although I wasn't grabbed by the opening of the story, by the end of the chapter I wanted to read more.

Follow Your Heart by Brenda Jackson
2 Stars
"Little Nolan?" How condescending. I hope Blade isn't the man Victoria's great grandmother has chosen for her. Maybe this is a mistake of coincidence scenario... she thinks it's him so resists the senator coming to town?

Paris Is Always a Good Idea by Jenn McKinlay
2 Stars
I felt like this whole chapter was the same four to six sentences repeated over and over with different wording.

Better Than People by Roan Parrish
3 Stars
All the animals. This dude has like a million animals and I now know each breed and personality. Curious what Simon's deal is since we don't get his POV at all. I wish there was another chapter included so I had a better feel for the characters themselves.

A Duke, the Lady, and a Baby by Vanessa Riley
2.5 Stars
I really wanted to care more about this story, but I'm finding it hard to do so. I think it was the writing. It just fell flat somehow.

Then There Was You by Mona Shroff
2 Stars
With nothing to emotionally connect me to the characters, I really have no interest or anything to say.

How To Fail at Flirting by Denise Williams
3 Stars
Although it didn't give much more than an abusive ex and a possible layoff in the near future, this was written better than some of the others. I'm still not sure I care enough to pick up the book though.

Scandalous Secrets by Synithia Williams
4 Stars
I don't like Yolanda, but I'm guessing the story is more about Zoe and Byron, so I'm good. And although I don't like political romances, I'm guessing this book isn't nearly as politics heavy as the previous excerpt in this collection.

The Way You Tempt Me by Elle Wright
3 Stars
The writing was good (although Xavier should have listened more when something was obviously going on), but other than that, nothing in this story really interested me.
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Will he be able to open his eyes in time to see past his own vision of right and wrong ...

Wow, I just loved this book, I read it in no time considering I worked today.
The words flowed smoothly, the plot was intriguing, the protagonists a mix of lights and shadows with side characters I want absolutely see again and learn more about them 

Sophia is a force to be reckoned, in spite of her pint size. She is the product of a drama and the uprising she was granted when she was rescued and given shelter by Lady Clifford.
I confess I would have loved to learn more about this school, in this installment we learn few about the training provided there, if there are more pupils than the group of friends, what is the true goal behind this peculiar school, and of course wha are the inhabitants.
Tristan is ready to do his duty to his title, until he spies a boy lurking on this neighbor’s roof. Just it is no boy but a miss who leads him to a merry chase.
From there, begins a race alternating between a hunt and a courtship, as their hate-love and suspicious-trusting relationship moves on. 
It was a delight to watch them run after and around the other. While they are far from perfect,  she is no shrew nor he is a rogue. They are persons who made do with their circumstances and try to adapt when changes upend their lives.

While the end is satisfying, I wondered about the villains’ first victims, did they have to pay for crimes they did not commit as not all the bad guys did get their right comeuppance.

After some thoughts as I wondered why give this book such a name, I came to realize the Virgin of the title is not related to a virtuous maiden but at the group of friends, Sophia included, very keen of gothic novels and their swooning and weeping heroines.

4.5 stars

I was granted an advance copy by the publisher Kensington, here is my true and unbiased opinion.
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I'd heard some hype about the NetGalley Buzz Books collections, so I was really glad to nab the Romance one! Of course, my TBR list is now another mile long, but I'm not at all upset about that. :)
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An awesome way to read other authors who you haven't heard of yet. Thanks for the compilation! My favorite was the Roommate story.
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II love these Buzz Books excerpts. This is the best way to promote new books. I really enjoy reading them.
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I know why I love these Buzz Books and this one on Romance did not disappoint. It just grabbed me into it from the very first book - Romantically Challenged...funny, poignant, and every girl's dreams gone awry. Have to get the whole story soon... then The Ballad - all really nice selections I want to read! Thanks Buzz Books!
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I appreciate the annual Buzz Books and the sneak peek I get into upcoming romance releases. It's very helpful for collection development.
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I received a free digital copy in exchange for an honest review.

This is a wonderful collection of various romance novels from contemporary romance to historical romance that appeals to many readers.

Some readers prefer historical romances.  Some readers prefer contemporary romances.

Wonderful introduction to new romances that I may want to read.
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Cool booklet nice thing that i read this got to know soo many stories and actually read some which i liked or just wished it in netgalley.
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I love when NetGalley offers these anthologies!   It's perfect for me to be able to see what I may want to add to my TBR list for the upcoming season.  I  whipped through this one particularly fast.  There were about 14 samples stories and each one is usually the first 2 chapters.  It's just enough to get you hooked if the writing is good.  I ended up requesting a full galley of 6 different books so fingers crossed.  I was  super excited to see some of my favorite authors liked Marina Adair, Brenda Jackson, and Susan Andersen included.  The subgenres of romance in this book covers everything from Contemporary, LGBTQ, and Historical. I was also very impressed with diversity of the characters in the books as well as the writers.
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Always so happy to have these samplers - great way to get a taste of what's coming , and I enjoyed that this one was romance themed. I tend to only pick up contemporary romance (the Christina Lauren/Jasmine Guillory type with illustrated covers), so this encouraged me to stretch a bit.
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